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Brooklyn and Bailey

We are Brooklyn & Bailey, identical twin daughters of Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles! We are currently freshmen in college at Baylor University! Our channel is devoted with all things fun... including family vlogs, college life, crafting, fashion and beauty. A new video will be posted every Wednesday afternoon, so please feel free to "SUBSCRIBE" and hit that notification "🔔" so you can be one the first to view them!
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10 Types of College Guys10 Types of College Guys

10 Types of College Guys

7 tháng trước

  1. author

    Jerome Birth2 phút trước

    # save the turtle ks ks and a oop and a oop and a oop

  2. author

    Senekah Clarke11 phút trước

    "Am I supposed to notice?" Me: Legit rofl rn 😂😂😂

  3. author

    Mihai Morosanu12 phút trước

    Egirls wear hearts under their eyes not plusses

  4. author

    Aishah S12 phút trước

    I love Brooklyn and Bailey's Eye's ❤💜💙💚💛❤ I'm 5 foot 9 and a teenage girl.

  5. author

    StarcrestIkon20 phút trước

    The meme died on the third day

  6. author

    Miki B24 phút trước

    One like if you thought that Brooklyn was Bailey......and a comment if you thought Bailey was Brooklyn....

  7. author

    K S31 phút trước

    *"we're Brooklyn, Bailey, and Brittany"*

  8. author

    Jessica Hickey32 phút trước

    She looks similar to Katie Betzing

  9. author

    JR Antonio33 phút trước

    Why do i think that they are triplets and the other twin is named Bucks 😂

  10. author

    Ashley Nieto34 phút trước

    Oh man...have I finally reached that age? I have no idea what is happening in this video..

  11. author

    The star girls Blue Star Pink Star39 phút trước


  12. author

    Aparna Prasad41 phút trước

    Doppelgangers for real

  13. author

    Bianca Bellissimo46 phút trước

    the second day is the shoes and bailey has a necklace and Brooklyn doesn't

  14. author

    RYuleisy1449 phút trước

    I wouldn’t have noticed with all the fixing they did 🤣🤣 they look so similar. I would have to look at her for a few long seconds before I notice that’s not bailey. Maybe the nose shape would tell you both apart really fast

  15. author

    Emily Parker49 phút trước

    Taylor's nose is longer...

  16. author

    mary wright54 phút trước

    Y’all should do this again but then when y’all are asked say “ I’m adopted... so maybe she is😂”

  17. author

    Precious Bernardino55 phút trước

    More vids. With Taylor plsssss I want to see you 3 in a vlog like a triplets and doing vlog like swap in ....... like that 😊

  18. author

    Nicole McPheronGiờ trước

    Would your brother and sisters notice??? 🤔

  19. author

    Skylar GibbonsGiờ trước

    YEP i am a Soft Girl

  20. author

    Faith PruettGiờ trước

    Love Megan’s shirt lol

  21. author

    TSquadGiờ trước

    You guys live an hour away from me!!! That’s crazy

  22. author

    Jackie alabamaGiờ trước

    What happened if you had a twin and your boyfriend saw your twin sister in the supermarket and he just say Hai babe and kiss her well.... SO EMBARRASSING FOR HIM

  23. author

    Jillian DanceGiờ trước

    You should do one with a red stain of your bottom and see if anyone will tell you that you didn’t notice your period.

  24. author

    Amy Bennett SmolikGiờ trước

    And I opp sksksksksksksk

  25. author

    samar ahmedGiờ trước

    I am a follower from EGYPT that actually we don’t have any in-N-out or whataburger in here so sorry I cannot participate in the poll 😅😅😅

  26. author

    Peyton Manners2 giờ trước

    Lucas and Marcus would be perfect for both of yous

  27. author

    Sky vs Ty2 giờ trước

    6:11 Me every single second at school. 😂😂💕

  28. author

    Shenaquah Pantin2 giờ trước

    Brooklyn doesn't wear a chain in all 5 days

  29. author

    Mckenna Maxwell2 giờ trước

    Napoleon and Deb was spot on.

  30. author

    Raquel Quirino2 giờ trước

    8:57 *why u so obsessed with me*

  31. author

    Preslie Paints2 giờ trước

    One night ultimate werewolf is the best family game

  32. author

    Samantha Stavropoulos2 giờ trước

    Hi can we have a roommates bedroom tour? Please?

  33. author

    Catherine Daei2 giờ trước

    brooklyn is funnier

  34. author

    Ashley Christiansen2 giờ trước

    This was so funny to watch! I can tell the difference between Brooklyn and Taylor but they look so similar!

  35. author

    Kaitlyn Chartrand2 giờ trước

    That girl looks so much like Brooklyn! I could tell the difference but it was still so similar! Ps. Small VIreporterr here!

  36. author

    Carl Carl2 giờ trước

    My favorite part of the video was when it ended.

  37. author

    - hpw2 giờ trước

    i don’t think they look that similar...

  38. author

    Emma blake2 giờ trước

    Mine is McDonald's 😘

  39. author

    fzzypurpleturtle2 giờ trước

    8:28 "No that didn't cross my mind! Why would it?" Lmao

  40. author

    Sarah Wilson3 giờ trước

    Omg brooklyn and taylor put together is Baylor 1

  41. author

    Anjeno3 giờ trước

    *bailey being jealous for 10 min straight *

  42. author

    fzzypurpleturtle3 giờ trước

    Ok the longer this went on the more confused I got. I thought Brooklyn was inside with the newspaper at 3:58 but it was taylor. At first I didn't think they looked that similar and then it was like whoosh WHAT

  43. author

    vsco girl3 giờ trước

    I'm a vsco girl.sksksksksk and I oop

  44. author

    αvεry Föαrd3 giờ trước

    Is that freshman a subscriber because he knew Bailey’s name or where they already introduced?

  45. author

    Brian Gallo3 giờ trước

    And oppppppppp skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk haven't I told you to wear a thousand scrunched and save the turtles Olso buy a hydro flask

  46. author

    Allana IsAwesome3 giờ trước

    Vsco girl: You get a scrunchie, your get a scrunchie, and my boyfriend gets a scrunchie! Ssk ssk Me: BOYS DONT WEAR SCRUNCHIES

  47. author

    Elizabeth Teleisha3 giờ trước

    You guys should do a video where you and Kamri switch places!

  48. author

    Just Mads3 giờ trước


  49. author

    Kyleah UnicornGirl133 giờ trước

    Brooklyn's eyes are blue and Taylor's are green

  50. author

    Rhyannon Skinner3 giờ trước

    I would so I can fix it up

  51. author

    Rhyannon Skinner3 giờ trước

    My friends would say ur makeup looks bad straight up basically

  52. author

    puppy lover3 giờ trước

    I got my wisdom teeth removed

  53. author

    Idia Dennar3 giờ trước

    I also have an identical twin too! We both have very different styles. I'm more of the girly twin though. :> Also you know that dance you were doing Brooklyn, my friend did that infront of the highschoolers, and they we so confused! Lol. Also who's younger twin, because I'm the younger twin as well! :3

  54. author

    TheLazyBear1014 giờ trước

    Ur eyes are like aqau

  55. author

    Lola_ qweenz4 giờ trước

    No one: Absolutely no one: FOR REAL NO-ONE: Bailey: WeRe TWinsZ!!

  56. author

    Cassandra Adams4 giờ trước

    They are good i get the when i see them all the time

  57. author

    iiiCxitlyn4 giờ trước

    Thats crazy how similar they look, I think the nose gave it away but so cool!!

  58. author

    LifeAsAeris4 giờ trước

    Who else could tell them apart? Like if u could👍

  59. author

    Clint Ashcraft4 giờ trước


  60. author

    musicjessicac4 giờ trước

    Omg crazy how similar she looks!!!

  61. author

    EMO KID4 giờ trước

    died in side

  62. author

    Kylie cargile4 giờ trước

    Before I clicked on this video I thought it was your little sister!

  63. author

    Dark Angel Gaming5 giờ trước

    -drops plastic bottle- oopsie doopsies! oh! hi. are you new? yeah? ok nice to meet you! wait.. is that.. a hydro flask?! darlin'.. use plastic! no one cares about those stupid turtles anyway.. whats that? you have scrunchies all over your wrist AND a large T-shirt as well as a metal straw?! i'm sorry but.. no! heres a pack of plastic straws and a crop top! oh! almost forgot! heres some hair ties! ksksks oopsie doopsies ksksks! oh wait! i didn't tell you what i am? oh.. well i'm just a anti visco ksksks oopsie doopsies!

  64. author

    Freya Klein5 giờ trước

    I would still watch you even when you are 95😂

  65. author

    Eathel Moring5 giờ trước

    I think my boyfriend would tell me

  66. author

    Eathel Moring5 giờ trước

    Yes I would

  67. author

    MeliHairStyle5 giờ trước

    Omg 😍 you are have soooo beautiful eyes

  68. author

    Deedee42525 giờ trước

    That guy at 7:19 though. lol

  69. author

    Kailia Adona5 giờ trước

    When you asked who’s who I think it’s Brooklyn on the right

  70. author

    Karla Nieto5 giờ trước


  71. author

    NinaSophia!5 giờ trước

    Omg none will notice

  72. author

    Ana Patricia Yap5 giờ trước

    Yasss I love your hair

  73. author

    It's Me, Kate!5 giờ trước

    Cameron and Brooklyn so cute

  74. author

    Kailia Adona5 giờ trước

    Your eyes are like blue and green mixed

  75. author

    Onica Greene5 giờ trước

    She's GLOWING

  76. author

    Emily Steele5 giờ trước

    Bailey should’ve done it too

  77. author

    Mindi Hall5 giờ trước

    Did you know that the devil is an angel

  78. author

    Panda Janga6 giờ trước

    I am 5.1

  79. author

    Time 2 Game6 giờ trước

    Bailey's face at 10:22

  80. author

    paige6 giờ trước

    garrett be looking FINE ASF

  81. author

    Shukran Dawood6 giờ trước

    1:58 lol 😂😂😂

  82. author

    __kayli __6 giờ trước

    It’s so weird that we live a few miles away

  83. author

    Adelyn Rene Szatkowski6 giờ trước

    Tbh I don’t think they look alike they look so different like I can see why you could think that but I can totally tell that they look different

  84. author

    Angelica Setiawan7 giờ trước

    You guys should do a last one to pee wins

  85. author

    Allie Walker7 giờ trước

    Sniper wolf said that y’all looked like vampires in who is the mom and who is the child

  86. author

    Allayah Simmons7 giờ trước

    She literally looks just like them

  87. author

    KT LoveBTS7 giờ trước

    Bailey has a little mole on top of her lip - that or I’m just saying a random dot there Ew ew ew OMG you broke me 😂 They do look a lil different ngl

  88. author

    Taylor McLucas7 giờ trước

    I feel like Taylor looks more like Kamri form the side

  89. author

    Sophia 237 giờ trước

    Why is nobody talking about Alec/Alex the freshman? 😍😍😍 I need his @

  90. author

    Nicola Thomas7 giờ trước

    I am the E-girl

  91. author

    Hailey Trabucco7 giờ trước

    Tell me why at 2:37 Bailey cursed

  92. author

    Talitha Black7 giờ trước

    Brooklyn has blue-green eyes!

  93. author

    Lora Dąbrowska7 giờ trước

    This was posted on my birthday!!

  94. author

    jessica wood7 giờ trước

    She looks like an older version of the twins !

  95. author

    TheSgtTurkey8 giờ trước

    that’s a bad boyfriend

  96. author

    Jasper and Sadie8 giờ trước

    At 2:44 they literally look so similar

  97. author

    Jack Snack8 giờ trước

    I’m sorry but they look nothing alike

  98. author

    8 giờ trước


  99. author

    Samantha Worthen8 giờ trước

    I wanted to go up north. But then I noticed that youre not the same person

  100. author

    NANA AMA AMPOMAH8 giờ trước

    It's annoying when Bailey keeps saying we are twins they are not bruhhhh