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Derek Gerard

My name is Derek Gerard and I upload challenges, bottle flips, kinder surprise eggs, toy reviews, food challenges, reactions, food olympics and other funny videos!
Thank you so much for checking out my channel!
Love you! tehe
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  1. author

    Faze Drags3 giây trước

    Beans beans good for ur heart the more u eat the more you shit urself

  2. author

    Tasnim Emam12 giây trước

    *go. to. japan.*

  3. author

    Kalee M22 giây trước

    Apple Water Ramon Sushi Burger Fries Honey Sauce BREAD!!! Chips 😂😂✌✌ I'm happy for you for being in the rewind!!! Lol. I was watching it and I thought I saw u and had to rewind in 10 sec and I paused it on you and I was like " OMG DEREK GERARD MADE IT ON YT REWIND!!!!!""

  4. author

    Ashley RoadTripTV23 giây trước

    We have all dressed chips in Maine

  5. author

    Gacha jon:337 giây trước

    Is it just me or does derek look just like dua lipa

  6. author

    Winston Devane39 giây trước

    Derik eating beans and jerky when he could of easily ate eggs and bacon 😂

  7. author

    Crazzy Cat40 giây trước

    Next vid :only eating the food in # aisle spinner picks a number and that is the aisle. 👍like if you would want to watch that

  8. author

    Meme BoyPhút trước

    as soon as i saw the title and realized coffee is not a 5 letter word i thought he was going break

  9. author

    LivyCat28Phút trước


  10. author

    TwiinPhút trước

    Who else thought the water was gonna cancel out and not work.

  11. author

    LeonidasPhút trước

    *your gonna be just like derek* me: fuck yea ima never like this video.

  12. author

    Grace SiplaPhút trước


  13. author

    [Removed ]Phút trước

    Your mother had to raise a louder, annoying, prepubescent, Derek... She's so brave.

  14. author

    FluffypurplepOp2 phút trước

    Coming into Christmas now Derek can u do a 24hr challenge eating only red and green foods

  15. author

    Ashlynbeauty 1002 phút trước

    Like if I got you Read More

  16. author

    Thanosnite 212 phút trước

    you forgot coffee

  17. author

    Kamauris Davis2 phút trước


  18. author

    Bryan Galovich2 phút trước

    Beans beans The magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot the better you feel beans beans for every meal

  19. author

    Larrywalnuts_YT2 phút trước


  20. author

    Jake Wilson2 phút trước

    Next Video: Only eating dessert for 24 hours

  21. author

    Jonny irish3 phút trước

    I dare someone to put it all caps "YOUR MY SENPAI"

  22. author

    Julliene Tadifa3 phút trước

    Instead of saying "coffee", you could've said latte. 😌

  23. author

    Kyuu3 phút trước

    I’m getting flashbacks from Derek’s toy reviews

  24. author

    Scottie Boi3 phút trước

    The parrot thing was just funny

  25. author

    BloxburgHouseTours3 phút trước

    Derek:is in VIreporter rewind Everyone:ima pretend I didn’t see that

  26. author

    CJ 2K3 phút trước

    A vegetarian can eat fish

  27. author

    Quit Horsing Around3 phút trước

    derek is like you but stupider

  28. author

    itsnot mystical-3 phút trước

    No one: VIreporter: puting derek drinking coffee in youtube rewind

  29. author

    Rudrabrata Sahoo4 phút trước

    Hey Derek !! I am a great fan of yrs and I have a couple of challenges for you , enjoy :- 1. Eating everything dipped in ginger shot for 24hrs 2. Letting Hercules decide what I eat for 24hrs 3. Letting youtube ads decide what I eat for 24hrs 4. Eating Indian food for 24hrs (with jas plss) 5. Drinking liquid for 24hrs (no solid food ) *Now, Hey you...... Yes you ....scrolling down through the comment like this comment (If you want him to do anyone from 👆 suggestions)so that THE DEREK GERARD gets to see it. Sry for writing too much.😉 LOVE FROM INDIA *🇮🇳

  30. author

    XxkingRicPickleXx4 phút trước

    and congrats for being in youtube rewind 2019

  31. author

    Joshua Wheeler4 phút trước

    Toot and poo

  32. author

    David Rizer4 phút trước

    Pizza and donut

  33. author

    Chris Bohan4 phút trước

    Fries? Tacos? Chips

  34. author

    Nessa samifua4 phút trước


  35. author

    • Clayius •4 phút trước

    omg. *donut*

  36. author

    KøØky Wölfy Gāçhä UwU4 phút trước

    Why didn't he say P I Z Z A/ PIZZA

  37. author

    Tommy YEET Lol5 phút trước

    Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you TOOT MY IDEA IS EVERY TIME YOU EAT YOU HAVE TO SAY YOUR DEEPESTS SECRET

  38. author

    Donut RBLX5 phút trước


  39. author

    Kevin Lund5 phút trước


  40. author

    gamercheaf 1015 phút trước

    5:38 I'm already like Derek

  41. author

    THE SAVAGE 275 phút trước

    Pizza apple pussy

  42. author

    Julian’s Gaming channel5 phút trước

    The more you toot or poop

  43. author

    Ashlynbeauty 1005 phút trước

    He should have said "donut"

  44. author

    Moe Games5 phút trước

    Could of said “Pizza”

  45. author

    ThatMiggyDude 5035 phút trước

    Derek did you pizza was a word or did you completely forget

  46. author

    Andrew Nguyen6 phút trước

    He could’ve said pizza

  47. author

    H vs O6 phút trước


  48. author

    DUB XY6 phút trước

    He doesn't even know that he was in rewind

  49. author

    Dragon Man6 phút trước

    This is how many bald spots he will have after 2 mil ⬇️

  50. author

    Minecraft 1016 phút trước

    Breakfast: Bacon, toast, juice, and an Omlet Lunch: pizza, Pepsi, and fries. Dinner: Steak, water, and of course ONION.

  51. author

    Isaiah Bolden6 phút trước


  52. author

    maxisloot6 phút trước

    all dressed is in the US now, it's marketed as a canadian flavor

  53. author

    Isaiah Bolden6 phút trước


  54. author

    Isaiah Bolden7 phút trước


  55. author

    Nexus7 phút trước

    Pizza Derek that's all u had to eat

  56. author

    Nott Mattthew7 phút trước

    Sooo me and my friends on the bus we started watching VIreporter rewind and I didn’t really think that they would watch your videos (no offense) but when you came up they were all like “DEREK GERARD!”

  57. author

    Isaiah Bolden7 phút trước


  58. author

    Mateo Clayton7 phút trước

    Jasper races

  59. author

    Isaiah Bolden7 phút trước


  60. author

    Isaiah Bolden7 phút trước


  61. author

    Jianxiong Chen7 phút trước

    Imagine if he accidentally said penis

  62. author

    Skylar Dutcher7 phút trước

    Im canadian ruffles are a Canadian thing

  63. author

    satchamo8 phút trước


  64. author

    JaredZhou 1238 phút trước

    Letting Anime decide what I eat Like so Derek can Notice

  65. author

    Graham Smith8 phút trước

    for every like i will put a 🐧 starting with my own 🐧

  66. author

    • Clayius •8 phút trước

    Has video with coffee: this is the best video ever Had another video with coffee: this is the best video ever

  67. author

    Tomi Dip8 phút trước


  68. author

    beasty boi8 phút trước


  69. author

    Dave Lopez8 phút trước

    The more you eat the more you toot!

  70. author

    Leonardo Flores8 phút trước

    Did anyone noticed that he was on VIreporter rewind 2019

  71. author

    TSMTheShadowMaster9 phút trước

    You couldve said pizza,wings,bread,pepsi,apple,cream,fries,salad and many other delicious foods Edit:i was at them eating onions didnt know one of em will get pepsi i still didnt watch the whole video

  72. author

    Rwill1am Video9 phút trước

    Buger fries Pepsi

  73. author

    Foxesarebosses 159 phút trước

    I have a good one how about Derek microwaves everything he eats for 24 hours (including drinks for extra pain)

  74. author

    BeefyBoy YT9 phút trước

    Haven't even watched and the title is stupid, it says it's impossible you can get pizza chips pasta salad lol

  75. author

    Danonamous 10109 phút trước

    Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you poo

  76. author

    Graham Cracker 订阅9 phút trước

    I eat pepsi

  77. author

    Oscar Gonzalez9 phút trước

    Spam poop

  78. author

    Shadow X069 phút trước

    Do a video with Rossanna Pansino (@Nerdynummies)

  79. author

    JaZzY 8859 phút trước


  80. author

    Rafi Barah9 phút trước

    My dad works at coke and the Pepsi triggers me

  81. author

    EmilyDaBear9 phút trước

    no offense but dereks mom is a better editor than him

  82. author

    therealdayday vlogs10 phút trước

    latte for breakfast

  83. author

    • Clayius •10 phút trước


  84. author

    Twitch Boxmaney10 phút trước

    Go back to unboxing please

  85. author

    Jotaro kujo10 phút trước

    jazpaul you jerk

  86. author

    Xx hexiph xX10 phút trước

    Hey dereck you know WhaT I jUsT FooUnd oUt... We have the same BIRTHDAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. author

    Kenneth Sevilla10 phút trước

    beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot the better you feel so lift up your legs and let it squel

  88. author

    Vampy Wooz10 phút trước


  89. author

    Rodrigo Muro10 phút trước

    You should go on instagram tell people what song they want and whatever food is in the song you eat (in honor of juice world)

  90. author

    Ciara Gardner10 phút trước

    got a eat healthy ad :c

  91. author

    Isaiah Bolden10 phút trước


  92. author

    abs10 phút trước

    Breakfast: Bacon Toast Lunch: Tacos Dinner: Pizza Fries

  93. author

    InsaneZylex10 phút trước

    Do Christmas based food my dude

  94. author

    FooyPlayzGames10 phút trước

    Derek: Comment Something Me: Something

  95. author

    John Gomez11 phút trước

    That VIreporterr who ask for likes stoppppp!!!!

  96. author

    Isaiah Bolden11 phút trước

    Should have said apple

  97. author

    Kawaii Spirit11 phút trước


  98. author

    Tracy McFadzen11 phút trước

    Darek: have u ever wanted to wear darpual on our cheast. Me: how did u know

  99. author

    BlackFlamesYT12 phút trước

    DEREK GO ON VIreporter REWIND ON 0:49

  100. author

    vatch12 phút trước