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    YaBoi M.O.E11 tháng trước

    wow ya channel is going crazy! ill sub if you sub!

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    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM11 tháng trước

    Great channel man

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    Mohnish Isaac Kariappa11 tháng trước

    Great content you have going there! :)

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    tubaler youNăm trước

    since that cat went into an active portal to the other world there might be a potential for a Coraline sequel the portal won't be active if the beldam was dead or locked up for good she might still have the doll

  5. author

    Aggelos akexandris 2D&3D EnglishNăm trước

    Coraline Monster House Revenge

  6. author

    Cole .BeeneNăm trước

    does anyone know when the , the book of henry, trailer will be out

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    DetectiveNăm trước

    Hi, I recently received a copyright strike on my review of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". From what I understand it was produced by your company, if I could somehow talk to someone and sort this whole issue out, I would be highly appreciative. Thank you.

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    Vian zlonomav2 năm trước

    I saw the Loving trailer, it would great if you don't disable the comments not all that comment are bigots. Good day.

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    Patricia Woods3 năm trước

    How did the clairvoyant who was choked out in the first movie come back to life to b n part 3 ?

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    Zaid Akbar Al Muharram3 năm trước

    this channel owned by morgan freeman ?

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    Diane Smith4 năm trước

    It's so nice to watch the trailers over and over since I can't watch the goddamned movie. You're promoting as it it's EVERYWHERE but don't want to release nationwide? Fine; I'm boycotting it until it comes out on Netflix. Fuck you, Focus.

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    Marwan Shaheen4 năm trước

    +Focus Features Can you explain please how there is a picture of Lamborghini Aventador hanging on the wall in the film " Dallas Buyers Club " and it was late 80's ? The car was produced in 2013.

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    FAYMprod4 năm trước

    since Braff is too chicken shit to enable comments and ratings I wanted to tell you I have no interest in ever seeing his movie.

  14. author

    GPX_QUINCY4 năm trước

    good vid

  15. author

    Focus Features5 năm trước

    Thanks for all the supportive comments!

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    Verbal Chan6 năm trước


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    sleepymay day6 năm trước

    Wow, u guys sure make quality movies. Thumbs up man. >_< b

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    Change Games Entertainment7 năm trước

    really fine videos here

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    KristophR AbramoVICH7 năm trước

    see my vids to lear herbs slike cloverm,mcleaver, dock, sage, rose, primrose, dandelion, dulce weed etc :)

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    coringax7 năm trước

    read the book first!

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    Mama Ru sue me7 năm trước

    I love brick and coraline

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    Pedro Jimenes7 năm trước

    thank you for the good content

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    Julie Lujano7 năm trước

    Just saw this last night, and I really enjoyed it. I've seen several versions of Jane Eyre, and this one was great! There was a lot of passion, and I enjoyed the way the timeline was presented. Great job! :)

  24. author

    guitarthing1117 năm trước

    This book was awful. It joins the ranks of the other "classics" based on only a wide vocabulary and page after page of repetitious description. So maybe this movie will be Marvelous as well...

  25. author

    stellaluna7 năm trước

    Wow. i seriously hope it will be as wonderful as the book.

  26. author

    SurfingFemme7 năm trước

    This movie seems very exciting, I hope it lives up to the book...looks like it just might. Great channel by the way.

  27. author

    SuoBella7 năm trước

    it was soooo good!!! excellent actors all around!

  28. author

    dreamerof937 năm trước

    I love the Brontes. I have to see this.

  29. author

    ImperialistRunningDo7 năm trước

    Just don't go up into the attic, Jane.

  30. author

    MegaSupaFine7 năm trước

    mia was PERFECT for the role of Jane Eyre. I hate when they cast extremely beautiful people in roles they don't really fit and then just try to apply makeup under the eyes or something to make them look "plain" even though they're clearly not.

  31. author

    k3llyfish7 năm trước

    now im real excited. jane eyre is one of my favorite books!

  32. author

    windstorm10007 năm trước

    I like the cinematography in this clip--it looks great!! The muted color of the dress combined with the transparent light is spot on--clear yet moody palette--perfect for this immortal story. One reservation--both Jane and Rochester are about 5 years too young--they haven't experienced enough in YEARS to produce their respective sorrows so to speak.

  33. author

    jasmina5607 năm trước

    I want to see jane eyre

  34. author

    lilas10247 năm trước

    Despite the last bit where Rochester looks like he has vampire eyes or something, this looks interesting. None of the Jane Eyre movies get it exactly right but I like that Jane is being played by someone the right age for once. Orson Welles is still my favorite Rochester.

  35. author

    Isra sweity7 năm trước

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw its a novel that I have read so long time before :) super like

  36. author

    Grace7 năm trước

    Wow, Jane Eyre and Miss Pettigrew both look amazing. I MUST watch!

  37. author

    LG Gayle7 năm trước

    Yeah, good luck finding this in a theater. We're in CT and it is nowhere in the state, two weeks after its release. Very sad -- we really wanted to see it!

  38. author

    mcnoodle1116907 năm trước

    i hope it's close to the book for high school students' sakes...that was one of the hardest books to get through

  39. author

    Dinocrap11017 năm trước

    that was fun to watch :)

  40. author

    IndigoPhoenix27 năm trước

    I also can not wait for the One Day trailer. Hope its coming soon ; ).

  41. author

    Letty18137 năm trước

    Me encanta el canal =)

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    myvideoslol7 năm trước


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    David Gonzalez7 năm trước

    Need some original music? I have some great compositions for film....Dave

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    Zech Browning7 năm trước

    cool channel.

  45. author

    Andrew Rommes7 năm trước L2English

  46. author

    ylber lezha7 năm trước

    they werent intended to be native scots this movie is basesd off of a book and they were known as the seal tribe or some shit like that

  47. author

    fusionxx10007 năm trước

    Indians or Maoris as Scots? Very innacurate!

  48. author

    Miker Tower7 năm trước

    I LOVE ROME!!!!! OF COURSE I'll be at the first line. Please, please do not be a stupid movie....(with vampire's movie level lines)

  49. author

    Alex Majkowycz7 năm trước

    you guys are so quick to judge A TRAILER.. jesus. dont knock it befor eyou watch it so to speak...

  50. author

    Andy Pratt7 năm trước

    blessings to all...

  51. author

    Pauly Walnuts7 năm trước

    Ive got to say The American was a terrible movie.

  52. author

    AllClassicsLtd BigBronze7 năm trước

    The old slave vs the empire routine. Pretty shitty looking eagle too. If the trailer was the exciting part I hate to see the movie FAIL

  53. author

    Jesus Can Forgive You7 năm trước

    LOL "If you liked Gladiator"????? I'm sorry, but I can already tell that the movie has a poor plot based on the trailer ESPECIALLY when it has Channing Tatum starring in it. You can't compare this with Gladiator. This movie will be just like "Centurion" -2010, I thought it would be good but I was wrong.

  54. author

    smilingscottsman7 năm trước

    I watched a commentary about this movie on TV last night and it had great reviews. I hope that it accurately pays homage to the Celtic peoples of Scotland and my ancestors. From what I saw I would say that it outclasses the "The Last Legion". As a re-enactor myself, I hope to gain some historically correct info that can sharpen the edge of my alter-ego as it were. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to it's release.

  55. author

    Crys Massey7 năm trước


  56. author

    RockinTheRhein7 năm trước

    I feel this film has the potential to match other great ancient and medieval history/action flicks such as Gladiator and Braveheart, just to name a couple recent ones. The premise sounds awesome, I'm mainly worried about whether they are going to dumb down the dialogue, and Channing Tatum's stilted acting. As a previous commenter pointed out, his voice and tone seems way out place, almost "hood" like, and as if it's a parody of the movie itself. Not trying to rag on the guy, I hope he proves me wrong.

  57. author

    Jeremy McCabe7 năm trước

    300 in meijers its only because Tron in in 3D yes allway save yourself and buy on Netflix or in a redbox yes it should be good whos Mother creator? why have so many L's why did you post twice never tell anyone that a movie is good or bad before you see it probably coincidence =3)

  58. author

    DeUce17 năm trước

    TROY will always be the best

  59. author

    rexbo20007 năm trước

    I saw this movie 6 months ago, only it was called "The Centurion" and the Roman dude's guide was a chick, played by (hot) Olga Kurylenko. Yeah, the whole Roman 9th Legion gets wiped out by the local Scots, who paint their faces white and kick ass. In fact, I just watched it again recently on DVD for $1. Save yourself $30 and rent it through NetFlix or RedBox.

  60. author

    mrrossn7 năm trước

    Why San Fran? Why not Some place in the mid west? san Frrn Icchhhh.

  61. author

    tripeandbean7 năm trước

    I want to see "The Eagle" because Channing Tatum is in it.

  62. author

    Cheb SheickChabib7 năm trước

    peace and love with you all

  63. author

    SVAFnemesis7 năm trước

    The only thing I'm expecting is some grand Roman legionary fight scenes

  64. author

    Wiiluvkatz7 năm trước

    It looks cool, but i don't know :/ we'll see what happens.

  65. author

    Ben Fontenot7 năm trước

    channing tatum is one of my fave actors. fuck the haters!!

  66. author

    pimakilledsuki7 năm trước


  67. author

    akpowell07 năm trước

    Why didn't they just get Kevin McKidd? :)

  68. author

    ponti1177 năm trước

    ROMA VICTOR!!!!!

  69. author

    alexander o7 năm trước

    the part when the slave says" your my slave do as i tell u" or whatever is copied from ben hur obviously.looks like a wasted opportunity.its a great story,it might do well especially with 1 of the best living actors,d.southerland but when u make a movie about the ancient world u gotta no what your doing.ben hur,sparticus,gladiator,masala.p.otool.they new what they were doing.these guys dont

  70. author

    Charliecomet827 năm trước

    Gotta see this one--Donald Sutherland in ancient Rome! "We who are about to die salute you! Woof! Woof! Woof!"

  71. author

    williammoseleyfan1017 năm trước

    can't wait for the eagle Jamie Bell has always been amazing :) I bet he will be in this movie as well

  72. author

    ALS WOOLSEY7 năm trước

    no interruptions or windup delays on this B.S. right 'you tube'??

  73. author

    Codabear7 năm trước

    it looks good enough to watch for me. if you've also seen centurion (about the disappearence of the ninth legion) and you look past acting and more at the story it looks like it could be a great movie in mine own opinion.

  74. author

    C Schnei7 năm trước


  75. author

    superls927 năm trước

    This movie looks like it's gonna suck, that guy is a horrible actor and sounds like he is from the hood in every film he is in...

  76. author

    GenghisEMO7 năm trước

    looks rentable. Not sure if it's great but it looks good.

  77. author

    devindooo7 năm trước

    this shit can never compare to gladiator. i hate that guys acting

  78. author

    HEIGHTSIXFIVE7 năm trước

    The Eagle looks like a good movie.

  79. author

    Melody Marshall7 năm trước

    Awesome I have got to see it. Maybe this will help me get used to being a slave.

  80. author

    Barney Perez7 năm trước

    What up!

  81. author

    StrongerThanAll.com7 năm trước

    Thanks so much for being a friend, If you haven't checked out my channel that well yet, I have learned to sing over the past year or so on VIreporter, I really have enjoyed it, but have to be totally open to critcism (both construction, and destructive haha) i would love to hear what you think and should be releasing my solo material this month. If you dig 90s music we def have similiar interests :)

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    InfectusFilm7 năm trước

    Excellent Channel. Great Films

  83. author

    WindEnergy77 năm trước

    Hi FocusFeatures, Please FAVORITE my videos if You Like my CLEAN ENERGY.

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    Saher Galt7 năm trước

    hey :] :]

  85. author

    John Guitar Solo8 năm trước

    Hell ya !!

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    Ariana Osuna8 năm trước


  87. author

    Breadbeecp x8 năm trước

    I wanna see it :D

  88. author

    Dan QuackQuack8 năm trước

    I had high hopes but the film was very anti-climatic, hardly any character development. This film is a little on the the boring side and could of done a lot more

  89. author

    MEANY FEST8 năm trước


  90. author

    Jamie Hoskins8 năm trước

    i saw it 2nite and luved it! AMAZING cast! Heads up "My Soul To Take" is really bad... I saw it for free and I want my back... just sayn

  91. author

    tristan harman8 năm trước

    omg i think noel is so hott!!! im a 14 yr old guy i would love to date her if if she is like 17

  92. author

    Briana8 năm trước

    That kid is the kid from life with derek! He played Jamie, Lizzie's frined

  93. author

    Raymond Johansen8 năm trước

    the chik is kinda hot

  94. author

    nick456445648 năm trước

    tomorrow cant wait!

  95. author

    13craun8 năm trước

    omg i totally want to see it!!!!

  96. author

    Kash8 năm trước

    It's ganna be amazing. I am seeing it tomorrow!

  97. author

    Erin B8 năm trước

    i hope this movie is good, cause the books amazingg! if you haven't read it, please do. :)

  98. author

    Josiah Göring8 năm trước

    I'm distantly related to Ned Vizzini who wrote "It's Kind of A Funny Story"

  99. author

    Brandon Nguyen8 năm trước

    haha i read this book! and when i saw it in the trailers at the movies i yelled OMG I READ THAT! sucha good and funny book but movie looks iffy no offense :)

  100. author

    skunkbuttmagoo8 năm trước

    this is like my favorite book so excited! its kind of strange to be making a it a movie though...