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Influencers Are BadInfluencers Are Bad

Influencers Are Bad

4 ngày trước

Atlantic RimAtlantic Rim

Atlantic Rim

4 ngày trước

Motel FightMotel Fight

Motel Fight

5 ngày trước

Halo Reach Mods Are WildHalo Reach Mods Are Wild

Halo Reach Mods Are Wild

5 ngày trước

Shopping Cart PoliceShopping Cart Police

Shopping Cart Police

6 ngày trước

Youtube Rewind Is DeadYoutube Rewind Is Dead

Youtube Rewind Is Dead

7 ngày trước

Your Worst EnemyYour Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

10 ngày trước

Horrible DJsHorrible DJs

Horrible DJs

11 ngày trước

83 Year Old Tinder Guru83 Year Old Tinder Guru

83 Year Old Tinder Guru

12 ngày trước

Moist Meter | Knives OutMoist Meter | Knives Out

Moist Meter | Knives Out

13 ngày trước

Onision Is BadOnision Is Bad

Onision Is Bad

16 ngày trước

Rare InsultsRare Insults

Rare Insults

17 ngày trước

My New Favorite ShowMy New Favorite Show

My New Favorite Show

18 ngày trước

Moist Meter | Frozen 2Moist Meter | Frozen 2

Moist Meter | Frozen 2

20 ngày trước

Japanese Rent a BoyfriendJapanese Rent a Boyfriend

Japanese Rent a Boyfriend

22 ngày trước

Elon Musk's CybertruckElon Musk's Cybertruck

Elon Musk's Cybertruck

22 ngày trước

Most Badass PolicemanMost Badass Policeman

Most Badass Policeman

24 ngày trước

Germs Have Been DefeatedGerms Have Been Defeated

Germs Have Been Defeated

25 ngày trước

Weeb BlacksmithWeeb Blacksmith

Weeb Blacksmith

27 ngày trước

My Favorite ChefMy Favorite Chef

My Favorite Chef

27 ngày trước

Science Is DeadScience Is Dead

Science Is Dead

28 ngày trước

Extreme Animal PoliceExtreme Animal Police

Extreme Animal Police

29 ngày trước

Lazy Prison EscapesLazy Prison Escapes

Lazy Prison Escapes

Tháng trước

Survival ExpertsSurvival Experts

Survival Experts

Tháng trước

Awful Horror GameAwful Horror Game

Awful Horror Game

Tháng trước

My Onion Talent ShowMy Onion Talent Show

My Onion Talent Show

Tháng trước

Forged In DangerForged In Danger

Forged In Danger

Tháng trước

Moist Meter | ParasiteMoist Meter | Parasite

Moist Meter | Parasite

Tháng trước

Neil Breen's Best WorkNeil Breen's Best Work

Neil Breen's Best Work

Tháng trước

Tiny HusbandTiny Husband

Tiny Husband

Tháng trước

WWE 2K20 Is PerfectWWE 2K20 Is Perfect

WWE 2K20 Is Perfect

Tháng trước

High IQ Prison EscapeHigh IQ Prison Escape

High IQ Prison Escape

Tháng trước

Billy Is BackBilly Is Back

Billy Is Back

Tháng trước

  1. author

    Dylan Martinez53 phút trước

    If Kaya isn't on the podcast next week... We know it was [REDACTED]

  2. author

    Kyle Murray54 phút trước

    Can you see her hair glitching?

  3. author

    ItziiMars54 phút trước

    I'm ashamed to have the same name as her.

  4. author

    big cats154 phút trước

    The all father of cyber bulling has been terminated

  5. author

    Shmendan55 phút trước

    There was so much liberal stuff

  6. author

    Mr.Who’sPyro56 phút trước

    Bro this dudes left eye looks like meatloaf

  7. author

    FurredDragon57 phút trước

    Not bad, but not horrible either. A wierd game.

  8. author

    Kyle Kuzami57 phút trước

    He makes everything into a desert

  9. author

    mod terra57 phút trước

    Just won Game of the Year 2019

  10. author

    ButtmasterFlex6957 phút trước

    A dumb waste, indeed.

  11. author

    matt_cyb4r_ 50059 phút trước

    Yup! A villan

  12. author

    ItsMePhil59 phút trước

    Can we fire Susan Wojcicki for making this site turn to shit

  13. author

    Angelo SwagatiniGiờ trước

    Steak Fist

  14. author

    Lucas LongGiờ trước

    Dude your commentary is hilarious 😂🤣

  15. author

    JoshuaGiờ trước

    In a post Anthem universe this doesn’t seem all that bad.

  16. author

    Marcus McCloudGiờ trước

    Guys I really almost got kidnapped (I’m 15) this big dude said something to me about kiddy snatchers and then said me and my friends were cute lil white boys, my friends started to leave and him and his friends circled us while pretending to shop (they obviously weren’t shopping because they’d pick up stuff and put it down while barely looking at it) and we zigzagged and got outta there but I’m 70% sure if we stayed I would be gone right now Edit: I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with the vid but I felt like I needed to tell somebody how close I was to never seeing daylight again

  17. author

    Joe SomethingGiờ trước

    One of them says literally anything and the other one instantly wheezes That's goals right there

  18. author

    Chiffer178Giờ trước

    And I thought I was the worst product ever created

  19. author

    DaHipHopWitch !Giờ trước

    He was selling merch on the website, but after the incident the site is now blank.

  20. author

    bast963Giờ trước

    Brendan Fraser? you mean the JUST haircut guy with the alimony?

  21. author

    Rick J-420Giờ trước

    No Batman :(

  22. author

    Jmega14Giờ trước


  23. author

    Jordan WurzGiờ trước

    Anyone else getting pelted with ads by Google every time y'all try to watch it? Google can go eat Giardia-infected diarrhea with 2 week-old viscera from a hyena and pubic-hair from a hippo to thicken it, and shove a cactus with razor-blades and scorpions covered in the semen retrieved from the waifu-pillows of 20-different turbo-virgins and fluoroantimonic-acid up their asses, and finish it with an injection of Strychnine. Fuck Google.

  24. author

    sidnotgodGiờ trước

    Charlie be out here driving drug dealer low while we’re sleeping

  25. author

    Noodle BoxGiờ trước


  26. author

    FoshlingGiờ trước


  27. author

    Spoony OfsaltyGiờ trước

    Brendan Fraser is entertaining, but he's a shitty actor. So is Keanu.

  28. author

    Fish EdGiờ trước

    The dynamic between Connor and Hank is like an autistic child and a cranky conservative father that refuses to love his child but secretly does

  29. author

    DionyxGiờ trước

    Steam train v2 boys

  30. author

    J.P.Giờ trước

    Does anyone else think Charlie's commentary is unnecessarily loud? to the point that you cannot possibly understand what he's talking over

  31. author

    Crimson SexecutionerGiờ trước

    Youre not a star wars fan until youve watched turkish star wars with kunt tolgar

  32. author

    Mr_ VosakisenGiờ trước

    6:13 I have that video on my phone right now l, no joke shit is disgusting

  33. author

    killersnail12Giờ trước


  34. author

    Dixie NormousGiờ trước

    this is the most west auckland shit ever

  35. author

    Austin ThomasGiờ trước

    WHAT ABOUT Dudley DoRight

  36. author

    Generic ProtagonistGiờ trước

    His value of human life is less than $20,000

  37. author

    Suzukas husbandGiờ trước

    Got some crazy Dead Space vibes from this game.

  38. author

    Cow DogGiờ trước

    VIreporter is Google, Gestapo tactics, liberal left wing scumbags. Vote the hypocrites out.

  39. author

    Alexander TrotterGiờ trước

    Dude I don’t even like romantic comedies but blast from the past is hands down one of my most favorite movies. Just so a good example of culture changing into different shit. It shows how people were genuinely afraid in the Cold War but also super well mannered then compared it to the end of the 20th century. Makes you smile Christopher Walk-in Freezer was great too in that movie.

  40. author

    CabooseGiờ trước

    No BOTW2 trailer?

  41. author

    Navaliden NGiờ trước

    @JODisHere ahem, do us all a favor and fuck off

  42. author

    Slick RichardGiờ trước

    What an angry little pussy

  43. author

    David SotoGiờ trước

    Time to go and use pornhub as new VIreporter

  44. author

    AaayjayGiờ trước

    What happened to Plattsburgh

  45. author

    Diego Of The BrandosGiờ trước

    Death stranding has solid controls at least

  46. author

    Ankle BullyGiờ trước

    its like Saitama has been defeated.

  47. author

    edgar garciaGiờ trước

    Disappointed it’s not named Xbox Two

  48. author

    killersnail12Giờ trước

    Why don’t we do something, what can we do

  49. author

    Ander García AguirreGiờ trước

    Miyazaki and Elon Musk in the same room. I can feel the epicness overload. Edit: Also Vin Diesel!

  50. author

    GustavTheRailwayGunGiờ trước

    He could have just used the alternate domain name,

  51. author

    i am trashGiờ trước

    I'm gonna start by saying anorexics generally watch these to get the satisfaction of eating a shit ton of junk food without actually being even remotely close to the thing that they fear yet obsess over the most. This is coming from first hand experience.

  52. author

    ScottGiờ trước

    663 games pah? those are rookie numbers

  53. author

    Jeremy CremenGiờ trước

    If you have to think if that's enough mayo then its definatly not enough mayo

  54. author

    Kyle KuzamiGiờ trước


  55. author

    MiraqenGiờ trước

    This nobody pornstar is angry on my favorite Hunger Games actor?

  56. author

    Romy BekerisGiờ trước

    Game isn't cool, but it's cool to see some Lithuanian developer games hit the mainstream. Represent :^)

  57. author

    Suprtrooper 7747Giờ trước

    mortal kombat 11 got robbed, smash isnt even a TRUE fighting game. such a kick in the sack ten minutes in.

  58. author

    Jason PowersGiờ trước

    God damn charlie hit shoulders man

  59. author

    Andrew ZanardiGiờ trước

    Why the fuck are y'all bleeping out a country???

  60. author

    SJKGiờ trước

    Remake type game? I love that one. I play it to procrastinate studying/chilling.

  61. author

    yosharianGiờ trước

    What the fuck is Charlie doing with his hair. And is that a fucking earring? I feel like I'm watching Conchita Wurst play videogames.

  62. author

    Erik MartinezGiờ trước

    Did he already talk about how Susan is only on VIreporter because of nepotism?

  63. author

    Puzzl3manGiờ trước

    Charlie forgets login, gets mad

  64. author

    Koko101Giờ trước

    Every great will lost a fight someday...

  65. author

    Finnf234Giờ trước

    Jackson Forgot the most crucial theme park, known as the big banana

  66. author

    Boss InvaderGiờ trước

    His accent annoyed the shit out of me before I even heard him make a sentence.

  67. author

    angry man in a panda maskGiờ trước

    The most ive gone is licking the tip i was inchs i could feel the heat

  68. author

    Infinite Clutch GamingGiờ trước

    Ghost of Tsushima is not a knock off. I never even heard of sekiro until after ghost of Tsushima and I thought it was ghost of Tsushima.

  69. author

    Not This Guy AgainGiờ trước

    Sorry bro but reporting this for graphic content. Talk about blood on the dance floor.. Sick!!

  70. author

    WatchDogs GamerGiờ trước

    Wwo thids vidwo id copl

  71. author

    Livid BunnyGiờ trước

    Funky Unity Games

  72. author

    Arda KarapınarGiờ trước

    Ah, not watching live was a good decision i see.

  73. author

    Not This Guy AgainGiờ trước

    Bro that is so stupid. Legit dum af why not move around the obstacles etc ugh no skill at all

  74. author

    thsudyGiờ trước

    hes right about death stranding

  75. author

    SirMorokeiGiờ trước

    Love it. You should do more streams like that. Just playing games you have but you never played. Thanks!

  76. author

    CatAdvantageGiờ trước

    There was actually a guy murdering kittens? Oh my god

  77. author

    Jeremy CremenGiờ trước

    I cant believe I've watched this 3 times now

  78. author

    Francesco LombardiGiờ trước

    This shit is literally murican bocce

  79. author

    Kyle KuzamiGiờ trước

    In 80% of her videos she has an iron maiden shirt on and im wondering how many different iron maiden shirts she has now

  80. author

    Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔGiờ trước

    A billion views on what?

  81. author

    Jay LowGiờ trước

    I fucking hate Nick avocado

  82. author

    mr RuizGiờ trước

    I wish I could have known back in 2010 watching the qwop video that almost 10 years later if watch him throw fleshlights at a wall

  83. author

    Zidane LionheartGiờ trước

    That's just really awful, I felt so bad when I learned this. Little dude did his best, which is just fine, but Star Wars cultists can't leave well enough alone. I grew up seeing this movie, I think I was like 9 when it came out, and guess what? I didn't fucking care, I thought he kicked ass in the podrace! So sorry man.

  84. author

    OuroborosGiờ trước

    Disgusting af,

  85. author

    wazzupstersGiờ trước

    Adam looking pretty *thicc* tho

  86. author

    HeatherBroskiGiờ trước

    Bone-in is cooked in the sauce. Boneless is tossed in sauce after frying. Bone-in is superior.

  87. author

    Farmer JoeGiờ trước

    The bike puzzle tho

  88. author

    Silent AssasinGiờ trước

    When your dog starts a milk sucking company ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  89. author

    SprunkersGiờ trước

    Meanwhile the likes of defranco "I'm a little bit scared" as if youtubers haven't been fuucked in the ass for the past 5 -6 yrs continuously without break. They fucked over 4 of my fav youtubers already. Also you misunderstand youtube, everything they say is bullshit , every single word. They want you gone , so more JImmies feel safe to come here. Once people like you are gone, then Jimmies won't have to compete for the top spot. Also you better believe that they're selling views to these cunts.

  90. author

    Akash Goorvadoo11Giờ trước

    Vasily just got KO!!!!!! He is dethroned!!!!!!

  91. author

    Cristian DavisGiờ trước

    Adam Waste? More like Adam Waste of Time.

  92. author

    Zach PeppermanGiờ trước

    Careful with this new policy now. This will be flagged 😜

  93. author

    ZeratulGiờ trước

    Death stranding expectations at the start. LMAO fan cunts.

  94. author

    jalen.Giờ trước

    2:12 i was cryingg

  95. author

    Generic ProtagonistGiờ trước

    I don't know if I should put this in my "/pol/; The Musical" playlist or my incelcore playlist, I feel like the sarcasm would be lost in either. This is just one of those songs that are absolutely brilliant but the lyrics and concepts are just too much to talk about.

  96. author

    SmajetGiờ trước

    Anyone hyped for the Sno Globes?

  97. author

    RyanOGiờ trước

    Your Dad is funny af too

  98. author

    Simple StateGiờ trước

    5:50 TRUUEEEEE

  99. author

    Jacob BonGiờ trước

    It’s not painful, it’s quite relieving

  100. author

    Fruit CakeGiờ trước

    Nier automata isn't in your library that's an SSS class sin