10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s


  1. Blalack77

    Blalack77Giờ trước

    Nice. I approve. I'm not there, Valhalla Rising, The Fountain, and The Fall

  2. EL Guapo

    EL Guapo22 giờ trước

    Sorry but most of those sucked, specially the fountain. I hated that it wasted 2 hours

  3. Jamal Vargas

    Jamal VargasNgày trước

    Afro samurai great anime

  4. Jimi182

    Jimi1822 ngày trước

    You forgot all of Kevin Smiths films

  5. TheFujac

    TheFujac2 ngày trước

    Secuestro Express... Carandiru bot excellent films and while they're highly regarded by those who know them they sure didn't get enough love

  6. Steve Frye

    Steve Frye2 ngày trước

    Valhalla Rising and the Grey or Gray were excellent flicks.

  7. Keith Ellison

    Keith Ellison3 ngày trước

    Gotta admit ya know how to keep someones interest

  8. Urban Fox

    Urban Fox3 ngày trước

    25th Hour

  9. bebbo92

    bebbo923 ngày trước

    City of god

  10. bebbo92

    bebbo923 ngày trước

    Is Not in the list because it's Not underrated, everybody knows it's awesome

  11. HolandaChiquita

    HolandaChiquita3 ngày trước

    I love The Guard! It's such a great film! In Bruges has become one of my favorite films ever! It's even in part the reason why I went to Bruges on holiday last summer! I wish Valhalla Rising had a different ending though... And of course The Fall is amazing!

  12. christian vallejo

    christian vallejo4 ngày trước

    Valhalla Rising was horrible.

  13. Laura Bennett

    Laura Bennett4 ngày trước

    Hero with Jet Li

  14. Davo gifman

    Davo gifman4 ngày trước

    Ah yeah alright I get it. The Fall is a lot like Big Fish. If Big Fish wasn't funny.

  15. stubility

    stubility5 ngày trước

    i agree with everything here except the grey

  16. xposed11

    xposed115 ngày trước

    can you maybe not talk? the voice is 100% the reason why i stop viewing after 3 seconds...

  17. drew wagner

    drew wagner5 ngày trước


  18. Helltrain

    Helltrain6 ngày trước

    Stay (2005)

  19. James Gilkey

    James Gilkey6 ngày trước


  20. Cathryn Butler

    Cathryn Butler6 ngày trước

    The Grey was amazing. I cried so much and very powerful

  21. Meltron Wishes

    Meltron Wishes7 ngày trước

    Awesome! You rock!

  22. spongermon

    spongermon8 ngày trước

    What’s the song?

  23. Andreas Matsoukas

    Andreas Matsoukas8 ngày trước

    The Man from Earth should definitely be on this list. One of the most engrossing stories I've ever experienced in film.

  24. Siblejm

    Siblejm10 ngày trước

    Life aquatic was the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever seen...but each to their own

  25. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls11 ngày trước

    The pianist

  26. T Rex

    T Rex12 ngày trước

    The grey was pretty terrible.

  27. Paddypool FC

    Paddypool FC13 ngày trước

    All terrific movies. 😊👍🏻

  28. coolnegative

    coolnegative13 ngày trước

    how about a video about blockbuster British movies that most Americans haven't seen or even heard of?

  29. michael davis

    michael davis13 ngày trước

    Ta-may-toe!!! Not Toe-mah-toe!!!

  30. Strawbérry Milk

    Strawbérry Milk14 ngày trước

    i loved the fountain

  31. Todd Peucker

    Todd Peucker15 ngày trước

    Ppl should stop using the word underrated as a substitute to mean not commercially successful. Movies like In Bruges, The Fall, Mary & Max ...etc. we're rated...by lots of critics and were highly praised. Something good that was passed off as average or terrible by critics and pundits but is in fact worth a look, listen, taste or whatever the case, would be an item or experience that was underrated.

  32. James Howe

    James Howe15 ngày trước

    Mark Kermode knows more than you

  33. DSkehan2004

    DSkehan200416 ngày trước

    0:31 what is he talking about?

  34. DSkehan2004

    DSkehan200416 ngày trước

    The 2000's was awesome!

  35. Ashes and Diamonds

    Ashes and Diamonds17 ngày trước

    irreversible and enter the void.

  36. Bradley Martin

    Bradley Martin18 ngày trước

    I love this list for introducing me to In Bruges, Mary And Max, and Moon

  37. Spookychris01

    Spookychris0118 ngày trước

    Moon, valhalla rising,grey and 'in bruges'...all bloody decent movies.

  38. Psycho_ Maniac13

    Psycho_ Maniac1319 ngày trước

    I HIGHLY recommend Mary and max! It’s a well crafted emotional movie. It’s very depressing tho and sometimes hard to watch because for some of us it is a bit relatable. Definitely NOT a kids movie

  39. Zac Panther

    Zac Panther19 ngày trước

    I hated the Grey, mainly down to its awful dialogue. Don't get me wrong, I'm not easily offended but goodness me the fuck word was said every 5 seconds it seemed, not to mention awful CGI wolves

  40. Insigni

    Insigni19 ngày trước

    Is it just me, or this guy's DAMAGED LEFT EYE MOVED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!!?? Watch from 3:05 up to 3:20. Or does he have an EVIL TWIN BROTHER WITH A DAMAGED RIGHT EYE...Lol (^_^)

  41. Atom Nous

    Atom Nous19 ngày trước

    The Fountain was amazing

  42. God

    God19 ngày trước

    2000s odd? I hope you don’t mean the 2010s are better. This decade has seen a rise in shit music, shit movies, and snowflakes and feminists.


    SHUTUP C*NT20 ngày trước

    Valhalla In Bruges & The Guard great films

  44. dy120481

    dy12048120 ngày trước

    No Layer Cake?

  45. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha21 ngày trước

    ok imma go watch valhalla rising now cya

  46. Deborah Hanna

    Deborah Hanna21 ngày trước

    The Fall is unspeakably beautiful & one of my favorite. The Fountain is also superb. Both of these are so visually full of texture! Also great plot. Well worth watching.

  47. lucax tshotting

    lucax tshotting21 ngày trước

    im only in the number 4 (or the 7 as m. maida woudl say) and i have to tell you have a pretty snobbish ta

  48. lucax tshotting

    lucax tshotting21 ngày trước

    alright, im done, not even gonna finish the video

  49. lucax tshotting

    lucax tshotting21 ngày trước

    god im in number 5 now, it gets worse and worse doesnt it

  50. hauz majstor

    hauz majstor21 ngày trước

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  51. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor21 ngày trước

    In Bruges was good. I'm not sure Life Aquatic is 'underrated', it's a great film and I think everyone realizes that.

  52. Brian Willess

    Brian Willess21 ngày trước

    do you really need to use profanity?

  53. Stacy P

    Stacy P22 ngày trước

    The Cell.

  54. edward smith

    edward smith22 ngày trước

    The Guard was shite.

  55. miss M

    miss M22 ngày trước

    IN BRUGES!! 💖

  56. Thunder 'O Lightning

    Thunder 'O Lightning22 ngày trước

    Hobo with a shotgun for me !

  57. Denis Desmond

    Denis Desmond22 ngày trước

    Tigerland, Welcome To The Punch, Bless The Child

  58. Sando the Mando

    Sando the Mando22 ngày trước

    Mr. Nobody is underrated. Not a perfect film, but the story is very complex and thought-provoking, albeit overly byzantine at times, and visually the movie is so resplendently gorgeous it can cause one to have several movie orgasms over the course of the film! On a visual level, it's without question the most jaw-droppingly beautiful, creative and inventive films I've ever seen. It's simply ravishing to look at!!

  59. Anthony Cassidy

    Anthony Cassidy22 ngày trước

    Just gotta credit you for acknowledging your bias towards visually stunning films (and hence why "The Fall" and "The Fountain" are ranked so high). I don't rank the visuals that high myself, but your comments at least meant I could not argue with your list.

  60. Daniel Calvert

    Daniel Calvert22 ngày trước

    The Fountain is a metaphorical tri-narrative which uses comparative religion to triangulate a path of spiritual enlightenment which the modern ego can grasp. Many old religions have lost their value in modernity, causing their lessons to fall on deaf ears -- a problem referenced in a scene in which the main character, Tommy, is audibly closed off to the world around him while "Divine Words" are written literally all around him on the screen. A key line in the film is "I am going to die, and we will live forever," in which the main character has accepted the preconditions of life and embraced the death of the ego in favor of giving back to the tree of life and dissolving the individual self. Each narrative metaphorically converges on this spiritual truth similarly as the Temple, the Tree of Life, and the Cure are all located in the middle of Father Avila's triangle.

  61. Jane Taylor

    Jane Taylor22 ngày trước

    In bruge is by far my favourite movie and i only discovered it because of this video so - XD ty

  62. Señora de Mendoza

    Señora de Mendoza23 ngày trước

    Solomon Kane.

  63. Rob Alderson

    Rob Alderson23 ngày trước

    I bought Valhalla Rising & made the mistake of watching it late at night. In Bruges is a brilliant movie, Colin Farrell proved he can act.

  64. 325133

    32513323 ngày trước

    The guy who played le chiffe from casino royale almost killed me. It's terrible

  65. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor23 ngày trước

    Cypher. A well crafted piece of work.

  66. Aerial

    Aerial23 ngày trước

    Moon was definitely one to watch.

  67. huh

    huh23 ngày trước


  68. Mulcogi Seng

    Mulcogi Seng24 ngày trước

    The best part of lists like this are the comments that give even more examples for us to consider. With that I suggest the Stieg Larsson trilogy, in Swedish, starting with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. While not underrated at the time, it gets lost in the Hollywood version a couple of years later. It took several viewings to get through Valhalla Rising but the second time around was easier. Very emotion producing film. I liked I'm Not There but look forward to seeing it again. In Bruges really grew on me as I watched it. Excellent acting!

  69. Graeme S

    Graeme S24 ngày trước

    The Prestige

  70. MotionWolf

    MotionWolf24 ngày trước

    Sunshine (2007)

  71. aepr84

    aepr8424 ngày trước

    Crazy Heart Running Scared Animal Kingdom Four Brothers Adventureland Rachel Getting Married Sexy Beast

  72. aepr84

    aepr8424 ngày trước

    Drive The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Way, Way Back Seven Psychopaths Narc Killing Them Softly The Town

  73. MrAfricanPenguin

    MrAfricanPenguin25 ngày trước

    Mary and max not getting so much love in the comments so let me say, AMAZING movie, definitely worth the watch

  74. mike king

    mike king25 ngày trước

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  75. Hellburner

    Hellburner25 ngày trước

    So.... Bob Dylan is black?

  76. K Therese

    K Therese25 ngày trước

    Also I agree with those who mentioned The Machinist, Equilibrium and 3:10 to Yuma (3:10 to Yuma was one of the best films of all time!) AND Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - how that didn't win an Oscar for scriptwriting I will never understand.

  77. K Therese

    K Therese25 ngày trước

    SO true about Moon, The Fall, In Bruges. Amazing films.

  78. Sen Chi

    Sen Chi26 ngày trước

    Can someone please explain why Valhalla Rising and Moon seem to be on so many of these types of lists? I watched both but don't share the same opinion...

  79. Mo Shambles

    Mo Shambles26 ngày trước

    The Grey is unwatchably terrible.

  80. spectremanLIVE1

    spectremanLIVE126 ngày trước

    I LOVE the work of Tarsem Singh but, talk about unfocused? I think The Fall was FAR more unfocused than The Fountain and calling The Fall self indulgent is like calling Stevia a tad sweet. I LOVE highly visual and image centric directors but, while viewing The Fall, I really had the sense that Tarsem was just masturbating. Just too much visual and not enough storytelling. I'd view it again just to be sure of my observations but, if memory serves me, I gave it away.

  81. Mihai Popa

    Mihai Popa26 ngày trước

    what a piece of shit list :(

  82. MeatPopsycle

    MeatPopsycle26 ngày trước

    That wrecked Integra Type R had me in tears....

  83. Erick Andrade

    Erick Andrade26 ngày trước

    Shoot Em Up 2007

  84. AJ M

    AJ M26 ngày trước

    Pandorum Wayyy underrated

  85. BumOn TheCorner

    BumOn TheCorner27 ngày trước

    9: The Life Aquatic is in my top 50 movies of all time!

  86. Dave Copeland

    Dave Copeland27 ngày trước

    Valhalla Rising? Really? "a challenging watch" is one way to put it. The Guard is now on my list, though. ANything Brendan Gleason is in I'll watch

  87. Hemlock2323

    Hemlock232327 ngày trước

    Love Valhalla Rising...and Moon.

  88. Tanya Kathy

    Tanya Kathy28 ngày trước

    The Grey. Awesome movie.

  89. curtis stevens

    curtis stevens28 ngày trước

    300 is for folk who have not the ability to think.

  90. niko enciso

    niko enciso28 ngày trước

    City of God

  91. Kristof Horvath

    Kristof Horvath28 ngày trước

    I like dnb, but this was quite annoying....

  92. C4RT1987

    C4RT198728 ngày trước

    The Fall was soooooo boring though

  93. VHS Guru

    VHS Guru29 ngày trước

    Upstream Color - Shane Carruth is a freakin genius.A shame none of his other projects get financed.

  94. MrCheesy BaconBits

    MrCheesy BaconBitsTháng trước

    I'm sure why but I feel like dropping an E

  95. Chris Joachim

    Chris JoachimTháng trước

    Omg. These movies were over looked because they were garbage. The life aquatic?!?! Seriously?!

  96. T- Terminator

    T- TerminatorTháng trước


  97. Samuel Moss

    Samuel MossTháng trước

    Yeah, that music was bloody awful. Sorry

  98. Cold Duck

    Cold DuckTháng trước

    The Wrestler

  99. Ivor Presents

    Ivor PresentsTháng trước

    Speaking of Brendon Gleeson, He was also outstanding in Calvary (2014). Since you allowed animation on your list, might I suggest, The Illusionist (2010) or for that matter, The Triplets of Belleville (2003). One of the most ambitious Wachowski brothers films is the glorious, Cloud Atlas (2012) visually stunning, brilliantly plotted, and superbly cast. This film was way underrated.

  100. Nenad Matic

    Nenad MaticTháng trước

    i m not there should not be there but Apocalypto.And i feel it is only becouse of Gibson statements.It isa one of best movies ever and exemple how young aouter should made chasing sequnces.It is masterpiece but politics got their hands everywhere especialy in "most democratic" countries...

  101. radical dreamer

    radical dreamerTháng trước

    I love Moon! There is a movie called "Mute" that is in the same universe, and you even get to see the Sam Bell trial on tv's in the background!

  102. Keith Schricker

    Keith SchrickerTháng trước

    The Gray was the most pointless thing on celluloid.

  103. Werewolves Plural

    Werewolves PluralTháng trước

    Vahalla rising is a perfect film. It captures the transition from Norse Paganism to Christianity better than anything else I have encountered. Watch it.