10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s


  1. TheOnemanmoshpit

    TheOnemanmoshpit13 giờ trước

    Isn't it funny how every decade has a name 80s 90s etc. But the 2010s get called the 2000s it must be the first decade to last 20 years

  2. Mastho

    Mastho21 giờ trước

    nice list, think i'll give quite a few on here a look :D

  3. C

    CNgày trước

    Brendon Gleeson really might be a top 5 actor of all time.

  4. NecroShade 69

    NecroShade 692 ngày trước

    I really didn't expect *The Guard* to be here

  5. Jeff Hickson

    Jeff Hickson2 ngày trước

    What about the life of pi

  6. casualsuede

    casualsuede3 ngày trước

    The Fall, made by the guy who made one of the most visual and underrated movies of the 1990's.....the cell (1999).

  7. Tayyab Rizwan

    Tayyab Rizwan3 ngày trước

    this comment section is actually more helping than the video itself LOL

  8. Vincent D'Amico

    Vincent D'Amico3 ngày trước


  9. Sharpshooter12345

    Sharpshooter123454 ngày trước


  10. Common Guy

    Common Guy4 ngày trước

    Outlander should be in the list

  11. Wake The Israelites

    Wake The Israelites5 ngày trước

    The guard And The tigers tail And Welcome to the punch

  12. Mr STFU

    Mr STFU5 ngày trước

    In Bruges is a pointless unfunny shitfest

  13. Objective Incision

    Objective Incision5 ngày trước

    2:12 .. Wow.. *six actors* played the same role of Bob Dylan in the *same movie* ! - inc. Christian Bale & Heath Ledger! 😮

  14. Bud Nunyerbusiness

    Bud Nunyerbusiness6 ngày trước

    Who has time to watch them all?

  15. Summer Lake Photog

    Summer Lake Photog6 ngày trước

    The New World is one of my all time favorite movies -- visual study juxtaposing primeval simplicity and cultural complexity.

  16. Danny boy DJB

    Danny boy DJB7 ngày trước

    horny hospital.

  17. Charles Drake

    Charles Drake7 ngày trước

    Mulholland Drive

  18. joe Acosta

    joe Acosta8 ngày trước

    Oh my God. I thought I was the only one that loved Moon. You're my spirit animal

  19. Chris Groff

    Chris Groff8 ngày trước

    A History of Violence, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, 25th Hour

  20. dupa konia

    dupa konia9 ngày trước

    I got surprised that I'd actually seen half of it at some point in the past. Mary and Max was great and In Bruges it's just too good not to watch!

  21. ML Feathers

    ML Feathers9 ngày trước

    Moon was the best!

  22. Gudrun Thorvardardottir

    Gudrun Thorvardardottir9 ngày trước

    The Fall. Moon.

  23. panoramicLight

    panoramicLight10 ngày trước

    master and commander

  24. camille mcaloon

    camille mcaloon10 ngày trước

    Cypher 2002 Vanilla sky 2001

  25. Marko Sirkana

    Marko Sirkana10 ngày trước

    Snatch was super underrated

  26. McIntosh Woodruff

    McIntosh Woodruff10 ngày trước

    Moon is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It subverts every expectation for where the story is going, and *minor spoiler* doesn't follow the trend of hipster indie movies having an extremely hopeless and depressing ending. It's just such a unique and brilliant movie, I love it.

  27. Billy A.B.

    Billy A.B.10 ngày trước

    Are Moon, In Bruges, The Life Aquatic etc. massively underrated? Not really

  28. Jeff White

    Jeff White11 ngày trước

    Let the Right One In 2008. The original swedish version.

  29. Johnny K

    Johnny K11 ngày trước

    what's with that background music?!!

  30. Roland X

    Roland X11 ngày trước

    The Fall, now on my list. I've seen almost all movies mentioned and found them fascinating. I do believe you are speaking to subgroup of viewers and that the vast majority will not like your list like I did. Thanks for the list. I have a few to add to my list

  31. Raed Hassouna

    Raed Hassouna11 ngày trước

    Nice list. I may add Million Dollar Hotel, A deal is a deal and Sleuth ..

  32. cjewe1z

    cjewe1z11 ngày trước

    Moon is a masterpiece? I don't think so.

  33. kenneth segarra

    kenneth segarra13 ngày trước

    The fountain was the shit!

  34. Chris Hoeffgen

    Chris Hoeffgen13 ngày trước

    Good list

  35. Huggy Bear

    Huggy Bear13 ngày trước

    I was going to like and subscribe, but then you cursed at the end and casually named the creator in vain. Now it's gotta be thumbs down.

  36. Ant Acc

    Ant Acc13 ngày trước


  37. Blaine Bond

    Blaine Bond13 ngày trước

    The fall ❤️

  38. robbie g

    robbie g14 ngày trước

    all great save Valhalla rising. not hard to watch just bad. and I love Mads Mikkelsen

  39. António Margalho

    António Margalho14 ngày trước

    "Babel" ... just because no one mentioned it.

  40. Guy Fakes

    Guy Fakes14 ngày trước

    some here are great...for insomnia. maybe the reason they were passed over is they are not very good. The Grey is a very underrated movie. Most movies i would not watch twice. this I would.

  41. Martin Rodarte

    Martin Rodarte14 ngày trước


  42. Eric Page

    Eric Page14 ngày trước

    Thanks for the list. I hadn't heard of some of these, but based on how much I love the four I have seen the others must at least be worth checking out. By the way that low Rotten Tomatos score was from the critics, and who really cares what critics think. With over 200,000 user reviews it had an 80% and that's damned good.

  43. EL Donjuan

    EL Donjuan14 ngày trước

    I hated I’m not there when it went to other useless characters stories.. it focused too much on there useless characters when you already get the point and stop caring

  44. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un15 ngày trước

    हिम्मतवाला 😂

  45. Paula Wagon

    Paula Wagon15 ngày trước

    Mary and max is a great movie.

  46. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley16 ngày trước

    Don't disagree with any of these , 'in bruges' is a must watch, 'sexy beast' anyone?

  47. amantecn s

    amantecn s16 ngày trước

    The fall is my favourite.

  48. a a

    a a16 ngày trước

    Mysterious Skin

  49. a a

    a a14 ngày trước

    +Eric Page no no, thank you (: hope you'll like it. Beautiful (and heartbreaking) film.

  50. Eric Page

    Eric Page14 ngày trước

    I'd never even heard of this movie, just Googled it, and now I want to see it so bad. Thanks!

  51. ivan niles

    ivan niles16 ngày trước

    music made me leave

  52. John Riley

    John Riley16 ngày trước

    er... sorry but The Guard came out in 2011? wrong decade guys. Come on, spend a bit more time on accuracy and less on tired delivery styles and you might actually be able to reference/ take a shot at somebody as credible as MARK KERMODE and get away with it.

  53. Phone One

    Phone One17 ngày trước

    Idiocracy best documentrie

  54. Joshua Hiller

    Joshua Hiller18 ngày trước

    3-Iron Natural City The Cell The Zero Theorem Great list! The Fall is one of my favorite movies. The Cell is also worth the watch, although it is a bit dark like Silence of the Lambs.

  55. david rivera

    david rivera18 ngày trước

    The moon worth watching

  56. Deep in the Sky

    Deep in the Sky19 ngày trước

    Thursday , Animatrix , The Cell , Red Road , Starry Eyes , Half baked

  57. vikinglord73

    vikinglord7319 ngày trước

    Valhalla rising is the most god awful film ever made.

  58. mdsaxc02

    mdsaxc0219 ngày trước

    The libertine

  59. Saleh Al-Kandary

    Saleh Al-Kandary20 ngày trước

    a massive dislike for the 10 actually justly rated movies

  60. Kyle Booface

    Kyle Booface21 ngày trước

    Ummm what about.......... Arthur and the Invisibles?

  61. Just Jordan

    Just Jordan22 ngày trước

    Whats the 2000s are they not supposed to be called the 00s ?

  62. One-Eye

    One-Eye22 ngày trước

    VALHALLA RISING? Never heard of it.

  63. D_R70

    D_R7023 ngày trước

    Christ that music have me a headache

  64. Chris 3000

    Chris 300023 ngày trước

    What is the name of the music track in the background??

  65. wedgoku

    wedgoku25 ngày trước

    "The Grey" was an amazing movie many great camerashots, slow start but gets way better towards the end, I highly recommend!

  66. Jia T.L.

    Jia T.L.25 ngày trước

    I’m a simple person. I saw Mads Mikkelsen on the thumbnail and I clicked.

  67. Tim Eckenroad

    Tim Eckenroad25 ngày trước


  68. Michael Carreon

    Michael Carreon27 ngày trước

    These movies are shit. Probably a reason they're "underrated"

  69. dave aitken

    dave aitken27 ngày trước

    dead mans shoes ;)

  70. Nils Sakseide

    Nils Sakseide28 ngày trước

    Hell or High Water

  71. The Demonic Horseman

    The Demonic Horseman29 ngày trước

    If Van Helsing isn’t on here I’m going to be pissed. I’d put it at number 1. Edit: GOD DAMMIT!

  72. Henk V

    Henk V29 ngày trước

    Wow how wrong can you be. Moon, The Life Aquatic and The Fall are considered to be cultmovies and even classics these days so hardly underrated.

  73. Eric Page

    Eric Page14 ngày trước

    "Cult" means they have a relatively small, but dedicated following. You know, like a cult. Underrated in this context means they were either panned or ignored by critics at the time of their release, and they didn't do big box office. The four movies on here that I had seen I loved, but I didn't even hear about them when they were first released. I had to wait until I saw them recommend to me on Netflix.

  74. Rock Light

    Rock Light29 ngày trước

    thank you so much! an opinion piece i really appreciate. ive heard of a few of these and thought were something else entirely and allowed them to pass me by, heres to more excellent movie nights. cheers.

  75. chris almy

    chris almyTháng trước

    The fountain is one of my all time favorite movies ever made

  76. youtube youtube

    youtube youtubeTháng trước

    Just started “In Bruges” based on this recommendation. If you like seeing a child with a smoking bullet hole in his head, that is to say if you are a heartless monster who does not turn to cinema as an escape from the brutal violence occurring daily in our society but rather you want to see more of it, then this is the film for you.

  77. Dirt ObseXXion

    Dirt ObseXXionTháng trước

    I have an eating problem..

  78. Turco949

    Turco949Tháng trước

    My favs were 10, 3, 5 and 2 and in that exact order. I really wanted to like Valhalla Rising, and in parts I did but overall, it was depressing and slow overall.

  79. kerry brath

    kerry brathTháng trước

    The Fall was rubbish

  80. Happy Bhai

    Happy BhaiTháng trước

    Watch Triangle

  81. Todd Simmons

    Todd SimmonsTháng trước

    what is the name of the background music?

  82. Delfiffer2

    Delfiffer2Tháng trước

    So basically good reviewed movies that flopped at the box office??

  83. Doug H

    Doug HTháng trước

    Life Aquatic first viewing, that kinda sucked. Third viewing that shit is funny. Your right.

  84. Piero960

    Piero960Tháng trước

    In Bruges! I love it!

  85. Ali

    AliTháng trước

    I would add The assassination of Jessie James by the cowardly Robert Ford to list

  86. zimmier

    zimmierTháng trước

    you forgot burn after reading. excellent casting in that!

  87. Owen McNally

    Owen McNallyTháng trước

    God awful techno music throughout. Why? Really, really distracting and inappropriate.

  88. Spider-Man

    Spider-ManTháng trước


  89. Brenton Wolf

    Brenton WolfTháng trước

    I didn’t like the fountain

  90. Wes one

    Wes oneTháng trước

    Snakes on the plane is the most underrated film ever

  91. Todd Pierson

    Todd PiersonTháng trước

    Devil's rejects..........

  92. Methadras

    MethadrasTháng trước

    Who is she at 5:06? God damn, I'm in love.

  93. Mr. H

    Mr. HTháng trước

    Just watched Mary and Max. Some pretty dark scenes, otherwise, great movie!

  94. Yuaz

    YuazTháng trước

    la bande son de fond gache tout, dommage

  95. Stoopid Pursun

    Stoopid PursunTháng trước

    Frailty - 2002

  96. Jakub Sawczuk

    Jakub SawczukTháng trước

    Reign of fire (2002) - the first time Matthew McConaughey is real badass.

  97. David Farnell

    David FarnellTháng trước

    Moon is awesome. I personally think Rockwell is maybe the most underrated actor ever. His performance in Moon is great, as is his performance in: Matchstick Men, The Green Mile and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Just to name a few. I’ve seen four of the movies on this list, but it looks like there are a few more I should check out. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Mr. Nobody didn’t make the cut. The only people I know who like that film are pretentious jackasses who think it’s something more than it is.

  98. cian loughnane

    cian loughnaneTháng trước

    1. Stander 2. Mesrine 3. Dead Man's Shoes 4. A Prophet 5. Children Of Men 6. Red Road 7. Devil's Double 8. 9 Songs 9. 3:10 To Yuma 10. We Were Soldiers

  99. Ben Murray

    Ben MurrayTháng trước

    In Bruges was in no way underrated was it? At least not in the UK

  100. Eddy Breton

    Eddy BretonTháng trước

    Terrible background music my god.

  101. Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate ChipTháng trước

    Turned it off when I saw The Grey was on here, like just please no.

  102. Hank

    HankTháng trước

    Valhalla Rising is one of my all time top 5's

  103. Ryan Straub

    Ryan StraubTháng trước

    In Bruges is one of my favorite movies, and the only one I’ve seen on this list.