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Joana Ceddia

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21 ngày trước

I bleached my hairI bleached my hair

I bleached my hair

Tháng trước

How to Crash a WeddingHow to Crash a Wedding

How to Crash a Wedding

2 tháng trước

Oops I'm in New YorkOops I'm in New York

Oops I'm in New York

4 tháng trước

I went to promI went to prom

I went to prom

4 tháng trước

Let's talk about schoolLet's talk about school

Let's talk about school

5 tháng trước

Meanwhile, in CanadaMeanwhile, in Canada

Meanwhile, in Canada

6 tháng trước

Dear Mom, give me a dogDear Mom, give me a dog

Dear Mom, give me a dog

7 tháng trước

It is exam season.It is exam season.

It is exam season.

7 tháng trước

The History of John CenaThe History of John Cena

The History of John Cena

7 tháng trước



8 tháng trước

I painted the Mona LisaI painted the Mona Lisa

I painted the Mona Lisa

8 tháng trước

Playing A Horror GamePlaying A Horror Game

Playing A Horror Game

9 tháng trước

URGENT: Hair TutorialURGENT: Hair Tutorial

URGENT: Hair Tutorial

9 tháng trước

A very productive weekendA very productive weekend

A very productive weekend

10 tháng trước



11 tháng trước



Năm trước



Năm trước



Năm trước

  1. author

    _ PepperGiờ trước

    How old is she?

  2. author

    Belle PepeGiờ trước

    i hate cheese.............

  3. author

    h a y a a tGiờ trước

    joana: “I’m also absolutely appalled by the number of Nike Air Force one’s around me” me: i feel personally attacked

  4. author

    Monica CoatesGiờ trước

    This could have been a great video, but you are just trying to hard.

  5. author

    Saida MinatozakiGiờ trước

    Would you rather drink a pizza or eat a milk?

  6. author

    Ava AddisonGiờ trước


  7. author

    Annie BoseGiờ trước

    Damn it , why do you always give me motivation to study hard 😂😑

  8. author

    EldaGiờ trước

    holy shit this was a year ago and she grew almost 2 more million subs gurl tell me watcha doing

  9. author

    ItzFrisky _AngelGiờ trước

    Ahuu ahuuu

  10. author

    TheEpicAlpaca2 giờ trước

    Wait why did she hate the painting so much?

  11. author

    Star gc2 giờ trước

    The dislikes is her mom in different acc's

  12. author

    Veakon2 giờ trước

    I always imagine myself having a romantic dance with my imaginary girlfriend when I listen to The night we met. Yup, I am that single. Hahahahaha

  13. author

    Sabrine Smahi2 giờ trước

    when she destroyed the painting and then taped it back together and then destroyed it again a piece of me died inside

  14. author

    sekar Wangi2 giờ trước

    i literally watching this while studying biology for my tommorow test

  15. author

    Falling tardis2 giờ trước

    Joana : fires arrows at dead painting: Me when I find an old art book that I filled when I was younger

  16. author

    Jacob Young2 giờ trước

    This video is a ducking fever dream

  17. author

    Angele2 giờ trước

    we want *kazooz*

  18. author

    General Sahu2 giờ trước

    Am go call 911 on you for destroying the painting, that led to my high blood pressure

  19. author

    It’s Natasha2 giờ trước

    i read the title as _“my first day in universe”_

  20. author

    Ted Jacob Laminta2 giờ trước

    i just saw that you have so much Cassandra Clare books in you previous vlogs

  21. author

    Emily Hudsky2 giờ trước

    I have been to Pearson airport

  22. author

    Laiba Abbasi2 giờ trước


  23. author

    Lasse Lillegaard2 giờ trước

    you are not funny

  24. author

    beautybekky2 giờ trước

    I love that you work out with your parents

  25. author

    Michelle UwU2 giờ trước

    Let’s just all take a moment to observe at how beautiful all her drawings are 😔👌

  26. author

    DaIrishAnimeLover10 :32 giờ trước

    3:25 gurl same

  27. author

    Raven TV3 giờ trước

    God this is so funny

  28. author

    Batgirlapplepie Art3 giờ trước

    Joana: "The shorts are really tight and really uncomfortable, and they give me..... *whispers* Camel toe."

  29. author

    Zsiga Zádori3 giờ trước

    the cooking show at the end of the video is literally the bes thumor a human or dog can produce

  30. author

    TURKISH Turkey3 giờ trước

    💖 love u

  31. author

    Jana Bratic3 giờ trước

    How is this painting called?

  32. author

    Diane Salarda3 giờ trước

    yeah all the kid will dead if the kids do some bad thing like this 😑😅

  33. author

    Banana Seok3 giờ trước

    Tbh james charles pronounced it right cus thats how koreans pronounce it and thats where mukbang came from but you know ???

  34. author

    andyroo19973 giờ trước

    Existential Dread is my favourite mood

  35. author

    Amy Smith3 giờ trước


  36. author

    Kiowa Cosgrove4 giờ trước

    UUUHGHHH 😪😒😓 three weeks ago I started school at my new IB school for the first time....... and it SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME TIPS ON HOW TO ACTUALLY ENJOY MY LIFE AT SCHOOL

  37. author

    xxBVPxx4 giờ trước

    Its almost 3 million cookies time 🤣🤔😉

  38. author

    Shinji D4 giờ trước

    whats the chance that she loves watching big bang theory when she loves physics that much XDDD Im no science guy but I love watching scientific shows and comedy lol

  39. author

    Vesna Andelic4 giờ trước


  40. author

    Zara Clare4 giờ trước

    Whos here when she is almost at 3M

  41. author

    rebbeca belle4 giờ trước

    13 year olds be like... *blood sweat and tears...BTS?!?!?!*

  42. author

    Welcome 2 Mcboyfriend's Home4 giờ trước

    Now THESE are the kind of videos I like 2 watch

  43. author

    Chicken Tenders4 giờ trước

    Omg i love purple rain by prince

  44. author

    splderwebs4 giờ trước

    **sexy music** W R O N G ITS **smexy music**

  45. author

    V squad4 giờ trước

    Omg you have so many mics you have two mics on the side and one in your hand

  46. author

    Purpur_Purrs_Purrfectly4 giờ trước

    wait... youre 18.... cant you drive?

  47. author

    Bangtandeu Animu4 giờ trước

    This was posted in 9/11 *suprised pikachu*

  48. author

    Louise Vel4 giờ trước

    You're hilarious 😘😂

  49. author

    Aleksandra Petraš4 giờ trước

    all you should know about tennis is Novak Djokovic

  50. author

    Florance Pimentel4 giờ trước

    Ben jij Nederlands?

  51. author

    Soph1e4 giờ trước

    I truly love you so much you really lighten up my day your so funny and beautiful at the same time LOL anyway I just really lover your personality and your humor best wishes 💕 also I have to watch back. All your vids cause Ive seen all your vids already and when I see a new one I literally jump out of my skin:;((•﹏•๑)));:🌟-Sophie-love your girl. 🐙

  52. author

    Roddy Rod4 giờ trước

    I stopped at...."I'm a victim of capitalism".....what an entitled moron.

  53. author

    Samra Shmres5 giờ trước

    Tou send hi i send bye

  54. author

    Niveska Cakarun5 giờ trước

    Careish mom 🤣

  55. author

    Jezabel Mir5 giờ trước

    where did you get your record player from cause omg i want one -thanksss

  56. author

    II_ Glooby5 giờ trước

    0:17 lmaoo

  57. author

    Anjelika Mamasalieva5 giờ trước


  58. author

    chai tea5 giờ trước

    the question isnt how she did it the question is how she worked in the shrek outfit

  59. author

    Jordan Ulis5 giờ trước

    I think Joana needs to collab with Caroline Konstnar and we will get maximum youtube potential reached

  60. author

    erica_xxox5 giờ trước

    i have 15 subscribers... and i’m proud...

  61. author

    Ishita Sharma5 giờ trước

    Kpop is so flashy and the bright colours hurt my eyes. Maybe i can watch with a curtain or something

  62. author

    { M È S Ø D R Å W Š }5 giờ trước

    The first time k played minnecraft j was 2nd day and i thought the creeper was frindly and j blew up thats why j play on my laptop and on hypixel

  63. author

    Robert5 giờ trước

    Coach: "You were faster in practice, what happened?" And I was like shiiieeet

  64. author

    ging3rdragon5 giờ trước

    That’s a fully emergency backpack 🎒👍

  65. author

    Sebastian Playz5 giờ trước

    2018: cuts hair with craft scissors 2019:bleaches hair Me:...

  66. author

    chai tea5 giờ trước

    Summer time sadness? More likee aLl tImE sAdnESs

  67. author

    Shabul Mashor Junaidi5 giờ trước

    who agree her hair is beautiful when after she cut her hair wish I have a hair-like that

  68. author

    Katia G5 giờ trước

    made me crave tuna darn it

  69. author

    Salim5 giờ trước

    Omg my calculus professor is Italian too!

  70. author

    The Gaming Unicorn5 giờ trước

    Make friends!!!!

  71. author

    sherwin soares5 giờ trước

    Not all wahmen bad

  72. author

    ging3rdragon5 giờ trước

    Mom walks in: 🚶‍♀️ Mom runs out : 💃 👀 👅

  73. author

    Jennie is BAE5 giờ trước

    i miss joana old basic clothes

  74. author

    Krazy Kara6 giờ trước

    I has subscribed

  75. author

    ging3rdragon6 giờ trước

    Michaels is so bad with their artsy items! I went to 2 different ones and none had what i needed 😂

  76. author

    Nicoli Pereira6 giờ trước

    Pues a mieme encantó como le quedó el pelo 😂

  77. author

    wadu help6 giờ trước

    muji pens r honestly da best

  78. author

    YourDailyUnnie6 giờ trước

    3:41 MY B DAY!!!!! 10 November!

  79. author

    Mahi Mahi6 giờ trước

    Add a tomato next cheese /steak. Its a tradition for Itali.

  80. author

    mysticat176 giờ trước

    THE FIRST 28 SECONDS GOT ME- omg i love how calm her voice is 💖

  81. author

    Mahi Mahi6 giờ trước

    North Face backpack will be fine

  82. author

    Mustafa Genç6 giờ trước

    15 dakikamı geri istiyorum

  83. author

    Click bait6 giờ trước

    I'm I the only person wondering why she's going to university😐

  84. author

    Click bait6 giờ trước

    Joana looks so different now. All grown ❤👴

  85. author

    Mahi Mahi6 giờ trước

    You are funny.

  86. author

    Putri Ango6 giờ trước

    Ada gak Orang indonesia yg nonton ini juga ?

  87. author

    Sarena Louise7 giờ trước

    Joana: "someone stop Jacob saggytitties" 😂

  88. author

    Anh Minh7 giờ trước

    Petition for Joana to have a clothing line called “High Key”

  89. author

    bored_potato17 giờ trước

    3:07 is that a charmed reference 👀

  90. author

    potato life7 giờ trước

    I thought she go home and eat her lunch?

  91. author

    Ivy Mckay7 giờ trước

    I was crying with laughter by the end of this video Just thought y’all should know

  92. author

    *insert surprised pikachu face *7 giờ trước

    "I'm offically a victim of capitalism"

  93. author

    Sara Buhary7 giờ trước


  94. author

    *insert surprised pikachu face *7 giờ trước

    "I have been brithed!!" - John Cena 2019

  95. author

    Jaluna Böhler7 giờ trước

    Is she canadian?

  96. author

    Nightcore Potato:37 giờ trước

    “If the apocalypse hits, I’m going bald. I don’t know why Picture this you’re struggling to survive. No food, no water. There’s zombies attacking you. Me? i’m bald and beautiful, that sounded disgusting. And I have all the food. Am I gonna let you in? No, cause you made fun of my bald hair” john cena 2019 MY BALD HAIR

  97. author

    Siríus7 giờ trước

    I nid that gold star.

  98. author

    Corky 3547 giờ trước

    10:35 me off to go kill my enemies

  99. author

    Minja Muhonen7 giờ trước

    the creeper was supposed to be a pig but there was some coding error that made it look like the creeper and ig they just wanted to put it in the game :D

  100. author

    Doordana's what's up studio7 giờ trước

    I love your hummer