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    zack1625 phút trước

    What a matchup we have here!

  2. author

    Gysgt. Salvador Monteverde, USMC, Retired25 phút trước

    Good Morning California!!!!!! This is what we've been waiting for. All week, Our Forty-Niners, and those everything but Saints of New Orleans. The predictions are in, and we all know the outcome, and we all know who will be representing California in the 'SUPER BOWL'!!!! It's all up to you now' KITTLE.' The very first T.D. within the first 5 minutes of the game, and the rest is all down hill. Are you with me CALIFORNIANS??!!!! Lets have a great day!! SuperSniperSal USMC Disabled Vet

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    The Luke Show26 phút trước

    LOL Tarik Cohen did a backflip

  4. author

    Prcreed7627 phút trước

    He should be in the hall of fame he paid for his past Vick elevated the run game for a QB he was exciting to watch miss them days

  5. author

    Braxton Logan27 phút trước

    I think the Chiefs will Slaughter the Patriots

  6. author

    Lebron KING James27 phút trước

    This game and seahawks vs packers nfc championship are top 5 greatest nfl conference championship games ever!!!!

  7. author

    Liliana Aves28 phút trước

    go Pats!

  8. author

    Loki Savage28 phút trước

    Can every body sub to me just started

  9. author

    NO PROB BOI29 phút trước

    Why is she on this show? You guys couldn’t find a more educated pretty girl

  10. author

    Jason N31 phút trước

    Garbage person who should be erased from history.

  11. author

    derick suapaia32 phút trước

    Been waiting for this. LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!! WHO DAT?! WE SPANK ALL DAT!

  12. author

    Aiden Tran32 phút trước

    Imagine being 6-6 and still being first in your division 😂

  13. author

    Cole Lambert32 phút trước

    Chiefs win patriots suck

  14. author

    Steven Universe34 phút trước

    Next year NFL better give sweet victory for the halftime show for super bowl 2020

  15. author

    Jake Hose34 phút trước

    I think Seahawks are going to crush them, blowout game.

  16. author

    Original hi35 phút trước

    15:15 wow it has Patrick mahomes and he is number 15 but heated b*tches cmon man

  17. author

    Alex Nava35 phút trước

    They only showed the highlights against the cowboys for the bills boi ofc they gonna look good it’s the cowboys

  18. author

    Jonathan Mecias36 phút trước

    lets go bucs!!

  19. author

    Mani Garcia39 phút trước

    I like watching football

  20. author

    I'll throw multiverses at you Zeno Russell39 phút trước


  21. author

    Tony Taco40 phút trước

    Man has the bengals on point rn

  22. author

    Jordan joseph42 phút trước

    What channel will it be on?

  23. author

    silva ferreira46 phút trước

    Essa é foda

  24. author

    Little Zombie47 phút trước

    Let’s go carolina won Just a early celebration

  25. author

    Goldenstandard47 phút trước


  26. author

    MOJOELTA48 phút trước

    This time last year the Chargers were 9-3 and we beat the Bengals 26-21 in week 14. The current 4-8 record is some BULL💩💩💩💩 HIT OR GET HIT CHARGERS!! 💪💪

  27. author

    Michael Leroy50 phút trước

    Where's Brady?

  28. author

    Cristopher González50 phút trước

    Deos que hermoso 😍

  29. author

    Michael Nappi trains51 phút trước

    The panthers really met their match that game, Go Broncos!!!

  30. author

    Humberto Silva52 phút trước

    My prediction: Pats will win today . We will see a beast of a Pats on the playoffs and they will win the Superbowl. Then , Tom Brady retires .

  31. author

    RazorExpress52 phút trước

    I was at this game

  32. author

    MarssSAD57 phút trước

    My first Steelers game, hopefully we get the win 🙏🏻

  33. author

    Brandon Porter58 phút trước

    My man's #29 was to pumped when he laid that stiff arm if u look in the back 😂😂😂

  34. author

    Josh Scott58 phút trước

    Raheem mostert is averaging 5.5 yards a carry, second only to Lamar Jackson, fact.

  35. author

    Zachary O'Konek58 phút trước

    lions suck vikings ready to destroy

  36. author

    Morgan K.Giờ trước

    I’m from Baltimore so of course it’s Ravens for moi!

  37. author

    MOJOELTAGiờ trước


  38. author

    Mr. GideonionGiờ trước

    Aged poorly

  39. author

    Evan CountsGiờ trước

    this the same woman who every week predicts every game to be a one score game

  40. author

    Gorden GibsonGiờ trước

    #18's look is very funny; it's a keeper.

  41. author

    Jackson McMahonGiờ trước

    Bungles win

  42. author

    YungYeevGiờ trước

    Imagine patriots getting that onside lol Tom would’ve scored a td for sure.

  43. author

    Irv PGiờ trước


  44. author

    CousinMose31Giờ trước

    Falcons: 32 Panthers: 29

  45. author

    Daily VlogsGiờ trước


  46. author

    Diante WimesGiờ trước

    I was rooting for the Rams and even I thought the no-call was missed. But let’s be real here: That play did not cost the Saints the game. I’d be singing a different tune if they was down 4 and actually needed a TD but that wasn’t the case here. Ginn catches that deep bomb to put em right in that scoring position, and with the Rams short a timeout that benefited the Saints but they didn’t take advantage. Getting cute and throwing the ball twice when they shoulda jus ran the ball and killed clock was dumb as hell. The Saints screwed themselves.

  47. author

    Youtube OG Since 06'Giờ trước

    This was the game I became a Niner fan. 8yrs old. Wow

  48. author

    Peters Right but,Giờ trước

    Can Adam Gase.

  49. author

    PeezsterGiờ trước

    Dee Ford was the Patriots MVP that game. Funny how one play went from Pats getting eliminated to winning the super bowl. Unreal.

  50. author

    Dan FarrarGiờ trước

    I have to say that as a Seahawk I am rooting for the Saints. I don't like how Seattle (especially Russell Wilson) are always kind of overlooked as always being the red headed step child (no offense to any Gingers out there). It's like the commentators forget that Seahawks BEAT the 49's and missed many opportunities to have had it done without going into overtime!!! It's almost like we are viewed as if we just had a couple lucky games, so of course the 49's would have to be the definite Super Bowl contender. Ummm, okay O_o But it's always been that way, they don't get a lot of respect. But regardless, THIS is gonna be an amazing game to watch. May the best team win. And please, may it be the Saints. Lol As a side note, all these games have been incredible. Even with the Hawks vs 49's both teams could be proud no matter which way things went.

  51. author

    Gabriel DeanGiờ trước

    13-24 packers We just dont have enough fro the packers

  52. author

    unknown territoryGiờ trước

    7:59 he can't even run anymore like hes constipated. His seasons over.

  53. author

    The Ultimate Home Cooking Show-The Franklin FamilyGiờ trước

    I love 💕 COWBOYS!!!!! New subscriber!!!

  54. author

    suzanne savardGiờ trước

    Please ravens say hello too my sun .. he drove 8 hrs just to see you , jean simon hamelin .... he is one of your big fan

  55. author

    Denny Ghetto 438Giờ trước

    Great game MEN BEAR DOWN

  56. author

    Australia Isn’t realGiờ trước

    I’m a Steeler fan but minshew as always caught my interest glad he turned out good

  57. author

    YungYeevGiờ trước

    Mitch looked niceee. Third qrt was his

  58. author

    Curtis DavisGiờ trước

    Who Datt

  59. author

    Vanetrice BattyGiờ trước

    What's going on with the cowboys??👀🤣

  60. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Defense beyond your game

  61. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Pay attention

  62. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Offense stay on top B Focus

  63. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    He saw the readers strategy

  64. author

    Dizzy YTGiờ trước

    Ever since the Cowboys lost to the Vikings the bengals have the won the same about of games

  65. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Give it all you got

  66. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Watch the last game 49ers and the Raiders pay attention by the readers just went in there and took the game and

  67. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Who dat

  68. author

    Armenia JonesGiờ trước

    Come on who that I need you to focus be aggressive and take this game

  69. author

    James MadisonGiờ trước

    Seahawks two defensive touchdowns. Big win in fourth quarter.

  70. author

    Timothy GarrahanGiờ trước

    Chiefs by 7.

  71. author

    StarWarsMarvelGiờ trước

    1:16 Jets fans when they react to a loss from the dolphins and bengals

  72. author

    Diante WimesGiờ trước

    That final INT coulda been avoided had they not snapped the ball BEFORE the 2-minute warning 🤷🏾‍♂️

  73. author

    Speedy GreeneGiờ trước

    Ravens win 24-17

  74. author

    TenMic _szGiờ trước

    It wasn’t a late hit on russel the guy wasn’t looking and ran into him

  75. author

    Jared PowellGiờ trước

    Last play Chargers vs. Bronco’s, refs cheated the hell out of the chargers with that penalty smh

  76. author

    Aesthetically StephanieGiờ trước

    Texans 😈✌️💞

  77. author

    Brian JenkinsGiờ trước

    Why does he spend so much time interviewing? He has single handedly RUINED THIS TEAM but oddly enough they are worth billions. Time to leave Jerry, The billion dollar buffoon.

  78. author

    JaccobtwGiờ trước

    I remember when the Seahawks made the playoffs at 7-9, the year beastquake happened

  79. author

    Chris Longley TxGiờ trước

    AFC NE KC Ravens Houston Buffalo Tenn NFC 49ers Saints Packers Dallas Rams Seattle

  80. author

    Chris CantillasGiờ trước

    Seahawks you better win before I'll cry so hard when you lose the game. #SeattleSeahawksWins.

  81. author

    Emmanuel GaytanGiờ trước

    Raidere get back on track with another close game. Carr finnaly gets 300 yards and its 24 to 20 defense holds them after reffs give the titans help on final drive.

  82. author

    adonai barahonaGiờ trước

    I thought the Seahawks best play would be Baldwin's one hand catch against the vikings

  83. author

    OC BeezillaGiờ trước

    This is gonna go down as the poor man’s 1983 draft, lots of QBs in the first, not many good ones.

  84. author

    Brendon BuffaloeGiờ trước

    Quenton Nelson is a beast. Nuff said

  85. author

    JoshGiờ trước

    This game makes me so emotional man! This is the game that relaunched the dynasty again & went on to WIN 3 Super Bowls since this game!!!! It was so close too man imagine if we lost this game how much different things would of been.

  86. author

    ItsNieceyBabyyGiờ trước


  87. author

    Kim MccabeGiờ trước

    Luke Kuechly is the type of guy you say "Will you marry me?" Lol

  88. author

    Jett WaisnerGiờ trước

    LiL boy

  89. author

    eugene swayngimGiờ trước

    The Vikings have let me down for 45 years, not going to be any different this year....sadly.

  90. author

    PiggyP1ays174Giờ trước

    Cynthia really needs to stop making it 2 point differences. be realistic

  91. author

    The BenchGiờ trước

    5:07 my boy just pops up out of nowhere

  92. author

    Michael MurphyGiờ trước

    If the Lions win today in Minnesota Mike Zimmer should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY after the game!! You simply can’t and never should loose these kinds of games at home. You’re playing against a third string QB here not Matthew Stafford. So many seem to forget how Zimmer was brought in after being propped up as a Defensive Guru. Well so far this year his defensive schemes have been awful. Even after a bye week to prepare for what the Seahawks would bring the pass defense looked lost out there. The top playoff contenders have solid defense to go with the offense. Our defense ( especially against the pass ) has been horrible this season. I will bet the Lions go right after the Vikings corners early and often. Come on up today!! SKOL

  93. author

    ImAightDoeeGiờ trước

    I watched this like 5 times already

  94. author

    Jeff PGiờ trước

    I rewatch this every day just to get myself in shape

  95. author

    Professor HispanicGiờ trước

    I’m Seahawks fan I miss this damn loaded team

  96. author

    Jeff PGiờ trước

    Vikings: *yawns* anyone wanna really try today? Also Vikings: Nah I’m tired Broncos: were gonna win 20-0 Vikings: fine we’ll try

  97. author

    Francisco javier Guillen vazquesGiờ trước

    Puro vaqueros no ai mas vaqueros asta la muerte

  98. author

    Mince2 giờ trước

    T A N K B O W L

  99. author

    Jesse Cabrera2 giờ trước

    Bring on Lincoln Riley or who ever can make us what we are as team

  100. author

    the king of utub e2 giờ trước

    Rg3 I love Baltimore