Harry Styles
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    bkwski flwrs42 phút trước

    Love this ❤ Best interview

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    Mike Bolwell10 giờ trước

    Is Canyon Moon about Laurel Canyon, Joanie Mitchell, CSNY? I think so.

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    Mervenur Metin19 giờ trước

    Her eyes 😭❤

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    karma leglass23 giờ trước

    THIS IS NOT HARRY!!!! your missing the lock and key on his left hand. nice trytho. lmfao fake people ruin it for everyone....stop with your shennaniggans.If this is your Harold please confirm.

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    Chelsey ReynaNgày trước

    ...I will now be using this when I meditate.

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    Gal ShalevNgày trước

    I didn't mean to but I fell asleep... *Harry* talking slowly with that deep voice completely hypnotized me... I freaking adore this sweet creature ❤

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    Ava DillhyonNgày trước

    The random person walking in the background at 32:11 😂😂

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    Lais ResendeNgày trước


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    L uNgày trước

    7:23 he did such a good impression of himself, that doesn't even make sense but he did

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    Keven RestrepoNgày trước

    sooooo longgggggg........

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    Анна ЯковенкоNgày trước

    Просто дайте мне пожалуйста субтитры

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    Анна ЯковенкоNgày trước

    Кому заплатить за перевод?

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    Mimi M.Ngày trước

    The more I listen to him and get to know is univers the more I'm falling for him as an artist. Fine line is such a beautiful piece of art. I love his ceative and free spirit so much.

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    Trinity InteriorsNgày trước


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    Alice EvansNgày trước

    The interviewer is more focused on material. Harry is down to heart, so vulnerable and speaking his own feelings, not situations. The way he expresses his emotions is what makes him rare. He is so confident in his character and it’s so beautiful.

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    Music Lover2 ngày trước

    If you’re going comment what show you’re going to and find a friend!!

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    Sara Rostami2 ngày trước

    This was really nice. Thankyou both for doing it.

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    Georgia Tomlinson2 ngày trước

    I’m seeing harry styles and i’m hyped

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    Jannatul Shrabony2 ngày trước

    Did I just watch Harry Styles' HANDS showing out his vinyl album? Yes, yes I did

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    Кристина Сталповская2 ngày trước

    don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry...

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    éva3 ngày trước

    I loved watching the sun slowly set while they were lost in conversation. absolutely stunning and captivating interview

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    100% Directioner3 ngày trước

    Gente de São Paulo que vai me passem o Instagram ou o Twitter de vcs p gente se ver

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    Francisca Silva3 ngày trước

    I'm waiting in Portugal 💖

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    ρᥱᥲᥴhყ sᥙbs꧂3 ngày trước


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    LAU J3 ngày trước

    Great interview, really cool. Zane Lowe is such a good interviewer and really brought out some interesting conversation with Harry. Love the album & I never thought I’d be a fan as I wasn’t into 1D (bit too old!) but this album is really a great body of work. My favourite song is ‘Falling’ because it perfectly describes the fck up we all make in life and the pain and loss we feel learning along the way. Its raw and honest. But I love watermelon sugar, Adore, Lights Up, and She to name a few. Impressive Harry & kudos to Zane for a fab sunset chat!🌅🍉🌻

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    OCFam4 ngày trước

    Can we get a petition going to get Harry saying positive affirmations with ocean waves in the background? You are beautiful....you are loved...you are important....you are enough 🥰🥰 Please Harry!!! I would love to fall asleep to that every night 😘

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    Cecilia Gunnarsson4 ngày trước

    I don't see him as a sex symbol because I love his music and voice and that he looks good is just a bonus also because he's so nice and he makes me feel home, if you know what I mean

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    Stephanie Montoya4 ngày trước

    I always love story telling, it's just a amazing process. You can really see/hear how strong person Harry has become with excepting and loving himself. Is just knowing who you really are and who you want to be. It shows he found that. Sometimes it just takes going through hard time to learn to be happy within yourself.

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    niamh robson4 ngày trước

    i watch this everyday and i really am crying in a cool way

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    Dora Xaburzania4 ngày trước

    The best human being

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    Victoria Taylor4 ngày trước

    i listen to this every night when i go to sleep

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    Luen Robinson4 ngày trước

    why does he sound a mixture of south african,irish,australian,and up north crazy accent

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    Iris Juhasz4 ngày trước

    i could listen to this forever...

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    Vane Gómez5 ngày trước

    Hermoso de mi vida

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    Vane Gómez5 ngày trước


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    UR 935 ngày trước

    I'm here for louis tomilson.. where is he in this interview??

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    Amy Bell5 ngày trước

    Harry your accent is becoming Americanised, noooo

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    Louise Directioner095 ngày trước

    he went from Londons *awkward pause* quite *akward pause* big to Londons where I want to be

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    Jane Dixon5 ngày trước

    This dude is just a fantastic interviewer woah

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    Blitz Lundin5 ngày trước

    That yes I was! 🥺😍 and when he says but we’re in Sweden 🥰

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    Ivy Feng5 ngày trước

    i want him to come to new zealandddddd🥺🥺🥺

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    Eden Duquemin5 ngày trước

    i love you

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    Eden Duquemin5 ngày trước

    you’re amazing

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    m B'Llo5 ngày trước

    Éste niño es bellísimo, su carisma, personalidad, sus ojos, sus labios, su sonrisa... Es imposible no tener malos pensamientos con él 😍 verlo es un deleite.... Me encanta demasiado 🤗

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    Explorer V5 ngày trước

    25:28 I feel so bad for him😢

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    Ryann S.6 ngày trước

    Harry’s like I’m so uncomfortable

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    Ryann S.6 ngày trước

    4:30 do you smell that? they’re coming in

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    Sophia L6 ngày trước

    I've watched this so many times and it never gets old.

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    Katie Chavez6 ngày trước

    i love how fond of one direction harry still is

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    Midnight 30306 ngày trước


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    Molls Hs6 ngày trước

    wow how i'm in love

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    N. .L6 ngày trước

    "But WeRe In sWeDen" xDDDDDDD

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    Chanelle K6 ngày trước

    the fact that when he does release australia tickets and dates and i won’t be able to go cause no one will take me, makes me want to CRY

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    sofia stylik6 ngày trước

    i adore his hands

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    A Alex7 ngày trước

    Wonderful interview!

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    ChloeIsReallyBored7 ngày trước

    His accent is a mixture of everything and I Stan cause same. I’ve watched so much American/British tv my accent is a mix between northern Irish, British and American. 😂😂😂

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    Samantha Montoya7 ngày trước

    I CANT WAIT!!!

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    Jaiee Satpute7 ngày trước

    Watching them being so happy in the studio by themselves, just having the time of their life, I really really hope they don't come back if they don't want to T^T :')

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    Rando M7 ngày trước

    32:12 bro imagine how that person has no clue that HARRY STYLES is just a couple feet away chillin 😭😭

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    Rando M7 ngày trước

    32:14 bro imagine how that person walking past has no clue that HARRY STYLES is just a couple feet away chillin 😭😭

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    Josi Josi7 ngày trước

    See us in Hamburg ! 😍😍😍

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    One Direction For Life7 ngày trước

    Can’t wait to see him😍

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    Just Me7 ngày trước

    The fact that this video has over 167 thousand likes and only 614 dislikes makes me ao fucking happy❣️

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    Maeve Richmond7 ngày trước

    i get more and more excited for this as the days go by.

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    Gabriela Martins7 ngày trước

    this album gave us so much of harry as a person. listening to the songs, I really feel close to him

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    Nadine Hildebrand7 ngày trước

    So talent

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    Nadine Hildebrand7 ngày trước

    So pretty is Harry

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    Aastha7 ngày trước

    we got glimpses of sixteen year old Harry :)

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    Anjali Ujjaniwal7 ngày trước

    When you can identify someone by looking at there hands only 😁😏💖

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    Alaina Callahan7 ngày trước

    Zane Lowe is such an amazing person. He creates a safe space and has a real communication. Many thanks to both gentlemen for sharing this conversation.

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    Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit7 ngày trước

    Please wearing this outfit : vireporter.net/v/video-Cc00qBzRBwA.html

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    Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit7 ngày trước

    No that flag ya Harry, please?

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    Emma Sordi7 ngày trước

    i’ve watched this 10 times

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    Joy Pareja7 ngày trước

    5:27 Harry: ...Someone's mom had taken it. It was Jay, Louis' mom who took their 1st photo as a group.

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    Sydney Cook8 ngày trước

    This is the best Harry styles interview ever. Also Harry needs a podcast

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    Bros Vanaus8 ngày trước

    Zane Lowe has great conversation skills

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    hazel molina8 ngày trước

    I’m so excited 9 months till I see him🕺🕺🕺

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    AKA Katie and Addi8 ngày trước

    god he owns me

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    AKA Katie and Addi8 ngày trước

    stop playin wit my emotions harry

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    plz run me over

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    AKA Katie and Addi8 ngày trước

    he owns me without owning me but owns me

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    AKA Katie and Addi8 ngày trước

    he could run me over and i would apologize

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    Addison Brown8 ngày trước

    he literally owns me

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    Fiorella Medina8 ngày trước

    This interview hits different once you’ve heard the album

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    Marisha Jaye8 ngày trước

    I knew you had the mind of a fellow mushie tripper 👁

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    Sweet Dream8 ngày trước

    I was just looking at his hands. 👋👋👋👋👋

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    Mustafa bd8 ngày trước

    Okay, does anyone else think the Interviewer needs to talk lesser? Omg can U freaking let Harry talk more?!

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    Kelsey Manchester8 ngày trước

    imagine being one of the fans in this lmao i wish

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    Mackenzie Fugleberg8 ngày trước

    see you in July bubba 🥺🥺

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    misscretin8 ngày trước

    What is that accent..

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    Hadassah’s Life9 ngày trước

    Zarry 4L

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    Songs S9 ngày trước

    My opinion is that harry is actually very lonely but don't talk about it

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    Katy9 ngày trước

    Is it just me who thinks his accent has now got an American twang. I still love it

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    Sarah Ayers9 ngày trước

    This is a fantastic interview. Please have Zane Lowe do more interviews of Harry.

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    Ely Barron9 ngày trước

    que hermoso

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    cliffjumper819 ngày trước

    Has his accent always been like this?