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  1. author

    D deleonNgày trước

    I wear boots EVERYDAY. Got a boot for every situation. But $5k for a boot is ridiculous. Thats a $600-$750 boot period. No more. I know boot makers who make works of art 100X better than any of the boots shown here. $1000 TOPS!

  2. author

    Annie DillmuthNgày trước

    bonk beds

  3. author

    El JesseNgày trước

    place looks awesome!

  4. author

    Park Spider-hwanNgày trước

    The boss when you fight him: 0:01-0:13 The boss when you've unlocked him as a playable character: 0:15

  5. author

    Spinner Ice CreamNgày trước

    "That's hot. That's real hot!" -VIreporter Rewind (Yes, I know that meme is dead. I couldn't resist.)

  6. author

    MaulSlasherNgày trước

    Return of the killer vegetables.

  7. author

    yonon yononNgày trước

    If i give him a Blank Paper I will get a Box??!! **Surprise Pikachu Face**

  8. author

    Vex- 魈Ngày trước

    my fat brother: shakes bed Me: *You'll pay one day*

  9. author

    rubika shreeNgày trước

    Me renee sounds very irish

  10. author

    Patrick MissenNgày trước

    Dead pan face "Were in the business of putting smiles on people's faces"

  11. author

    Jordan WatsonNgày trước

    White people wearing black face looks scary asf

  12. author

    Black And MilkyNgày trước

    Boi this better be true because Earth-chan is dieing over here

  13. author

    HarshNgày trước


  14. author

    __________________Ngày trước

    This looks like the real life Ross family from jessie

  15. author

    __________________Ngày trước

    This looks like the real life Ross family from jessie

  16. author

    Gyn LâmNgày trước

    The first time i watch Toy Story 1 was 10 years ago when i was in 6th grade, but now i'm just known that the first one was 3 years older than me and it made me shock

  17. author

    Charmel RomeroNgày trước

    I wish my country can be like this someday. Greeting from the philippines.

  18. author

    Mohammad IsaNgày trước

    Isa Paul

  19. author

    Olivia KwokNgày trước

    Another video title idea: “how to walk the path to diabetes”. Those cookies actually look sooo gud tho

  20. author

    Sanket MohapatraNgày trước

    They just called me poor in 7 million different ways....

  21. author

    Roblox SallyNgày trước

    I bet the drink ain’t even that good

  22. author

    Deport•ishNgày trước

    Why do all movies now have people filming those filming? Can’t there just be “movie magic”. Seems kinda gay

  23. author

    Ethan MeeksNgày trước

    “I haven’t seen that kind of rocket launcher”. “He fired a nuclear missile from his shoulder”. It’s am M202 rocket launcher .... please have experts on your channel not scrubs Ty

  24. author

    Mr HangryNgày trước

    She is rich

  25. author

    Captain BarbossaNgày trước

    Unlike everyone ever to comment on this video, I didn't notice it's in many movies. I now wish it wasn't.

  26. author

    Mike SteevesNgày trước

    I loved this movie. It definitely had me fooled with the one-take trickery

  27. author

    NVLNGRMLYNgày trước

    Shit, this made me appreciate the movie even more

  28. author

    U KNgày trước

    Leonardo DiCaprio: haha no thanks

  29. author

    I play games dudeNgày trước

    6:52 “It feels more fun to me” I think your already drunk miss

  30. author

    anny chua92Ngày trước

    I’ve watched this movie in the cinema few months back & tbh not really impressed. Now that everyone is raving about it (including one of my friend who is taking a filmmaking major) I probably might need to watch it again.

  31. author

    TheWtfnessNgày trước

    most of this 'customisation' seems to be to beat the hell out of the shoe

  32. author

    sexyturopitaNgày trước


  33. author

    discombubulate 2Ngày trước

    actually that rocket launcher is pretty close to the truth. look up M202A1 66mm FLASH (Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon) Rocket Launcher.

  34. author

    Cheyenne fly Banks ruleNgày trước


  35. author

    Rajeev Lochan BeheraNgày trước

    So this is how Hulk & Super man smash & break things. Lol now I don't want to be Hulk or superman any more......

  36. author

    s0ccurNgày trước

    So..... a hot pocket??

  37. author

    Pothula SushantiNgày trước

    Hats off to the school and the teacher. God bless them abundantly.

  38. author

    TheSkylarShowNgày trước

    Oh wait that’s the exact museum that is in Georgia, Tbilisi!

  39. author

    handan mandalinovićNgày trước

    that is a very cute way to cut soap

  40. author

    Victor YangcoNgày trước

    Assert dominance grab the ice cream itself

  41. author

    ateiluj08Ngày trước

    My Yorkies do this. As the video says, it is contagious so if one starts the others will too, but my littlest one is sort of lazy ( well, I won't lie, she is a total lazy butt) 😅😅😅😅 Whenever she sees the other three running, she just runs to me cause she wants me to carry her in my lap because the other three will try to forced her to join in but she's too lazy to do that😂😂😂

  42. author

    Glosseubanksy 艶Ngày trước

    Chicken Leg Bis

  43. author

    Rae AriadneNgày trước

    They’re going nuts? Hell this is the first I’ve heard of it after 3 years.

  44. author

    Jesus CastilloNgày trước

    I took a hazardous material course and let me tell you gasoline does not explode it is marked under flammable so it will just light like a candle and stay burning until deprived of oxygen, under certain circumstances if it is pressurized in a container the expansion of the pressure will make the container explode but never the gasoline, so true what this expert has said.

  45. author

    SwaroopNgày trước

    Sweet Martha's is a popu- Batman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME??!!!

  46. author

    Robby NeeNgày trước

    He looks like Michael Rooker

  47. author

    J MoNgày trước

    If the palm nuts are harvested in Ghana I can assure you they are NOT sustainably harvested as families are the ones doing the harvesting. Meaning children as young as five years old are in the works as well. I’m 99.9% sure these families are not being paid what they are to earn.

  48. author

    Ankush DasNgày trước

    We have Science City in Kolkata, which is far better than this.

  49. author

    Sachin VermaNgày trước

    Breaking : He reviewed south Indian movies. Reports say he is still in comma.

  50. author

    LethalogicNgày trước


  51. author

    Jessica CamachoNgày trước


  52. author

    LostflowNgày trước

    I learnt that crying trick when I tried it on my baby sis a few years back but I felt pretty bad for my parents for doing it😂😂 but hey it was interesting

  53. author

    Tim K.Ngày trước

    I think if the producers of Gravity had the space shuttle spinning rapidly after all of the damage, thus meaning there is actual force pulling George Clooney away from Sandra Bullock, the idea that she isn't physically strong enough to reel him in might make sense.

  54. author

    Jonathan FanNgày trước

    the bumping into people is just as classic as the joker blowing up the hospital

  55. author

    ALYA SAFANgày trước

    I really want to know how long the kims family managed to stay in that house. the timeframe of the movie you guys know what i mean 😂😭

  56. author

    YO LONgày trước

    0:56 pubg target pan skin on the back

  57. author

    sciphynutsNgày trước

    Yeah mr.astronaut...we belive you like we belive your boss

  58. author

    ChibeyNgày trước

    Me: 👌 com here dog~ Dog: how bout no

  59. author

    Donovan LeonardNgày trước

    He's not that funny

  60. author

    DracticNgày trước

    All I thought when I clicked on this was Ed Ed n Eddy who else?

  61. author

    Sebastian SchumannNgày trước

    My Deo is in the same stick. And I dont like Avocado. 🤢

  62. author

    Angel PerezNgày trước

    Increible jaja disfrazaron a los camaras de soldados para que despues de soltar la camara salgan de la escena camuflados como soldados corriendo jaja

  63. author

    John WickNgày trước

    Santorini is crazy expensive! no way I’m going there

  64. author

    Christian PoethkeNgày trước

    Nobody: The Kids while in a Restaurant: 0:00

  65. author

    E. SALINASNgày trước

    Come ...Jesus Come....🙏

  66. author

    ericssszamNgày trước

    Wish they would have did that for the power rangers remake

  67. author

    adan arturo ramos silvaNgày trước

    jhon wick is soo much extremely better in uncut scene

  68. author

    mohit bagguNgày trước

    My brain: what if they were bricks of gold??? 0:37

  69. author

    Brendan BushNgày trước

    Ballet. Pristine, elegance, beauty. Nope lets take new shoes, crack em, bend em, scratch em, and smear stuff all over. Love it.

  70. author

    Hazel NutNgày trước

    The person cutting the cheesecakes should be fired.

  71. author

    sebastianNgày trước

    me wondering why "they die pretty fast" proceeds to watch her beat the shit out of the shoe

  72. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  73. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  74. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  75. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  76. author

    Clayton MiletoNgày trước

    While I love Happy Gilmore, Sandler is about as close to a genius as the illiterate bloated orange twitler in the white house is. Has he even been in a non comedy movie?

  77. author

    Derian ParsonsNgày trước

    The scene where he is running along the trenches doesnt seem right. A flat grassy field with a random limestone gravel trench running through the middle of it? Feels very artificial, doesn't really look like a battlefield at all

  78. author

    Ernesto M.Ngày trước

    Wtf happened to Jim

  79. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  80. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  81. author

    Mr.AJWorksNgày trước


  82. author

    xan aduNgày trước

    I will drink my words now, the Champagne test at the end was top quality!!!

  83. author

    1castellpNgày trước

    send drawings of happy wheels characters

  84. author

    dumb bratsNgày trước

    Holy b-day is on national tequila day

  85. author

    darcipeepsNgày trước

    Really want to do the challenge but they aren’t giving out prizes anymore near me :c

  86. author

    CynsyrNgày trước

    he invented asmr

  87. author

    N i c x o l eNgày trước

    they profit money

  88. author

    Chris Does Stuff & ThingsNgày trước

    I am a LUSH fan and they do have some pretty, rather interesting soaps. But they are far from the most beautiful in the world. Simply look up handcrafted artisan soaps and you will see some truly amazing works of sudsy art

  89. author

    Koolkid JohnsonNgày trước

    This movie was soo good I loved it

  90. author

    Royce HammNgày trước

    3:40 you can see the spring board that launches the guy

  91. author

    At0mic2 G4mer09Ngày trước

    They look like their dating.

  92. author

    Mano IskanNgày trước

    Been there. And I like the coffee

  93. author

    alexluvsfrogsNgày trước

    This video was so well done❣👌🏽 Thank so much. You gals picked perfect music, too! I go in February and you made me feel even more excited 😁😄 Have you done vids like this for every main attraction area? 🤔 guess I can subscribe and check your page, hehe. Happy Travels~~~ 💚🐸💚

  94. author

    smile hoyaNgày trước

    Was here for Parasite but, what can I say, disappointed but not surprised.

  95. author

    xan aduNgày trước

    Hello from Australia!! Not bad for people who eat cheese from a can!! Love how you have such variety Insider xoxo

  96. author

    Comrade EverclearNgày trước

    How did this guy not rip off Sean Penn's head? I know I would have strangled that ignorant communist prick.

  97. author

    Alicia RedwineNgày trước


  98. author

    sabeen nazNgày trước

    Where can we buy the baby from

  99. author

    Flowing TitlesNgày trước

    Technically it’s shot like it’s to parts...two long scenes. Near the middle of the movie a gun shot happens in a tower and the screen fades to black, when the screen comes back on it is almost morning

  100. author

    Google UserNgày trước

    I think VIreporter is conspiring to make me fat 🤔