$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie


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  2. Unicorn Squad

    Unicorn Squad2 giờ trước

    25th reply!

  3. Hez_am_i

    Hez_am_i35 phút trước

    They should have started this series with this

  4. Hi Fren

    Hi Fren36 phút trước

    I like how they spontaneously travel to far places just for these videos

  5. The Legend27

    The Legend2736 phút trước

    Why are they just the most unenthusiastic and dull speaking people on earth? I feel like anybody ever could be better than them at this a caveman even with just grunts would be more fun to watch.

  6. Kaung Hein Zaw

    Kaung Hein Zaw37 phút trước

    My mom always tells me this phrase about food."Is easy to eat, but hard to cook"

  7. Rubix

    Rubix37 phút trước

    I'm just happy to see Rie

  8. Yan Enci Samuel

    Yan Enci Samuel37 phút trước

    went alll the way to tokyo to get a cookie?hell yeahhhhh

  9. Jemima Brooker

    Jemima Brooker37 phút trước

    i clicked on this when it had 11 views and by the time it loaded it had a million, is that my internet or their popularity?

  10. obsessionprone

    obsessionprone38 phút trước

    I'm sorry, but I don't like how this video was filmed so jerky, and not focused. I don't know if that's just me. also... why did steven have to move to NYC AFTER my trip to NYC????? x______x i want to eat those cookies

  11. MegaTurkyMan

    MegaTurkyMan39 phút trước

    Gordan Ramsey: water has more flavor then this

  12. christian c

    christian c39 phút trước

    cookies are definitely an anytime food.

  13. Anglovinglife 03

    Anglovinglife 0339 phút trước

    This has felt the most like classic worth it. This season seems very unenthusiastic and forced. I enjoyed watching today!

  14. 2,000 subs no video challenge

    2,000 subs no video challenge40 phút trước

    It looks nasty Someone call the cops 👮🏿‍♀️ on that cookie 🍪

  15. susan crockett

    susan crockett40 phút trước

    This is #1 on trending

  16. 로미언니RomiUnnie

    로미언니RomiUnnie40 phút trước

    No milk for the bird cookie????!!!!!!!!!

  17. Emma Morris OFFICAL

    Emma Morris OFFICAL42 phút trước

    *Н0!Т vide!0s 0f min!е? СhЕС!К Мy I am 15 yea!rs old* *I MÅ!S!TUR!ВÂTÈ MY P!U!$$Y O!N THË Ć!ÂN!АL! W!ÅTÇH А VÏD!É!Ø!*

  18. Wristzz

    Wristzz43 phút trước

    Subway are the GOAT, don’t @ me

  19. Govin Avram

    Govin Avram44 phút trước

    Craving for cookies

  20. Zachary Sims

    Zachary Sims46 phút trước

    Can somebody please get them some lighting equipment or tell them to lower the lens aperture. The depth of field is ridiculous.

  21. Rigel Tubs

    Rigel Tubs46 phút trước

    Is it just me but I saw like Annie in the background smiling and I thought it was so cute hahaha

  22. acko andrejic

    acko andrejic47 phút trước

    are you producing that 90 $$$ cookie bechous your in tasty japan

  23. Chloé M

    Chloé M47 phút trước

    C A L O R I E S.... We're getting calories...... 🎼🎼🎼

  24. Vaibhav Codian

    Vaibhav Codian48 phút trước

    Trending on #30 In India....

  25. Zenful

    Zenful50 phút trước

    "Yeah Rie agrees with me wh- which means i know i'm saying something right" ohmygod

  26. Cart Man

    Cart Man50 phút trước

    Why is this number 1 trending

  27. Leef Loud

    Leef Loud50 phút trước

    Shut up Biscuits are the Boss.

  28. WaffleTacoMudkip

    WaffleTacoMudkip51 phút trước

    Your whole company is actual cancer.

  29. Nico Acabado

    Nico Acabado51 phút trước

    Tasty's cookies look way more appetizing imo

  30. Happy fun time The second

    Happy fun time The second52 phút trước

    Why is this treading? They are just eating cookies lol

  31. Veronika Vinterová

    Veronika Vinterová53 phút trước

    Do indian food please

  32. vj shenoy

    vj shenoy54 phút trước


  33. stanlee chang

    stanlee chang56 phút trước

    7:08, I don’t think he ain’t clapping

  34. francis king

    francis king57 phút trước

    4 ingredients cookie.. 90$ yall bunch of retards

  35. PapaPierogi

    PapaPierogi58 phút trước

    get off from trending. GET. GET.

  36. Mayesha Chowdhury

    Mayesha Chowdhury58 phút trước

    Well #1 trending I guess

  37. Spider Riszer

    Spider Riszer58 phút trước

    Shut the hell up BuzzFeed

  38. JSansi

    JSansi59 phút trước

    Clicked like before the video even started

  39. LetsGoToMarsMan

    LetsGoToMarsManGiờ trước

    Walmart bakery cookies! $1 for a 3 pack PERFECTION

  40. Md Hafizur

    Md HafizurGiờ trước

    my cnele your Invite

  41. Asad Baloch

    Asad BalochGiờ trước

    mazedar= enjoyable. idk wtf she was on bout

  42. Someone

    SomeoneGiờ trước


  43. HA13

    HA13Giờ trước

    The 90$ cookie seems boring and dry

  44. Kelly Nguyen

    Kelly NguyenGiờ trước

    Awwweee. Steven can you do a mooncake episode?? (O^O)

  45. Galvin Owens

    Galvin OwensGiờ trước

    Love the way they share food all of them

  46. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezGiờ trước

    they should date

  47. Matthew Anderson

    Matthew AndersonGiờ trước

    No offense, but I feel like I already know what the last cookie tasted like, and that it only looks really good and isn’t too special as for flavor or texture. Also, where did Rie come from? She should be featured more in worth it videos. :)

  48. Tungsten tyrannosaurys

    Tungsten tyrannosaurysGiờ trước

    If you watch buzzfeed you're a tool

  49. Jejomae Calising

    Jejomae CalisingGiờ trước

    Steven and Andrew Adam and Annie I LOVE THAT ANNIE IS WITH THEM NOW🤗

  50. Pascuala Basurto

    Pascuala BasurtoGiờ trước

    they slacking, prob last season of worth it

  51. Bucky Brown

    Bucky BrownGiờ trước

    After hours of deliberations with the Council of High Intelligence and Educational Findings (C.H.I.E.F), it has been unanimously decided that the contents of this media will be categorized under section 1, rule 1, page 23, paragraph 2 of “ain’t it” until further public notice.

  52. XX XX

    XX XXGiờ trước

    lol 11 views in thumbnail

  53. Abiya's Boutique

    Abiya's BoutiqueGiờ trước

    subcribe my channel

  54. Diamond Applause

    Diamond ApplauseGiờ trước

    I'm so hungry. Why am I watching this

  55. Ana Carolina

    Ana CarolinaGiờ trước

    number 2 for me. number 1 is too small and i don't like how every cookie is the same size and shape. number 3 isn't even a cookie. it's just too much and hard! when I think of cookie, i think of cookie (sooooft cookie) not art and definitely not USD$90

  56. TheGodlyGator

    TheGodlyGatorGiờ trước

    #1 on trending! gg

  57. RobinFlysHigh

    RobinFlysHighGiờ trước

    I love how VIreporter thinks that if I'm watching a cookie video, that I would have any interest in that low calorie halo-top crap

  58. Ameerul Haqeem

    Ameerul HaqeemGiờ trước

    Food is an art that you have to destroy in order to have it's pleasure.

  59. gridsleep

    gridsleepGiờ trước

    I like the 4¢ cookies (24 in a pack for $1.) They're great for dunking. You can take that pretentious stuff to the cleaners.

  60. Danielle Hollis

    Danielle HollisGiờ trước

    This episode was actually a big improvement over the last couple. It definitely strikes me as more of the laid back style that I missed. Cookies just have that effect on people, I guess 😆

  61. Jian Ni

    Jian NiGiờ trước

    worth it bread!!!!!!!

  62. I Am A Potato

    I Am A PotatoGiờ trước

    Omg #1 on trending in Hong Kong i never knew people in HK watch these video!

  63. Zoe Bonnier

    Zoe BonnierGiờ trước

    When Steven did the Jungkook clap though ❤️ 7:09

  64. Irdina Sabri

    Irdina SabriGiờ trước

    Awwww, no cookie fact

  65. pradanakusuma

    pradanakusumaGiờ trước

    Is Rie single? Just checkin 😍

  66. Fortnite Troi

    Fortnite TroiGiờ trước

    Flies to Japan to get a cookie 👋🏻

  67. yen go Anh

    yen go AnhGiờ trước

    Xin chào mấy ku

  68. SS Gaming Channel™✔

    SS Gaming Channel™✔Giờ trước

    Why Is It Showing 11 Views ??😕😕😕😕

  69. Katsuki San

    Katsuki SanGiờ trước

    When they ran out idea they do$1 underware vs $100 underware video

  70. FORK Night

    FORK NightGiờ trước

    I am Larry Gadon

  71. Jm Mar

    Jm MarGiờ trước


  72. qila

    qilaGiờ trước

    The $$ cookies are my type of cookies ahhh

  73. Kirvan Pody

    Kirvan PodyGiờ trước

    That mahzadar woman looks surprised

  74. Dominique Rocher

    Dominique RocherGiờ trước

    GUDETAMA!!! Can't wait!

  75. Yasmin

    YasminGiờ trước

    Them: cookies... cookies... cookies Me a British person: They’re biscuits not cookies

  76. TeacherLegendary

    TeacherLegendaryGiờ trước

    whiskey episode

  77. P-Star 7

    P-Star 7Giờ trước

    Cookie.. Did Someone say cookie?!

  78. Kadz

    KadzGiờ trước

    *_$1 Blowjob vs $1000 blowjob_*

  79. christian c

    christian c40 phút trước

    that’s actually pretty funny

  80. Sandra Qwer

    Sandra Qwer46 phút trước

    $1 Hooker vs $1000 Today we are gonna see who is the better hooker! And next time you'll see what's better: $1 std check vs $1000 std check!

  81. Grace Mamon

    Grace MamonGiờ trước

    Every worth it video from now on will always gets trending

  82. #7Experiments 7⃣

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    Students psychology vireporter.net/v/video-Ui780xtQNZ8.html

  83. alim3611

    alim3611Giờ trước

    Yeay, no edible gold leaf and caviar in or on the $ 90 cookie

  84. Salad AZZ AND PUSe

    Salad AZZ AND PUSeGiờ trước

    9:48 for the vegans

  85. Ed Tollway

    Ed TollwayGiờ trước

    Do one episode on biscuits.

  86. Headhunter

    HeadhunterGiờ trước

    Can we have more Annie? Have her and Adam at the end of each food place eating

  87. MalixKiller 01

    MalixKiller 01Giờ trước

    Hope one day you guys leave buzzfeed toxicity sjw influence.

  88. King of POPS!

    King of POPS!Giờ trước

    Do $ $$ and $$$ ice cream

  89. Siqly

    SiqlyGiờ trước

    Morning; also known as "After-bed."

  90. faty slim

    faty slimGiờ trước

    do bubble tea/ bobba

  91. Aman Thanawala

    Aman ThanawalaGiờ trước

    Drinkable yoghurt = Lassi in India😂

  92. Blue Lemonade

    Blue LemonadeGiờ trước

    Yasssss! Can I ask you guys if you can do a milkshake episode?

  93. Aida Florence Figueiredo

    Aida Florence FigueiredoGiờ trước


  94. James Stewart

    James StewartGiờ trước

    Great work on improving the editing for this video!

  95. CBCXY 1time

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  96. Amazing Cowz

    Amazing CowzGiờ trước

    I'll just stick to them cheap McDonald's cookies.

  97. Goofy Flan

    Goofy FlanGiờ trước

    Congratulations, Tiger Woods!

  98. Misty kaneshiro

    Misty kaneshiroGiờ trước

    Remember that one time Adam flipped them off

  99. shubham ughade

    shubham ughadeGiờ trước

    That Japanese girl looks like singsing

  100. Kuku Boo

    Kuku BooGiờ trước

    More New York places please. Im probably coming there sometime. 🇫🇮

  101. tsooling

    tsoolingGiờ trước

    anyone ever had doubletree(hilton) cookies omg