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I got her pregnant...I got her pregnant...

I got her pregnant...

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  1. author

    Kateleine Bustamante47 phút trước

    Wow Noah’s so sweet❤️!

  2. author

    Amish Sethi47 phút trước

    That’s dedication he sold his urus to buy a lambo for his dad 🙂

  3. author

    fahad aljarbou48 phút trước

    Happy birthday FaZe rug wish you a happy birthday

  4. author

    Vimal Dev49 phút trước


  5. author

    Dequindell Jackson49 phút trước

    That's Lady need to get a real man

  6. author

    Carol S50 phút trước

    Noah is so cute if he was a VIreporterr I will follow him Who agrees?

  7. author

    mike456w50 phút trước

    this is where i unsubscribe

  8. author

    Jovannie Vazquez53 phút trước

    Rug tipe of person to put ranch on burger 6:02

  9. author

    Rachel Gallardo53 phút trước

    Hahaha this was so cool papa rug is awesome!!

  10. author

    raneem sisi54 phút trước

    Wow I love this song 😍 not bad

  11. author

    M daud Tariq54 phút trước

    Noah is a youtube personality,should start a channel

  12. author

    Dequindell Jackson56 phút trước

    I think I have lost my appetite

  13. author

    Damary Sierra58 phút trước

    We need more videos of Noah ☺️

  14. author

    Tedia Binidra58 phút trước

    Is it me or the Gucci stuff seems used before not new🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. author

    Dequindell JacksonGiờ trước


  16. author

    Dequindell JacksonGiờ trước

    Yes me too

  17. author

    Brady RoseGiờ trước

    Me when someone gives me clothes 😂

  18. author

    Samih AslamiGiờ trước

    No one Faze rug= smells like Gucci

  19. author

    Cesar OrtizGiờ trước

    Noah is not funny.

  20. author

    love birdsGiờ trước

    Cant lie I like the video n putting a comment cause dis video was super good keep them coming guys

  21. author

    Shaeda EsauGiờ trước


  22. author

    Abby WerdebaughGiờ trước

    People say that Disneyland is the happiest place on planet Earth.....I guess I will never be happy!! 😭😭😭

  23. author

    Fabrice MakGiờ trước

    Food is food btw

  24. author

    YT MedowGiờ trước

    Noah you start your own channel it would be 🔥

  25. author

    Ibzan BacilioGiờ trước

    I feell so happy for brian

  26. author

    Joann HillGiờ trước

    Happy bday

  27. author

    Maybelline MedranoGiờ trước

    I wish to go to Disneyland do you want to go.

  28. author

    R FGiờ trước

    Wait so he couldn’t afford a ride not long ago but now he can buy Gucci?

  29. author

    norma villarrealGiờ trước

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎉

  30. author

    EthanjamesTV09Giờ trước

    Those were cap guns

  31. author

    Jacob CummingsGiờ trước

    Happy bday Brian

  32. author

    superkoolcarnoGiờ trước

    9:36 to 9:45 cringe

  33. author

    superkoolcarnoGiờ trước

    May 6

  34. author

    Drifter 111Giờ trước

    13:42 drops the Gucci bag like it’s nothing

  35. author

    djrider86Giờ trước

    Noah just accomplished the impossible. He PRANKED the PRANKSTER! Usually Brian spots the camera.

  36. author

    the lil hackerGiờ trước

    Remove the one from ur birthday and it's my birthday

  37. author

    Fabrice MakGiờ trước

    Food is food Btw

  38. author

    Dequindell JacksonGiờ trước

    Yes I remember you as Rico hanana Montana

  39. author

    Street_h1ghGiờ trước

    Disney world Orlando is the happiest place on earth😝

  40. author

    Indronil SarkarGiờ trước

    Bro can uh come to india to do like this give aways

  41. author

    AS ZTGiờ trước

    Food is food

  42. author

    Gretchen BaezGiờ trước

    Hey person scrolling through the comments... *HOPE YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY✨🧸💛* P.s. I have a small YT channel and would love some support 💛💛💛

  43. author

    cassandra alvaradoGiờ trước

    this one made my heart warm 😭😭

  44. author

    Ali FoxxGiờ trước

    Love this ! That was awesome !

  45. author

    Julian LopezGiờ trước

    Why is rug complaining about $3,000 when that’s literally less than a penny to him

  46. author

    Frank TorresGiờ trước

    I saw an orb

  47. author

    Hassan SubhiGiờ trước

    insane haircut bro

  48. author

    Cristian BacanuGiờ trước

    This is one the best fazerug video I’ve watched

  49. author

    SECTOR BIKERGiờ trước

    Pretty good vlog

  50. author

    DanieelGiờ trước

    God. bless everyone!

  51. author

    Sully KhanGiờ trước

    Food is food

  52. author

    Hugo LohGiờ trước

    Happy birthday rug🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  53. author

    I want to dieGiờ trước

    Noah should start a YT channel

  54. author

    MARVEL&DCGIRLGiờ trước


  55. author

    jovial fernandes FernandesGiờ trước

    Faze rug joins 2 couples again

  56. author

    LIMI MiMiGiờ trước

    The best video <3

  57. author

    Luz MedinaGiờ trước

    That's how you know rug cares about us chill bar make a VIreporter video for us on his birthday

  58. author

    Erin RGiờ trước

    the fobeden tonel

  59. author

    AC YungFlyGiờ trước

    YOU NIßßä

  60. author

    King L3 VlogsGiờ trước

    You should buy him a house in San Diego

  61. author

    Mike BandoGiờ trước

    Lowkey wanted to cry at 14:00 going strong boys A tear drops*

  62. author

    Elmeer RodriguezGiờ trước

    I met you here, you’re super nice bro, thank you for the pic, FaZe up baby 🔥🔥

  63. author

    YOUSY ALIGiờ trước

    food id foooooooooooood

  64. author

    Martintimani 2007Giờ trước

    Man if you watch arrow on netflix kaylen reminds me of Helena or the huntress

  65. author

    vale_ 301Giờ trước

    I have 22 family members all

  66. author

    Pradeep RGiờ trước

    Why doesn't Banks uploaded videos on his VIreporter channel

  67. author

    Slatty JrGiờ trước

    Hello, I will be doing giveaways soon on my channel! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe on my channel to enter!! Please show love and support!!!

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    Ayleen TrejoGiờ trước

    Noah should start his own yt channel

  69. author

    Slatty JrGiờ trước

    Hello, I will be doing giveaways soon on my channel! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe on my channel to enter!!! Gift card giveaway soon!!!

  70. author

    Slatty JrGiờ trước

    Hello, I will be doing giveaways soon on my channel! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe on my channel to enter!!! Gift card giveaway soon!!!

  71. author

    Sjdfke NdjfGiờ trước


  72. author

    22Q AwarenessGiờ trước

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO YET i love it Noah and Brian hahahaha and Hey Rug if you see this post man i wanted to simply say thank you so so so so so so so much to the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me on Twitter for wanting to make my wish come true to meet you i can not believe you actually wanna make my wish come true ever since you messaged me i have been curious when youll message me again for further Details on the wish!! i am your biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest fan thank you so so so much also for making awesome videos every week i always look foward to seeing them whether if its challenge videos, Haunted Videos, or pranks such as this one, Brian i know you get many many comments man but can you please pin this comment so i know you excited to plan my wish! even through my sicknesses a long time ago your videos have helped me in so so so so so many ways i cant even imagine. keep up the great work Rug! hope to here form you on twitter really soon!

  73. author

    Leo ZhenGiờ trước

    it hurts worse on skinner people

  74. author

    Ben breslinGiờ trước

    The voice said come back and when youse entered a voice said yay it's time to play

  75. author

    DocsturGiờ trước

    What is that painting in Rug's room that they blurred out?

  76. author

    Felipe MunozGiờ trước

    *warning lower speaker volume for this part.. 5:57 got people in my house thinking I was watching something that I obviously wasn’t watching 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  77. author

    DJRockster_ 360Giờ trước

    Noah, u rlly went over dose with the gucci 😂

  78. author

    vtpGiờ trước

    Two minutes of silence for people thinking it’s all true 👏👏

  79. author

    DJRockster_ 360Giờ trước

    Wow Brian is still a rlly nice guy deep down

  80. author

    gaming viperGiờ trước

    Underwear is a better name man not rug wear

  81. author

    Marcos SilvaGiờ trước

    Where is mike

  82. author

    BunnlBoomGiờ trước


  83. author

    maxsimiGiờ trước

    Cutting of Peoples Legs,then buying them a wheelchair

  84. author

    Kaitochukwu IheanachoGiờ trước

    When I saw the title and knew it was was a prank and i knew it would be 🔥

  85. author

    wilfrid fredGiờ trước

    The hater must be maaaaaaaad,with thé 100$

  86. author

    Maud SmitsGiờ trước

    anyone else noticed that some of the Gucci stuff wasn't wrapped ?????

  87. author

    Dequindell Jackson2 giờ trước

    I'm done being sick

  88. author

    Icewallowcome Dixie normus2 giờ trước

    I think this is beautiful he was willing to sacrifice his birthday for us rug rats

  89. author

    ge131ge2 giờ trước

    Only that gucci hoodie was cool but everything Else was 💩🤮🤮💩💩💩

  90. author

    Marco Stern2 giờ trước

    Some of those things he already owned like the things are his

  91. author

    Savio albazi games2 giờ trước

    Noah should do a VIreporter channel plz

  92. author

    Carmine Vlogs2 giờ trước

    did anyone else see that guy on the left at 2:55

  93. author

    Kailyn Clarke2 giờ trước

    my fav video so cute

  94. author

    Camryn Edwards The Turtle2 giờ trước

    Go to the bottom description trust me it’s worth it it’s a message you deserve If you actually did it like this comment Nope just kidding I don’t wanna beg for likes Have a good day

  95. author

    Jasmin Vargas Cruz2 giờ trước

    Why do I ship 😂❤️❤️

  96. author

    Snizel Dcunha2 giờ trước

    U Truely deserve all the amazing things! May. Happiness always come ur ways!!!! ❤and Noah boy I love u for that

  97. author

    Snizel Dcunha2 giờ trước

    u deserve all these gifts and much more! Harts off to Noah, I love u mhn

  98. author

    Ashton Scott2 giờ trước

    Noah’s the best non VIreporterr out Bro

  99. author

    JD Govender2 giờ trước

    happy birthday Brian 😁😁🎁🎁🎂🎂

  100. author

    Josh Mikels2 giờ trước

    anyone. 2019 to 2050?