We Put Our Friend’s Face On 3,500 Pieces of Candy


  1. J K

    J K5 giờ trước

    Love Adam 💙💙💙💙

  2. ResidentFallOut 5

    ResidentFallOut 514 giờ trước

    You know all these Adam candys remind me of ADAM in Bioshock 1

  3. Emaan Khan - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132)

    Emaan Khan - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132)Ngày trước

    Saeko Fuji has got to be one of the most beautiful Asian women I have ever seen! She seems incredibly down to Earth and genuine!



    I love hard candy

  5. Ilvars Ilvars

    Ilvars IlvarsNgày trước

    0:57 Kaka means poop in Latvian ...... noice

  6. Gucci Sushi

    Gucci Sushi2 ngày trước

    When my face gonna go on some candy?

  7. ケニ

    ケニ2 ngày trước

    Adam is the best person at buzzfeed

  8. Passionn Note

    Passionn Note2 ngày trước

    Sure they censor it at the starting of the video, but in the thumbnail of the video you see it uncensored p e r f e c t

  9. Aaron Mwangi

    Aaron Mwangi3 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does Steven a little bit like Zach King?

  10. Andreas Klingenberg Lassen 2016e

    Andreas Klingenberg Lassen 2016e3 ngày trước

    that "candy craftsman" really sounds like kermit tha frog

  11. All Encompassing Evil

    All Encompassing Evil3 ngày trước

    Adam looks like the main antagonist from Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman.

  12. Venkat Venkat

    Venkat Venkat4 ngày trước

    We all know Adam

  13. Venkat Venkat

    Venkat Venkat4 ngày trước

    Even in Tamil we say "crow" as "kaka"

  14. name name

    name name5 ngày trước

    Low key high key cannibalism

  15. Patrice Sandil

    Patrice Sandil5 ngày trước

    Rie is everyone's bestfriend. 😂

  16. Anoushka

    Anoushka5 ngày trước

    Will you keep doing the 3 stops again too?

  17. Rainbow RBLX

    Rainbow RBLX5 ngày trước

    Argh, so much plastic in the packaging 😩

  18. Jungkookie

    Jungkookie6 ngày trước

    Dang definitely couldn’t have guessed what the mystery was from the title

  19. Caleb Plays Games

    Caleb Plays Games6 ngày trước

    What place did you go to get this done?

  20. Dominic Bechtold

    Dominic Bechtold6 ngày trước

    I would actually buy that candy😂👌

  21. Petrol_ Sniffer

    Petrol_ Sniffer6 ngày trước

    I almost lost a finger 4:26 Hell yeh I did

  22. jwofles

    jwofles6 ngày trước

    nobody: intro: LOUD MUSIC

  23. Dhruv Suman

    Dhruv Suman6 ngày trước

    Rie:there's a Japanese ghost named rokorokobi. Andrew:rokorokobi....adamadam beyanki.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂rie rocks!

  24. Hazel Colver

    Hazel Colver6 ngày trước

    they should make an eating you feed about this candy

  25. Bella

    Bella7 ngày trước


  26. Kirsty Rodger

    Kirsty Rodger7 ngày trước

    It looks like rock that we get in the uk they come in sticks tho

  27. Kevin Maguire

    Kevin Maguire7 ngày trước

    I like andrew shavef face

  28. Hannah Randall

    Hannah Randall8 ngày trước

    When they were putting together his face I was mesmerized lol that was so satisfying to watch!!!

  29. Just a Fan

    Just a Fan8 ngày trước

    I knew it is JAPAN.

  30. Liam McGreehanOGrady

    Liam McGreehanOGrady8 ngày trước

    They say it’s a mystery design and they blur out the face but it’s still on the thumbnail so we can all see what it is anyway😂😂

  31. Lilangiegaming

    Lilangiegaming8 ngày trước

    On 0:58-0:59 he said poop in Spanish caca

  32. Aakash Naik

    Aakash Naik8 ngày trước

    Adam looks very similar to WarOwl (CSGO VIreporterr)

  33. Jessica Fox

    Jessica Fox8 ngày trước

    I need Adam candy!

  34. Quakeliene Klein

    Quakeliene Klein9 ngày trước

    0:55 in Japanese ka ka means wind; in German, kaka means poop

  35. Milkshake Monday

    Milkshake Monday9 ngày trước


  36. Alan Zheng

    Alan Zheng9 ngày trước

    Just listen to the audio of them eating it without the video. You won’t regret it lmao.

  37. demekonrn

    demekonrn9 ngày trước

    I still don't know how that face got on that candy but I enjoyed watching lol.

  38. phil big

    phil big9 ngày trước

    I bet you Adam is a savage behind closed doors

  39. Just a girl With no life

    Just a girl With no life9 ngày trước

    Is Adam okay, he looks scared

  40. Esther Yan

    Esther Yan9 ngày trước

    Adam is just so precious

  41. Thinking into reality

    Thinking into reality9 ngày trước

    We prefer the original layout of the show. Thank you!

  42. Ko to

    Ko to9 ngày trước

    They only do this if they find something neat and cant fit it into an episode, or they want to give it more air time then a normal episode can handle.

  43. L’OM Droit au but

    L’OM Droit au but10 ngày trước

    Are they wearing the same clothes as the egg episode

  44. keine Ahnung

    keine Ahnung10 ngày trước

    Omg the intro was so loud😳😂

  45. uneeza usman

    uneeza usman10 ngày trước

    3500 shades of Adam

  46. Marisol Padilla

    Marisol Padilla10 ngày trước


  47. gothassassin14

    gothassassin1410 ngày trước

    I honestly thought they went to Lofty Pursuits in Tallahasee, FL before they announced they were in Japan. The owner has a VIreporter channel as well and it's very relaxing to watch.

  48. Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon10 ngày trước

    Make the 3 stops again

  49. oliamoliapowpow

    oliamoliapowpow10 ngày trước

    hmm it is like the Try Guys series of Challenge

  50. Trishaaa Kang

    Trishaaa Kang10 ngày trước

    Adam eats adam😝😂

  51. Skyansari

    Skyansari10 ngày trước

    I cnt wait for them to try to make face candy

  52. Tiga

    Tiga10 ngày trước

    Wait. *Is that Rie?*

  53. Tiga

    Tiga10 ngày trước

    0:19 burn

  54. Tiga

    Tiga10 ngày trước


  55. its_ osamI io

    its_ osamI io10 ngày trước

    It look like the...Rokurokubi

  56. 宇智波斑 我要嫁给

    宇智波斑 我要嫁给10 ngày trước

    2:08 the guy said sandaime, the only reason why I understood that word without looking at the subs was because Naruto 😂

  57. Shxrtie Edits

    Shxrtie Edits11 ngày trước

    Omg the candy maker looked like Rie!

  58. E & C YouTube

    E & C YouTube11 ngày trước

    Lol at 1:08 the one guy in the back probably has no clue what she is saying!

  59. Maria E. Blanco

    Maria E. Blanco11 ngày trước

    *We're not gonna give it away. Gave it away in the thumbnail 🤔😂

  60. Janique

    Janique11 ngày trước

    they keep blurring it and saying ur not gonna sponser... litteraly the candy and the person who’s made on the candy

  61. Sreya Kurien

    Sreya Kurien11 ngày trước

    Andrew reminded me of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb!(in the beginning, when he was wearing that orange and white t - shirt) Like if u agree!!


    WAYNE _WOLFY11 ngày trước

    stop bullying today-save a adam

  63. banana cake

    banana cake11 ngày trước

    Adam sounded like he wanted to murder Rei

  64. my seokjin

    my seokjin11 ngày trước

    we have sum ‘’caca’ and ‘’oosh oosh’’

  65. Himaschi Wijayawardhana

    Himaschi Wijayawardhana12 ngày trước

    Adam seems like ferb from phineas and ferb

  66. TheElement OfFyre

    TheElement OfFyre12 ngày trước

    Adam is just so straight-faced and calmly spoken it always makes this funnier Also, Adam ate himself So meta

  67. Leah M.

    Leah M.12 ngày trước

    Why do all Adams have reddish brown hair with a beard and glasses

  68. Nick Supapol

    Nick Supapol12 ngày trước

    Individual packaging 😥

  69. taufiq muhammad

    taufiq muhammad12 ngày trước

    "Why u bully me?"-adam.....

  70. Migixkem Jord

    Migixkem Jord12 ngày trước

    Adam looks like a guy with no emotions

  71. Wether _

    Wether _12 ngày trước

    That Ghost they,r takling about is probably eyes

  72. PoO pI

    PoO pI12 ngày trước

    Wat- nn-nnnn

  73. Ari Subban

    Ari Subban12 ngày trước

    Honestly Adam is a whole mood and if he ever leaves- I don’t even wanna talk about it T^T Adam is our spirit animals

  74. KitKat 4327

    KitKat 432712 ngày trước

    I thought it was gonna be like dolly mixture or licorice all sorts but it was a hard candy

  75. Midnight Chan

    Midnight Chan12 ngày trước

    She not a ghost she is a Urban legend she is a long neck girl her "mother" wears a mask

  76. Devy Keynons

    Devy Keynons12 ngày trước

    *She's your best friend but I am her best friend* -Andrew😂

  77. Patricia Osis

    Patricia Osis12 ngày trước

    That girl in 0:45 honestly startled me

  78. cup 7239

    cup 723912 ngày trước

    Adam is a baby awww

  79. Andrew Paresa

    Andrew Paresa12 ngày trước

    Adam seems like he gets bullied in the office. Poor guy.

  80. Ain Naadhirah binti Mahizan

    Ain Naadhirah binti Mahizan12 ngày trước

    Did you guys go to (Japan)tasty office?

  81. Abby Rincon

    Abby Rincon13 ngày trước

    who else loves how serious Adam is this whole video 😂

  82. Cats Meow

    Cats Meow13 ngày trước

    this is the best thing ever XD

  83. Jenny Kieu

    Jenny Kieu13 ngày trước

    iTS AcTuAlly *_lit_* RIghT NOw

  84. Kyle Warsnop

    Kyle Warsnop13 ngày trước

    I love it in these videos how they always include Adam and he is a important person and some youtubers don't even include there camera man at all

  85. Jon Vlog 156

    Jon Vlog 15613 ngày trước

    I don’t no if u don’t no this but caca is pop in Spanish

  86. Huzaira Farooq Siddiqui

    Huzaira Farooq Siddiqui13 ngày trước

    *3500* *pieces* *of* *Adam* SOUNDS SOO EVIL 😂

  87. i am jess

    i am jess13 ngày trước

    0:45 when that person walks in front of the camera

  88. O MA GAH!!

    O MA GAH!!13 ngày trước

    After years and years of watching anime I gained the ability to read the subtitles and watch the candy making process at the same time.

  89. ฅShanelou Galangฅ

    ฅShanelou Galangฅ13 ngày trước

    I want onee

  90. sunny creation Ang

    sunny creation Ang13 ngày trước


  91. sunny creation Ang

    sunny creation Ang13 ngày trước

    Wait i think she works for tasty

  92. 胖子姐姐

    胖子姐姐13 ngày trước

    taste like Adam

  93. DirpyMan21

    DirpyMan2113 ngày trước

    Did they specifically speak in a different language just to annoy people...

  94. vivi •

    vivi •13 ngày trước

    why do i keep getting these vee ads

  95. Jose Aguilar

    Jose Aguilar14 ngày trước

    Its justice league all over again

  96. Krisha Natividad

    Krisha Natividad14 ngày trước

    0:45 ?? Who was that

  97. martin hernandez

    martin hernandez14 ngày trước

    You talk a lote

  98. Txnvir Ahm3d

    Txnvir Ahm3d14 ngày trước

    Adam has no reaction

  99. Txnvir Ahm3d

    Txnvir Ahm3d14 ngày trước

    Caca in French means poop

  100. Dasiy Jewls

    Dasiy Jewls14 ngày trước

    Adam reminds me of ice bear from we bare bears

  101. Evade Psycho

    Evade Psycho14 ngày trước

    Who wants Adam to be happy 😥

  102. i Dasheroo

    i Dasheroo14 ngày trước

    steven: not too many spoilers... *puts it in the thumbnail anyways*