$1 Street Food Around The World


  1. Lisa zym

    Lisa zymGiờ trước


  2. Karen

    KarenGiờ trước

    12 pesos is less than a dollar friends

  3. Henry Hernandez III

    Henry Hernandez IIIGiờ trước

    NYC is so shameful 😒😭

  4. Its Your Gurl Tay

    Its Your Gurl TayGiờ trước

    What kinda street foods r in New Zealand 🤔

  5. Zachry Gabrirel Gaming Lozano

    Zachry Gabrirel Gaming LozanoGiờ trước


  6. Mr. Triangel

    Mr. TriangelGiờ trước

    In philliphines Rice and food 30+ You can spend 10+ more

  7. azrie akhyar

    azrie akhyarGiờ trước

    Street food in Malaysia We got lots of street food here

  8. lewin coronado

    lewin coronadoGiờ trước


  9. Affanken sasuke

    Affanken sasukeGiờ trước

    Malaysia and indo food

  10. Esteve Castillo

    Esteve CastilloGiờ trước

    Philippines please

  11. nrsrya zain

    nrsrya zainGiờ trước

    In Malaysia 1dollar you can buy Nasi Lemak ! :)

  12. FL10 Gaming

    FL10 Gaming2 giờ trước

    Palestinian food plz

  13. Y0LOM1D

    Y0LOM1D2 giờ trước


  14. KraZe Elk

    KraZe Elk2 giờ trước

    Her voice is so annoying.

  15. Marvin Yo

    Marvin Yo2 giờ trước

    I just flooded my house with my watering mouth

  16. KraZe Elk

    KraZe Elk2 giờ trước


  17. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy2 giờ trước

    Do you know Indonesia?

  18. JENNIE ballet

    JENNIE ballet2 giờ trước


  19. Natt Saeng

    Natt Saeng3 giờ trước

    In Thailand 2015: 1 USD-32 baht ( roughly) You can get: Big drink for 25 -35 baht (Thai tea, bubble drink and other various drinks) Two BBQ pork on skewer (moo ping) and sticky rice for 25 baht Fried chicken pieces (10-30 baht each) They a lot of international choices for street food in Thailand I went to Thailand 2015 and never run out of food to eat. It's good and it's cheap, I spend most of my time central of Thailand and I can get a meal for $1-2. In Canada, you can get an Iced Coffee or any size fountain drink at McDonald's (summer time only.)

  20. grillmazt

    grillmazt3 giờ trước

    And in Norway you will still be hungry...

  21. 1000 Subs No Video

    1000 Subs No Video3 giờ trước

    Just appealing dude

  22. Sa Christina

    Sa Christina3 giờ trước

    The India food looks great but damn that’s a lot of butter and oil

  23. ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas

    ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas3 giờ trước

    no in philippines??

  24. Auroaa

    Auroaa3 giờ trước


  25. Dimas Asyura

    Dimas Asyura3 giờ trước

    Indonesia please! 1$ you can buy fried rice and side dishes

  26. SOMEONE normal

    SOMEONE normal3 giờ trước

    In expensive Singapore, one dollar gets you almost nothing

  27. Genetic

    Genetic3 giờ trước


  28. Chairunnisa Dearifa

    Chairunnisa Dearifa3 giờ trước

    Where is indonesia???!!!!!????

  29. Patjosh Purugganan

    Patjosh Purugganan3 giờ trước

    Porro looks like churro

  30. Reuel Carlo Domingo

    Reuel Carlo Domingo3 giờ trước

    Philippines pls!You can buy a 20 pieces of cheese ball bread and a coke thats $1!Or you can buy 2 meals rice and dish like 2 rice and 2 chicken.

  31. 9 subs y sin videos

    9 subs y sin videos3 giờ trước

    Esta riquisimo= yummi? Quien hace esta traducción?

  32. xoxopeludo 24

    xoxopeludo 243 giờ trước

    A mi tambien me gustan los porros

  33. menuri devindi

    menuri devindi3 giờ trước


  34. Rico Lewis

    Rico Lewis3 giờ trước

    Do the Caribbean.

  35. Milca Tan

    Milca Tan4 giờ trước

    Philippines Korea Italy

  36. Gacha Cecilia

    Gacha Cecilia4 giờ trước

    Philippines turon and I love the purro

  37. cutefox the fox

    cutefox the fox4 giờ trước

    1 dollar equal to 32.37 baht in thai Lol

  38. Jamur Cerewet

    Jamur Cerewet4 giờ trước

    indonesia street food please

  39. gaming galaxy

    gaming galaxy4 giờ trước

    In India u can buy a full meal for 1 dollat

  40. gaming galaxy

    gaming galaxy4 giờ trước

    Sorry for the mistake

  41. Abigail Tolsma

    Abigail Tolsma4 giờ trước

    What about philippine streetfood

  42. Bayu Alpiansyah

    Bayu Alpiansyah4 giờ trước

    In Indonesia you can get one plate of chicken, rice, and soup ( padang rice ) for 1 dollar ( 15.000 ) 😂😂.

  43. Sleepy

    Sleepy4 giờ trước

    I would like to see Norway, wait You cant get anyting for a dollar i Norway

  44. ŠÆ KÜŃ ŸŤ

    ŠÆ KÜŃ ŸŤ4 giờ trước

    Phillipines next pls

  45. Antonio Amador Mallado

    Antonio Amador Mallado4 giờ trước

    Yeep, in spain we eat weed for breakfast

  46. Flowers More

    Flowers More4 giờ trước

    centro América El salvador pupusas

  47. WTF KING

    WTF KING4 giờ trước

    Go to belgrad and get 1$ food

  48. ANGELO 387

    ANGELO 3875 giờ trước

    Where The F Is Philippines

  49. nene yamaguchi

    nene yamaguchi5 giờ trước


  50. Samurai Soza

    Samurai Soza5 giờ trước

    Half of these arn't even 1 dollar.

  51. Lance Xedrick Benin

    Lance Xedrick Benin5 giờ trước

    And the churros in the philippines is just 2 dollars and u get 12 big pieces of churros and it is really delicious

  52. Lance Xedrick Benin

    Lance Xedrick Benin5 giờ trước

    At philippines the hotdog sandwich is just 20 cents and it is more delicious and bigger...

  53. Cat

    Cat5 giờ trước

    Nuuuu I still remember that place in chinaaa nuuuuu 1:45

  54. Razon FX

    Razon FX5 giờ trước

    In Indonesia You Can Get SotoMi With Price 1$

  55. Boba Teax

    Boba Teax5 giờ trước

    This looks so good. I’m starving now!

  56. Avakin Anime

    Avakin Anime6 giờ trước

    Korean street food next

  57. Rick W

    Rick W6 giờ trước

    1) Mmmm....that stuff from India looked good, and it was hand made. : ) 2) 180 yen is well over a dollar. 3) you won't get a good hotdog in NYC for a dollar.

  58. TripleL Mumba

    TripleL Mumba6 giờ trước

    and in china six for 88 cents thats worth it

  59. TripleL Mumba

    TripleL Mumba6 giờ trước

    this is not street food she went in a restraunt in japan!

  60. Dianne Sprinkles

    Dianne Sprinkles6 giờ trước

    One dollar in Philippines can buy you more foods

  61. High Queen

    High Queen6 giờ trước

    Don’t forget in nyc there is halal food and other stuff.

  62. RazRBLX

    RazRBLX7 giờ trước

    Uh, Russia?

  63. Delle The Boss

    Delle The Boss7 giờ trước

    Pizza fritta n’euro

  64. Bernardo Riper

    Bernardo Riper7 giờ trước

    US hot dogs are so boring

  65. ilmarshmallowdiXiuminèchen fight me

    ilmarshmallowdiXiuminèchen fight me7 giờ trước

    In Sicily with 1 euro I can buy the world

  66. Afifah Hana

    Afifah Hana7 giờ trước

    di indo, 1 dollar bisa makan di warung padang.

  67. Gogetaspirit

    Gogetaspirit7 giờ trước

    $1 cant get you a hotdog in nyc

  68. hilal omer

    hilal omer7 giờ trước

    Try Denmark ! haha

  69. Madeline Gonzalez Navas

    Madeline Gonzalez Navas7 giờ trước

    korea please!!

  70. inside yourmum

    inside yourmum7 giờ trước

    The last one 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  71. Ruby Spencer

    Ruby Spencer7 giờ trước

    This is so cool! I want to eat everything tho😛

  72. Life Of Me

    Life Of Me7 giờ trước

    Do England

  73. Saiqa Noreen

    Saiqa Noreen7 giờ trước

    How come no one even does england bradford

  74. Jean Moroski

    Jean Moroski7 giờ trước


  75. Gurgen Stepanyan

    Gurgen Stepanyan7 giờ trước

    Of course it's curry for India

  76. יניב כהן

    יניב כהן8 giờ trước

    sticky junk):

  77. Ident man

    Ident man8 giờ trước

    I love seeing the interactions😅

  78. Nico Grassi

    Nico Grassi8 giờ trước

    Do one in Italy

  79. Gryo

    Gryo8 giờ trước

    London 1 pound street food is the best

  80. Jelly Puff

    Jelly Puff8 giờ trước

    In France the cheapest streat food is an ice cream for 2 € 50 ct

  81. Ariana Macaran

    Ariana Macaran8 giờ trước

    Me: Wow life is so good, no one can get in the way! :D God: Bet Me: 4:06

  82. Noexie

    Noexie8 giờ trước

    In my country you can’t even buy water for one dollar omg that’s crazy 😂😂

  83. Redmadfighter

    Redmadfighter8 giờ trước

    Today in Switzerland I want a chocolate bar Ok That would be 15 dollars *takes all what eh have and goes to the nearest country*

  84. Leila RELAYSON

    Leila RELAYSON8 giờ trước

    In the Philippines they also use pesos and 1 American Dollar is equivalent to about 50 pesos

  85. Jaikhiyah Johnson

    Jaikhiyah Johnson8 giờ trước

    Mexican corn

  86. Elle Elle

    Elle Elle8 giờ trước

    i want the fish cake so bad

  87. Svrmnjm

    Svrmnjm8 giờ trước

    I like hot dog


    BTS BISHES8 giờ trước

    Can you do korea and Venezuela?

  89. momokokochuchuchu

    momokokochuchuchu9 giờ trước

    is a hot dog rly considered a sausage? i barely consider it meat

  90. C0lby R

    C0lby R9 giờ trước

    4:50 Would you like bread in your butter

  91. Clara Surian

    Clara Surian9 giờ trước

    In brazil with 1 real you can buy a lolipop or 1 milion of small candies but its just that ;-;

  92. BunnyDogGymnast Lover

    BunnyDogGymnast Lover9 giờ trước

    *1 dollar for a hotdog?* More like 3 dollars

  93. king 2

    king 29 giờ trước

    Please eat the greek version of souvlaki. Its so tasty

  94. Samurai

    Samurai9 giờ trước


  95. peanut butter chocolate time

    peanut butter chocolate time9 giờ trước

    No one has gloves on

  96. Martina Martínez

    Martina Martínez9 giờ trước

    The Mexico food looked so good also the Spain food because I talk in Spanish and English I knew wat they said

  97. Mochibearfoams

    Mochibearfoams9 giờ trước

    12 pesos isn't a dollor lol

  98. Dylan Clayton

    Dylan Clayton9 giờ trước

    Where's Australia

  99. Siggie's Gasha

    Siggie's Gasha9 giờ trước

    In sweden you can buy a soft vanilla icecream for abour 15 kr (1$ and 7 cent)

  100. Manuel Valera

    Manuel Valera10 giờ trước

    i came looking for churros and was dissapointed!

  101. Ana Cabral

    Ana Cabral10 giờ trước

    Meanwhile in Brazil yo, you wanna pastel sure how much 3 reis wow a dollar