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GRAMMY-nominated country duo Dan + Shay (Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney) are “Speechless” as the second single from their self-titled album rises to No. 1 at country radio, simultaneously notching its third week atop the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Dan + Shay also snag the second spot on the Hot Country chart with their multi-Platinum, award-winning single “Tequila.” Together the songs make up two of the top five most-streamed country songs released in 2018, sitting at No. 1 and No. 5 respectively.
The skyrocketing duo will close out their massive year with performances of both “Speechless” and “Tequila” on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (ABC). “Tequila” became Dan + Shay’s first multi-week No. 1 single and is currently nominated for two GRAMMY Awards for “Best Country Duo/Group Performance” and “Best Country Song.”



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  1. author

    The Bball Dudes3 giờ trước

    At first i thought why did you put justin bieber in a country song but after hearing this Im glad that they made it with him

  2. author

    JO EL3 giờ trước

    10000 hours brought me here

  3. author

    Little brenden gaming3 giờ trước

    My family hates Justin Bieber

  4. author

    Christine Ena Piocos3 giờ trước


  5. author

    Cậu Tuấn Quảng Ninh 0978350768 - 03564889893 giờ trước

    the song with beautiful word

  6. author

    Shreya Pagaria3 giờ trước

    How cute and soothing 🌹

  7. author

    Thom Vuthi3 giờ trước

    I from viet nam

  8. author

    Rachell Fortier3 giờ trước

    Did you say my mom doesn’t like that the beaver so I don’t eat it lately

  9. author

    Vaishali Alchoni3 giờ trước


  10. author

    Emmanuel Pasternak3 giờ trước


  11. author

    JO EL3 giờ trước

    The best song of 2019

  12. author

    윤주yunju3 giờ trước

    l love him

  13. author

    cloacksaber I3 giờ trước

    This is the Justin we used to love!

  14. author

    Bo Poole3 giờ trước


  15. author

    Rosebert Discipulo3 giờ trước

    Berta's Hit Chart 10/20/2019 Top 1 Last: 1 Peak: 1(3x)

  16. author

    Collin Sprouse3 giờ trước

    Danced to this with my GF at Homecoming

  17. author

    Adriana Morelli3 giờ trước


  18. author

    Rezky nur Amaliyah4 giờ trước

    Im falling love with this song😍

  19. author

    Collin Sprouse4 giờ trước

    Danced with my GF to this at homecoming

  20. author

    nicole alvarado4 giờ trước


  21. author

    Jacob Spannbauer4 giờ trước

    God I miss her so much

  22. author

    nicole alvarado4 giờ trước

    I hate this video wtf is that

  23. author

    Cute C4 giờ trước

    Selena is crying😭

  24. author

    Patricia Lacson4 giờ trước

    He’s back now.😭 it’s just sad that he fell out love ,but i am thankful that he already found he’s real ❤️ be happy Justin

  25. author

    Kiang Kiang4 giờ trước

    Sorry no comment this . Honestly , when i hear this song i suddenly miss selena and justin my favs hay

  26. author

    A.I T.V4 giờ trước

    Is anyone here,who does not comment but read the comments ....... hit me a like 👇

  27. author

    linda bilow4 giờ trước

    Not a fan of justin B but this song is actually pretty good

  28. author

    collegejus4 giờ trước

    48 million? Good lawd!!! This song is on fire!

  29. author

    Gita Hoseini5 giờ trước

    I feel so single

  30. author

    shivaji saikia5 giờ trước

    I love this song

  31. author

    Ava Lane5 giờ trước

    Justin bever I love you

  32. author

    Dave Kolin5 giờ trước

    It's like young crazy 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  33. author

    Nespriv5 giờ trước

    ive replayed this for a lot of times but i never got bored of it :') one of the most beautiful song ive heard

  34. author

    kayla Wesley5 giờ trước

    When Selena gave him everything...just saying

  35. author

    Alicia Khandu5 giờ trước

    Is like young Justin Bieber is hear again

  36. author

    Julia Rivera5 giờ trước

    Who here is a fan of JB since your a toddler Like if u are 👇

  37. author

    Julia Rivera5 giờ trước

    Who here miss the old Justin Like if u miss it 👇

  38. author

    Mira Al Shoum5 giờ trước

  39. author

    Aiisha Xox5 giờ trước

    Do you love the rain? Does it make you dance When you're drunk with your friends at a party? What's your favorite song? Does it make you smile? Do you think of me? When you close your eyes Tell me what are ya dreaming? Everything, I wanna know it all I'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours And I might never get there but I'm gonna try If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life I'm gonna love you (Ooh) Do you miss the road that you grew up on? Did you get your middle name from your grandma? When you think about your forever now Do you think of me? When you close your eyes Tell me what are ya dreaming? Everything, I wanna know it all I'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours And I might never get there but I'm gonna try If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life I'm gonna love you (Ooh) I'm gonna love you Ooh, want the good and the bad Everything in between Ooh, gotta cure my curiosity Ooh yeah, I'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours And I might never get there but I'm gonna try If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life I'm gonna love you (Ooh) I'm gonna love you, yeah (Ooh) And I'm gonna love you (Do you love the rain? Does it make you dance) I'm gonna love you

  40. author

    Charity Holding5 giờ trước

    Love this!

  41. author

    Lourdes Rodriguez5 giờ trước

    i love love love tour song🥰😍👼

  42. author

    Brittany Willis5 giờ trước

    Justin growing up so im happy crying!😂And I love the song so much

  43. author

    Carter Jelian Edward6 giờ trước

    10,000 reasons

  44. author

    Luz Zuniga6 giờ trước

    I love this song it's amazing

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    The best song ever.

  46. author

    Andrey Pereira6 giờ trước


  47. author

    JustProxyX6 giờ trước

    *they play this at my middle school during lunch and I'm in 7th grade!👌*

  48. author


    Ooomg kissing

  49. author

    Rachel Young6 giờ trước

    you are the best justin bieber i like your videos

  50. author

    Abiodun oluseyi6 giờ trước

    U know sometimes, it takes a lifetime to get a hit...Dan will cherish this moment for the rest of his life....😂😂😂

  51. author

    Rebecca LaPorte6 giờ trước

    so good 😊

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    DaniellA Potengy6 giờ trước


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    Milagros Vera6 giờ trước


  54. author

    حموش Aa6 giờ trước

    منو كاعد يوزع لايكات وعايف لاغنية مشتغلة مثلي لايك 😂

  55. author

    Clara Salazar7 giờ trước

    I love you so much justenbever i like how you sing and dance to

  56. author

    John C7 giờ trước

    bu huu buu oh ohohhh - these song sound all the same - cry whine and cry and pity me and pity you. WTF is wrong with today's music culture? You kids listen to some real music from the 80ies and 90ies and LEARN SOMTHING! Not just 3 chords and 3 lines of lyric! Annoying and pathetic!

  57. author

    1hub7 giờ trước

    I love u

  58. author

    Юлия Казарина8 giờ trước

    Между вами любовь. Это вау!!

  59. author

    Donald Trump8 giờ trước

    even with autotune your voice sounds shit bieber lmao l2sing

  60. author

    Mia Osolovin8 giờ trước

    Who else had this song to somebody 💗

  61. author

    M S8 giờ trước

    This reminds me Back Street Boys...lol

  62. author

    Abdul Noor8 giờ trước

    Awesome 😍

  63. author

    warren Stephens9 giờ trước

    instead making all this money with Love songs why dont you just be with a real girl and sing to her you cannot make songs forever were only here for limited Amount of time

  64. author

    Maria Alexia Costache9 giờ trước


  65. author

    Deepak Kumar Singh9 giờ trước

    Look at the Hailey's face expression, she is trying so much to look cool in video 🤣

  66. author

    Satyam Satyam9 giờ trước

    Justin Bieber your songs best in whole world

  67. author

    Anyelo Gómez9 giờ trước

    La voz no le cambia a Justin bieber

  68. author

    Flavia Hoyos9 giờ trước

    nomann los amo

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    Flavia Hoyos9 giờ trước


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    Flavia Hoyos9 giờ trước


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    Samantha Rodriguez9 giờ trước


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    Camryn Bogart9 giờ trước

    Just getting ready for homecoming listening to this song 😌

  73. author

    Bethanywheatley9 giờ trước

    This be good

  74. author

    Marwk gaming10 giờ trước

    This song is made in 2012 and Dan + Shay just posted it in 2019 for sum reason.

  75. author

    Elmore Bland10 giờ trước

    Love these guys...

  76. author

    Alenka10 giờ trước

    This is love ❤️ This is Justin ❤️

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    nassar Q8110 giờ trước

    الاغنية بيضضضضض

  79. author

    Tasty Ice Cream Rolls10 giờ trước


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    Emman Amedzi10 giờ trước

    This should be a movie 😂

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    %% %%10 giờ trước

    Justin is back

  82. author

    eden privan10 giờ trước

    What a powerful song

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    gamzenur sonbahar10 giờ trước


  84. author

    Cinthia Molina10 giờ trước

    Hermosi mi. bebe al fin una cancion 💗💗

  85. author

    Polar Apple10 giờ trước

    I miss that old pop music that didn't used to be so slow and boring lol..

  86. author

    Justin Bieber10 giờ trước


  87. author

    Abc Def11 giờ trước

    Omg Justin he looking very cute😀😉😊😜

  88. author

    Hsf lee11 giờ trước

    Idk but I still in love with Justin's voice.

  89. author

    mahmut görür11 giờ trước


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    mahmut görür11 giờ trước

    Very much justin handsome ı love you Justin

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    Dume petruta11 giờ trước


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    kania isnt11 giờ trước

    Kek denger justin nyanyi lagu baby kek suara justin kecil dulu 🥰

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    Nuni Jeon11 giờ trước

    Gosh!!! I missed Justin's voice so much

  94. author

    Eve Q11 giờ trước

    I cried when I saw Justin Bieber because I know I can meet him soon and i can imagine it is 2013 I was 3 when it was that time so yeah

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    abdinasir abdi11 giờ trước

    I love you Justin, OMG 🏳️‍🌈

  96. author

    MamaT Proud mama11 giờ trước

    Justin bender is amazing and I love this song it is amazing

  97. author

    Mercy Jefferson12 giờ trước

    the shark, oh my God thanks dan+shay

  98. author

    •Lxvely Mxcarons•12 giờ trước


  99. author

    Sumita Hazarika12 giờ trước

    So good to see old Justin ...🌸

  100. author

    Justin C.12 giờ trước

    This music video is so wholesome 😍