First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

  1. author

    Ro89bro3 phút trước

    Lil Wayne was downloading his new software 8.50

  2. author

    Matt Robinson3 phút trước

    that is an unholy amount of dairy

  3. author

    adam aguiar3 phút trước

    I see why chance did not become an interviewer

  4. author

    Brittany Harris3 phút trước

    All I want for Christmas is the Hot Ones Season 10 sauce lineup

  5. author

    Jordison Jonkaes3 phút trước

    Finally a normal person who can’t stand super hot shit

  6. author

    Tha Kid3 phút trước

    Ummmm what is Chance picking off tha wing at tha 11:20mark?! Hahahah he’s a real one Jus picked it and kept it moving, didn’t ask any questions JUs ate it, LITERALLY lol

  7. author

    Jon Meier3 phút trước

    Love the 4th of July Sox fitted!

  8. author

    JT The Bounty Hunter3 phút trước

    Anyone who cannot complete the gauntlet of wings looses all my respect. You knew what you were signing up for, you could not complete the challenge. No shout outs should be honored.

  9. author

    Austin3 phút trước

    Coloring Book & Acid Rap > ThE BiG dAY

  10. author

    ZackM3 phút trước

    First guest to eat actual chicken in a little while.

  11. author

    Burgerman 63 phút trước

    Chance used to kill Brain Cells at the library

  12. author

    Burro Loco4 phút trước

    trust me... SALT... it calms the hot sensation when you it chiles/peppers. Salt water or a pinch of salt in your mouth

  13. author

    Gokus uppercut4 phút trước

    I thought the whole point of finishing all the wings was to get the promo at the end? Besides the one they already get in the beginning.

  14. author

    Caleb Fritz4 phút trước

    Chance said "for tv" ok Boomer

  15. author

    KW Music5 phút trước

    Artie is clearly not sober here.

  16. author

    elmadicine5 phút trước

    meh. serious loss of respect. I get knowing when to say no, I get needing to be independent. that's for real shlt though, and pulling those cards on a silly spicy wing show just for the sake of asserting control is pretty weak. not that he cares what we think anyway, so fvck him

  17. author

    Preach PBV5 phút trước

    You should get Tom MacDonald to come on

  18. author

    Coolbean94vevo5 phút trước

    But does he love his wife?

  19. author

    Colton5 phút trước

    You guys gotta get Mike Trout

  20. author

    Jedisofreddit5 phút trước

    Numbers don't lie? Eh I don't know man. The Transformers movies are some of the highest grossing of all time and they're pretty fucking dogshit at worst and average at best.

  21. author

    Ev5 phút trước

    What a bitch

  22. author

    Nicki255 phút trước

    I hope they bring Cardi B on here

  23. author

    Parison5 phút trước

    Another 25 mins of my life watching 2 men eat hot wings. This is what God intended for humanity

  24. author

    Mando N.5 phút trước

    By far the best episode of Hot Ones 🔥🍗

  25. author

    Karina Her5 phút trước

    I thought Chance the Rapper already did this lol

  26. author

    Elsbeth Steele6 phút trước

    This was one of my favs

  27. author

    Ducote6 phút trước

    Sean Aint no Bitch

  28. author

    TheOffkilter6 phút trước

    Sean can now join an exclusive club whove not only cooked with Gordon but also been called a doughnut by him lol

  29. author

    Gabe Chinchilla6 phút trước

    Chance the rapper is part of our religion here at Columbia College Chicago...

  30. author

    Tj Baysinger7 phút trước

    lol I think he's the first person to plug to all 3 cameras

  31. author

    Chris Garcia7 phút trước

    It hurts yooooo Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂 That shits funny af You gotta love that haha

  32. author

    DecoyDamsel7 phút trước

    She's just so chill and down for whatever - it's great.

  33. author

    Ducote7 phút trước

    NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO CHANCE! still mad love for even coming on!!

  34. author

    damon mitchell7 phút trước

    THE FUNK DOC !!!

  35. author

    I Am7 phút trước

    I make home cooked hot wings only each episode. You never guess my flavor

  36. author

    DDAA7 phút trước

    People don’t seem to realize that people feel spices differently than one another Just cause you think it’s hot doesn’t mean you’re a bitch, it means you’re feeling it a LOT hotter than someone who is less affected.

  37. author

    Igor Schmidlapp7 phút trước

    Chance didn't lie. He is a total spice lightweight. Immediately chasing with milk AND ice cream, and STILL screaming. Big props to him for doing it, knowing exactly what he was getting into for himself. Respect.

  38. author

    Fliporachi 328 phút trước

    12:02 I know you've seen the Memes 😂

  39. author

    Brian Cundiff8 phút trước

    PETITION for Furious Pete to be on one of your episodes. I've watched his VIreporter videos, his eating segments, his various spicy challenges, and his general story of life and struggles. He would be a great person to interview.

  40. author

    Danger8 phút trước

    Dude failed. He wasn’t very interesting either. He’s like a walking played it safe.

  41. author

    Brendan Prendergast8 phút trước

    *takes bite* *pause* nigga

  42. author

    nd8 phút trước

    We get it chance. U cheated on ur wife and now u got to mention how much u love her every chance u get lol

  43. author

    francis michael tan9 phút trước


  44. author

    Ben McGraw9 phút trước

    It's tough to be a fan of chance when you are a Christian too

  45. author

    Jalapina9 phút trước

    My boii sweating!

  46. author

    Europaii ॐ9 phút trước

    Much love for bringing back the spicy nugs

  47. author

    MerkyMouse9 phút trước

    "Gimme your milk dude!"

  48. author

    Lilitu10 phút trước

    Poor Chance, he didn't stand a chance.

  49. author

    Trevor Murphy10 phút trước

    You couldn’t put Kevin Smith on your show but you can squeeze Charlie’s Angels in too bad their movie flopped sorry if you put everything you had into it it didn’t work

  50. author

    Jason Ryder10 phút trước

    low key disappointed in chance

  51. author

    brcooley32510 phút trước

    He performed on this episode like he performed on that album... disappointing

  52. author

    Martin Stuvland10 phút trước

    Camera guy wholesomely awkward! ❤

  53. author

    DBLOCK40oz11 phút trước

    Nobody’s gonna say it? Chance the TAPPER

  54. author

    Danny Diaz11 phút trước

    I would eat every single one all the way

  55. author

    Gabe Chinchilla11 phút trước

    Get the toughest man alive on the show, David Goggins.

  56. author

    Chip Douglas11 phút trước

    Chance the tapper

  57. author

    slorr5511 phút trước

    We need dave grohl here

  58. author

    Ingrid Herincx11 phút trước

    I get so hungry watching this 🤤.. I always want my own wings during the first few bites.

  59. author

    NA NA11 phút trước

    The interview should be over when someone taps out. Chance, I dont buy quitters music!

  60. author

    J-Wes12 phút trước

    Why Chance: cause it’s cool

  61. author

    Clayton Williams13 phút trước

    How’d I know this Nigga was gonna fold

  62. author

    Travis H.13 phút trước

    Get Andrew Yang on here!

  63. author

    Aulia Nurhasanah13 phút trước

    “Have you killed anybody?” 😂😂😂

  64. author

    Jordan Houle13 phút trước

    I’m happy to hear his stance at 13:05, it’s firm and to the point but not preachy.

  65. author

    Todd Clifton13 phút trước

    Nanc(y) The Rapper!

  66. author

    Britney Holmes13 phút trước

    Watching Chance eat/drink all that dairy got my stomach hurting lmao

  67. author

    Calloway Mills13 phút trước

    Why do I feel chance only did this cause he hasn’t said anything publicly about his album flopping and he talks about criticisms the episode

  68. author

    Andreas Aristidou13 phút trước


  69. author

    The Nuclear Reactor14 phút trước

    I thought hot food didn’t bother African Americans

  70. author

    Bryan Morgan14 phút trước

    Borat/chance: my wife

  71. author

    Jordan Houle14 phút trước

    I love Chance The Rapper, and had I hope that he would get through the gauntlet, but this was doomed from the beginning from 0:45 to 11:45 and finally to 19:10!

  72. author

    Yung Christ14 phút trước

    Chance the quitter

  73. author

    Braden Fowles15 phút trước

    Hall of shame.... Most likely the biggest pussy of them all

  74. author

    Kelsey Hymel15 phút trước

    yesssssss FAVES!!!!

  75. author

    FaZe Roblox15 phút trước

    we all love camera guy bill

  76. author

    political gazebo16 phút trước

    I feel like a lot of vine-able moments come from hot ones. Rip

  77. author

    Marissa Scruggs16 phút trước

    this man was high as hell lol

  78. author

    Chip Douglas16 phút trước

    “I could at any point tap out and not feel bad about it at all”

  79. author

    Gregory Castel16 phút trước

    Y'all definetely need Billy Eichner on this show !

  80. author

    ismaxokay16 phút trước


  81. author

    Rivery Jerald16 phút trước

    35 minute drive is such a small margin to travel somewhere

  82. author

    Jerry Robles16 phút trước

    If you see a black man wearing a Sox hat in South LA hes probably from Rollin 60s Crip. Im not stereotyping either. I use to wear Sox hats to represent my crew which started with an S

  83. author

    Edgar Ramirez16 phút trước

    Really? You guys couldn't get anybody else ?

  84. author

    zombiekillingskater16 phút trước

    “How his we spicy food?” More like ‘How is he with spicy food?’ Free merch for first spot?

  85. author

    Joshua Lavy16 phút trước

    Chance is soft AF

  86. author

    Lynjaé Desiré16 phút trước

    Get Samuel L. Jackson on the show tired of tellin yall

  87. author

    MurkedStat16 phút trước

    Keanu Reeves, Steve Carell, David Goggins

  88. author

    Allen Watson17 phút trước

    Chance seems like a chill dude but holy shit the whole vocal fry thing he constantly does is annoying. Say it witchya chest lil nigga speak up 😂

  89. author

    BeautyTimeWithAngel17 phút trước

    I feel like they gave him boring questions 😐 Only 8 min in though , I have high hopes though 😩

  90. author

    Dicknose McQueen17 phút trước

    “There’s no shame” Brings out the wall of shame

  91. author

    Adrian Fierro17 phút trước


  92. author

    Sabrina Alcaraz17 phút trước

    “ I look so sad rn” 😂 shia

  93. author

    Play Mate17 phút trước

    That whole Christmas album about to be on repeat😅

  94. author

    CityBoy Shaff17 phút trước


  95. author

    Austin Corrieri17 phút trước

    Jayden Smith and will smith together

  96. author

    Jose Contreras17 phút trước

    Hot Ones has made me like guests after seeing them push through and make it. I loved Chance, but he lost points today...smh

  97. author

    Olivia Rehs18 phút trước

    Chance the rapper and Kristen Stewart have the dopest bg music playing❤️❤️❤️❤️ smooth vibes all day🙌🏽

  98. author

    Rayvon OddBoy18 phút trước

    Chance never had a Chance! But made the Hall of Shame a little Cooler!!

  99. author

    RickyRichReacts18 phút trước

    Really wish he would of asked him why is album SUCKED so bad. Worse album I've heard in years

  100. author

    Semaj Johnson18 phút trước

    That Chance and Vic Mensa picture brings back good memories. I hope they patch things up. #savemoney