又到了瓜果蔬菜怎么吃都吃不完的季节,脑壳疼呐 | Liziqi Channel


  1. Hannah Robertson

    Hannah Robertson56 phút trước

    Is this a different variety of pumpkin than us ignorant Americans are used to? Especially the large first one, which didn’t really look like a pumpkin at all to me, but more of a large elongated gourd. The recipes look delicious though.

  2. fernanda mirelle

    fernanda mirelleGiờ trước

    Os vídeos dessa moça transmite uma paz tão grade. Ela retrata uma vida feliz e calma.

  3. Aziz Fatima

    Aziz Fatima2 giờ trước

    I fall for your simplicity.❤️💞💕❣️thanks from millions whom you give unrequisted smile.😊🥰🙂🙂😘

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  5. DVD vlog TV

    DVD vlog TV2 giờ trước

    I really like your life

  6. Kumar K

    Kumar K4 giờ trước

    Hello dear I am from India nd like d video much.... Wondering to c u r bamboo materials I loved it..... What s d steamer tat u r using n bamboo ...... mean d name....... Plzzz rplyy my question......

  7. Kiran Singh

    Kiran Singh4 giờ trước

    Pls write the recipes and ingredients name in English or Hindi . We can't understand your language. Pls mam !

  8. Mokrane Mmokrane

    Mokrane Mmokrane5 giờ trước

    La belle vie.

  9. Z

    Z5 giờ trước

    it is a vegan paradise!

  10. Kira Shimy

    Kira Shimy6 giờ trước

    I would love to have a home far from society and live like this! So peacefully.

  11. aessie100

    aessie1006 giờ trước

    有許多是用南瓜做的菜餚. 果真不是一般工商社會中職業婦女做的出來的啊!! 佩服她.

  12. Vân Sênh

    Vân Sênh6 giờ trước

  13. salma veee

    salma veee6 giờ trước

    soundtrack lagu nya apa ya judulnya klo boleh tau?

  14. Karuna Mary

    Karuna Mary7 giờ trước

    I really want to meet you madam I am impressed

  15. Lavan Moon

    Lavan Moon7 giờ trước

    قناتج جميله جدأ استمري اختج من بغداد بس ليش ممفعله موضوع الربح او الاعلانات

  16. 聶振華

    聶振華7 giờ trước

    你家種那麼多各式各樣的蔬果 真棒 要吃就隨手一摘就有 而且你還那麼會烹飪。🤗🤗

  17. رغد رجب

    رغد رجب7 giờ trước

    امها بس تجي عالاكل 😂😂

  18. Angel tan

    Angel tan8 giờ trước

    can invite me to stay at your place. Your house is so comfortable

  19. Thuỳ Linh Lê

    Thuỳ Linh Lê10 giờ trước

    Ăn bí cả vỏ kinh quá

  20. Ike Diani

    Ike Diani10 giờ trước

    Coba saja Klo saya jago masak kya dia orang hmm

  21. Nguyễn Lê

    Nguyễn Lê10 giờ trước

    I love beauty girl

  22. Iin Wahyuningsih

    Iin Wahyuningsih10 giờ trước

    Kebunnya sungguh idaman setiap rumah...seperti apa yg aku impikan....seandainya aku mempunyai kebun sperti itu

  23. زهره الصبار

    زهره الصبار10 giờ trước

    اتمنى واتمنى واتمنى اعيش بهل المكان

  24. ajas mk

    ajas mk11 giờ trước

    I cant believe that she lives in 2019

  25. ajas mk

    ajas mk11 giờ trước

    I thought she is gonna grab the fly also. ... everything in her backyard is edible

  26. weird but flex

    weird but flex11 giờ trước

    Honestly I would prefer living in her house rather than in cities

  27. Fitriok 123

    Fitriok 12312 giờ trước

    Suka bagts nonton vidio nya liziqi ..sayang nya gk bisa bhs inggris atau cina😍😘😘😍

  28. diana thoha

    diana thoha13 giờ trước

    Liziqi... 👍bangets deeehhh...😍😘

  29. Tasty recipe

    Tasty recipe13 giờ trước

    Your dogs are very cute

  30. ki ki

    ki ki13 giờ trước

    任憑若水三千 只取一瓢飲 好個南瓜全餐

  31. قناة منوعة

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  32. zinn Bé

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    Hay quá 🤗🤩😍😘 chị ơi

  33. mia lin

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  34. Thảo Lê

    Thảo Lê15 giờ trước

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  36. Đạt Nguyễn Thành

    Đạt Nguyễn Thành16 giờ trước

    e vừa xinh đẹp giỏi dang lại vừa nấu ăn ngon . quan trọng là môi trường e sống và quang cảnh rất là đẹp

  37. Madhu Kumari

    Madhu Kumari17 giờ trước

    Kitna saf se bnati h ky nature h wah

  38. aziza mamtaj

    aziza mamtaj18 giờ trước

    What a beautiful place, beautiful dining, beautiful food, all things r so fresh..i m obsessed with this vdo

  39. Dương Trần

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  40. Quan Scott

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  41. Apt215 Melissa Brown

    Apt215 Melissa Brown20 giờ trước

    NO WAY - Did I read that correctly? Can anyone rightfully complain that it is a "headache" to have too many vegetables to harvest? Millions of people in the world would give up a toe to get such healthy abundant food to harvest. That is unfair to say. You can throw it in a pile and allow it to compost or load it into a truck and give it to poor people in desperate want. I'm surprised you let that thought come from you - such a gracious looking lady.

  42. Maria José

    Maria José20 giờ trước

    Eu queria só uma semana nesse paraíso 😍😍

  43. Star

    Star22 giờ trước

    Too many fresh fruits? Wow the only "problem" I wish to have... Not a problem at all but a dream . Please adopt me and teach me your ways hehe

  44. Apt215 Melissa Brown

    Apt215 Melissa Brown23 giờ trước

    Does anyone else get depressed watching this idealized, idyllic version of rural life in China. I keep telling myself it's not real, that this is a well-polished production. If I don't think of that, I will slip into a deep depression - as I firmly believe that this is how we were meant to live. (Notice there are no screaming kids, no lurking boyfriend to ruin the calm). A household that spacious with no young man and children seems unlikely. A good hubby would be by her side helping out with everything or else somewhere tending to something on the grounds.

  45. Roland Salonga

    Roland SalongaNgày trước

    Living off the land, just how life should be!!! No worries just tend your garden and live off of it.

  46. Maria Caro

    Maria CaroNgày trước

    Denlen un me gusta si soy la única que habla español.



    You really need to write the recipes down so we can try to cook them ourselves, your food looks so delicious I want to try it myself. 😍😋

  48. Isaac Acaasi

    Isaac AcaasiNgày trước

    Beautiful life... Beautiful woman and beautiful food yummy

  49. Yoan Ulin

    Yoan UlinNgày trước

    Coba bisa dapat istri kayak gini ...

  50. Sharankumar Ravi

    Sharankumar RaviNgày trước

    Who is the camera man ????📸📸📸🎥

  51. Spriha Patel

    Spriha PatelNgày trước

    Inke garden hr trh k fruits vegetable h k

  52. Spriha Patel

    Spriha PatelNgày trước

    Ye din bhar bs btatikhati rhti h k btt jo b ho mja bhut ata h dekh k

  53. Shiv Kumar Shahu

    Shiv Kumar ShahuNgày trước

    Sweet dish....likeu

  54. Alejandra Montalvo

    Alejandra MontalvoNgày trước

    I’m so glad I found your channel, watching your videos calm me and I learn something new in each one of them. It’s very soothing and calming, just the music and the way that it’s filmed.

  55. trần thị cẩm tiên

    trần thị cẩm tiênNgày trước

    cj ở đâu zạy cj em muốn ik theo qua nhà cj để đc ăn nhửng món cj lm

  56. Cường Phạm

    Cường PhạmNgày trước

    Ước gì chén e nó cái

  57. morena videos

    morena videosNgày trước

    olha eu nunca tinha visto um video tao lindo

  58. bích hạnh nguyễn

    bích hạnh nguyễnNgày trước

    I love Liziqi

  59. shushu chen

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  60. Eddie Ruhiman

    Eddie RuhimanNgày trước

    Beautiful girl dan nice aktifity, nature and healthy, good choice lifestyle good luck for you girl, you girl are my inspiratif.

  61. viddergrapho

    viddergraphoNgày trước

    My heart stopped at pumpkin bread. Do you have a website for recipes!?! 我的心停在南瓜面包上。你有一个食谱网站!?!

  62. Margie laine Lacastesantos

    Margie laine LacastesantosNgày trước

    I can live that place even without internet! As long as those vegetables and fruits were always available😊

  63. Thog Le

    Thog LeNgày trước

    vú nhơi lép

  64. MizzRivera86

    MizzRivera86Ngày trước

    I feel such peace here.

  65. 破曉

    破曉Ngày trước

    你家附近可以蓋大房子嗎, 想當吃貨鄰居😋

  66. Raju

    RajuNgày trước

    How only that grandma and her granddaughter able to eat so much vegetables in their backyard....🤣 must be selling them in nearby town.

  67. being myself

    being myselfNgày trước

    I too want to live your life

  68. Bi Cơm

    Bi CơmNgày trước

    What a big bumpkin 😊

  69. Manggurebe Maju

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  70. Roda Lacorte

    Roda LacorteNgày trước

    Hey cutie 😜

  71. Cynthia Rachel

    Cynthia RachelNgày trước

    *she should have the most subscribers in the world😭*

  72. girl gamer

    girl gamerNgày trước

    this is why I work hard today, so I can retire at early age and live like this

  73. Allali Ibtissam

    Allali IbtissamNgày trước

    راءع 😍😍😍

  74. Dwi Novitasari

    Dwi NovitasariNgày trước

    Kebun nya lengkap banget ada buah dan sayur 😅

  75. Syarifah Rahman

    Syarifah RahmanNgày trước

    Enak ya jadi cewek petani

  76. 챌리언

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  77. tea sis

    tea sisNgày trước

    She reminds me so much of Mulan. She’s pretty, brave and selfless ❤️

  78. yuli n. utami

    yuli n. utamiNgày trước

    It's a real beautiful life😍

  79. mike chan

    mike chanNgày trước

    Does she have to water all those vines, veges, and fruit trees? If so, how much water and how long doe it take her/them to water all those plants???

  80. Eng sahar

    Eng saharNgày trước

    يجنن طريقتها