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The $1.7 Million LieThe $1.7 Million Lie

The $1.7 Million Lie

9 tháng trước

They stole $1.7 millionThey stole $1.7 million

They stole $1.7 million

10 tháng trước

  1. author

    P. B.28 giây trước

    se que nadie va a entender, pero como adoro a MatPat!! es muy lindo y extremadamente lindo! me hace amar las matemáticas! <3 saludos desde Argentina capo!!

  2. author

    Alienated Fob130 giây trước

    Can you do a digimon theory

  3. author

    Andrew Robinson52 giây trước

    Nux wasn't expecting this

  4. author

    Zachary McIntosh56 giây trước

    Cactus table

  5. author

    Im No Where But EverywherePhút trước

    Everytime she stutters or says uh, I have to eat a ghost pepper.

  6. author

    Wieaboo Hanzo mainPhút trước

    You know there is more than 3 archetypes there is one more the one blessed by god COMBO

  7. author

    The True Bean of DeathPhút trước

    What if matpat started his own video creating website? Also adding this as the crown jewel to my youtube drunk lol playlist

  8. author

    Michelle BidyeuPhút trước

    wait so are wer just picking numbers of things from designs and making theories about it now

  9. author

    MrsoaR2 phút trước

    Ruining your childhood since 2011

  10. author

    Harlee Playz2 phút trước

    What about GACHATUBERS?!?!?!😥😥😥😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m so scared!!!

  11. author

    Dragonized Cube3 phút trước

    More than 50 percent of her vocabulary is umm and and

  12. author

    nickszune3 phút trước

    Matt: “So let’s just get right into it. What is your history with gaming?? Do you play games at all?” Susan: “Well, all of my kids play games.” Me: “Oh no.” And this isn’t just a meme. Yes, I meant it as a joke but also I think this highlights a very real concern: those that make the decisions that affect our platform aren’t a part of the community to begin with.

  13. author

    Z R A3 phút trước

    Did FNaF Ultimate Costum Night just William Afton get punched by Golden Experience Requiem?

  14. author

    Luke Sandison3 phút trước

    And so... So What? Speak English... Or at least make sense

  15. author

    aman4 phút trước

    this whole ubisoft unviverse is gonna be their last resort to making the greatest game they've made, i feel like their running out of ideas for AC and just maybe 2 or 3 more watch dogs games and maybe just then this could work

  16. author

    JustAnRegularDude yeet4 phút trước

    Susan more like Karen

  17. author

    Noëlle Merliah4 phút trước

    0:10 lol to skip the message i guess idek

  18. author

    toughluck80125 phút trước

    Comment section summed up: Unoriginally demonizing Susan with selective hearing and skewing to fit preconceived notions and conformation bias and fit in with the popular opinion to feel accepted in pack mentality

  19. author

    Roblox5 phút trước

    Fnafs real duds

  20. author

    Cupcake Mr.6 phút trước

    "Me, Markiplier, Dawko, the kings of FNaF" *Sad JackSepticEye Irish Sobbing*

  21. author

    Morgan Godsey6 phút trước

    Speaking of cults my dad got in trouble at school when he was a kid because he picked up a flyer that said "Worship the goat" and just jump like 30 years later I'm going to school in cloaks and recruiting people to the cult of shrek.

  22. author

    Kailah Birchler7 phút trước

    Dude, this lady is so corporate it hurts. She's just saving face the whole time and disregarding your questions. "Oh I see a lot of different games." She's intentionally missing the point. (or she's dumb, but I'm going to assume that's not the case.)

  23. author

    EWATS gaming8 phút trước

    Why does he drink water like that😂 5:07

  24. author

    پوریا صحبت زاده8 phút trước

    MatPat's face throughout all of the video is just screaming OK BOOMER.

  25. author



  26. author

    Tito Aguil10 phút trước

    Matpat: Where does violence fall in your violence polices? Susan: Soon we will be allowing making a revision to the system so you can tell us if you video has violence. My Mind: Wait so you just described COPPA in the most safest way. Hmmmmm...

  27. author

    Aria Chan10 phút trước

    Majority of the time my friend is all like "just answer the question woman!"

  28. author

    oliver baines11 phút trước

    It says Mike and I. The silver eyes Charlie had a friend named Micheal and he was stuffed in a suit when they went to the abandoned Freddy’s so I think that it was his Edit: I know that this is a year late but I just couldn’t help myself

  29. author

    Jojo Rey11 phút trước

    I just want to go back to 2013 youtube where creators could make whatever they wanted and not worry about being demonetized. Where parents would actually parent and monitor what their kids watched and not just go “eh ok”. where it wasn’t a corporation feeling place but a family driven place where everyone was welcome

  30. author

    Inver Skater11 phút trước

    The ,,Angry Bird Bird'' is called Red

  31. author

    Block Gaming11 phút trước

    I love that you try to uncover all of this but u really know minecraft dosent have lore

  32. author

    #kwabns11 phút trước

    VIreporter rewind

  33. author

    iceblue star12 phút trước

    Like me

  34. author

    Layton pro 🎩⚡12 phút trước

    Why is part of your sideburn shaved? Did I miss something on gtlive? 😂

  35. author

    asmr time13 phút trước

    UwU I'm reading the fnaf books I'm on "THE SILVER EYES"

  36. author

    Gago s char Wu13 phút trước

    We raid youtube

  37. author

    yo mama theme park14 phút trước

    can we talk about how the table is a minecraft cactus?

  38. author

    Dizzy Unbound14 phút trước

    VIreporter needs a new CEO. One who's not afraid of being transparent and who keeps the rules consistent for everyone instead of picking celebs, creators, words and / or topics that they agree with or whatnot.

  39. author

    AlexCraft Studios15 phút trước

    the beginning of the video made me laugh so hard XD. I knew there was a catch to the peaceful oceans

  40. author

    Zack gero15 phút trước

    16:06 bro she's a question Dodger 👎🏽

  41. author

    Sam Mahan16 phút trước

    Well lots ov kids Chanel’s are gonna be in over 10 million dollars in debt. Coppas making bank This craps serious 😨😨😨😨

  42. author

    Under fell Sans16 phút trước

    I would be sans

  43. author

    Jazzy Kae17 phút trước

    Ok MatPat you have gone to hard on Disney!!You litterly counted how many people died in all of Disney(ish)

  44. author

    Crystal Lake Slasher18 phút trước

    Just why? why? why? Its so stupid

  45. author

    Avez18 phút trước

    Oof, The Billie Eilish comment got her good

  46. author

    WaffleMinion18 phút trước

    Why even give advertisers a option? YT is such a monster platform that they'll be loosing money by not advertising on YT. So tell them that the only choice that they have is to have their ads appear in certain categories like games, comedy, technology, etc. They shouldn't get a choice on which videos have language, violence, etc. YT has a lot of pull but they're bending over backwards for thsse advertisers. This CEO isnt here for the creators, and shes not even close to being the best person for YT and the creators.

  47. author

    Lou Guthrie18 phút trước

    Omg i love you your an amazing youtuber i cryed at the start please dont hate us 1 like= -1000 hate comments for matpat

  48. author

    Sam Mahan18 phút trước

    Yeah I feel like a lot of people are going to be in debt since like he said some Chanel’s have over 600 videos and are kid content which if you do the math that’s $25,200,000 yeah the OddOnesOut is in a tough spot

  49. author

    arla Dingemans18 phút trước

    Before I start to watch this.. I need to know what happened to the right side of your hair in the intro.

  50. author

    Khin David19 phút trước

    All i got was she was stalling or avoding the questions. Great interview pat strightforward to the hard questions.

  51. author

    David Collins20 phút trước

    Bendy is cool

  52. author

    Aria Chan20 phút trước

    Am i the only one who cant understand her answers

  53. author

    Dirk The Daring20 phút trước

    You lost me at 0:01

  54. author

    Cliff Terios21 phút trước

    Thanks for putting in the hard work for all of us on the platform, Matt Pat. I really appreciate it

  55. author

    Jim Bim Bum21 phút trước

    I feel like she's only pretending to care to shut people up.

  56. author

    PyxlX DLX21 phút trước

    Ha, there’s another one coming out next year, mat. Sorry.

  57. author

    Colin Toplak21 phút trước

    Anyone in 2019 looking for famous youtubers for the centerey?

  58. author

    DragnBane22 phút trước

    Lol she seems really good at answering questions without actually......answering.....questions

  59. author

    Sop Lop23 phút trước

    This is something I just thought of. I don’t know if it would be good but it is an idea. What if there was a button where if you really enjoy something you could recommend it to the trending tab. There is probably flaws to it but it’s just an idea.

  60. author

    Rugger's Show23 phút trước

    “We have politicians coming on to our platform..” Like you!

  61. author

    ForeverAPlaya1723 phút trước

    So in my English lesson earlier this week, we had to name one fictional narcissistic character and explain. Lets just say my teacher said she's now convinced that Mario is a narcissist. Thank you MatPat

  62. author

    Daniel Magical24 phút trước

    Susan is a gamer

  63. author

    Ben24 phút trước

    It would've been such a great opportunity for Susan to clear up misunderstandings between the community and the VIreporter itself but instead she just confirmed every doubt or thoughts we had by talking without saying anything the entire time. Matt Patt had a great idea that could've brought a lot of changes if Susan would've answered at least one question without derailing somewhere else

  64. author

    RedstoneManiac25 phút trước

    I want that cactus table

  65. author

    MecaBlox25 phút trước

    13:20 Was someone talking about me?

  66. author

    Mario Mcmeans25 phút trước

    Story has it Susan focused all her effort towards boosting evasion for this boss battle.

  67. author

    Crazykoke Broz25 phút trước

    Endermen don't run really fast, Minecraft displays any teleportation as moving fast. Just join a multiplayer world and teleport someone to you, it will appear as if they are running fast. Plus, how do enderpearls teleport people if Endermen cant use them to teleport? Explain how they can escape a room without running? Saying the flash does it is not a valid answer as Endermen are not known to vibrate their molecular structure through walls (Not even the developers intended that). And how do you explain teleportation from chorus fruit when it appears as running when you use F5?

  68. author

    SeventeenTheGamer _1726 phút trước

    I watched a video a while back about big platforms being cracked down on by legislators and they said "if your only competitive advantage is being small enough to avoid legislation, you shouldnt have an advantage" youtube has been under watch by the media and legislators for a long time, i have a hard time moving my viewership to another platform given that just because it has more "freedom" i dont want to watch a company die just because the governments of the world are broken

  69. author

    Stephen Smith26 phút trước

    (Purple guy)I alwais com,(matpat)no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooo strap,(fazbear fright)walllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllLlllllllllllllllll.

  70. author

    Selene Gachawolf26 phút trước

    Is it wierd that I I rock out hard to you're intro?

  71. author

    Pop4win Gaming26 phút trước

    Is the bunny mask made of jermys face

  72. author

    Caleb Thornberry26 phút trước

    this is just i ... i feel bad for you its unlucky for lack of a better word that you suffered a loss that some people might not understand and the thought of some one you love or care for ending there life just make me sad and i'm sorry for you're loss and i hope things get better and you don't have to suffer another loss like that RIP Ronnie im sorry mat pat.

  73. author

    Alex Shows26 phút trước

    ingredient 1: 4 cubic meters of THE SOULS OF THE oofED.

  74. author

    Colin Toplak27 phút trước

    We're you crying durring this? Just wanna know

  75. author

    I hate Justin Y27 phút trước

    Nu male

  76. author

    vicci russ28 phút trước

    my mum done a quiz night for this 2 year old boy we raised so much money we hope he got the treatment he needed

  77. author

    Andrew Zaluski30 phút trước

    Anyone else notice MatPat say battlefield 2 instead of battlefront 2 at 3:39-3:40

  78. author

    Berenice Garcia30 phút trước

    In the end youtube is not even in control. It's the advertisers, they are the ones that make the rules.

  79. author

    Andrew Harris30 phút trước

    Most of the things Susan says are nonanswers.

  80. author

    Eliseu S Júnior30 phút trước

    The most depressing part was on 33:54 where she was explaining (as the ceo of youtube) why we should create content for youtube, but awkwardly going to mat for the numbers, jesus.

  81. author

    Wolfboi 96 Gaming30 phút trước

    I made theory crying child was sammy, and is scared because his sister was killed by "springtrap"

  82. author

    TheKrackenX4231 phút trước

    Got to admire that Minecraft cactus side table with a cactus on top...

  83. author

    Sevice32 phút trước

    coppa coppa coppa coppa coppa chameleon

  84. author

    Another Comedy32 phút trước

    I guess you could say he’s bad to the bone

  85. author

    Shoh Eshmurodov32 phút trước


  86. author

    xRAINxOFxBLOODx32 phút trước

    Ruins of Lon Lon Ranch: *Am I a joke to you?*

  87. author

    Duck_Vader 77732 phút trước

    Matt would do great in politics

  88. author

    toughluck801232 phút trước

    *Poses complex emotional open ended statement about an issue and how the community feels* "what's your thoughts on that?" "My answer is no" That's like crossing out all the multiple choice questions on a test and just writing false

  89. author

    Aster Grael35 phút trước

    Why did she even agree to this if she was not going to answer anything?

  90. author

    Morgan Godsey36 phút trước

    I just had an ad for VIreporter kids

  91. author

    Just Mars36 phút trước

    Can someone who studies conversations/sociology/psychology or even body language make an analysis on this?

  92. author

    Noah Hibbs36 phút trước

    Check out my recent video

  93. author

    The Sprinkle Swirl37 phút trước

    What about COPPA? What will happen to VIreporter then?

  94. author

    Dreamhunter38 phút trước

    30:44 So the 8 year olds are the reason that fortnite was so popular? Honestly that isn't surprising

  95. author

    Jesse-shalom Pommells38 phút trước

    Does that mean Princess peach doesn't have a gender

  96. author

    HammTari Productions38 phút trước

    who understood anything?

  97. author

    The Vulcan38 phút trước

    Fun fact: The developers of this game Haemimont Games is a Bulgarian Studio founded in 1997 by Gabriel Dobrev and is based in the capital city of Sofia. It's a fun fact because, A. I just learned that Haemimont Games are a bulgarian studio and B. i am also a bulgarian and i'm really proud that we have developers who make such good games.

  98. author

    Stephen Smith38 phút trước

    Uh I picked paper pals .

  99. author

    Frost H39 phút trước

    So Advertisement = paying VIreporterrs But with isn't this idea wrong? Hear me out many VIreporterrs are creating for VIreporter to get the foot-traffic everyday, their many more other way VIreporter make its money, but the people that creat for them should be seen as employees. Since they have choosen to cut how much some people make. So give VIreporterrs their 401k, their Medical and so forth, also their hourly wage since.