$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs $999 Note 9!


  1. さめはる

    さめはる6 giờ trước

    Samsung?no. Note 9?no. fake $90?no, save $999 to buy food is good idea.

  2. rhoy suedo

    rhoy suedo8 giờ trước

    can i have ur fake note 9 pls give it me boss

  3. Cristian R.F

    Cristian R.F9 giờ trước

    Cina shit

  4. GeekTweak

    GeekTweak12 giờ trước

    Where to get the shirt :)

  5. Daniel Chall

    Daniel Chall13 giờ trước

    mannn müst ihr immer amysprache machen ich finde es eine unferschämtheit red doitsch manbn

  6. msanderson890

    msanderson89015 giờ trước

    put up a link so I can get one too

  7. Steve 832

    Steve 83219 giờ trước


  8. David Blue

    David Blue19 giờ trước

    has anybody done a longevity test on one of these phones?

  9. Amauris Ortiz

    Amauris Ortiz20 giờ trước

    Fake is fake , like fake tits, it doesnt feel like the real thing. Real is real, like real titts , it feels like the real thing.. you just know by looking at it and touching

  10. Charlie Jensen

    Charlie JensenNgày trước

    Benchmade Infidel, nice.

  11. Benzo Ben

    Benzo BenNgày trước

    Bassicly all the ‘phone destroys’ are the counterfeit phones then with the money they make monitizing ads they buy a real one and have money left possibly

  12. marlion isaac

    marlion isaacNgày trước

    How can I get The Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9?

  13. Mwamguda Mgenyi

    Mwamguda MgenyiNgày trước

    I don't know but does the guy have a gradge with the clone

  14. The Devil

    The DevilNgày trước

    At my country I have to pay 149.99 € to buy this phone and pay 6.99€ monthly my parents are buying it for me Thx to everything apple pro now I’m spottin every fake ass shitty phones

  15. lol 399900-roblox and more

    lol 399900-roblox and moreNgày trước

    filp the thumb nail upside down and you get 66$ And wait for it... 666$ !!!!!!! A secret when you turn 6. Edit: ◉_◉ Me: its real... (mii channel music plays) Me: oh so nostalgic Edit: NO!! Me: yes, the classic wii.. nostalgic moments... I want to go back to the 2000's Edit: ugh... ⚆ _ ⚆ (Smashes edit whith hammer) (# ゚Д゚) 🔨~(˘▾˘~) (CRASH!!) Edit: OW.. OWWWWWW.... SO....... PAINFUL....... me: Yay! Lets play some NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games. The end, comment and story.

  16. terry aqualad

    terry aqualadNgày trước

    I got me an my old lady the real note 9 it's not a bad phone tbh.

  17. Gamers Planet

    Gamers PlanetNgày trước

    fortnite skin?

  18. Sam Tan

    Sam Tan2 ngày trước

    Stop those stupid repeated ad

  19. victor lusta

    victor lusta2 ngày trước

    I.m won't you phone

  20. andres grajales

    andres grajales2 ngày trước

    where did you get the clon from?

  21. digital_crusher Yt

    digital_crusher Yt2 ngày trước

    Ali baba

  22. Hermann Goering

    Hermann Goering2 ngày trước

    Fake Benchmade Infidel

  23. Asher Bryant

    Asher Bryant2 ngày trước

    damn a fake fingerprint scanner is still better than an iphones face sensor

  24. vashon100

    vashon1002 ngày trước

    Could you add more commercials....

  25. sultana uddin

    sultana uddin2 ngày trước

    You look like my mom

  26. Young Uzumaki

    Young Uzumaki2 ngày trước

    Honestly if a clone works pretty smooth, looks nice, and is close to the real thing I'd totally buy one to save money

  27. L1K30N3

    L1K30N32 ngày trước

    @EverythingApplePro You're a true Apple user..holy cow -_- worst channel @youtube

  28. Chili _boi

    Chili _boi2 ngày trước

    I dont get why people by clones.....

  29. ThomasH

    ThomasH3 ngày trước

    Hate these fake phones. They should charge China for it!

  30. Thomas Pikhart

    Thomas Pikhart3 ngày trước

    Dude I have to agree to all that you said it's the the best phone I have ever used well done Huawei

  31. Nintendork

    Nintendork3 ngày trước

    A $199 clone with SD710 would be nice.

  32. Javier Espinoza

    Javier Espinoza4 ngày trước

    You are one of those.. buying shit just because its expensive..fuck apple

  33. EdwinPlayzYT

    EdwinPlayzYT4 ngày trước

    Where u get the clone

  34. Mohamed Mahomud

    Mohamed Mahomud4 ngày trước

    Every thing Samsung Galaxy Pro 💪

  35. xd Dodo

    xd Dodo4 ngày trước

    Pls link the phones!!!!


    ROBLOX PLAYER4 ngày trước

    Fake looks better

  37. Rainbow creeperYT

    Rainbow creeperYT5 ngày trước

    To be honest i would buy the fake note cuz my j7 prime is 100$

  38. Aubrey Philbert

    Aubrey Philbert5 ngày trước

    If you ship it out to me I'll do a video how a person uses it a normal day

  39. tanulo1

    tanulo16 ngày trước

    Galaxy note 9 drop test pls!!!!!!!!

  40. Keyn florentino

    Keyn florentino6 ngày trước

    Pls. give me phone! hehehe

  41. MrBrannew20

    MrBrannew206 ngày trước

    I got scammed last year. Spent 400 on a fake note 8. Lol i was fukin pissed beyond pissed. The phone was beyond horrible. Long story short i joined att. Rocking the coral blue note 9. It was a lesson learned

  42. Damon Darby

    Damon Darby6 ngày trước

    Were can o buy the clone?

  43. Mico Ronald Ilagan

    Mico Ronald Ilagan6 ngày trước

    Can you give me one of the original ones you have ?

  44. Spllitz

    Spllitz6 ngày trước

    0:35 your screen is not broken don't worry

  45. Muhammad Qasim

    Muhammad Qasim6 ngày trước

    Open the box like animal

  46. HAWT

    HAWT6 ngày trước


  47. HAWT

    HAWT6 ngày trước

    Eveything *Apple* Pro btw...

  48. samueldipson

    samueldipson7 ngày trước

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  49. Ajee Love

    Ajee Love7 ngày trước

    Who else had trouble reading that title

  50. narvaez tiamson

    narvaez tiamson7 ngày trước

    Buying a fake one is a criminal act. I believe you are in jail up to this time idiot.

  51. Nuxuu

    Nuxuu7 ngày trước

    Did he get his 2 galaxy skins xd

  52. Tristan Ludiazo

    Tristan Ludiazo8 ngày trước

    His English has improved considerably over the years lol

  53. Amir Maher

    Amir Maher8 ngày trước

    Why can't you put the link to buy the phone

  54. Pete Coventry

    Pete Coventry8 ngày trước

    every phone is a clone until the phone company puts their software updates on it and puts the price up by 300%

  55. Luis Herrera

    Luis Herrera8 ngày trước

    Try to play fortnite on the clone

  56. andrea maffei

    andrea maffei8 ngày trước

    Watching on a real note 9 **blink**

  57. Adrian Morrison

    Adrian Morrison8 ngày trước

    Made in the same factory I bet, after they made the "SAMSUNG" versions they made some "clones".

  58. tylor rounsville

    tylor rounsville9 ngày trước

    Screw you and all 50000 ads you have!

  59. rikter22

    rikter229 ngày trước

    i love my note 9

  60. Ádám Klinszki

    Ádám Klinszki9 ngày trước

    where i can buy?

  61. john west

    john west9 ngày trước

    I'm wacth this on my note 15 you guys need to catch up

  62. steven Kilpatrick

    steven Kilpatrick9 ngày trước

    Your everythingAPPLEpro not everythingsamsungpro

  63. Gelan lennon Garner

    Gelan lennon Garner9 ngày trước

    I remember my old phones having that camera awwwww memories😂

  64. r3conwoo

    r3conwoo9 ngày trước

    does the step counter work tho?

  65. shawn cypret

    shawn cypret9 ngày trước

    You should list the things and where to get them I wouldn't mind buying this for a Christmas present for somebody just to have a device to play with

  66. overbuilt automotive

    overbuilt automotive10 ngày trước

    its sad folk even care that much 150 is all ill pay it a phone nothing more

  67. Ujjawal Chaurasiya

    Ujjawal Chaurasiya10 ngày trước

    From where do you get those clones?

  68. Anissa Really Likes Cheesecake

    Anissa Really Likes Cheesecake9 ngày trước

    I saw some on wish.com. im not sure where else tho

  69. Disz Obey

    Disz Obey10 ngày trước

    Can you put a link for the knife plz it looks awesome

  70. พุทธิพงศ์ เสนาพิทักษ์

    พุทธิพงศ์ เสนาพิทักษ์10 ngày trước

    Samsung and LG are South Korea brands.

  71. Nired Kralc

    Nired Kralc10 ngày trước

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeeeeee ssshhhhiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrtttttt!!!!!

  72. Abdalrahman Alkhooly

    Abdalrahman Alkhooly10 ngày trước

    How I can buy a fake one ?

  73. Google User

    Google User10 ngày trước

    The way hes so uncareful with the phones makes me cringe


    TBWTOBI10 ngày trước

    11:20 can u please tell me the phones?

  75. Riley Denning

    Riley Denning10 ngày trước

    Watching this on the $99 clone.

  76. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis10 ngày trước

    Wow bro if it wasn't for your video wouldn't had never known.


    POLANDEVENT PARTYUK10 ngày trước

    Where i can buy this copy note 9?

  78. _Riot

    _Riot10 ngày trước

    The *only* reason people buy these clones is to sell them to suckers.

  79. Ange Dixon

    Ange Dixon11 ngày trước

    I'd buy it for the grandkids lol looks like a descent phone for kids

  80. West Side Area

    West Side Area11 ngày trước

    The way the S pen clacks on the screen. Tells alot about the price

  81. Char Broiled

    Char Broiled12 ngày trước

    I'd buy the knock off cause I don't have 1000 bucks to waste on a bloody phone, my current phone is 75 bucks and in comparison that clone kicks ass

  82. Kyoho gaming

    Kyoho gaming12 ngày trước

    We’re do you buy the clones

  83. michael mcleod

    michael mcleod12 ngày trước

    Your being over negative on the review , it's bloody worth EVERY penny . I'd give one to the kids even teenagers . It's pretty good .for the price £85 ish

  84. cameron smalls

    cameron smalls12 ngày trước

    How do u get a clone phone

  85. michael mcleod

    michael mcleod12 ngày trước

    What's the memory , is it really a 128 gb ?

  86. Eneo Tahiri

    Eneo Tahiri12 ngày trước

    So who was the fake one

  87. Diashen Naidoo

    Diashen Naidoo12 ngày trước

    Where you get your clones from

  88. Mason Hinrichs

    Mason Hinrichs12 ngày trước

    you should leave the links to the fake phones in the desc so we can see if they deleted it

  89. Netta

    Netta13 ngày trước

    trying to be so negative but pleasantly surprised

  90. Joshua Adkins

    Joshua Adkins14 ngày trước

    Where can I buy this 90$ phone? For testing purposes....

  91. Rehman Veliyev

    Rehman Veliyev14 ngày trước

    original samsung accessories made in vietnam.original samsung phone made in korea.

  92. Clarence Bitong

    Clarence Bitong14 ngày trước

    Can you give me a note 9 plss

  93. justin koloi fane

    justin koloi fane14 ngày trước

    Ship the fake one to me

  94. Moie OG

    Moie OG14 ngày trước

    The only thing about these clones people that do these videos never tell you the clones are only 3G there not 4G

  95. yolobrlo _

    yolobrlo _14 ngày trước

    The camera oh kill me now

  96. Jovindio Wieuse

    Jovindio Wieuse14 ngày trước

    3018: iPhone XXX $9,000 Benchmark 50,000 iPhone Fake XXX $900 Benchmark 75,000 GG

  97. xX - 99Problemzz - Xx

    xX - 99Problemzz - Xx14 ngày trước

    Wtf is that? 5 fps? That camera is really bad. My fucking eyes hurt..

  98. Philip Innocent

    Philip Innocent14 ngày trước

    even the clone has a fake

  99. Culann Mostert

    Culann Mostert14 ngày trước

    Shit, I found a Note 9 and it has legit every single feature of the clone in the video, oh well, no money lost, I'll hand it in 😞

  100. Bibek Sarkar

    Bibek Sarkar14 ngày trước

    😄That wawww.. moment about fringer print sensor

  101. KornShaDoW097

    KornShaDoW09714 ngày trước

    What site do you get this for $99?

  102. KornShaDoW097

    KornShaDoW09714 ngày trước

    This guy exaggerates too much...