【TVPP】VIXX,BTS-Korean Wrestling Final , 빅스, 방탄소년단 - 남자 씨름 결승@2016 Idol Star Championships


  1. Nondescript

    Nondescript2 giờ trước

    5:16 Jin looks like "eh? Ken?" And their eyes look a bit strange both Ken and Jin's. They're friends so maybe they both were like, "Nah, let's not take it too seriously" even when this was the deciding match.

  2. Aluna Maura

    Aluna Maura8 giờ trước

    Fuck VIXX

  3. Riska Aras

    Riska Aras13 giờ trước

    Aku serius

  4. rhianna Lleno

    rhianna Lleno17 giờ trước

    Go my BTS I LOVE YOU

  5. martina pereira

    martina pereira21 giờ trước

    Pt vix

  6. X{GachaNight_Wolfie}X _*13*_

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  7. Brenda Beatriz

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    Eu ti amo bts

  8. Nicole Ormeño Narvaez

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    0:23 Sugaa, xD te adoro♥

  9. ARMYS friend zoned by BTS

    ARMYS friend zoned by BTS3 ngày trước

    TAE!!! WHY SO CUTE!!!! AWWW!!! MY HEART!!!!💖💖💖

  10. FILAH 20

    FILAH 203 ngày trước

    you are the best jungkook i like you

  11. ssethia ari

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  12. Beauty Beast

    Beauty Beast3 ngày trước

    I'm proud of jungkook

  13. Zoie Woodyard

    Zoie Woodyard3 ngày trước

    I love how the rest of bts was freaking out in the background

  14. soso Cordoba

    soso Cordoba3 ngày trước

    Me confundi o vi una cara de angel en la miniatura

  15. taetae uwu

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  16. Chim 4 Life

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  19. ÏtzMëÅríãnå !

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    The taekwondo is kicking in ❤️❤️

  20. Bea Marie Mora

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  21. Bao Xiong

    Bao Xiong5 ngày trước

    Nooo way! What a small world! Leo and V are my favorite idol and they are wrestling!

  22. sara rompich

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    Jungkook 😍😍😘😘💝💝💞💞💕💓💋

  23. YUMMYPATATO Nguyen

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    The thumbnail tho it was a bad represented of my golden maknae

  24. moony days

    moony days8 ngày trước

    oof hyuk and jk's match! #MAKNAESONTOP i feel like hyuk has the upperhand in raw strength (he managed to lift jk up a few times) but i think jk had the advantage in endurance and sleight of hand (uhh. feet? basically speed) you can see that hyuk fell because he lost his balance. it was a super close match though, jk almost tripped a few times! these two are definitely on the same levels.

  25. Matthew Gemopod

    Matthew Gemopod9 ngày trước

    Kookie is a cute guy that has TAILBEAST inside of him


    TAEHYUNG KIM9 ngày trước

    Kookie oppa salanghaeyo

  27. oh cmon oh shit down oh

    oh cmon oh shit down oh9 ngày trước

    I loved vixx before I even loved bts so much but oh well both groups did well 💁

  28. Hasbullah Samad

    Hasbullah Samad9 ngày trước

    BTS FOREVER 😎😎😎😎

  29. Miyuki Hayakawa

    Miyuki Hayakawa10 ngày trước

    Where talking about the golden maknae here bruhhhhh!!!!!!

  30. أإلـــ تـםــيـםــيـههــه ღ

    أإلـــ تـםــيـםــيـههــه ღ11 ngày trước

    *شوفو دقيقه شوقا فاتح حلگه **4:06*

  31. 단방탄소년

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    jeon jung kook BTS

  32. dogs.mp4

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    All the negative comments are from now.. so I'm guessing after BTS became popular lots more fans came and most are young so ig they're like twelve or thirteen ig we can give them a pass for being idiots (I'm an army)

  33. dogs.mp4

    dogs.mp412 ngày trước

    EY I'm an army and I don't exactly care for vixx at all but armys before you type something at least let it be something nice. Whether it be to BTS or vixx. You're all giving us a bad reputations :/

  34. dogs.mp4

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    I want brownies

  35. さとうせり

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  36. Chicken Ky

    Chicken Ky12 ngày trước

    Who stared at Jungkook butt of thighs when they did the replay close up



    malditos anuncios

  38. Abby Solorzano

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  39. Heaven

    Heaven13 ngày trước

    It makes me laugh imagining international armys be screaming and fanchanting in their room while the neighboors are judging them

  40. bangtanbish

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  41. Rafaella Braga Gomes

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    5:32 vai jin! Ouviram? Kkkkk

  42. esther

    esther13 ngày trước

    bts forever

  43. Suga Min

    Suga Min14 ngày trước

    BTS 😁😁😁❤❤❤

  44. George's Life

    George's Life14 ngày trước

    When jin was on it was like Jin Jin JINNI JIN

  45. La Chancla De Omma Jin

    La Chancla De Omma Jin14 ngày trước

    Ves a tus dos bias en una competencia alv (Jin y Ken) xddd

  46. Jainara Derossi

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  47. Jainara Derossi

    Jainara Derossi14 ngày trước

    Não valeu, aquele moço que foi contra o Tae deveras bonito tinha mais bunda por isso ganhou.

  48. Danica Garcia

    Danica Garcia15 ngày trước

    Its OK v.😘😘😘 we love you!!!!!😊😇😍😍

  49. Danica Garcia

    Danica Garcia15 ngày trước

    Ohwww go jk lablab youwewweee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍

  50. cla mg

    cla mg15 ngày trước

    no se golpean los testiculos?

  51. Isabella Duncan

    Isabella Duncan15 ngày trước

    My friends : what's your favorite sport? Do you even watch sports??? Me : well you see i um so you know Kpop My friends : oh no Me : (shows them this video) My friends : 😒😑

  52. Sheryl Chen

    Sheryl Chen16 ngày trước

    lol jungkook's reaction when v fell. we love a competitive baby boy

  53. Roro Aks

    Roro Aks16 ngày trước

    I notice v his like mad to jungkook when jungkook win his not happy even to congrats kookie no smile 😔

  54. isra rivera amador

    isra rivera amador16 ngày trước

    I was cheering so hard for BTS I was like you take that potato bitch DOWN v I swear to GOd TAKe HIm DoWn JiN

  55. Nashimo

    Nashimo16 ngày trước

    Ниче не понимаю! ну ладно!

  56. اروى عرب

    اروى عرب16 ngày trước

    جين دايما يسترع ولا كان فاز

  57. Choi Soyeon

    Choi Soyeon17 ngày trước

    1:59 now lets search jin 😂 i proud eomma

  58. Eylül yüksel ilik

    Eylül yüksel ilik17 ngày trước

    Exo yu hiç sevmiyorum sadwce btsyi seviyorum

  59. Joen Jung Kook

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  60. Julizza Rose Edulan

    Julizza Rose Edulan17 ngày trước

    I lost it with Jungkook's face when they lost. HAHAHAHA I love our competitive golden maknae 😂 Good job, Kookie, Taetae and Jinnie. 💜 This is two years late but I still want to say this, congrats VIXX and Starlights. Yeayyy 😊💜

  61. Laishram Ibomcha Khuman

    Laishram Ibomcha Khuman17 ngày trước

    Noooo bts 😢

  62. Liên Phạm

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  63. Dexter Vistan

    Dexter Vistan18 ngày trước

    taehyung have moved fast that's why he lost his control

  64. Rere Lala Game Time -its time to play some games-

    Rere Lala Game Time -its time to play some games-18 ngày trước

    Coookie didnt smile 😢

  65. Rere Lala Game Time -its time to play some games-

    Rere Lala Game Time -its time to play some games-18 ngày trước

    No matter how cool cookie try to look he still look cute af

  66. Felisha Amanda

    Felisha Amanda19 ngày trước

    Junkookie don't cry 😊😊😊 fighting kookie 🎉🎊

  67. gucci_jiminyougotnojams infires

    gucci_jiminyougotnojams infires19 ngày trước

    Still not over their reactions 3:48-3:50 And 4:38-4:50 look at Jk, Jimin, Rm, and Yoongi's reactions XD

  68. LadyBug Tae

    LadyBug Tae19 ngày trước

    1:08 did he just knee jungkook where i think he just kneed him.....no hate at all

  69. Dustpan Walis

    Dustpan Walis19 ngày trước

    I laugh at slow mo😁😁

  70. samantha brigitta

    samantha brigitta19 ngày trước

    Jin bodok

  71. samantha brigitta

    samantha brigitta19 ngày trước

    Jungkook...... Ai love you....... Emmm.....

  72. Aluna Maura

    Aluna Maura19 ngày trước

    pigggg VIXX

  73. Aluna Maura

    Aluna Maura19 ngày trước

    btssssssss love you i.m support you

  74. Razman Ali

    Razman Ali19 ngày trước

    I hate this😑why VIXX is champions?😡I want BTS💕but,fine,BT fighthing😊sarangheyo 😘

  75. Lady _Black

    Lady _Black19 ngày trước

    There is no need for the unnecessary hate just because your favorite group lost. VIXX won fair & square.

  76. Dumb Cerot

    Dumb Cerot19 ngày trước

    V was worried after Jungkooks battle...😂

  77. GoldenKook

    GoldenKook20 ngày trước

    I watched this so many times and im still surprised🤣🤣

  78. Luna Gaia

    Luna Gaia20 ngày trước

    Wait, no hate just curious, but how did Jungkook lose?! I thought he threw the guy down first and then fell? In slow mo the guy touched the matt b4 he fell?

  79. Luna Gaia

    Luna Gaia17 ngày trước

    +Katt Seng oh okay thanks 😎👍 i was just confused cause some say he did some say he didn't

  80. Katt Seng

    Katt Seng18 ngày trước

    Luna Gaia he didn’t lose

  81. sEoKjIn tHe sCrEaM

    sEoKjIn tHe sCrEaM21 ngày trước

    Why am I not happy while watching this?? I feel like crying 😢

  82. احساس انثى

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  83. Tang Ponsel

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  84. Naja Jesika

    Naja Jesika21 ngày trước

    0:30 did u see btob's face lol 😂

  85. Bouquet of Fandoms

    Bouquet of Fandoms21 ngày trước

    I love this so much!! Junkook and hyuk both scary hulk maknaes, not surprising the match was longer then others. Leo is so pretty (he's my VIXX bias). And his interactions after with V are so cute. Jin and Ken the best friends fighting. I bet Ken still brings up his win and I can just imagine Jin's yelling "that was 2 years ago!".

  86. joonie the philosophy sensei

    joonie the philosophy sensei22 ngày trước

    (taetae) 🐯 baby tiger going against the mighty lion 🦁(leo)

  87. zinni izeki21

    zinni izeki2122 ngày trước

    on 5:49 who is the beautiful girl?

  88. lujille Botawskie

    lujille Botawskie22 ngày trước

    Bts is so strong,handsome,talented


    LOVE YOURSELF22 ngày trước

    the match between Hyuk and Jungkook was INTENSE

  90. Bouquet of Fandoms

    Bouquet of Fandoms21 ngày trước

    Not surprising with them both being maknaes the rest of the group is scared of.


    BANGTWICE SEOKJIN23 ngày trước

    The way jin and ken hug

  92. Pretty Chu

    Pretty Chu23 ngày trước

    Aww... Too bad blackpink weren't there....

  93. jiaa chachorom

    jiaa chachorom23 ngày trước


  94. Najeebah Hussain

    Najeebah Hussain23 ngày trước

    Leo is so cute

  95. Шахриза Самсалиева

    Шахриза Самсалиева23 ngày trước

    Чонгук сильные

  96. Olcay Ibrahim

    Olcay Ibrahim24 ngày trước


  97. Olcay Ibrahim

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  98. Olcay Ibrahim

    Olcay Ibrahim24 ngày trước


  99. XiuminAss_.

    XiuminAss_.24 ngày trước

    Kenjin 7w7

  100. Rize -

    Rize -24 ngày trước

    jungkook cry? he make me sad 😢😢😢

  101. SadTHOT Holly

    SadTHOT Holly24 ngày trước

    Okay idk how you guys missed it but I think something was wrong between tae and kookie. After he won kook looked like he was gonna cry any moment and Tae din even congratulate kook. WE KNOW THESE TWO ARENT LIKE THIS AT ALL. Maybe they fought.

  102. Dunia Villegas

    Dunia Villegas24 ngày trước

    Setzo salvaje me quedo con *Kookie*

  103. x김지원

    x김지원25 ngày trước

    Jeon Cena

  104. Silam Samantha Gaming

    Silam Samantha Gaming25 ngày trước

    He is golden maknae of course he will win!

  105. Rain Ikuya

    Rain Ikuya25 ngày trước

    Hi guys. To all my co Starlights who have read the hate comments from the antis (not gonna call them army or anything cuz we can't consider them BTS fans) let us all stay calm and ignore them. Let's prove to them that we're the calm fandom we're known for. And to all the armies thank you for being mature we love you guys 😘😊 let's be friends like our idols are.