Best Time of Year to Comsume Juicy and Tender Bamboo Shoots; Pick As Much As You Like


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    feed me mummy

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    好漂亮喔 真想來一炮

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    Looks so yummmyyy😍

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    Em doi quá

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    Please be my wife. 😂

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    이 누나 못하는게 없어...

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    I love the grandma!! she makes me smile

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    I love watching your videos. I have a lot of anxiety inside and your videos make it go away for a little while.

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    Hi liqizi I would like to know how you make bamboo wall in your house 🙂

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    Beatifull garden ... Beautifully weather and beautifully life....It's sooooo goood

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    I'm here after the last episode of GOT This is therapy.

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    Thank you LIZQUI for continously sharing your mouthwatering skills! Kindest regards from central Europe

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    omg girl u r simply amazing!!!!

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    Wow! Nice place.

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    I'm watching your videos. you're dealing with a very difficult job and you do it very well😍❤❤

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    Such inspiration to women,to be simple and not follow trends.❤❤🌸

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    You are so beautiful and talented,smart i admire you so much, i liked your videos even you are not talking...❤️

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    한국 사람 있나요? 손🖐🏻

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    你真漂亮😍 I love you Li Ziqi😍😍💖💖❤❤

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    Có ai người việt nam hok tui cô đơn qué

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    If I see these videos even more missing China

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    Is there a way to buy the food she makes??

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    taobao search her name “liziqi”

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    Take good care on your granny. Because you will miss them alot

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    I see all your videos. Your videos are very good. i like your videos.But one thing is Very Bad. Why do not you give your Dog enough food ??? My dog ​​is much younger than your Dog. But my dog ​​has grown a lot, but your dog is still the same as before. If you do not give proper food, then give the dog another person, it will be good.

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    its so satisfyng the way she picks the bamboo shoots😅

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    Rebung ? In indonesia. ❤

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    Quay quá đỉnh !

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    So talented and so beautiful. The land she lives on is as beautiful as she is as well. I'd love to experience living there some day.

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    Could you interview your grandma?

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    Why would someone unlike this? Is it the vegans coming after her because of the wool?

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    I like that she wears normal clothes sometimes 😀

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    hey i am chinese too im being love you nơw 🥰🥰🥰

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    her lamb all grown up 😫

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    Where's this channel been all my life

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    @李子柒 Liziqi 子柒加油,从内涵段子到抖音,从优酷到油管一直再追看你作品,当真生女当如李子柒。

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    I want to live in magical princess world with this princess I could be her Prince charming

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    In case of any post-apocalyptic event, go find her to survive.

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    I like flowers. 🌺🌸🌹🌷

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    子柒太美了 这个地方好像世外桃源一样 以后也想生活在这么一个地方

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    How do you post these videos when youtube is blocked in China?

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    People can use VPN to access youtube in China

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    You are so Talented. Thanks for your videos.😀💝

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    Beautiful life ❤❤❤💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💝💝💝

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    Who is doing the filming????? I’m amazed at her abilities. Does she take visitors?? Like a simple life experience.

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    Vendo isso bateu a maior vontade de comer essas comidas que eu nem sei o que é! E uma guiouza!

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    I love how she used woven baskets and wooden bowls and a homemade oven, etc. That all looks delicious and healthy.

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    Amiga, me jakearon mi pagina, asi que tube que hacer una nueva. Gracias por tus aportes de argentina.

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    I wish my garden looked as beautiful as this one. always enjoy watching and I have to say my own cooking has improved since I started watching almost a year ago. thank you.

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    Beautiful life 😢

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    I love your videos, it's so peaceful and relaxing. It's different from other youtube videos. Thank you.

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    Must be nice to live in an area of China where it’s peaceful and beautiful in plants grow every season.



    Ugh! Bamboo shoot plucking is extremely ASMR!!!!!!😖😖😖😖

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    I just discovered this channel and I think it might be the most relaxing and intriguing thing I've ever seen.

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    Please marry me :o

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    Olá, eu sou do Brasil

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    Here in Germany we make herbal tea and jam out of the fruits of those roses. Do you do that in China, too?

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    Sizi bugün keşfettim ve harika videolar çekmişsiniz 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻yaklaşık 2 saattir videolarınızı izliyorum terapi gibi geldi. Türkiye'den başarılar diliyorum 😊. 👏🏻👏🏻 🇹🇷

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    Viciada em seus vídeos ❤️ pena que não tem legenda

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    她就好像住在仙境里一样 闷闷的天气看了几个视频都不燥热了

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    I even dont understand Chinese But I turn off the subtitle , make 720p quality and watch the video and nature 💗 Who else??!!

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    Well, I am hooked.

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    Of course we do eat bamboo shoots alot but didn't know there was lot of type on how to cook gladly appreciate it Bytheway i failed this semester and i didn't told anyone coz .... But im posting here coz no one gives a shit about it

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    I have no family

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    I wish I was her

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    Oh my god. Wherever you are living is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see this place in person.

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    هذه جوغم

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    She is truly beautiful ^^ And that food must be delicious!!!

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    An angel sent from heaven

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    please help Indonesian translation, because me and my friends always watch your videos

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    جميل جو الشتا عندكم في البلاد دي ..وأجمل حاجة الورود الملونة الطبيعية الحلوة والمناظر الخلابة دي ..

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    Ahí va un cliente satisfecho con un buen corte de pelo

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    You may watch her latest video by visit this link :

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    Even the food looks pretty

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    I was wondering about a vegan dinner without chickens.

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    The hands are always very soft, it's strange, for me who does everything else does not come out in the video, it must be the exploited

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    You’re an actual Stardew Valley avatar.

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    Wait? Bamboo is edible?!


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    Ur making me hungry