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  1. author

    Caesar RosarioNgày trước

    He's just naturally funny lol

  2. author

    zjuchiNgày trước

    Weak ass store

  3. author

    No NameNgày trước

    i aint trying to be bmean but juice wrld got small ears

  4. author

    tkonegamingNgày trước

    He is often talking to his crew right ?

  5. author

    Ivan GarciaNgày trước

    Use code eats-ivang12162ue for 20 off on Uber eats

  6. author

    Chase GoinesNgày trước

    How they goin skip all the stuff he bought I don’t care if he bought 100,000 things I WANNA KNOW

  7. author

    Chase GoinesNgày trước

    Bro, his dreads is firrrrreeee🔥🔥

  8. author

    The Dred GodNgày trước


  9. author

    Rafael DematteisNgày trước

    Is it just me or the guy from complex like totally too obsessed with bape??

  10. author

    D PicturesNgày trước

    Can we get a Sneaker shopping with Aitch? Man loves his J's.

  11. author

    KarebearNgày trước

    Well this is sponsored by Moncler so neither of them spent a dime.

  12. author

    Mahmoud NofalNgày trước

    You want 2 dollars😂

  13. author

    Fisherboy FanaticsNgày trước

    People will slander your name but fuk um. Best of life to you AB

  14. author

    iiBXLLA iiNgày trước

    80% of what he got was for his girlfriend, that’s how you know he’s a good man

  15. author

    zjuchiNgày trước

    😂 He been waiting to say yessir

  16. author

    zjuchiNgày trước

    No cap this the cleanest closet and drip I've seen, the game #2 but we all know he way atleast 5times more shoes than what he showed on complex

  17. author

    put this profile pic and invade YouTube comments.Ngày trước

    *bis what*

  18. author

    Savage Boi 25Ngày trước

    Eminem grew up in the D and never left, a true Michigander.

  19. author

    Gabe BarouhNgày trước

    Joe budden put out one jam that was definitely not conscious and suddenly becomes hip hops spokesperson. Fuck that!

  20. author

    mac kendallNgày trước

    He bought all Adidas...His loyalty comes from that OAKLAND BLOOD only a chosen few carry in there DNA.Soon as he got his Adidas endorsement he gave away all his Jordans,other brand of shoes....Gotta love DAME DOLLA....Town Bizzness

  21. author

    Eustace KwekuNgày trước

    Those Dad laughs tho😂😂😂

  22. author

    Jorgie WTFNgày trước

    I would imagine that to even have these 2 legends on your show, they must actually be getting kicks for free.

  23. author

    Lara LifeNgày trước

    Salut bg mdrrr

  24. author

    zjuchiNgày trước

    These fools saying Khaled is annoying to be around yall really think he acts like this off camera? 😂 😂 😂 Yall don't know what it mean to be in the celebrity lane

  25. author

    mark jeffersNgày trước

    Hate that look shorts with long white socks like wtf did he get dressed in the dark lol tho thought he would've bought more than he did I know I would given the choices in that store

  26. author

    Jay wid dhet HeatNgày trước

    ” Getting all my shoes out the box.”😂

  27. author

    Bartolix 21Ngày trước

    Eminem is always kinda serious... hope he is cool to fans if someone spots him on the street

  28. author

    Nahuel MartínNgày trước

    no jordans? well, some people have bad taste. Strong calves? fat calves will you mean.

  29. author

    gamer 35Ngày trước

    You like it chunky hmmmmmmm

  30. author

    Nolan DrakeNgày trước

    I want some Bolt shoes 👟

  31. author

    cute girlNgày trước

    Good hustle conducting celebrity interviews in shoe store, make celebrities buy shoes. Genius!

  32. author

    V. M. PreobrazhenskyNgày trước

    if you was too put these two idiots to gather an maked just one idiot even a dum old dog would be moore gooder at acting!!

  33. author

    Trxvis highlightsNgày trước

    R.i.p juice.

  34. author

    Tranzforma 3Ngày trước

    A bunch of sneakers???? That’s what we call buying a bunch of sneakers? Lol

  35. author

    Fa GetNgày trước

    He had to put the shoe in a box

  36. author

    Gucci Flip-flopsNgày trước

    Seeing old Martin Lawrence makes me wanna cry. They're both my childhood.

  37. author

    RamyNgày trước

    He has no tattoos so that he can donate blood. Respect.

  38. author

    Thomas.Ngày trước

    Paying 8k for ur friend its either coz its a good good friend, or either coz u rich af

  39. author

    Miguel bravoNgày trước

    he wasn't even inhaling the smoke. lol

  40. author


  41. author

    Trevi WalkerNgày trước

    Nobody should by more than JuiceWrld out of respect

  42. author

    sourflowerNgày trước

    How about sneaker shopping with the Pope

  43. author

    Aran SajjanNgày trước

    This man was not a king HE WAS A LEGEND

  44. author

    Rasanjay HindsNgày trước

    I could be roddy rich rich but ain’t no way I’m paying 10gs for dees.

  45. author

    Trxvis highlightsNgày trước

    Wtf just that one shoe is 5.2k

  46. author

    Loren SticklerNgày trước

    The face he makes as a skateboarder paying $2500 for shoes hahahaha

  47. author

    silly pillyNgày trước

    hes so loveable

  48. author

    Harry SuttonNgày trước

    Is he photo shopped

  49. author

    Lee SparrowNgày trước

    Would give my soul to meet em

  50. author

    Loren Westbrook-FrittsNgày trước

    one pair...2k...OK

  51. author

    MANICNgày trước

    Joe: Guys som- Will Smith: yes

  52. author

    YabxoymarNgày trước

    Bruh where nba youngboy at

  53. author

    akita sOuNdNgày trước

    i love sneakers, but i always wearing sandals or slippers. even when i go shopping in a mall. its just- my feet can breath freely

  54. author

    JDauntlessNgày trước

    Juice WRLD still making history! Gone , but NEVER forgotten.

  55. author

    threej44Ngày trước

    Damn $340 for Bred 11s?!

  56. author

    Micah Sr.Ngày trước

    I love that Nike shirt.

  57. author

    Rich HolmesNgày trước

    What's your strand

  58. author

    ShanklyNgày trước

    Joe the type of guy to ask his dying grandma on her death bed “What’s your favourite colour way?”

  59. author

    ShanklyNgày trước

    7:41 Neymars giving her the eyes 👀😂

  60. author

    Charles Renzi MurphyNgày trước

    The reason you are here 19:09

  61. author

    JamesNgày trước

    Purple Haze 2 in stores now. Support real Hip-Hop

  62. author

    David Rusu ŞuncăNgày trước

    he kinda scary

  63. author

    Yo momma HouseNgày trước

    “Omg ma elbows dumb ashy”

  64. author

    Minna L.Ngày trước

    either they are not graying or they know how to do the bigen dye right! Gentlemen LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS!💇🏾‍♂️

  65. author

    GEENNgày trước

    Will and Martin selection are the best thing that happened in this series LMFAO

  66. author

    Willy BeegleNgày trước

    I bet he won't do That Shit anymore. 💀💀💀😝😝😝😝 Fate told you to eat the scorpion pepper but Nnoooooooo . Klaus: Let's be Men 💪 🌶️ I want my Mom 😵😱🤢🔥💩

  67. author

    Emmanuel RuckerNgày trước

    It sad the fact juice wrld bought all that but then died and lost all of it R. I. P Jucie wrld

  68. author

    Nelson ToizamNgày trước

    I bought Converse chuck taylor thrice at 35$ and how come it is 55$ on your channel.

  69. author

    WinterfellNgày trước

    MR MAN BUN😂😂😂

  70. author

    SamuraiNgày trước

    Isn’t that the Ferrari they used in the old bad boys

  71. author

    Zubenathi AubreyNgày trước


  72. author

    Howie2kNgày trước


  73. author

    FUZE TeaNgày trước

    these shits are ugly

  74. author

    Kiara WilliamsNgày trước

    Straight up ho, all of them

  75. author

    Delia JimenesNgày trước

    And started drugs in 6th grade but R.I.P juice wrld

  76. author

    Michael Mamba15Ngày trước

    Rappers that but here really buggin. You get all the shoes on goat for wayyyy less. But it’s they chicken so it’s whatever

  77. author


    People: Which language do you speak? Future: YES

  78. author

    Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid BeatsNgày trước

    Can someone explain that to me

  79. author

    Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid BeatsNgày trước

    Why in the hell did it go from snakeskin to elephant print I don't understand that

  80. author

    Will B FanNgày trước

    $8k!!! No wonder the shop is like a graveyard.

  81. author

    Just QuaNgày trước

    Stadium Goods stay taxing 😂😂. Over priced af lol

  82. author

    Tsuraiya Az ZahraNgày trước

    plsss invite Ashlyn Harris

  83. author

    ThisIsDKNgày trước

    Some of this had to be scripted. I'm not use to noticing that

  84. author

    Fierce Eagle officialNgày trước

    I would be scared to be around NBA

  85. author

    Nolan DrakeNgày trước

    Nobody really wanted to hear that 6 minute conversation about what it means to be a big baller. Why Lavar? Oh, and BBB shoes suck...

  86. author

    Ross SNgày trước

    Love seeing celebs getting way overcharged.. SG printing money

  87. author

    Christopher TholouNgày trước

    ehhhhh errrrrr!

  88. author


    Hes an idiot

  89. author

    Draker 69Ngày trước

    Who watched chill with will?

  90. author

    Seal McBeal the Nave SealNgày trước

    Hands down Juice got the best intro

  91. author

    Holy 01Ngày trước


  92. author

    Army PizzaNgày trước

    Get devin booker on the show

  93. author

    HigumaNgày trước

    Fortnite steals everything.

  94. author

    Medhansh ShahNgày trước


  95. author

    SJ NNgày trước

    These sneaker prices crazy, all these shoes made for 10 usd in Asia. Crazy world.

  96. author

    Ilias gNgày trước

    His shoes be like: EEh URrr

  97. author

    RENALDASNgày trước

    I'll never understand this "sHoE gAmE". Spending ridiculous amounts of money on sneakers, that you'll be afraid to walk with. Oh it will get dirty and shit

  98. author

    AutomatikNgày trước

    Martin's style is more closer to my style.

  99. author

    Feeling Peckish for PizzaNgày trước

    Love it!

  100. author

    SkryNgày trước

    Pump got a lot of kicks for 7grsnd