‘Survivor’ Recap With Winner Chris Underwood, 'Cake Boss' & 'Texicanas' Recap | PeopleTV

  • 16 Th05, 2019
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  1. Queen Katara

    Queen Katara3 tháng trước

    The fact that he could convince a jury that he played a better game in 3 days than Gavin and Julie played in 39 is a testament to how he’s played. I don’t like the eoe twist, but the winner was deserving in my rather unpopular opinion.

  2. charlie z

    charlie z3 tháng trước

    the big problem is tho that he spent so much time with the jury unlike Gavin, that is unprecedented in Survivor

  3. Random Channel name

    Random Channel name3 tháng trước

    Queen Katara I agree 100%. Great winner, but I’m not a fan of the twist. People should not be hating on Chris, if they don’t like the twist

  4. Gabe Creates

    Gabe Creates3 tháng trước

    Queen Katara I agree tho

  5. Albert Garcia

    Albert Garcia4 tháng trước


  6. Mona Vanderwaal

    Mona Vanderwaal3 tháng trước

    I think he gave bjs to the producers to win

  7. Odefe Football

    Odefe Football4 tháng trước

    So proud of Andrea

  8. buck78

    buck784 tháng trước

    I mean this in the most positive way: This man is gorgeous and he has a GIANT... umm.. anaconda. I can't believe he hasn't done any porn yet. The entire season my friends and I kept pausing the crotch shots in his bathing suit hahaha (and then we'd turn beat red and our jaws would drop to the floor). I can't believe no one has mentioned anything about it on the show! I wish they would at least put him on Bachelor in Paradise :-)

  9. buck78

    buck783 tháng trước

    Noooooooo :-)

  10. Gabe Creates

    Gabe Creates3 tháng trước

    buck78 he’s married...