$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs $999 Note 9!


  1. sdfbtnsfgd

    sdfbtnsfgd12 giờ trước

    HAHA THAT CLONE HAS A FEATURE THAT THE REAL ONE DOESN'T: REMOVABLE BATTERY!! LOL I'm going to miss removable battery from my S5.

  2. sdfbtnsfgd

    sdfbtnsfgd13 giờ trước

    How does the clone compare to GALAXY S5??!! That's what I want to know. EDIT: Just found out! When you said Mediatek 6580 I was able to find the comparison: versus.com/en/mediatek-mt6580-vs-qualcomm-snapdragon-801-msm8974ac-v3 Galaxy S5 (now can be found for $50!!) Is TWICE as fast CPU!! So, you might as well just get a Galaxy S5 instead of the Note 9 clone since the S5 is 2x faster and 1/2 the cost.

  3. Old Flame

    Old FlameNgày trước

    Shit, mine cost 1100 and I got it 8 months after you.

  4. Ninja Steven ッ

    Ninja Steven ッNgày trước

    can you get the galaxy skin on the clone one?

  5. 84lglg

    84lglg2 ngày trước

    All phones are made in china its not a clone its just not a samsung logo let it hits america and it goes from 99 to 999

  6. Tegar Oktavianz

    Tegar Oktavianz3 ngày trước

    They should build they own company with their own name instead of cloning phones

  7. Terrence Leonard

    Terrence Leonard3 ngày trước

    I'll be real guys..... I use the fake S9

  8. Angel of Death

    Angel of Death5 ngày trước

    The only problem was that camera

  9. Andy Loza

    Andy Loza7 ngày trước

    Who else watching this one there note 9

  10. Zenoná

    Zenoná8 ngày trước

    They could do an own Smartphone. They will be Rich af

  11. mcse9073 rue

    mcse9073 rue9 ngày trước

    Hey sonny boy do you support yourself? Or mommy and daddy.... What you meant to say is what my parents money buys.

  12. charles Crawford

    charles Crawford9 ngày trước

    They are all nice don't know why I like Pickel

  13. Rohan 0_0

    Rohan 0_010 ngày trước

    Im annoyed by how he handles everything like hes on a timer... Dude take it easy... You aren't doing dishes smh

  14. Let's talk YAHUSHA HA'MASHIACH

    Let's talk YAHUSHA HA'MASHIACH11 ngày trước

    Just compare the things and stop bashing the bootleg during the video... Everyone knows it is bootleg... You make your video totally bias right from the beginning.

  15. Jalen

    Jalen11 ngày trước

    Where you get that shirt playa?

  16. DeathAnarchy

    DeathAnarchy12 ngày trước

    note 9 vs note 0.9 LOL 😂

  17. Jakub Holinka

    Jakub Holinka14 ngày trước

    MONEY 999 WHAT THE HECK YES MONEY 21111221114545999685645452545415645525674546565435

  18. Keneth Michael

    Keneth Michael14 ngày trước

    Fake $99 og $999 then the difference is $9,😂😂

  19. kênh ngáo ngẩn

    kênh ngáo ngẩn15 ngày trước

    Các bạn qua video mk sem Và đăng kí hộ nha. Câc bạn!

  20. Vyad

    Vyad18 ngày trước

    Actually, watching on this Fake Note 9..... And I totally regret my buying decision😤

  21. Noel Gustafsson

    Noel Gustafsson7 ngày trước

    Vyad Do you have a fake phone? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

  22. TheMaliCraft

    TheMaliCraft18 ngày trước

    Hahaha my Galaxy a3 2016 has better benchmark scores.

  23. TheMaliCraft

    TheMaliCraft7 ngày trước

    I use the a3 2016. Where's the problem?

  24. TheMaliCraft

    TheMaliCraft7 ngày trước

    +Noel Gustafsson so funny.

  25. Noel Gustafsson

    Noel Gustafsson7 ngày trước

    TheMaliCraft A3 Hahahahaha

  26. Furvie Jerby

    Furvie Jerby19 ngày trước

    What if they bought an OLD phone and reskinned it as a new model. Did that ever happen before? Like a note 3 in a note 9 shell lol

  27. Yousif De Santa

    Yousif De Santa19 ngày trước

    Frome Whare bay the fake note 9

  28. Nani Kiladze

    Nani Kiladze21 ngày trước

    What's the benchmark name that you're using?

  29. John Milks

    John Milks22 ngày trước

    Thanks 😅 it's a interesting clone sure

  30. Lol Brandon

    Lol Brandon23 ngày trước

    You buy that in DHgate

  31. Alex Bălan

    Alex Bălan26 ngày trước

    I don't own fake phones.

  32. BlueFireJack

    BlueFireJack27 ngày trước

    The spiphone note 9

  33. Batoul kanaan

    Batoul kanaan28 ngày trước

    That's wonderful

  34. Sharky Playz

    Sharky Playz28 ngày trước

    can it run fortnite?

  35. WOLF jasbmmm

    WOLF jasbmmm29 ngày trước

    Where can i bye it tho

  36. Mr Entertainment Chef poopy talk

    Mr Entertainment Chef poopy talkTháng trước

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  37. SpectraKarX

    SpectraKarXTháng trước

    Still mt6580 oog

  38. Sub to me Plz

    Sub to me PlzTháng trước

    Plot twist: he mistook the fake for the real

  39. SwissMade

    SwissMadeTháng trước

    9:00 fucking hell my eyes!!!

  40. Roberto Gutierrez Castro

    Roberto Gutierrez CastroTháng trước

    In a country like Mexico, a place where you can get killed for a f.. phone this would be awesome. Thieves already know that people have two phones. So maybe this can work. One phone to give away and the other one is the one that you actually use and normally the expensive one.

  41. DragonProductions INC

    DragonProductions INCTháng trước

    That cam was literally 20 fps

  42. Luke Carlin

    Luke CarlinTháng trước

    Buy an phone that looks similar install a dbrand blue skin on the back and instal a note 9/10 theme

  43. mariomania

    mariomaniaTháng trước

    for a 100 bucks this is awesome

  44. EzbonGamer

    EzbonGamerTháng trước

    Hey, that note 9 is mine 😤 Was that rhyme good?

  45. FBI :

    FBI :Tháng trước

    The battery in my phone is 26000 too! I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Star. That is ACTUALLY MADE BY SAMSUNG! I thought I should get it out of the way.

  46. Max Messina 124

    Max Messina 124Tháng trước


  47. Max Messina 124

    Max Messina 124Tháng trước

    FBI : I used to have a J3

  48. Gael Aloboe

    Gael AloboeTháng trước

    Hey can the fake one play games

  49. Vu Nguyen

    Vu NguyenTháng trước

    Please install apps like antutu or android info to see if they can spot the fake phones. My guess is that the SW can't tell. Thanks

  50. Yashvin Tackoory

    Yashvin TackooryTháng trước

    Even my note 3 beat that shit. They are built and sold only to con people.

  51. ItzMeAuzi13 Yt

    ItzMeAuzi13 YtTháng trước

    I like IOS for tablets but Android for phones

  52. Rohit Poriya

    Rohit PoriyaTháng trước

    The comparison is good but the way this guy man handles the fone and keeps shaking and flipping the fones again and again irritates me to the core... wht a efing show off jerk

  53. halkatgp

    halkatgpTháng trước

    Wondering what he does with all the phone he buys to review.

  54. N.S Burn

    N.S BurnTháng trước

    Better than a og ipad mini

  55. Мехаил Синеокоффф

    Мехаил СинеокофффTháng trước

    Обе подделки. Сзади нет надписи note9.

  56. Why you reading that?

    Why you reading that?Tháng trước

    10:17 Do you thinck i have Samsung Note9 clone at home -_-

  57. Vu Duyhung

    Vu DuyhungTháng trước

    I hate fake

  58. CH TALHA

    CH TALHATháng trước

    Which website do you buy this fake mobiles ....?

  59. Tu Chenz

    Tu ChenzTháng trước

    Why is there an image of the s pen on the box? Are you buying a phone or a pen?

  60. Renz Lopez

    Renz LopezTháng trước

    Samsung note 9 is my graduation gift

  61. Miraj Ahmed

    Miraj AhmedTháng trước

    All I see is the display difference between Sammy and Iphones side by side

  62. PH Gaming

    PH GamingTháng trước

    Wow meme 7:20

  63. Fero Fero

    Fero FeroTháng trước

    Samsung note 9 fack good or no pleas tel me

  64. dhikajo putra

    dhikajo putraTháng trước

    The first and the last is defferent blue s9 phone. Wtf

  65. Romshadow

    RomshadowTháng trước

    Fortniters: cAN u RuN fOrTnItE

  66. Aaden Beauchamp

    Aaden BeauchampTháng trước

    You know it's a fake when it comes in the DHL bag and bubble wrap. LMAO

  67. Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction

    Mrashiaap -Creative DestructionTháng trước

    Will the clone runs fortnite?lmao

  68. Samantha Arnold

    Samantha ArnoldTháng trước

    Samsung galaxys10 any buddy

  69. Pedro Vega

    Pedro VegaTháng trước

    Pay you good money😜😜

  70. Soap McTavish

    Soap McTavishTháng trước

    Decent for a potato.

  71. fhhsvnggbh

    fhhsvnggbhTháng trước

    So You could buy 10 of the clones and just throw them away if you had a problem, compared to the $1000 bloatware guaranteed to die after a set time samsungs

  72. fhhsvnggbh

    fhhsvnggbhTháng trước

    Id buy a chinese phone over a piece of shit samsung ANY DAY.

  73. Thomas Bob

    Thomas Bob28 ngày trước

    Samsung is great wym

  74. Lee MacCloudy

    Lee MacCloudyTháng trước

    4:31 S5 Startup

  75. Coby Worrell

    Coby WorrellTháng trước

    that is one clone phone i lovre


    USAYF KHALILTháng trước

    i am broke as hell i am using uses samsung galaxy grandprime which was 45 dollars

  77. Kelvin Nguyen

    Kelvin NguyenTháng trước

    it is a s10

  78. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraTháng trước

    Same Note 10 quality, without note 10 performance

  79. Adham Aktamov

    Adham AktamovTháng trước

    Мне кажется что фронталка у него лучше чем основная камера

  80. SanFranciscoBay

    SanFranciscoBayTháng trước

    Question. If you purchase used and are sold a clone instead of the authentic, will your carrier recognize it by its ID number and activate it?

  81. Mr. CancerousHD

    Mr. CancerousHDTháng trước

    Likely not

  82. Steve Johnson

    Steve JohnsonTháng trước

    am i the only one that is considering the fake one? might be better than my current note4. can't even update this shit

  83. Barry Corpuz

    Barry CorpuzTháng trước


  84. yummycookie 122

    yummycookie 122Tháng trước

    that fake still a working phone I would still buy it

  85. BLuR- rj

    BLuR- rjTháng trước

    right , for someone using an Lg , this would be an upgrade 😂

  86. Richie Rich

    Richie RichTháng trước

    I’m buying one tomorrow

  87. Macopa Bros TV

    Macopa Bros TVTháng trước

    plzzzz... can i have it?


    JORDY GARAGETháng trước

    I don’t get why this guy’s channel is called “Everything Apple Pro” but reviews Samsung phones and Samsung clones. Very irrelevant.

  89. The Snake Pit

    The Snake PitTháng trước

    And thats why we buy umidigi LeEco elephone ZTE blade max ect ect, had my LeEco 2 years, dropped it many times and the glass are still intact, dropped iPhone ones glass destroyed dropped Samsung ones glass broke dropped HTC a couple of times and broken.. Had no problem.. Its rocks had 4 gig ram before iPhone , its a f'n great buy.. Sorry but Its just a fact. Dont get why people are buying clones , when you actully can get one of the above mentioned for same price , and you get a phone that in some area kicks the high price brands to the curve.. and its just a matter of time before the young people noticed, the get a Better phone and a trip to Europe every time a morons gets scammed by appel

  90. Nasr Koba

    Nasr KobaTháng trước

    Can u plz make a video about j8 original vs j8 fake?

  91. Clinton Sanchez

    Clinton SanchezTháng trước

    So sexy

  92. Miles Love

    Miles LoveTháng trước

    watch the berry be poison

  93. tony ray

    tony rayTháng trước

    I want the clone ☺

  94. [WR] Pilot

    [WR] PilotTháng trước

    What is your current phone?

  95. R L

    R LTháng trước

    WOOW there idiot! Learn how to use a freaking knife. You almost lost a finger! 1:05

  96. Angel Studios

    Angel StudiosTháng trước

    Your name is everything Apple pro why don’t you do apple stuff

  97. J O S H E D I T S

    J O S H E D I T STháng trước

    +Wade Ferrell true

  98. Wade Ferrell

    Wade FerrellTháng trước

    He must have gone to the light side and saw which company had superior phones.

  99. Carlos Adaes

    Carlos AdaesTháng trước

    Why you rymeing

  100. Chantel

    ChantelTháng trước

    Lol you go to buy a case from Walmart and realize your phone isn't the same size lol

  101. artan kola

    artan kolaTháng trước

    can you get galaxy skin with the fake one?

  102. 3 name changes allowed every 90 dsys.

    3 name changes allowed every 90 dsys.2 tháng trước

    Who's watching on a real galaxy note 9

  103. kubifan

    kubifan2 tháng trước

    Where to buy this?

  104. Dylan Mejia

    Dylan Mejia2 tháng trước

    EverthingAPPLEpro is now EverythingGalaxypro

  105. PTI

    PTI2 tháng trước

    Can someone with note 9 help me pls. I bought this week from ebay note 9 on the back of it say Samsung but where it should say Galaxy note 9 at the bottom it says Duos. Also it doesnt have inbuilt compass.does that mean its fake phone as i cant tell as ita my only 2nd note after my note 2 back in 2013. And in 2015 i bought note 4 from ebay but returned it quickly as it didnt have gps at all. Pls give some info

  106. OG SavAgE

    OG SavAgE2 tháng trước

    The moment he stated walkin down the steps wit dat wack ah camera I died 😂

  107. iStyLEX

    iStyLEX2 tháng trước

    you can still getting galaxy skin?

  108. Marko San

    Marko San2 tháng trước

    This is more like a fake Note 9 review lol now im thinking of buying 1 as a gift I mean for $99 what could go wrong?

  109. bradstone samoa

    bradstone samoa2 tháng trước

    Many places buy them

  110. Dr. donna Walter

    Dr. donna Walter2 tháng trước

    Maybe it is almost worth the $99USD? I have seen budget phones that compete better and some not so. Not knowing of all the budget phones out there this is probably one of those 'you get what you pay for' situations. Gosh, I would be embarrassed to carry something that was in my mind a rip off of a name just to supposedly look good. Good review. I think this may be the first video I have watched of yours and will look for a few more. Thumbs up on this as my understanding is the thumbs up goes to video quality and not if I like the object reviewed and you did a great job on the review. Thank you.

  111. Radu Popa

    Radu Popa2 tháng trước

    Here's a fun fact, Samsung makes the fake phones as well. All of those big companies make the fake stuff also. It's a sleazy marketing scam that brings more millions in their pockets and it's completely legit because of the price.

  112. Devil Brother

    Devil Brother2 tháng trước

    Give me one mobile to play pub g I m from nepal

  113. MD R

    MD R2 tháng trước

    doworkzone.com/?mref=Mahesh win lots of money