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Get SchooledGet Schooled

Get Schooled

3 ngày trước

Dogs Gone WildDogs Gone Wild

Dogs Gone Wild

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Dog Days of SummerDog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

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18 ngày trước

Ellen Is on SteroidsEllen Is on Steroids

Ellen Is on Steroids

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Slip UpSlip Up

Slip Up

24 ngày trước

Copy Cat KidsCopy Cat Kids

Copy Cat Kids

25 ngày trước

For Your AmusementFor Your Amusement

For Your Amusement

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Mini-Me, Myself, and IMini-Me, Myself, and I

Mini-Me, Myself, and I

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Two Cute to HandleTwo Cute to Handle

Two Cute to Handle

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Namastay OutsideNamastay Outside

Namastay Outside

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The Git Up ChallengeThe Git Up Challenge

The Git Up Challenge

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  1. author

    Christine Jackson3 phút trước

    This is so cute! XO Ellen & Brad!

  2. author

    Maureen4 phút trước

    I am crying lol🤣

  3. author

    Datfunnies5 phút trước

    Brad really gave him that “distant” hug tho

  4. author

    Laura Kichler6 phút trước

    No way she us 40! She somehow looks 20 still!

  5. author

    gacнa._. aѕн6 phút trước

    VIreporter’s recommendations: 2015:nah 2016:eh 2017:ummmm 2018:wait for it 2019: LETS GOOO

  6. author

    Jeremiah the king b7 phút trước

    That is so cute 😍💕

  7. author

    Willow's Whimsy8 phút trước

    This one was hilarious 😂

  8. author

    Fabio Gfeller8 phút trước

    PLEASE have Roger on the Show!!!

  9. author

    Tazia Daniels8 phút trước

    Michael Jackson❤❤ Me, too.

  10. author

    Anjelina Zuniga8 phút trước

    You can tell Ellen is so amused by her accent. But in an out of love way 😊

  11. author

    Ava Gomez8 phút trước

    My dad went to collage with him.

  12. author

    Donald Hump10 phút trước

    Ellen DeGeneres is a child. Immature and a liberal lesbian. She hates everything America stands for.

  13. author

    Miserably Sarcastic10 phút trước

    This video reveals Simon Cowell loves pressing the Red Button.

  14. author

    Yakeisha Campbell10 phút trước

    Y Kylie sniffling like that was she sick

  15. author

    iamjuliaboyle11 phút trước

    Click bait

  16. author

    Vivek Oraon11 phút trước

    "it was just amazing" Oh boy I wish that.....

  17. author

    Alberto Fallas12 phút trước

    Just a quick question. Is the audience trained or something to keep yelling as idiots during all the show?

  18. author

    Andrew Davanzo12 phút trước

    1000000th view!

  19. author

    justin bieber13 phút trước

    I am big fan of justin bieber I love you bro

  20. author

    Nair Shashini13 phút trước

    yea so much fun......... wAtching from laptop screen :(

  21. author

    8TheCoon814 phút trước

    Nobody: 14yearOldGirls: Ohhhh mmyyy gooooshhhh

  22. author

    Megham Singh14 phút trước

    No she is yet to meet her biggest fan

  23. author

    awesome Lit14 phút trước

    My dog reacted to the dog noise

  24. author

    MrNikkimaxine15 phút trước

    In way that for more 🌃 and cry as well wya That Am Mex

  25. author

    Bryson Trujillo15 phút trước

    Top 10 anime reversals in history

  26. author

    Natalie Goodison16 phút trước

    You never going to get a man funny.

  27. author

    priya suresh17 phút trước

    There are the clips from 'before' the first day of school. I assume that this excitement would be lost in a few days...

  28. author

    minuscule stories18 phút trước

    first day always memorable

  29. author

    Joyce Dam18 phút trước

    I enjoyed watching them. Spreading good vibes.

  30. author

    mark powell19 phút trước

    Random brad is all miked up for audio

  31. author

    Maria Jose Fenton19 phút trước

    I didn’t think I could fall more in love with this guy until I watched this

  32. author

    Cillian S20 phút trước

    Nobody is talking about how much female viewers are here compared to men

  33. author

    Noforgiving Rebecca20 phút trước

    22 bucks for the Totino's at first guess? So he never steps in a grocery store anymore...

  34. author

    directioner videos20 phút trước


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    - L1 -20 phút trước


  36. author

    dekkubo boo20 phút trước

    Brad Pitt is love.. Brad Pitt is life

  37. author

    - L1 -21 phút trước

    Wow I'm early

  38. author

    MrNikkimaxine21 phút trước

    You do that am just been honest do something right all it is

  39. author

    Manubibi Walsh21 phút trước

    His laughter gets me in stitches, but in a good way obviously. It's infectious.

  40. author

    Arka Siddique22 phút trước

    I MISS THIS 2019 😆 😭

  41. author

    Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki22 phút trước

    So cool that he admits to and is not embarrassed about having been a mascot.

  42. author

    Michele White23 phút trước

    I LOVE ELLEN..she's a natural

  43. author

    Charae B23 phút trước

    So no one is gonna talk about how Chance was tryna shake up with Ellen!?!? 😂😂and noticed Ellen isn’t hip to that so he went for a hug! 😂

  44. author

    Tom Atom24 phút trước

    There must be something really really wrong with the US schools that they need autocorrect and that it still does not work. But still this is so big fun:-)

  45. author

    Memestan24 phút trước

    Hi ellllllllen can we meet😆 pllssssss...

  46. author

    daddistalin25 phút trước

    Sean: the worlds richest lesbian Ellen: 👁👄👁

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    Manpreet Boparai25 phút trước

    Hi Ellen ...🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Good morning..🌞🌻🌞

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    Beauty's Guess25 phút trước

    So so nice!

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    Murtaza404 Jaghori26 phút trước

    I love turkish series not 🎥 😐😲

  50. author

    MK27 phút trước

    Brad defo wanted to get hot seated

  51. author

    Ngoh Kristen27 phút trước

    Super star can come ,just treat him normal human. They can see more respective area.relax n joy .cheer

  52. author

    Gary Off27 phút trước

    yo! yeah! uh uh uh

  53. author

    clarice tat27 phút trước

    Lol 😂

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    Jay McMillon28 phút trước

    Feel like the only person with the main memory of her is being Sally on Mike's Super Short Show

  55. author

    joan's bbq and foot massage28 phút trước

    1:32 he looks like the dad from world war z 😭

  56. author

    Cheree Sumpa28 phút trước

    I’m early today.

  57. author

    Mustakim Hussain28 phút trước

    now no need to a seat belt in a car ...😜😜😜

  58. author

    Vinson28 phút trước

    Dogs came up with 'what ev's' way before tweens.

  59. author

    Cathy Williams28 phút trước

    I personally don’t think ellen had thought this through what happened to the whole be kind to one another

  60. author

    BEAUJAN Peester29 phút trước


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    Iseunifeoluwa Akinkugbe30 phút trước

    Ellen, you do know Naomi has a boyfriend right???

  62. author

    JAI BUGGI30 phút trước

    She's so lovely and classy. Oh you of few words!!

  63. author

    Mohammed Alneyadi31 phút trước

    Hey I am ten and I want 10,000

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    It’s Hayley31 phút trước

    Here before the comments will get disabled. 😂

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    lynneasf32 phút trước

    whos the guy in the yellow hoodie, i need to know!!!!!!

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    Whatever32 phút trước


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    Nia Jade32 phút trước

    I’m in first grade

  68. author

    Michelle Choe33 phút trước

    I love ur channel! I started mine recently and it’s so fun!❤️

  69. author

    Taty_h2h36 phút trước

    That woman at the left, at 6:35 hahahahhaha😂😂. Thats me on friday, after Office.

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    Daniel Smith36 phút trước


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    Chloe McKeon36 phút trước

    “The last time we saw each other was at the White House.” I wish I could just say that to my friends

  72. author

    Expat Lifestyle36 phút trước

    I totally get that, I’m from a family of 10

  73. author

    Marvelrobin36 phút trước

    “Who Hurt You” OMKalen..

  74. author

    tbyrd22837 phút trước

    I just don’t get it. But ok🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Toxicaiiy37 phút trước

    We Stan

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    LiXiao Long37 phút trước

    Ohhh I have to be there, definitely yea

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    soujoud el sheikh38 phút trước

    i would like to meet camila cabello and shawn mendes or ariana i'm french i'm a big fan

  78. author

    Sand Angel Stephanie38 phút trước

    If he didn’t pick a fight, you wouldn’t be having this conversation or this publicity, lol. He should focus on Presidential things though.

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    Brandon Cueto38 phút trước

    wow i didnt know machine gun kelly can sing so well

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    I should buy a bulldog now 😂😂😂

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    So the name of one of Reese's child is Philippines? Omggg I LOVE IIIIT!😍😍😍😍

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    2:29 I wonder how they see the PICS bcuz the tv is too small

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    You rock will

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    This is exactly how I am during my vacations

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    Average Andy??

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    You're not a black man. You were bleached to black when you were a babby.

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    sandhya s45 phút trước

    Wow all are enjoying their work well done . dance took activeness for fast and have conectarte on work it is Good thing

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    Nadia Griswold45 phút trước

    *i started school less than a month ago and i’m already tired of it* i am no longer enthusiastic about school.

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    Beth Miner45 phút trước

    He is a giant thing of fabulous! Lol omgosh he is gorgeous but also a great guy

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    ItzYaBoy Sim46 phút trước

    Even more proif we dont deserve dogs

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    Sheela Gangmeih47 phút trước

    Just reminded me of my kids first day at's so awesome seeing these u Ellen ..

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    I clicked on this to make my morning and it worked ☺️

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    OMG I love u bts💘💝💖