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  1. author

    Abyss Gully6 phút trước

    keke is so pretty do ur thang gurl

  2. author

    Moss7 phút trước

    This an absolutely amazing reference for authors.

  3. author

    RDxMaverick x9 phút trước

    Did anyone catch that call back!!!! "Havent had any complaints"!!!! Kill me.. I'm dead

  4. author

    gadi rosales9 phút trước

    are you high ?

  5. author

    Boo Tack11 phút trước

    I can handle it.

  6. author

    OneLoveBubba11 phút trước

  7. author

    macy turner12 phút trước

    omg she’s so beautiful i can’t.

  8. author

    Eric13 phút trước

    Nobody wants to watch this

  9. author

    ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ ᴅᴇᴄᴀ Cyᴛʀᴏɴ13 phút trước

    She ma crush😍

  10. author

    hamsandwichgod 1iq13 phút trước

    Idk what to stare at his face or the lie thingy

  11. author

    Curry Crave13 phút trước

    Now my hair is green...

  12. author

    Quuhod14 phút trước

    No mention of his best film The Hotel New Hampshire.

  13. author

    hot_croissant17 phút trước

    holy sh- I forgot about that interview when it first came out.

  14. author

    Alessandro Neiva17 phút trước

    Well, the is nothing he said he didn't said in his book other than Toy Story...

  15. author

    Tamara Jayyusi17 phút trước

    Did we really need a trailer for this?

  16. author

    Adictos a los culos18 phút trước


  17. author

    uhmitsnyla18 phút trước


  18. author

    Christina Tyrrell18 phút trước

    Please do this every year.

  19. author

    wonderland19 phút trước

    So we’re just gonna act like Speak, Equals, Zathura and Snow White & The Hunstman didn’t exist?

  20. author

    Garry North19 phút trước

    I cant see the moustache.

  21. author

    D-chu Chan19 phút trước

    I can’t wait for this

  22. author

    Annette Irabor21 phút trước

    its an absolute dream of mine to be an actor but literally all my family think that i wanna be a doctor i dont

  23. author

    Derling Mota A22 phút trước

    2017: I like bright green 💚 2018: I like black ⬛ 2019: I like green again 💵

  24. author

    MrCcragg2722 phút trước

    this movie looks amazing.

  25. author

    baba BZNZ25 phút trước

    Kill me

  26. author

    aesea27 phút trước

    this video is oddly melancholic, heartwarming, transcendent, and personal all at the same time

  27. author

    Minetic27 phút trước

    I think Bear just likes doing things for the sake of it. Not to teach people about survival but just because

  28. author

    Alice Lily28 phút trước

    i never felt more betrayed than when this video ended after 45 seconds

  29. author

    Darrell San Nicolas29 phút trước

    This should be a thing with Billie + Vanity.

  30. author

    Solaf Mohammed29 phút trước

    Guys the first video was with ocean eyes music now this is with bad guy music

  31. author

    DaddyLongLegzz 2730 phút trước

    My birthday is Nov. 25 👀😂

  32. author

    Mona Bonte30 phút trước

    You chould do this every year!

  33. author

    Solaf Mohammed32 phút trước

    Why this is so emotional like i never cry but this makes me tear up

  34. author

    Nykia Sweets32 phút trước

    I’m not a fan of her but she’s an okay person

  35. author

    Tugba Yilmaz33 phút trước

    Whatt omg so cute♥️

  36. author

    penguinxplayz uwu34 phút trước

    I laugh whenever wiz Khalifa laughs

  37. author

    green Caulfield34 phút trước

    Is she on meth?

  38. author

    Oikeuars34 phút trước

    a corporate marketing sure works.

  39. author

    M Watts- Riley34 phút trước

    What is this unending need to attention seek by dressing do outrageously that it causes you to loom like a cockatoo and sound like a parrot and stink like a Vulture? What?? What?? Did your momma neglect you as a child? M. IL.

  40. author

    halfvolley1134 phút trước

    If people cuts Barbara off, she gets pissed, but no problem when she cuts Mark off.

  41. author

    Reefbooz35 phút trước

    She looks like a girl version of lil xan

  42. author

    Emer Gantley35 phút trước

    Yes I was waiting for this to come

  43. author

    jariah Jaramillo35 phút trước


  44. author

    Biker Soul36 phút trước

    Most of Weed Lovers r watching this vdeo 😁

  45. author

    Teck Rylee36 phút trước

    She's sooo ugly gross

  46. author

    Floyd May36 phút trước


  47. author

    Rey Leon36 phút trước

    I wonder what role Thandie won over Kerry. They’re both great!

  48. author

    Tommy B37 phút trước

    Why didnt they just push the zoom in button instead of pushing the camera at him

  49. author

    dU KE37 phút trước

    Why i so late to watch this

  50. author

    stefanos dimos38 phút trước

    I m a bad guy

  51. author

    GayMer_ Freak8438 phút trước

    Happy belated birthday Ru.

  52. author

    Mateo Martinicorena39 phút trước

    shes a cutie

  53. author

    Legendary Chinchilla - Roblox41 phút trước

    I don't like Billy Eyelash

  54. author

    Carel Le Roux Botha42 phút trước

    Always repeating the questions before answering is annoying....say it as it comes to mind

  55. author

    Olivia Svensson42 phút trước

    Are you an ASMR artist Cole? XD

  56. author

    halfvolley1143 phút trước

    Lori and Damen : We are out

  57. author

    Just a Girl44 phút trước

    She looks happier and that makes me happy

  58. author

    MOCMationFilm45 phút trước

    There's no Andy's dad because the story doesn't need it. Simple

  59. author

    azelBPaivin45 phút trước

    My French ears are offended

  60. author

    Rose Morris46 phút trước

    the title is DECEITFUL

  61. author

    MOCMationFilm46 phút trước

    Adult Emily even looks like Andy's mom

  62. author

    T Hyslop48 phút trước

    Can you believe it was too small? The apt was probably minimum 5,000 square feet.

  63. author

    Wojt acki49 phút trước

    I think it's more uncomfortable for me than for him

  64. author

    Snowy50 phút trước

    Swear that vid came out a few months ago

  65. author

    Chris Epps51 phút trước

    ocean eyes was the best imo

  66. author

    Jacob Staten52 phút trước

    It looks like they finally got her Ritalin dosage sorted out, but they still haven't solved her talent deficiency.

  67. author

    pink banana53 phút trước

    why she so adorable????

  68. author

    Ben V53 phút trước

    I'm so happy this is flopping. When you put a woke agenda over a good story, it's going to suffer.

  69. author

    Amart53 phút trước

    When you realize that Billy is only 17 smh

  70. author

    Mersades Smith54 phút trước

    i'm so psyched for this interview & i'm beyond happy for billie <33

  71. author

    Damon Tafoya55 phút trước

    it's really weird how much she's changed personality wise, something seems different about her, I don't know if it's experience or she's found some sort of enlightenment, but something is different.

  72. author

    Bean Burrito56 phút trước

    Been here since before the 1st one she’s gotten so big 🥺🥺

  73. author

    st.mia. st57 phút trước

    That moment you realise you are early so there are no funny comments

  74. author

    xy Ares57 phút trước

    someone please steal my virginity

  75. author

    Elohim's Servant57 phút trước


  76. author

    Save the turtles Sksksk59 phút trước


  77. author

    DevilUnicorn59 phút trước

    Awhh thats at my nameday

  78. author

    Kenneth Rodriguez59 phút trước

    She really made some of you mad for no reason. You coming for her like she did something to you bruh.

  79. author

    All Inked UpGiờ trước

    He would make a killer Invader Zim impression...

  80. author

    Sarah FergusonGiờ trước

    Am I the only Canadian who hasn't heard the majority of these?

  81. author

    fllower knightGiờ trước

    I'm most likely not gonna watch these, I haven't watched the other ones but they're gonna stop here or next year right? 5 years max seems good. You can't keep it going lol there's not a whole lot of point ab it

  82. author

    Siena GallegeGiờ trước

    This should be a tradition 😂

  83. author

    Kinga VinczeGiờ trước

    Too excited

  84. author

    coco catGiờ trước

    Favorite movie of hers is Hush !

  85. author

    Moldy DonutGiờ trước

    Love her 💙🥵

  86. author

    steven AmayaGiờ trước

    I was so fkn exited and didnt notice that it was a trailer

  87. author

    VoltZ VRGiờ trước

    Billie seems a bit more happy now, which I love!

  88. author

    Penelope ReedyGiờ trước

    what about THE BIG CHILL?

  89. author

    Nini TruongGiờ trước

    I can’t wait for the full version. 2019 billie seems so much happier with herself and I’m so happy for her.

  90. author

    gta5 gamer91Giờ trước

    she seens so happy now😁😊

  91. author

    Qber EliteGiờ trước

    8:17 mind blown...!!!!!

  92. author

    NUKE CHINAGiờ trước

    Go away

  93. author

    Achille ZinsGiờ trước

    I dont like cheese too and im french

  94. author

    angela roseGiờ trước

    watch me cry inna corner mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  95. author

    KingWolfJMGiờ trước

    I want to watch Animal kingdom with this guy

  96. author

    ohnvmitsmeGiờ trước

    Love her or hate her... *Epstein didn't kill himself*

  97. author

    Sketch meGiờ trước

    U r amazing.... I love u....

  98. author

    Danielle NelsonGiờ trước

    This guy is a pretty good actor, hope he makes it one day!

  99. author

    Huub BouwmanGiờ trước

    Dont play me like thiss

  100. author

    FGiờ trước

    She looks happier. Love that