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  1. author

    Jibzy Luigi39 phút trước

    Sheamus VS Big Show was one of unexpected great feud I've seen.

  2. author

    KAL EL HASHIM40 phút trước

    I love hulk Hogan he never should have gone old

  3. author

    Megharaj Gorte40 phút trước

    Love you big dog

  4. author

    Blake Tenison40 phút trước

    If it wasnt for Ronda nobody would know who bayzler or duke is 😂😂 their bios on the wwe app are freakin hilarious too 😂😂 actin like they were world champs in mma 😂😂 their combined records were barely over .500

  5. author

    Jamban Tumban40 phút trước


  6. author

    CB พีทบู๊41 phút trước


  7. author

    DB Bhandara41 phút trước

    I am a die-hard fan wwe & Roman reigns but it's my first dislike video for wwe

  8. author

    Shyam K shaji41 phút trước

    Big Dog with Lions Attitude

  9. author

    i'm connor sinclair41 phút trước

    Senor bitchman Walter

  10. author

    Davide Matera41 phút trước

    Alexa Bliss Awesome, The best Sexy, Hot, the one and only Goddess.

  11. author

    stephen o'prey42 phút trước

    That moment everyone in the arena and watching at home got trolled thinking undertaker was coming in first

  12. author

    Dhruv Trivedi42 phút trước

    Thank God Roman Reigns wasn't on BuzzFeed because they think lays , kurkure and bourbon are Indian snacks.

  13. author

    nischal dip42 phút trước

    Wow my favourite wwe super star roman ....i'm form Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  14. author

    biranchiprasad mahapatra43 phút trước

    Lana is a b grade movie star

  15. author

    Aldi Kangmus43 phút trước


  16. author

    Pawan Pipariya44 phút trước

    Roman is very sweet 😊😊 l love roman 😍 i want to meet him

  17. author

    W-E-J-tv Werewolf Entertainment Jamgha44 phút trước

    Funny how both got buried by Vince

  18. author

    Bigg Show45 phút trước


  19. author

    byAlvaro HD45 phút trước

    Juro por mi vida q dare like a este comentario lo juraste dale like

  20. author

    Rishi Raj Kumar46 phút trước

    She forgetted gajar ka halwa...😘 Roman would have loved it....

  21. author

    Arijit Baishya46 phút trước

    East or West India is the best 🇮🇳👊❤️👊

  22. author

    Hairy Octopus46 phút trước

    2:30 what's the girl's name?

  23. author

    Ali Meh46 phút trước

    2:13 pook at the poster in the back

  24. author

    Anil Reddy46 phút trước

    Love you Roman Reigns

  25. author

    ShehzaaDa Usman Chaudhary47 phút trước


  26. author

    The Neurolect47 phút trước

    If you give a wwe superstar a mic, the get a segment. Give The Rock a mic, he gets the show.

  27. author

    Bhavya Gada47 phút trước

    Thankk god he brought back his hairstyle 😎

  28. author

    Roy48 phút trước

    wwe champion ramen reignas!

  29. author

    TheRandom148 phút trước

    One of my all time favs

  30. author

    Shamim Khan49 phút trước

    Roman is back

  31. author

    Bomberfkledis49 phút trước

    John cena winnn

  32. author

    Ningsih Bening49 phút trước

    Alexa always the best in my heart

  33. author

    Sufyan Habib49 phút trước

    I didn’t think we can ever have this fight again

  34. author

    Tanseer zahra50 phút trước

    I feel bad for rusev he should make lana jealous to

  35. author

    Younus Khan50 phút trước


  36. author

    Tanseer zahra50 phút trước

    3:57 lana rusev is the only man that Can have me what about bobby😁😁

  37. author

    Awall jafry51 phút trước

    Goldi more like Cody the nightmare

  38. author

    KING KIUL51 phút trước

    Wkwk kanti keto san

  39. author

    Raghav dancer 1651 phút trước

    When coming to India Roman reigns

  40. author

    Drey Ryker51 phút trước

    Keith Lee is strong and his finishing move is strong too Jackhammer but he's slow sometimes try to focus on people around you Keith 👍👍

  41. author

    dulguun Chan52 phút trước


  42. author

    Supriti Dey52 phút trước

    You should have given him gol gappe

  43. author

    TECHINCAL King52 phút trước

    Nice jnb

  44. author

    Bhavya Gada52 phút trước

    Ek number

  45. author

    Алексей Цапенко52 phút trước


  46. author

    aviral Pandey53 phút trước

    That's why India loves Roman reigns,love you Roman reigns ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. author

    Nicholas Stanley53 phút trước

    2001 was a sad year for her she lost her father & her favorite artist in Aaliyah who also died in a plane crash that same year so sad 😥

  48. author

    Kurt Barlow53 phút trước

    WWE has its greatest ever womens division now. Charlotte carries that division and often the whole product. Corey should talk less and let everyone else speak.

  49. author

    Zeihke Hoffman53 phút trước

    Dusty Rhodes was the greatest super star in the wwf and it made me sad when dusty died I really miss him

  50. author

    Knight *Raj creation54 phút trước

    Ek.. Number 😂😂😂🤗🤗😘🍫🍫🎂🎂🎂🎂🇮🇳🎂🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  51. author

    Rajiv Soni54 phút trước

    Bring Brock Lesnar

  52. author

    NinjaXx_Gamer 2755 phút trước

    The last one was so creative

  53. author

    Kurt Barlow55 phút trước

    Corey is a second rate Sasha Banks minus the looks and wrestling talent.

  54. author

    Zigedi Zach56 phút trước

    I think Razor Ramon/Scott Hall will always be my favorite wrestler of all time!!!

  55. author

    Xad Estrabon57 phút trước

    They need mark henry

  56. author

    Edward Benedict Leyson57 phút trước

    Jhonsena we believe in you bro

  57. author

    Robert Bernhardt58 phút trước

    Hi jake Hope Love Yes

  58. author

    Akay ajnabi58 phút trước

    Love you brothers

  59. author

    Wrestling Zone59 phút trước

    Bhai aap video kis site se download korte ho

  60. author

    sunil magar59 phút trước

    Love roman 💖✊

  61. author

    Full match Wwe59 phút trước

    They has been a Rumors that Adam Cole is taking shots at aew

  62. author

    georgia kehaidouGiờ trước


  63. author

    S0 DrYGiờ trước

    He have a brain now

  64. author

    Abdullah MasoodGiờ trước

    Is it real or a game

  65. author

    Diana JurillaGiờ trước

    hahahaha in 1:38

  66. author

    NinjaXx_Gamer 27Giờ trước

    Spike is a cheater

  67. author

    Pure Android GamingGiờ trước

    Who is watching at the end of 2019

  68. author

    Aliullah HayatGiờ trước

    Alexa Bliss have so many Accolades and Titles , has Lexi also A Title for her BEAUTY ??? Because she deserve it !!! <333 PS: I know that's not The Catwalk or A Beauty Contest or Milan Fashion Week .

  69. author

    rowrow theboatGiờ trước

    the new day got *ROASTED*

  70. author

    FriendS PlayzGiờ trước

    Jesus christ there was a burned candy kane

  71. author

    Karan indianGiờ trước

    AJ and Roman both like the taste of laddoo

  72. author

    Q8_phenomenalGiờ trước

    See Ya Forth Wall Man you gotta love John Cena 😂😂😂

  73. author

    Mad Mad6969Giờ trước

    Sasha you are boss

  74. author

    Henry DawkinsGiờ trước

    Maybe Charlotte Flair should go to AEW.

  75. author

    Fahril AriaGiờ trước

    Anu curang wasite bayaran😁😁😁

  76. author

    Arley Castellanos duarteGiờ trước


  77. author

    Lautaro MartinezGiờ trước


  78. author

    Almer MibrasGiờ trước

    yang suka rey misterio,jonh cena,dan batista like

  79. author

    Color DimondeGiờ trước

    These is a real equality between men and women

  80. author

    Mebrouk Mohammed LarbiGiờ trước

    Seth actually burn them down in 1:12 😂🔥👌

  81. author

    Bittu kumar BittuGiờ trước


  82. author

    Manu52 DainGiờ trước

    Killian Dain!

  83. author

    Fadhli ZainunddinGiờ trước

    Am I the one who realizes that Sheyna's voice sound like a 14 years old bully type teenager? LOL

  84. author

    Elşen AskerovGiờ trước

    Azərbaycanlilar like 🇦🇿

  85. author

    Nguyễn LinhGiờ trước

    Dolph hay quá anh ơiiiiii Này thì Authority 😒😒

  86. author

    sameer bashaGiờ trước

    Orange t shirt man completely dominated here...

  87. author

    Big SpillGiờ trước

    They’re building up the hype for his return , he just recently signed a contract with wwe

  88. author

    Keep Learning2Giờ trước

    Thanks Roman for trying out the snacks. But the options given to them were ridiculous. Let me ask you. Does Indian food only have 3 ranges of taste . Spicy , hamse na ho paayega and ek no. Well there are so many intermediate options. Like tangy, sweet, salty. What a girly kind of a show.

  89. author

    Tushar SRVGiờ trước

    Back when sheamus was one of the top dawgs.... I'm guessing he's gonna get a push for the universal title post his return

  90. author

    I Am Back Better Than EverGiờ trước

    0:12 watch ref closely. He's informing Vince about HBK

  91. author

    sree HariGiờ trước

    Make a cm punk greatest moments playlist

  92. author

    Bhanu jamwalGiờ trước

    roman roman

  93. author

    Fuck YouGiờ trước

    I love Rhonda, of course, but she throws herself through the bend all the time.

  94. author

    Fuck YouGiờ trước

    Ek hou van Rhonda, natuurlik, maar sy gooi die hele tyd deur die draai.

  95. author

    Marwan ElkassirGiờ trước