10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s


  1. iamiavan

    iamiavan35 phút trước

    Funny Games. Seems nobody knows about it.

  2. Kaiser X

    Kaiser X20 giờ trước

    Better Luck Tommorow should be here.

  3. Muriel W

    Muriel WNgày trước

    I’m glad to see Valhalla Rising, what an intense film. Not every film deserves words, sometimes it’s a waste to hear them. For your Mads Mikelsen fix, watch Polar on Netflix, surprisingly good.

  4. vannia das

    vannia das2 ngày trước

    Great list

  5. Grant Walker

    Grant Walker2 ngày trước

    Brick Candy

  6. Grant Walker

    Grant Walker2 ngày trước

    Layer Cake

  7. Yoni Marlow

    Yoni Marlow3 ngày trước

    Absolutely love seeing The Fall and the pie maker here

  8. Nodge X

    Nodge X4 ngày trước

    Great list, except The Grey, which I thought was rubbish.

  9. Tom McLaughlin

    Tom McLaughlin4 ngày trước

    Ew The Fall? That mastermess? Really? Beyond disappointing list.

  10. italy0666

    italy06664 ngày trước

    Seen 8/10, can't speak for the other 2 but as for the 8...... I'm still waiting for ! to be an UNDERRATED movie............ this list is full of shit movies that are not that obscure, just all of them are shit...........

  11. Toe Bradley

    Toe Bradley4 ngày trước


  12. conan mcclanahan

    conan mcclanahan4 ngày trước

    Great list! Agree with every selection... and luckily, had viewed more than half of them already. Can't wait to try Mary and Max. Rewatch The Guard for the 30th time. And actually sit down for The Grey, in which you perfectly surmised my reason for not watching it in the first place! You win, Two Internets!

  13. MrTokedo

    MrTokedo5 ngày trước

    Not sure if the movie Phone Booth (2002) counts as an underrated film. Its a great movie with superb acting, I gained a lot of respect for Colin Farrell as an actor after watching it.

  14. Zach Nelson

    Zach Nelson6 ngày trước

    Harshe times Christian Bale

  15. automaticchic

    automaticchic6 ngày trước

    I do miss thr 2000's y'know...

  16. Chal P

    Chal P6 ngày trước

    None of these movies were underrated. Ugh

  17. Paul Rietveld

    Paul Rietveld7 ngày trước

    Honestly I thought there will be blood was an extremely overrated movie. Great acting but stupidly slow and a terrible ending

  18. Sherif El Kadi

    Sherif El Kadi7 ngày trước

    Valhalla Rising !!! Study indeed ...

  19. Roger Hack

    Roger Hack7 ngày trước

    You sound like a "i like these films so should you and if you disagree you're fucking stupid" little bitch.

  20. keshav kumar

    keshav kumar8 ngày trước

    The fountain ...... Absolute Gold.

  21. lordad

    lordad8 ngày trước

    I have seen 3 of your Top 10 : Moon , The Guard , in Brugges..... Moon and TheGuard were okay. Id say above average. In Brugges however was really great. I loved it

  22. Krazy H

    Krazy H8 ngày trước

    That music was terrible

  23. timber_beast

    timber_beast9 ngày trước

    Thumbs down to anything Wes Anderson Thumbs up to anything Brendan Gleason

  24. Schenkmytro

    Schenkmytro9 ngày trước

    Nice song

  25. Tiny

    Tiny9 ngày trước

    Cool, have seen half of these and can say they are brilliant!! From your pics I've seen already I will definitely watch the one I haven't!!!! Always great to get turned on too truly AWSOME films!! CHEERS!!😎👍 👍👍

  26. King jr Productions

    King jr Productions9 ngày trước

    Drive and the place beyond the pines are very underrated gems

  27. Bennett Lewis

    Bennett Lewis9 ngày trước

    The rest all great

  28. Bennett Lewis

    Bennett Lewis9 ngày trước

    I hated the life aquatic

  29. stukopbs

    stukopbs10 ngày trước

    Kill list Cheap thrills Dagon The visit Cemetery man Outcast Shadow hours Dog soldiers Exorcist 3

  30. Christian Spittle

    Christian Spittle10 ngày trước

    The Fall is one of my favourite films and nobody as ever heard of it. I even bought it on blu ray even though I never got round to buying a player 🤷🏻‍♂️ I did not expect to find it on this list! Nice one 👍🏻

  31. ima troll you

    ima troll you11 ngày trước

    What a shit list. These films are garbage

  32. fuck

    fuck11 ngày trước

    valhalla rising was very boring to me.. Nice images but all they do is walk around.. ugh ^^

  33. Kyle Johnston

    Kyle Johnston12 ngày trước

    I had no problem getting through Valhalla rising

  34. qbikrubik

    qbikrubik12 ngày trước

    I looove the Fountain

  35. C Mitchell

    C Mitchell13 ngày trước

    Perfume: the story of a murderer is a sleeper. its a 12/10.

  36. Jai Chhabra

    Jai Chhabra13 ngày trước

    For the clips not your speech

  37. Akshay Pawar

    Akshay Pawar13 ngày trước


  38. Pierrick Calvez

    Pierrick Calvez13 ngày trước

    Valhalla Rising has something of Dark Souls. Savage, mute, raw beauty.


    TFMPEPE14 ngày trước

    They're all great

  40. paru babov

    paru babov14 ngày trước

    which track is playing in the back ??

  41. thepro08

    thepro0814 ngày trước

    could watch this with the horrible noise in the background....... respect the fukin viewers why stupid background when someone is talking....

  42. Neil Raouf

    Neil Raouf15 ngày trước


  43. Scotch Beef

    Scotch Beef16 ngày trước

    that music is driving me insane man cant watch any more

  44. Doty

    Doty16 ngày trước

    Valhalla rising was awesome

  45. Christopher Saunders

    Christopher Saunders18 ngày trước

    What is with this Blade-esque shitty Vampire Blood Club music?!

  46. phantom phatima

    phantom phatima19 ngày trước

    Basically the took moon and remade it as the Martian

  47. Constanza Navarro

    Constanza Navarro21 ngày trước

    That background music is the most annoying and unnecessary thing ever. STOP IT!

  48. peter haitch

    peter haitch22 ngày trước

    So glad the fountain was in there , but I expected to see cloud atlas as well , good work though

  49. Random

    Random23 ngày trước

    So glad Moon, In Bruges & The Grey made this list 🙌🏻

  50. Fábio Silvestre

    Fábio Silvestre24 ngày trước

    Excelente lista. Ótimos filmes e bons argumentos.

  51. Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Carmela Lorenz Mendoza24 ngày trước

    Moon was awesome...

  52. Dexterror

    Dexterror29 ngày trước

    Moon was pretty boring to be honest, actually most these movies are

  53. mayur magadalwar

    mayur magadalwarTháng trước

    road to perdition

  54. Ryan Santa Ana

    Ryan Santa AnaTháng trước

    My wife and I constantly fight over my love of The Fountain!

  55. iriyabran

    iriyabranTháng trước

    Would be nice if people stopped hating on The Fountain it's a beautiful movie and everyone who's fallen victim to cancer would deeply appreciate it.

  56. tylerman39

    tylerman39Tháng trước

    Troy especially the directors cut is severely underrated

  57. andrewstohr

    andrewstohrTháng trước

    Life Aquatica is a horrible movie.

  58. Lucas Foix

    Lucas FoixTháng trước

    Equilibrium!! My favorite dystopian movie.

  59. Pam Bennett

    Pam BennettTháng trước

    In Bruges rules

  60. Артем Скраф

    Артем СкрафTháng trước

    The Cell and the Fall both amazing!

  61. paul duffy

    paul duffyTháng trước

    i like the video but the rave music is shit

  62. Johnny W

    Johnny WTháng trước

    The Libertine

  63. J Lindien

    J LindienTháng trước

    Valhalla Rising was so boring i slept through it.

  64. linglingstar

    linglingstarTháng trước

    whats up with that techno music in the back ground

  65. Oliver Trout

    Oliver TroutTháng trước

    can u please include the titles of movies and shows you show clips of, it drives me insane when I recognize a shot from something but can’t recall the title

  66. Phone One

    Phone OneTháng trước

    OK niggerz try " these final hours" auz film some filmz hit harder after u have kids try "the lovely bones "also

  67. Ivana Rogic

    Ivana RogicTháng trước


  68. Emanuel Anic

    Emanuel AnicTháng trước

    ljubavi moja

  69. LUNES

    LUNESTháng trước

    The Fall, I watched it, thank you

  70. The Yes Guy

    The Yes GuyTháng trước

    Where's Ed Norton's 25th Hour.??? 0:27

  71. jerome williams

    jerome williamsTháng trước

    the prestige -Christian Bale - Hugh Jackman -Michael Caine

  72. David Scott

    David ScottTháng trước

    Sin City

  73. David Bowman

    David BowmanTháng trước

    Most of those movies sucked!

  74. Eric Miller

    Eric MillerTháng trước

    The Guard was the shit. Cheadle and Gleason.

  75. Lindybeige

    LindybeigeTháng trước

    The strange thing is that I think I have seen almost all of them, and yet none has left any strong memories of 'wow - that was great'. Moon had a massive plot flaw in it but it started well (very reminiscent of Silent Running), The Guard was somewhat gentle with the IRA, In Bruges was fresh so I would recommend that, The Fall seemed to put all its energy into making pretty images, and I think I saw Mary and Max and The Fountain, and The Life Aquatic, but none stayed with me. I might give The Grey a chance, and possibly Valhalla Rising (although that looks a bit grim).

  76. Jack Schroeder

    Jack Schroeder13 ngày trước

    You can skip The Grey, too.

  77. ganjangman1

    ganjangman1Tháng trước

    "moon" is so underrated. It inspired many movie makers, in fact.

  78. Cullen Mitchell

    Cullen MitchellTháng trước

    What about Poseidon from 2006?

  79. jerome williams

    jerome williamsTháng trước

    i feel like you spelled it wrong

  80. Ivan A. Medina

    Ivan A. MedinaTháng trước

    Valhalla Rising? Underrated? Yeah, right.........it was total bulls***!.

  81. Elder Mountain Dreaming

    Elder Mountain DreamingTháng trước

    rapid clip flashes, even faster music, and a hyper speaker with an even faster constant pace. before i realized it my heart was beating 3x times faster than normal, and I stopped watching the video at approximately 6:16 before i blew up

  82. Zoe Porphyrogenita

    Zoe PorphyrogenitaTháng trước

    All of Bill Murray’s movies are bizarre and, uhh, quaint. (In case this went unnoticed.)

  83. The Potato

    The PotatoTháng trước

    I'm not sure. I've watched some of these, they're too... artistic... I know most of you are professional film critics but give me something that the public would love. not how professional that movie was made.

  84. Uncouth Behavior

    Uncouth BehaviorTháng trước


  85. svxnger

    svxngerTháng trước

    whats with the techno

  86. protey117

    protey117Tháng trước

    A nice review, but the guy is rushing too much, kinda choo-choo-train - I mean I have a feeling that hte speaker is in a great hurrry, like he is about to miss his train o plane.. & the music irratatvely takes on the nerves. Why to be in such a hurry? Chill down a bit, man! :D

  87. WelfareChrist

    WelfareChristTháng trước

    THE FALL IS A CLASSIC. Thanks for putting it at #1.

  88. Sneewitchen1

    Sneewitchen12 tháng trước

    The Fall is a MASTERPIECE!

  89. Stefan H

    Stefan H2 tháng trước

    Valhalla Rising is just overwhelmingly boring... one of the few movies I actually considered not watching til the end. It has 1 or 2 good fight scenes and that's it. The rest of the movie you're just waiting for something exciting to happen... and it never does. The Grey was way overexposed if you ask me. I saw commercials for it everywhere when it came out. It looked good but was decent at most. The ending was just... flat. I remember being left with "was that it? whaaaat..?". I haven't seen the other films so I can't comment on those, but from the looks of it... it seems like we have very different taste in movies :p

  90. Shingai Mu

    Shingai Mu2 tháng trước

    Way Of The Gun

  91. Danilo Vukov

    Danilo Vukov2 tháng trước

    anybody knows what's that goa trance track in the background, that sounds like astral projection?

  92. Cally Seal

    Cally Seal2 tháng trước

    Omg. Thank you for putting The Fall at #1!! I loved it, the beauty if it made me cry. This is a wonderful concept. I've seen and loved all but three of the movies and, of those, I've heard great things. Brilliant, please keep them coming!

  93. John Hess

    John Hess2 tháng trước

    I'd have to give a tip of the cap to 2001's "Amelie" from the creators of "Delicatessen."

  94. Yannis Piastopoulos

    Yannis Piastopoulos2 tháng trước

    "Mud" was for me one of the most memorable

  95. Pam Bennett

    Pam BennettTháng trước

    Yannis Piastopoulos Mud was a groundbreaking film for me. Matthew Mcconaughy’s best performance of all time

  96. MEGART

    MEGART2 tháng trước

    anyone know what film the shot at 18 seconds is from

  97. Jan Ismael Cledera

    Jan Ismael Cledera2 tháng trước

    Man from Earth is underrated too

  98. yerlee4

    yerlee42 tháng trước

    Shit list. There's a reason they didn't do too well

  99. Eric Hart

    Eric Hart2 tháng trước

    Thank you

  100. Tom B

    Tom B2 tháng trước

    Hmmm, your review is probably much better than the movies. Thks

  101. Julian P

    Julian P2 tháng trước

    The Fall is a masterpiece.

  102. Torrey Barrows

    Torrey Barrows2 tháng trước

    Valhalla Rising was terrible. I wish I could get the two hours I wasted back. There's virtually no dialouge and hence very little story and character development. Please don't watch this movie if you're looking to be entertained. I also found The Grey to be very disappointing. it was long and dull and they end the movie right before the big fight scene. The fact that these movies were recommended makes me really loose faith in WhatCulture.

  103. Private Author

    Private Author2 tháng trước

    Moon took loneliness to a new level in a manner I have not seen in film in many years.

  104. Gabriel Sierra

    Gabriel Sierra2 tháng trước

    Children of Men; An underrated classic!