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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!My 100 Mil Award BROKE!

My 100 Mil Award BROKE!

3 ngày trước

Rating Memes from 0-10Rating Memes from 0-10

Rating Memes from 0-10

7 ngày trước

It's time to STOP!It's time to STOP!

It's time to STOP!

9 ngày trước

I vlogged the Honeymoon..I vlogged the Honeymoon..

I vlogged the Honeymoon..

10 ngày trước

Twitch Girls be like...Twitch Girls be like...

Twitch Girls be like...

15 ngày trước

Best Week Ever.Best Week Ever.

Best Week Ever.

20 ngày trước

Adressing the Rumours..Adressing the Rumours..

Adressing the Rumours..

28 ngày trước

100 000 000 Subs100 000 000 Subs

100 000 000 Subs

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FaceApp ReviewFaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

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Minecraft Skyblock #1Minecraft Skyblock #1

Minecraft Skyblock #1

2 tháng trước

Papers, Please!Papers, Please!

Papers, Please!

2 tháng trước

Minecraft Part 1Minecraft Part 1

Minecraft Part 1

2 tháng trước

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

3 tháng trước

Looking at my AnalyticsLooking at my Analytics

Looking at my Analytics

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E3 2019 SummarizedE3 2019 Summarized

E3 2019 Summarized

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Shoutout to JacksepticeyeShoutout to Jacksepticeye

Shoutout to Jacksepticeye

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  1. author

    TylerTube26 phút trước

    Thank you pew die pie.😊.

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    DITOdette l26 phút trước

    My favorite minecraft block is your dad's duck

  3. author

    KarstDeViz26 phút trước


  4. author

    Big Bjerkfelt26 phút trước

    11:46 James Charles joined the game??? Whaaat

  5. author

    Imane E.26 phút trước

    11:48 lmao look at chat

  6. author

    Sam Zucker26 phút trước

    No one - PewDiePie- shut up beer root

  7. author

    TIGERSFAN0026 phút trước

    In case you missed it: Feigi and Chuck are planning on turning on their owners

  8. author

    বাতাবি লেবুর ফলন26 phút trước

    Bangladesh is an independent country, but ethnically Indian.

  9. author

    Talia Blankenship26 phút trước

    PewDiePie here is your list of good stuff. Gets married, hits 100mill, defeats the enderdragon, and becomes the best bro ever!

  10. author

    Pancha Lopez27 phút trước

    11:47 James Charles joined the game

  11. author

    Bernie The Donkey27 phút trước

    The council will no longer decide your fate. The new era has began! The council of beetroots.

  12. author

    Christopher Stotler27 phút trước

    Mine the hay barrels for 9 west each they in the villages that gen in the sand biom

  13. author

    Edgemade Foxe27 phút trước

    Me : how many subtitle the video had ? Video : Yes

  14. author

    _askinetii27 phút trước

    6:28 You ...You should not say things like ends with a tragedy..

  15. author

    Aseer The Sauce god27 phút trước

    Anyone notice that he was level 10 at the beginning and 70 at the end

  16. author

    amberthesuperfox27 phút trước

    Where is the episode where he dies?

  17. author

    Hazarul Sutoto27 phút trước

    If you already see DDLC. Maybe you will thing Feigi is Sayori and Beetroot is Monika. Well, that what in my mind right now...

  18. author

    Ya boy Will27 phút trước

    Bee- pee poo poo

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    VODKA JR TV27 phút trước

    can you follow me i well Follow back ❤️🔥

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    Information daily27 phút trước

    alinity : can w copy strike pewdiepie 9 year old : be gone twitch thot

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    Quoc Hoa Bui27 phút trước

    rip bone joergen by creeper on boom

  22. author

    اسكانور _meleodas27 phút trước

    وينهم العرب

  23. author

    Prohim TAM27 phút trước

    I will comment later, i am still in the hospital, my brother swallowed a 16 GB memory card, now he's singing all the songs put in the card.

  24. author

    Lofe Gacha27 phút trước

    Im litterly watching pew playing Minecraft then there is this adz n its about FAKE minecraft called Minecraft hot

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    Irsan 1927 phút trước


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    Kushagra Rohit27 phút trước

    Unboxing starts at 08:20 ... One like for me.

  27. author

    ZackariaYT27 phút trước

    R.I.P. 100 MIL AWARD 2019-2019

  28. author

    Wubber tub Gamer27 phút trước

    Sven was exited for Marzia to be his mom

  29. author

    Reiss 447027 phút trước

    Shoutout yub I meant

  30. author

    manni is the best gamerrr lol27 phút trước

    Its fucking awesome bruh you play minecraft hope you grow faaaaar

  31. author

    BAYMAXAGGRA27 phút trước

    Go to Indonesia, and problem solve @PewDiePie wkwkk

  32. author

    Starlight Gnilrets27 phút trước

    Everyone subbed to pewds, make 10 accounts and sub and he will hit 1 billion.

  33. author

    Rusmawati Nik27 phút trước

    Veryyyyyy cute 🐶🐶🦊

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    ilian ynw27 phút trước

    Like who disslikeed else

  35. author

    Majestic Mahi27 phút trước

    Which is best: Pewd Ruby play button Pewd ??? Play button

  36. author

    skakx whbdns28 phút trước

    9:45 He destroyed redstone hahahahahaha

  37. author

    AkaShadow Zz28 phút trước

    This videos gonna get demonetized😂😭😂

  38. author

    Odog Odogg28 phút trước

    He curses in swedish

  39. author

    Jim Stinkerson28 phút trước

    Sven died?

  40. author

    Meghan Jones28 phút trước

    The best character arc

  41. author

    MHD Football28 phút trước

    اخوك من المغرب 😂

  42. author

    hollowy lol28 phút trước

    Undertale bro

  43. author

    Fatal Heart28 phút trước

    I like the thought that went into this and it must have been a fun execution. XD Do some of your fans not know about your other account you obviously use to place things and make camera positions? XD

  44. author

    Patrik Znika28 phút trước

    U have 101 m. Subs(゜o゜;

  45. author

    Reiss 447028 phút trước

    Shout out tub!!!!

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    Toona28 phút trước

    Pewds leaves after Sven's bf dies *MINECRAFT JUST GOT 10x BETTER*

  47. author

    Jose Silva28 phút trước

    Every men nightmare a woman in a white dress.😂😂😂

  48. author

    Panos Siskas28 phút trước

    I play your game (pewdiepie tuber simulator) check it it's amazing

  49. author

    The Spy28 phút trước

    wow that glorious beard... what happend 2019 felix

  50. author

    Frosty Clips HD28 phút trước

    Has anyone noticed James Charles's name in 11:48

  51. author

    NOAH DELORENZO28 phút trước

    *101M subs

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    Nghĩa Nguyễn28 phút trước

    Who's here after felix hit 100mil sub?

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    Theo Jennings28 phút trước

    Whats the name of the song at the end of the video?

  54. author

    Collin Nyberg28 phút trước

    Han är svensk👍🏻❤️

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    Ariiq Ananda28 phút trước

    Sub Indonesia pilisss

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    Rizky Gaming28 phút trước

    Orang Indo Hadir

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    Madhupraj Tripathi28 phút trước


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    OnPointPanda29 phút trước

    the amount of people that want a mincraft RTX series when it comes out with pewds. 👇

  59. author

    Pfannkuchen29 phút trước

    The Minecraft series went from Sven and jøergen to Felix at a remote house talking to and interrogating a chicken and farming beetroot.

  60. author

    Lucifer Kun29 phút trước

    Hello guess

  61. author

    Matt Shitstorm29 phút trước

    Moments when i see the beauty side od internet.

  62. author

    GAMING WITH JAYESH29 phút trước

    Ye Banda CHUTIYA hai

  63. author

    Adam Wizardry29 phút trước

    Pewd have been curse by water sheep thats why everything he love in minecraft

  64. author

    Spider Man29 phút trước

    Pewds you can repair the elytra with phantom membrane

  65. author

    Mr Nosy29 phút trước

    so you played minecraft in 2001?

  66. author

    Layba_788229 phút trước

    Not a fan sos but mr beats had the most like video 10M

  67. author

    Puppet Gamer tv29 phút trước

    Are boi fegi

  68. author

    Manu 3429 phút trước

    Alguien habla español? ^^

  69. author

    Devashish Athawale29 phút trước

    Pyro's 250k meme is in here even thought it was in no way a part of 2018. I am not complaining.

  70. author

    Lily!29 phút trước

    This is the weirdest episode and I like it

  71. author

    H Z29 phút trước

    Number 2 trending

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    Canadama Kendama29 phút trước

    Though u broke the award

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    Elijah Albon29 phút trước

    That's it, I'm migrating. I need more Dr Phil

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    Riga saputra29 phút trước

    Mantap 👍

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    Avi Rawat29 phút trước

    I used to be a fan . Not Anymore I am a air conditioner

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    Support me 10milion subs 🤣

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    Obsidian play button

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    Im Brite29 phút trước

    This is footage of Pewdiepie at the ranch

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    Aldous Serious Punch29 phút trước

    14:35 Pewds: it was like a father to me

  80. author

    I'm Coolio30 phút trước

    WHATTT? You've never seen fingers before? You know they're normal right?

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    Anime HavenX30 phút trước

    Hey , can anyone give me 20 sub just to monetize ? Im looking forward for my monetization

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    We want feige merch Like if yes

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    You have been given 3 years of good luck Like to activate

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    Whats the name of the song, when he build the light house?

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    Arjun Meena30 phút trước

    Finally You Got It PewDiePie After Losing 100m race With T-series 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Pewdiepie 101

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    %???30 phút trước

    make an elytra launcher like so he can see

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    PePe meme30 phút trước

    Pewdiepie: Rewind 2018 VIreporter: Holy shit. This is actually better then ours video.

  92. author

    Some Random Guy30 phút trước

    8:17 (the chicken) Does this picture reminded you guys of something or perhaps someone?

  93. author

    Moeez Syed30 phút trước

    You are ruining the series with this cringy bs

  94. author

    WiftKey31 phút trước

    Ютуб вообще дебилы это же точный клон как и на 10 миллионов только другово цвета... Мда

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    Sylver Helene31 phút trước

    He's lost it

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    Man im so proud of you...

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    50.000 subs with NO videos31 phút trước


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    My dad beats me31 phút trước

    Did anyone else notice James Charles entering and leaving the game at 11:47?

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    Corey Paints31 phút trước

    WHAT there is no Tuber Simulator outro???