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Fun With Audio - StringsFun With Audio - Strings

Fun With Audio - Strings

5 tháng trước

  1. author


    How dare you, you swines

  2. author

    Darkknight329Ngày trước

    Still, you forgot that while the guy was spraying the ghostbusters logo on the wall, he was using two colors but with one can of spray paint. How did you miss that

  3. author

    Jeff Kardos Jr.Ngày trước

    What about Never Say Never Again?

  4. author

    Rising PhoenixNgày trước

    You forget the largest thing. It's literally a rip-off of a lesser-known movie, The Book Of Life. (way better movie tho)

  5. author

    Rising PhoenixNgày trước

    I thought that the ending was way out of character. I get it that Bonnie doesn't play with him that much, but guess what? As soon as he's gone Bonnie is going to want him again. He essentially "abandons" his friends, and leaves them to deal with forky, who will no doubt probably end up trying to run away, or will get mistaken for trash and thrown out. So yeah. WAYYYYY out of character.

  6. author

    My LifeNgày trước

    Everything wrong with the emoji movie.....EVERYTHING, THE MOVIE ITSELF

  7. author

    SazunaNgày trước

    It's not in this episode but can someone explain to me why there are reuploads of old movie episodes and what went wrong with them that they have to be reuploaded? Serious question here by the way! I would really like to know!

  8. author

    RobertatheSpiderNgày trước

    I hated this movie

  9. author

    Poo Robot_ 1101001cNgày trước

    Hey, for your next video will you compile all your past vids and joke about how ridiculous it is how people will view anything if you post it while speaking in mousey, micromachine language?

  10. author

    Lightning McQueenNgày trước

    Nothing is wrong with shrek

  11. author

    RobertatheSpiderNgày trước

    I have a theory about why being bong disappeared quicker. Maybe Riley had liked it him away and had forgotten about him mostly, or had tucked him away, while she had felt Joy recently. Therefore Bing Bong disappeared right away

  12. author

    vjhonno83Ngày trước

    Ace Ventura please you have to do Ace Ventura pet detective!!!

  13. author

    Remco F. GerritsenNgày trước

    I;ve seen Death Race 1 2 and 3. (AMAZING MOVIES) But this one I didn't ever see.

  14. author

    S. A.ONgày trước

    " oppressive product placement " *needs a big red arrow to show it*

  15. author

    Spicy CactusNgày trước

    Kirby has found your sin unforgivable

  16. author

    LifeOfRyNgày trước

    Nobody seems to mention how Otto tells peter that intelligence isn’t a Privilege but a gift, then later when they reconcile he says it IS a privilege.

  17. author

    TomotatoNgày trước

    These are some of the worst character designs that have ever hit my globular organs.

  18. author

    william montroyNgày trước

    The real sin was them ruining that razor on that corse stone

  19. author

    luigi 28Ngày trước

    I don't blame Kevin for being pissed at his family in the two films. He gets blamed for everything alone, nobody listens to him, his siblings and uncle are mean to him and the parents just sit there and when he asks for help they just tell him to piss off. No wonder he hates them. He's better off in foster care.

  20. author

    Antonio Pereira PlumadoreNgày trước

    That babby just said the f word 2:53😆😆😆

  21. author

    The EmperorNgày trước

    you mean everything right

  22. author

    Tobias von MeringNgày trước

    Downvote me all you want. Yes this is a bad movie, for me because of the impossibilities legolas performs, but I think 90% of the sins in this video can be explained/contradicted in one sentense

  23. author

    Ucup The Tech GuyNgày trước

    this movie has a lot of fuck

  24. author

    Yihan YuanNgày trước

    1 more, Ender's only 6 to 8 years old, how does he have voice cracks so early???

  25. author

    Moviebuff ShattoNgày trước

    There’s Always something that Bugged Me. How Can Mario and Sonic be in the Arcade. To My knowledge there wasn’t any Arcade Ports of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog. There was Mario Bro. Arcade but Bowser wasn’t in that. Does the Owner of the Arcade have a TV with a Genesis and NES Hooked Up to It? If that’s the Case why would you do that?

  26. author

    Jana JovanovicNgày trước

    I came here only t9 see his reaction to Ptx. And i see he is a fan😂❤ They should have won

  27. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    When i went to see this i felt embarrassed that people saw me coming out of the theatre.

  28. author

    CAIntegrityNgày trước

    You didn't explain the Dobby thing well....yes that is technically presenting Dobby with clothes because Harry has to do that on the downlow since Malfoy's dad is there. The Malfoys want to keep Dobby as a slave forever so Draco and family are careful to never "present" him with any clothes. Yeah the rule is stupid but it's a rule in the Harry Potter world and that's it. You need a better argument than that.

  29. author

    Lord IQsaacNgày trước

    Despicable m3 Despic4ble me

  30. author

    Fred FactNgày trước

    And why do you bleep out your own expletives but not the one's in the movie? Why bother cursing if you already know you'll be editing them out later? You giant Nerd.

  31. author

    isy2raps blodieNgày trước

    Eugene’s birth name was Horace

  32. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    How DID Indy get a photo of Marcus when he was lost?

  33. author

    BassPlayer60134Ngày trước

    That is completely not the Lord’s Prayer. How do you not know that? *add 40 sins*

  34. author

    Ayyyo JayNgày trước

    That fucking horse man

  35. author

    Cheetah PantherNgày trước

    If all aliens looked like her dad, I would be in heaven. He is gorgeous

  36. author

    Dante KenchiNgày trước

    i guess that girl is only in the movie to have some boobs on the screen, right?

  37. author

    Jan KuncNgày trước

    7:50 i am czech and no, it does not sounds cool...

  38. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    A video whats NOT wrong with it would be shorter.

  39. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    God,the Daniel Craig era has been a real killer for the Bond series.Im so glad hes quitting.But now i do fear for what comes next.Bond is black,or a woman.I burn my entire DVD collection,and i never watched a Bond movie in my life,he will be dead to me.

  40. author

    SlenLenNgày trước

    You became the very thing you swore to destroy.

  41. author

    CAIntegrityNgày trước

    Lockhart would take a job as a teacher probably because he wanted to perv on the students. He's probably that messed up in the head

  42. author

    Official_georgeiiiNgày trước

    Everything wrong with this video title “12 minutes or less”🗿

  43. author

    535phobosNgày trước

    About Astronauts never cursing: Just watch the Apollo 10 footage. The Lunar Lander made some unvoluntary loopings above the moon and the astronauts inside did indeed curse like sailors. Live on radio. So, yeah, it happens, in certain situations.

  44. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    I always wondered how it was so easy to break into M house,her being chief of security services.Also,if so,WHY didnt we see Bond actually breaking in?How he did it.

  45. author

    pat costiganNgày trước

    They changed pretty much everything in the movie

  46. author

    jdzspace33Ngày trước

    I think I'm going to stop watching this video, watch the accrual movie than come back and finish the video

  47. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    Skyfall was embarrassingly plotless.

  48. author

    spaceburningshingodzillaearth2020 imkingofmonstersNgày trước

    Godzilla ain't MECHA Godzilla they said also when MECHA Godzilla lost it , it made me mad.....

  49. author

    Fallen Graceful HorrorNgày trước

    Not the bees

  50. author

    isy2raps blodieNgày trước

    How did mother gothel know about the flower answers in tangled the series

  51. author

    glareolaNgày trước

    Hmmmm."Everything wrong with Skyfall" 5 seconds.Daniel Craig is in it...

  52. author

    Chris MequetNgày trước

    This guy has turned full on sjw

  53. author

    300DBenzNgày trước

    Pussycat puts her feet on the windshield: *10 MILLION SINS*

  54. author

    Isazi SempiNgày trước

    Am i the only one who thought after earth was great.

  55. author

    JoeCrowNgày trước

    Not sure what's more cringe, the movie or this video.

  56. author

    Michael AcheampongNgày trước

    Please do everything wrong with the BFG please

  57. author

    detroit become ɆⱤⱤØⱤNgày trước

    And my mom says " *iTs jUSt a MoViE* "

  58. author

    DonNgày trước

    Here is how I rank the Toy Story movies 1.Toy Story 3 2.Toy Story 1 3.Toy Story 2 And the worst movie is Toy Story 4 because of the plot and what happens

  59. author

    Alew NicksNgày trước

    Ha hah haha ha FUCK YOU MOVIE

  60. author

    McNinjaNgày trước

    i was expecting 2 "Comcasts".

  61. author

    Blu and Ash 010Ngày trước

    Sin repair: they have the vocal cords to speak every language because they speak minionese meaning that if they understand languages which they have proven understand most of them then they would be able to speak flat-out English.

  62. author

    KamNgày trước

    Nigga be sinning the movie for playing itself😂

  63. author

    TheVacinatorNgày trước

    So you give a sin when the clocks show 11:11, but you also give one when the clocks aren’t 11:11? I guess no matter what you show to this dumbass, he’ll find a way to hate on it for no reason

  64. author

    EvanderGeeNgày trước

    The main chicks voice is SO are her TRAGIC bangs.

  65. author

    Megawiz101Ngày trước

    11:38 love the subtle breaking bad reference

  66. author

    Ngày trước

    I hate this movie

  67. author

    Madison MarieNgày trước

    well if ur gonna pull a clip from it do everything wrong with the mist in stephen king minutes

  68. author

    Ravenhaven GamingNgày trước

    I just clicked on it cause I didn't want to watch the full movie, but when I saw the girl I jumped and screamed "Maggie is back!!"

  69. author

    MiloMakesMusicCoversNgày trước

    Man has no one here watched Tangled The Series?

  70. author

    h445Ngày trước

    HEY! I LOVED journalism humor as a kid and that zinger was tops. Don't you forget it!

  71. author

    Jeff Kardos Jr.Ngày trước

    What about how in the hell did Goldfinger know the combination to the Fort Knox vault?

  72. author

    Alew NicksNgày trước

    In 11 minutes or less Me: I t s 1 1 : 0 3 m I n e u t s

  73. author

    Tim SawyerNgày trước

    I want to know how CinemaSins managed to miss an opportunity to over dub a Simpsons saying?!?! "No one Every suspects the butterfly" That would have been pretty good.. Just sayin... Lazy..

  74. author

    Ben WarnerNgày trước

    Arnold was right! This movie sucked! And what’s wrong with John Conners voice? Is he still doing Batman? Or just bad acting?

  75. author

    Rudolph Dean JrNgày trước

    what I want to know is which year exactly did toy story 4 take place

  76. author

    lonniebelleNgày trước

    I watched this whole video waiting for the "don't pay me no never mind" line. 4 sins for not including it!

  77. author

    Astro's Electronics LabNgày trước

    I'm sorry, I farted and spent the next 18 minutes laughing at my own fart that I forgot to pay attention. What were we sinning again?

  78. author

    Jesse Mwando AtalaNgày trước

    I am actually know what the language of there name is and am fluent in it simba lion

  79. author

    lifeofasalesman01Ngày trước

    ~looks at the comment section~ yeah maybe you should save the cinema sins for movies that are actually....sinful? This movie is a 10/10 masterpiece. Any movie ever made can be nitpicked. Doesn’t mean it should be.

  80. author

    Based HaoleNgày trước

    Idk man after seeing you sin Wilhelm for dying yet again I'm starting to wonder if maybe your the bad guy

  81. author

    Plx ThaGodNgày trước

    3:26 it is.

  82. author

    Accelleratii IncredibusNgày trước

    Baba O'Riley

  83. author

    sропgэ ВовNgày trước

    only thing wrong, ice age baby

  84. author

    Gaming with meNgày trước

    Everything Wrong With The Emoji Movie ? nah Everything is Wrong with The Emoji Movie ? yeah

  85. author

    CoolDoodles 748Ngày trước

    Movie is still good.

  86. author

    EarthCone2Ngày trước

    But it’s 12:47...

  87. author

    KaykayKaboom'sNutHouseNgày trước

    Any time Jeremy laughs it’s like a gift from heaven. I can’t help but laugh too whenever I hear it.

  88. author

    Jeff Kardos Jr.Ngày trước

    M's office for some time had two doors for sound proofing.

  89. author

    Phil CNgày trước

    "How cumvenient" 😂😂

  90. author

    Antony TJNgày trước

    Dude u need some fckin research before u make a damn sin critize some fckin movie.

  91. author

    hey andromedaNgày trước

    Disgusting channel

  92. author

    FinDUNENgày trước

    I feel like cinemaSins really likes this movie it removes a lot of sins

  93. author

    eternalhalloween1Ngày trước

    Oh, I can tell you what's wrong with this film. EVERY SINGLE THING IN THIS FILM IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT!

  94. author

    TAYLOR REIGNSNgày trước

    There is never enough kool aid...

  95. author

    Ben WarnerNgày trước

    This is good in its comedy! Also has very good points!

  96. author

    Silver WolfNgày trước

    Prostituition, I love it

  97. author

    caleb capsonNgày trước

    Respect to Michael Kamen, Michael Wincott, and, obviously, Alan Rickman. Spot on Cinemasins.

  98. author

    oh noes wotdoidoNgày trước

    I’m in the Croissanto Ratatouille

  99. author

    TheRedneckGamer1979Ngày trước

    My biggest problem with Armageddon is that there is NO WAY they would have kept it quiet, you would be able to see that thing with a powerful pair of binoculars, nevermind the thousands and thousands of ameture astronomers who scan they sky for this exact kind of thing

  100. author

    Klarius VikanderNgày trước

    imagine if christopher nolan directed this movie