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Olympians Made HereOlympians Made Here

Olympians Made Here

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  1. author

    Ricosheij10 giờ trước

    smh refs aint calling travel violation

  2. author

    Granville Walker Jr.12 giờ trước

    For the most part, these guys look like normal sized men. I expected them to be somewhat oversized, perhaps a little bloated, like Olympic weightlifters in the super heavyweight division. But then again, looks can be deceiving.

  3. author

    Metodo Canalisystem14 giờ trước

    Thanks for sharing, but why is the content unavailable for Italy? My friends cannot access the video.

  4. author

    Pandora James14 giờ trước

    I dont understand why they take her points off it was perfect

  5. author

    NorthWind22 giờ trước

    His shoulders are bigger than my thighs!

  6. author

    Rebecca PressleyNgày trước

    Such a sweet spirit!

  7. author

    Michael KatzNgày trước

    This is what happens when you let Henry Caville (docile English breed) mate with the wily Australian High Jackman.

  8. author

    Roberto BensonNgày trước

    Owens himself said that on one occasion, while in the stadium, he caught sight of Hitler: “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him.”

  9. author

    Math DaviesNgày trước

    How difficult is it just to swing all the way around on the bar?

  10. author

    elijah rogersNgày trước

    I hate how the thumbnail just gives away the win before I even watch the video

  11. author

    David WindsorNgày trước

    She is using banned substances,people!

  12. author

    David WindsorNgày trước


  13. author

    loveydonuts 8Ngày trước

    My favorite leotard ever

  14. author

    Angel Fernandez CabreraNgày trước

    Es un placer ve a Simone ejecutando!!

  15. author

    jid bNgày trước

    I mean, if Dick Grayson were real, he'd probably be built like this 🤷.

  16. author

    Jeff JohnsonNgày trước


  17. author

    Jeff JohnsonNgày trước

    Best in the world! Hands down! Of all time!

  18. author

    T Lee2 ngày trước

    Are the 3 matches over one day or weekend?

  19. author

    Homespun Home Fragrance2 ngày trước

    One of my all-time favorite Olympic gold moments ❤️❤️❤️

  20. author

    KSLPMakeupandCheer2 ngày trước

    How many times was Martinez going to should check someone?

  21. author

    Chance19572 ngày trước

    Why do these idiots put the results in the title?

  22. author

    Paul Yerby2 ngày trước

    shawn Johnson was better

  23. author

    Abby Darel2 ngày trước


  24. author

    Lady Jay Mac3 ngày trước

    Who's cutting onions in here?...shes so beautiful and fast! ⚡

  25. author

    Jason Voorhees3 ngày trước

    My mom said she cried while watching this

  26. author

    Caleb Murray3 ngày trước

    5:02 you don’t get put on the cok right now

  27. author

    Luis rivera3 ngày trước

    Greatest moment in the Olympics history! And yet still trump fans voting thumbs down.smh

  28. author

    French Bulldog 13 ngày trước


  29. author

    Jeremy Cornwell4 ngày trước

    Get the dog out of my home. slaver religion

  30. author

    Jorge Francisco Rosas Marin4 ngày trước


  31. author

    Robert Lee, Countertenor4 ngày trước

    His feet are so together it looks like one leg from the side.... Absolutely perfect

  32. author

    Jessica DeTrant4 ngày trước

    Isn't 5/10ths of a point half a point. Just wanted to ask.

  33. author

    ATUL Koundal4 ngày trước

    Superbbb ❤️ from INDIA

  34. author

    Charizard Rules5 ngày trước

    What a star! She’s amazing!!!

  35. author

    Alfredo Durán5 ngày trước

    Why the hell is the public allowed to scream while the gymnast is in his competitive routine? Is that valid? And if so, it shouldn't, as it would interrupt his concentration, IMHO! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. author

    Ken Zeier5 ngày trước

    Cox ran away

  37. author

    grace lee5 ngày trước

    I can’t even do half a split

  38. author

    somazwolf5 ngày trước

    That posture is ridiculously straight

  39. author

    Holly Ann Smith5 ngày trước

    Dake needs a shot has never had great offense, stays in great position and is hard to score on

  40. author

    Alessandro Do Nascimento Pinto5 ngày trước

    Double double uallll

  41. author

    Dante5 ngày trước

    Owens wasn't happy about being placed in the relay; they removed the only Jewish runners from the team simply because they were Jewish.

  42. author

    TheBusttheboss5 ngày trước

    I am a fan of Team USA but this was kinda a dumb win.

  43. author

    Celinde5 ngày trước

    Those shoulders

  44. author

    Carlos Henrique6 ngày trước

    Simone já entrou pra história da ginástica artística, uma grande e maravilhosa atleta, parabéns!❤️

  45. author

    Krzysztof Czajka6 ngày trước

    God, I'm thirsty

  46. author

    Lazz the Wolf6 ngày trước

    Bro if you look closely, you can see thanos in the crowd scoping out Simone to try and recruit her

  47. author

    Lazz the Wolf6 ngày trước

    Bruh, the announcers “UGH....ugh” is literally me at home anytime I watch the goat 🐐 perform 😂 😆 Like words fall short I swear!

  48. author

    goblin knife6 ngày trước

    Not so good

  49. author

    anamika singh6 ngày trước

    Hello sir u are geart. my boyfriend in wheelchair so help me

  50. author

    Noman Name7 ngày trước

    I got out of bed today, felt great

  51. author

    Lily Flower7 ngày trước

    His arms are almost bigger than my waist!! I guess if you want to be buff, you just need to do gymnastics.

  52. author

    Qjamiat7 ngày trước

    Fabulous perfection

  53. author

    Ela Patel7 ngày trước

    I want to be a professional volleyball player but then I realized that I’m too short :(

  54. author

    Georges Ducame Aly8 ngày trước

    You are the best Simone Biles. Love you.

  55. author

    Conor Toms8 ngày trước

    Like a hench jamie Lannister

  56. author

    T Lee8 ngày trước

    i peep peeps

  57. author

    Benjamin Meier8 ngày trước

    2:38 me at 5pm on friday

  58. author

    Owen Matheney8 ngày trước

    rip 2:01 homie left hanging

  59. author

    Paul Bravery8 ngày trước

    I like his face at 1 : 43 To

  60. author

    HOLYPACK9 ngày trước


  61. author

    HOLYPACK9 ngày trước

    Help me also am Rwandan member of wheelchair basketball

  62. author

    sonder9 ngày trước

    that flip at 1:10, does anyone know what it’s called?

  63. author

    Ace Hardy9 ngày trước


  64. author

    Lylian Tazi9 ngày trước

    Solid video 💪🏻

  65. author

    thre362fdsgsd9 ngày trước

    1:05 Ervin walked in LOL

  66. author

    Nina Zuccaro9 ngày trước

    After learning about Gabby’s family background, her success seems so much bigger. Her mother, a single mother with four children, must have worked so hard to keep Gabby in training and get her to practice. She gave a lot of time and effort so that Gabby could achieve her dream. And she did!!!

  67. author

    DONALD DUKE9 ngày trước

    I thought she was a beautiful girl. I was right ! But now she's a graceful and beautiful woman with a personality to match her gymnastic prowess. My wife and I love you, Simone.

  68. author

    Morris Burns9 ngày trước

    No matter phenomenal other gymnast look, you watch a Simone bikes routine and see another level. "Ole GOAT" in my Shannon Sharpe voice

  69. author

    Van Vo10 ngày trước

    He can bang my sushi hole anytime he wants.

  70. author

    Crystal K10 ngày trước

    My all time favorite gymnast of all time! I just love Shawn! I still enjoy watching her and her husband live their dreams! My hero & I'm 34. 😍✊👊

  71. author

    Niki10 ngày trước

    i don't know who she is, but what she did was amazing! you can tell how passionate she is about it 🙌🏻

  72. author

    FIFOU Best Of10 ngày trước

    Ericsson fault's

  73. author

    Andreea Andreea10 ngày trước

    There's one thing I do not understand about all the hype on Simone Biles. She's the first gymnasts to do this move. Okay? There had always been gymnasts to do moves that no one did before. Simona Amânar doing the Amânar vault for the first Time ON A HORSE, not on a vault table (now everyone does it, including Marooney, known as the greatest vaulter AND BILES). Silivas doing a Double-Double THIRTY YEARS AGO, when the Floor was just a big mat. There were other gymnasts to win 4 gold medals at the same olympics (Larisa Latynina în Melbourne 1960?not sure and Ecaterina Szabo 1984) There were other gymnasts to win medals at every olympic finals they qualified into (Daniela Silivas - 1988). There are other gymnasts that won more than 4 golds în a major competition for the same aparatus (Cătălina Ponor has 5 Balance Beam gold medals în European Championships.) One thing she did than no other gymnasts did was having the biggest number of medals at Word Championships, I think she has more than 20, that this is a HUGE accomplishment. And she performs the highest score skilled on the Code of Points. That's a huge accomplishment too. She is the greatest of her generation. But calling a gymnast the greatest of all Time, is wrong în my opinion. She had the chance to be born în an era of youtube where her performance can be so easily shared and her popularity can reach everyone. But if you are a true fan of gymnastics, than you Know that there had been a lot of great gymnasts during all this Time. Greatest of their generation. None had the nuts to call themseves "greatest of all Time". Not even Nadia. Not even Korbut (who changed gymnastics forever. Everything we see în modern gymnastics îs a result of her revoluționary routines). Not even Svetlana Korkina (the most decorated gymnast în worlds before Biles). And regarding the doping problem, I don't think Ritalin helps her perform better. I don't know if it helps her concentrate better, which is essential în gymnastics, given the fact that she's so tiny. But I guess the federation knows better . I'm not arguing with the fact that she's allowed to use it. There's one thing I find unfair tho. Andreea Raducan won all around competition at Sydney 2000. They took away her medal for a cold pill her doctor gave her. Îs it fair that Biles can compete while using substances that are basically banned, and Raducan îs stripped of a medal she worked her whole youth for, for a cold pill she took once?

  74. author

    Giovanni Caserta10 ngày trước


  75. author

    Krissy B10 ngày trước

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

  76. author

    chantillycakes11 ngày trước

    0:11 How can you turn like this without falling off? I read somewhere that it was a mistake but she just went with the flow of it. Does anyone have any info on this?

  77. author

    Dreamy11 ngày trước

    Lmao 11 year old me couldn’t even walk straight on the lower beam in gym class

  78. author

    Diego Vertiz Padilla11 ngày trước

    Cordes was already qualified for the 100, he should’ve let licon...

  79. author

    Abdullah11 ngày trước

    When you find out he's 5'6"

  80. author

    Bojan Kalfic11 ngày trước

    What's his steroids cycle ??

  81. author

    Olivia Olives11 ngày trước


  82. author

    Sáchi Crichton11 ngày trước

    I overheard a mother say to her child after watching Simone LIVE “Darling... listen... you have to choose another career” 💀😂

  83. author

    Kenneth Frazier12 ngày trước

    I love Alison Felix!!!

  84. author

    Diy_CaT12 ngày trước

    His boys whoopin the whole time.. #wholesome

  85. author

    Heather Kmetz12 ngày trước

    She always performs to the same music, she should change it up.

  86. author

    Thais Castro12 ngày trước

    Fantástica 🤗

  87. author

    zakaria karri12 ngày trước

    He looks like spiderman

  88. author

    Marlen Arteaga12 ngày trước

    She is soooooo beautiful😍 I love her work ethic

  89. author

    TwinsAmv12 ngày trước

    She uses the floor just like a trampoline and that scares me

  90. author

    RTM Leandre12 ngày trước

    Waiting on this dunk contest

  91. author

    Moony12 ngày trước

    Where the heck is their headgear?

  92. author

    TURKY SALEM12 ngày trước

    How can i look like this guy!!?? , i couldn’t be even close to the shape of his body in my bodybuilding days .

  93. author

    Trumpsters And Conservatives12 ngày trước


  94. author

    Casey Bowman12 ngày trước


  95. author

    john doe12 ngày trước

    Lol they’re ridiculously jacked! From the thumbnail I thought he was a wrestler.

  96. author

    Lumos & Nox13 ngày trước

    I probably couldn’t get on the beam, much less do anything of value.

  97. author

    Miss Charlotte13 ngày trước


  98. author

    Miss Charlotte13 ngày trước


  99. author

    sirv13 ngày trước

    Not lying, my leg is cramping watching this

  100. author

    Sam Brown13 ngày trước

    What a crazy amount of strenght and control VIreporter recommendations on point