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    tallbean uwuPhút trước

    *me here in 2019 seeing if matpat was correct*

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    I MAKE INTRO FOR YOU2 phút trước

    Come on mosquitoes are more stronger than that

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    JustAnotherSwitchUser7 phút trước

    A 10 month old can walk? Is... that natural?

  4. author

    Trac Track14 phút trước

    You should do a theory On enter the florpus

  5. author

    VGM15 phút trước

    TLDR: Scar is the Alpha

  6. author

    Ollie Smith17 phút trước

    Even Darth Vader agrees that Baby shark is horrible

  7. author

    Patrice Degré17 phút trước

    If you remember, in the Star wars cannon, they was 2 great wars and a purge, because of the last war that leaved many sick people from nuclear and genetic alteration. And all this, before the federation was created after they meet with the vulcan. So yeah, what you said in this video is really plausible.

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    skimmyjeans21 phút trước


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    Tricia Pan24 phút trước

    why is it controversial?

  10. author

    Randy Johnson29 phút trước

    I think the heart growing was a metaphor....

  11. author

    Zack Peterson29 phút trước

    Darth Vader: I have always hated this song Me: Same with me

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    Dale Gerdnoi30 phút trước

    I will i watch all the episodes so far

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    J TIME30 phút trước

    The monster is 5G technology

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    PotatoSalt 1930 phút trước

    I can switch between ‘yanny’ and ‘laurel’ but I can’t for the other. I only hear ‘green needle’. Is it just me?!??

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    Elijah McKeown Holland46 phút trước

    The begging 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    JP Spilotro49 phút trước

    Your forgetting that it is theorized that Yoda's species is born from the pure force itself.

  17. author

    Roseanna Emery52 phút trước

    Aren't God 500 years old in human years and they're 5 years old in God years?

  18. author

    Plate of Chips57 phút trước

    What about peel from the clone wars

  19. author

    Joynal AbdinGiờ trước

    But in the comics flash become venom, then agent venom who helps spiderman

  20. author

    Phil ShockleyGiờ trước

    If it was rigged Jeopardy would not sue and take to court anyone that claimed it was rigged.

  21. author

    DaviLGiờ trước

    If you’re just gonna harp on MatPat’s word choice then gtfoh

  22. author

    Glenn ManabaGiờ trước

    yellow guy(now green guy):GREEN! Notepad:YES!GREEN IS A CREATIVE COLOR! (To the end of the lyrics) Notepad:Now it's all agree,later you'll do creative again... THAT"S HOW DHMIS ALTERNATE VERSION IS!!!!A HAPPY SCENES!!!

  23. author

    Unlucky ShoeGiờ trước

    *1 year and 3 months later* It's the future! now Where tf is it

  24. author

    JM NewbyGiờ trước

    Absolutely movies actually about some other elements like the ground fire are and some of the other generic generic generic basically usually known in cartoons and and usually no I know as a type of power like controlling the Earth fire water ice and basically the one with the purple fire supposed to be some type of being that having the power to control fire what's up person controlling fire no no no what the animal made out of fire and that are is actually physical are but is alive can see what it really is and also that these Rock golems and somehow you skipped a little water horse underwater somehow cuz the past ad for this Frozen 2 movie also showed a water horse as well

  25. author

    Shumatsu ChanGiờ trước

    When there was Article 15 instead of COPPA

  26. author

    J MGiờ trước

    Wow. Amazing how people believe the evolution narrative. Further amazing how people will believe I'm promoting religion by saying this. Even further amazing how somebody will get mad over it. Life is pretty amazing, isn't it?

  27. author

    WhyGiờ trước

    this should've been my science fair experiment

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    XXXwarpfistXXXGiờ trước

    Alright homeboy U GONE TOO FAR ABOUT YOUR THEORIES baby Yoda is cool. you hear me, BOOMER, BABY YODA IS COOL

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    DestantMurder _Giờ trước

    worst start ever

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    Omar MarquezGiờ trước

    Who else liked Scar more than Mufasa🤷‍♂️

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    Julius KelmanGiờ trước

    😔 ok we need to meet in real life man and have a talk. Slow clap 👏😔

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    Throy John MoralesGiờ trước

    Hey man,youre great and amazing. Keep up the good work

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    thi chanh ngoGiờ trước

    i am a lion

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    cristian guerreroGiờ trước


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    Jorddin RoodGiờ trước

    Wheres part 2!!!

  36. author

    Kire667Giờ trước

    oh that's very crazy. I never seen the movie but it's nice to see his acceptance of chaos and identity loss. Plus his not being in touch of reality.

  37. author

    Atlas The HatlessGiờ trước

    doc ocks arms in spiderman 2 are made of admendium and there impervious to heat and magnitisum why not wolverines skeleton got the whole thing wrong

  38. author

    Khilliongr HaganGiờ trước

    ., aww it’s a baby gremlin??-..,,///

  39. author

    Stop Hoeing For LikesGiờ trước

    6:37 song?

  40. author

    HaidhinaqiGiờ trước

    I mean... the girl guiding them along the way is not too wrong...and about them exploring isolation...

  41. author

    Aisy HattaGiờ trước

    Looks like Eddie redmayne watch this but he not win Huh ironic

  42. author

    TheNabuntaGiờ trước

    I don't mind the new style, it seems fine.

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    Isabel NGiờ trước

    my English teacher would be proud

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    HD SINGHGiờ trước

    Maybe its young yoda hmmm

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    Ferrero GamingGiờ trước

    Matt continues to say "he," buuuut... how do we know it's not she. Or something else

  46. author

    Blake DoolanGiờ trước

    Using the same theory couldn't you say that anyone with magic could be the chosen one? I mean the prophecy we have seems to suggest Harry or Neville. But who says that for example, using the same multiple words interpretation, that the prophecy was different and instead laid out Ginny, a girl who was born in August instead of July and who has a poor but loving family who don't particularly excel at magic be the chosen one is Voldemort decided? In this case the hole idea of Harry or Neville isn't as special as people may think because it really could of been anyone. I am genuinely curious about this so please explain to me why I am wrong if I am

  47. author

    helen le2 giờ trước

    Pls make a theory bout it when you’ve watched it!!!!

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    So Many2 giờ trước


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    DISnut2 giờ trước

    MatPat: I currently own a toddler. But in Soviet Russia, toddler owns you.

  50. author

    Frost Fire X2 giờ trước

    When the lowest estimate of your wealth is over 50 billion

  51. author

    Saul Tlaczani Limon2 giờ trước

    Nobody: Mat: 🥺

  52. author

    Zmey Confusenych2 giờ trước

    Disney: *makes intellectually dead movie* Intellectual creatures: *dislike it* Disney: *it's all your fault for thinking, we are meant to control that!*

  53. author

    MC_Philosophy2 giờ trước

    ya know, i was really looking forward to watching this video, but when i watched that song and the intro i gagged then clicked off. thank you.

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    alienatedhen 442 giờ trước

    the empire dosent need money the entire army

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    Rivo Rox2 giờ trước

    I think sharpay is a leo

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    Moly Zegarra2 giờ trước

    Matty patty I beg you make a Steven Universe x adventure time theory at least react to it, give us your thoughts about both series Their good BTW I love your vids keep the good work 😻😸

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    Hannah Adams2 giờ trước

    youre my favorite drunk youtuber

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    Life's Remix2 giờ trước

    Well I meaaan... Goku keeps his body after dieing and he’s helped one of his sons against the rules of the afterlife before.. so there’s a thought

  59. author

    Austin Schuster2 giờ trước

    Problem is Sjw's would not be happy if she ends up being the bad guy...

  60. author

    Hopeless Lover2 giờ trước


  61. author

    Jake Davis2 giờ trước

    I liked the suicide squad joker ): I'm sad he got so much hate.

  62. author

    Jamie Sam2 giờ trước

    By when Yoda died he was 4,790 years old. I did the math.

  63. author

    Mr FlameBacon2 giờ trước

    Darth Vader be wiggling

  64. author

    Pyrekki Kannisto2 giờ trước

    75% of the video you are taking about human brains

  65. author

    Jake Davis2 giờ trước

    Okay, so only watching this joker video (I'll watch the other ones after this comment). I think his pills were the only thing stopping him from erupting. It's like the thin wall inbetween him and insanity. He finally gets caught because after being off his medication that he has been on for so long makes him like the sloppy Joker we all know. Ending up in Arkham Asylum.

  66. author

    Froopy Doops2 giờ trước

    Yoda isn't the only one if his species and he hasn't told anybody where his home world is. Because it's a peaceful world and he doesn't want his peaceful species to die out

  67. author

    JQ Dan2 giờ trước

    About half a sandwich and a bag of chips

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    Foxco bot2 giờ trước

    Stop don't say you have magical powers I am just trying to learn more. Also I like your video keep it up

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    Betzy santizo2 giờ trước

    Ana and Elsa are sisters tf u lying boi all know Anna and Elsa are sisters

  70. author

    Thomas Stanfield2 giờ trước

    i dont think this take correct. Mike described the ritual of chud as a battle of wills. everything that happened after the deadlights went into the jar was a battle of wills that took place within their minds. They were mentally battling pennywise from that point until his heart was crushed and he was defeated. The mental battle was represented by the individual tunnels they went down. The ones that were in love went down tunnels together. (Ben & Bev) (Richie & Eddie) All of this was just a visual representation of battles going on within their minds.

  71. author

    Hunter Franks2 giờ trước

    I like how implies that Canadians have better life As he shows Americans moving to Canada

  72. author

    Gp Gp2 giờ trước

    Terrible beginning

  73. author

    Oridan12 giờ trước

    8 minutes in and this is just a summary of the film, what's the point of so much introduction?

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    David Legaspi2 giờ trước

    *relativity has entered the chat*

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    JL Lopez2 giờ trước

    Oh god

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    Izaiah Baker2 giờ trước

    Make a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode on hamon

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    god of memes2 giờ trước

    Jojos bazaar adventure:I sold over 100 million copies of my manga One peice: that's cute

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    Adam Hussein2 giờ trước

    How do you say poopybutthole with a straight face

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    A_Pufferfish2 giờ trước

    The intro alone made me dislike.

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    THU NGUYEN2 giờ trước

    I wish gravity falls didn’t end like a sad ending.My childhood.......

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    Naeema Garcia2 giờ trước

    "i own a toddler' i- matt patt WHAT EVEN

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    Stoical Cynical Cinema ,2 giờ trước

    Ayy cosmonaut

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    jack carroll2 giờ trước

    Spider man can’t go home we’re spider can go home

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    Rey goes to Tatooine with BB-8 as movie ends2 giờ trước


  85. author

    Baby Yoda2 giờ trước

    Nothing is wrong with me

  86. author

    Rey goes to Tatooine with BB-8 as movie ends2 giờ trước


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    Vatic Foundation World PTSD Awareness Tour2 giờ trước

    I’m guessing he read the book Sapiens...

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    Sang Ganteng2 giờ trước

    The cringiest intro i ever see

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    Hey zone it’s me pking093 giờ trước

    Petition to add a goat to smash?

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    King Raza3 giờ trước

    6.7 dislike hate evolution

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    Because I'm A Gemini3 giờ trước


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    Cyan Dreams3 giờ trước

    So plagiarism is impossible to escape...

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    Andro Bourne3 giờ trước

    Good video but you dont account for a reason why all this couldn't have happened on a Monday after the kids came back from school? There is no references here indicating if it happened only on Sunday or/and crossing over to Monday afternoon. I mean in reality... would it only take you a few hours to decide to leave your family behind and go with a clone? She could have easily decided to "think on it" and all this ended on a Monday afternoon.

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    Onions United3 giờ trước

    So how does this explain the more spiritual side to waterbending? Healing and spirit bending?

  95. author

    Eris Graystrone3 giờ trước

    Did you make this video just to tell us you got into JoJo?

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    snowflake Stories3 giờ trước

    Episode was so funny

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    Avocado Boiii3 giờ trước

    Make a frozen 2 film theory!!!

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    Vkurp 773 giờ trước

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Darth Vader In The Intro: *turns into a worm*

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    ElijahandPichu3 giờ trước

    The first minuet of this video was the hardest thing to watch on this whole channel

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    Karie Johnson3 giờ trước

    Having seen the movie: "You used the wrong formula but somehow got the right answer"