10 WWF Wrestlers Who Wrestled In The 80's STILL WRESTLING 2018!


  1. Stormy Davis

    Stormy Davis4 ngày trước

    ... oh you guys are such dumb marks

  2. Soda 🇵🇷

    Soda 🇵🇷6 ngày trước

    Koko B. Ware is the greatest wrestler of all time.

  3. Dizon Alzki

    Dizon Alzki11 ngày trước

    Respect them ...i hate honky tonk man and demolition in my childhood but now im happy to see them

  4. Seven Apples

    Seven Apples15 ngày trước

    bushwackers brought me back with that 1

  5. Seven Apples

    Seven Apples15 ngày trước

    volculf 69,,,still wrestles sometimes damn wonder if he want sum of new jack?😁

  6. Seven Apples

    Seven Apples3 ngày trước

    sounds good

  7. robert clark

    robert clark3 ngày trước

    Tito Santana might want to have a go he still wrestles on occasion and he's in his mid 60's and was in ECW in it's formation in the early 1990's as Eastern Chamionship Wrestling and actually held that title as well .

  8. Seven Apples

    Seven Apples3 ngày trước

    +robert clark damn

  9. robert clark

    robert clark5 ngày trước

    I doubt it since Nikolai Volkoff aka Josep Peruzovic died in July 2018 as a sidenote he was the second Nikolai Volkoff but easily the more famous the first was Steve Gobrokovich in the 1960's .

  10. Maria Hardy

    Maria Hardy16 ngày trước

    The horror....WHY???

  11. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford18 ngày trước

    A lot of these wrestlers gave the Ultimate Warrior shit for being into it only for money and not respecting the business. Well he retired comfortably and never needed to go back. They respected the business and look at them now, they can't afford to retire even if they wanted to!

  12. Carlos Cruz

    Carlos Cruz19 ngày trước

    R.I.P Nikolai Volkoff

  13. Michelle Mazzone

    Michelle Mazzone20 ngày trước

    what does WWF mean?

  14. robert clark

    robert clark5 ngày trước

    Kingtowetr after a lengthy legal battle the other WWF the World Wildilfe Fund won out and World Wrestling Federation had to change their name to WWFe at first before dropping the Federation part and becoming simply WWE which in my opinion is stupid after they bought out World Championship Wrestling they shoud've stuck with that because the emphasis shoud've been on WRESTLING not a two hour soap opera with a few wrestling moves worked in I guess I'm stuck in the old school from the mid 1980's to the Attitude era in the late 1990's but there it is .

  15. Kingtowetr

    Kingtowetr19 ngày trước

    World wrestling federation

  16. add37j

    add37j20 ngày trước

    Warlord is a Monster , he is still Jacked, Barbarian is still Huge too.

  17. Owen Rebello

    Owen Rebello21 ngày trước

    2018 this was made in 2017

  18. Cardo Whyte

    Cardo Whyte23 ngày trước

    how de heck this have 11k views can somebody please tell me dat

  19. Ingerimm

    Ingerimm26 ngày trước

    Just bloody makes me sad to see so many of the men I grew up watching wrestle get old. Yeah I know, we all get old, but man you just don't ever want to see them come down off that mountain.

  20. Tonio Dnces

    Tonio Dnces28 ngày trước

    What’s the song in the background ?

  21. Furious Wrestling Stars FWS

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  22. devin flanagan

    devin flanaganTháng trước

    Is the music in the background the same song thats in the vine with the asian lady with the cat dancing very strangely

  23. Jo Che

    Jo CheTháng trước

    Hey at least these guys are still ALIVE & Kicking

  24. demonocus metalocus

    demonocus metalocusTháng trước

    Koko B. Ware is living proof that if you hang around long enough even a midcarder can get into the wwe hall of fame but so can announcers, refs and guest stars who only had 1 match so the hall is a joke anyways. WWE hall of fame ,more like hall of fail.

  25. Steven Z

    Steven ZTháng trước

    Hell yeah I disliked this video!

  26. Stretch S

    Stretch STháng trước

    They forgot Jake the Snake, the Mounty, Shawn Waltman(I know he started in 90s) and of course Terry Funk who's career goes back to 65'...

  27. StarscreamvsMegatron

    StarscreamvsMegatronTháng trước

    Koko was great. I always felt the Birdman and Marty would have made an exciting tag team. Ioved it when Owen teamed up with Koko much more so than when he was with the Anvil. Just a great talent with a great gimmick and look and tons of charisma. The kids loved him and Frankie and he made a ton of guys look good by putting them over. And he can sing too!

  28. Dee Heath

    Dee HeathTháng trước

    I remember the back in the days when Bobby Heenan referred to Tito Santana as the, “Flying Taco”! 😂😂😂

  29. John Cavar

    John CavarTháng trước

    This was excellent I enjoyed this video , simple , precise , fairly honest 10/10

  30. LJ Powell

    LJ PowellTháng trước

    Shawn Michaels

  31. Smirky Whitemale

    Smirky WhitemaleTháng trước

    HTM turned down the HoF? Man's classy.

  32. Ben Gilbert

    Ben GilbertTháng trước

    There was one I was looking for you never mentioned. Greg " The Hammer " Valentine. I know he still wrestles

  33. Gary Robinson

    Gary RobinsonTháng trước

    Hacksaw hoes stamp out, wounder what things would be if talent like Marty were given chance and bitches like hbk were stamped out.

  34. nunya

    nunyaTháng trước

    Ko Ko made the HOF because they have to admit a certain amount of "color" by law.

  35. Hans Grueber

    Hans GrueberTháng trước

    Brutus Beefcake goes back before 1987, I saw him in Wrestmania 2 with Greg Valentine, they lost to the British Bulldogs for the title.

  36. robert clark

    robert clark5 ngày trước

    Hans Grueber Didn't you see WrestleMania 1 and his double disqualification with David Sammartino .

  37. FAN of FREEDOM

    FAN of FREEDOM16 ngày trước

    He goes back further than that beefcake began as a tag team partner of hulk hogan they were billed as brothers the boulder brothers , back in like 1980 or before

  38. Joseph Soto

    Joseph SotoTháng trước

    These guys are not reliving old glory days. Wrestling is all they know and they have to make a living. WWE and WCW didn’t give retirement pay.







  41. sandeep Ghuman jatt

    sandeep Ghuman jatt2 tháng trước

    where is undertaker

  42. Alter Egos

    Alter Egos2 tháng trước

    Being apart of the southeast circuit I saw many timeless wrestlers in their end times. Fabulous Moolah, Ox Baker and Bugsy McGraw and they still managed to keep going. It’s amazing and i’ve gotta say after meeting and hanging out with many high level performers in the business i’ll be the first to say most are some of the best people you will ever meet and befriend. God bless all these guys for giving people decades of entertainment at personal expense of health.

  43. M. Hall

    M. Hall2 tháng trước

    Where is Tony Atlas?

  44. Javier Escobar

    Javier Escobar2 tháng trước

    The security company I run did an event years ago where Greg the Hammer Valentine, Sgt Slaughter, Brutus Beefcake, and the Iron Shiek were a part of. This was around 2006, I think. My childhood idols were in front of me lol THESE GUYS WERE BIG! Even in their old age. They towered over my bigger guys. The Shiek didn’t wrestle. All he did was sign autographs for $5. But the funniest thing happened. He got drunk, and was cussing up a storm when some kid knocked over the belt that was propped up on the table. The other guys went over and said shit like “knock it off! Don’t be an asshole!” . “We need this work!”. Then Sgt Slaughter walks up to him with a cell phone and says, “Hey! Knock it off. Hogan is on the phone and wants to talk to you!” LMAo apparently they called Hogan to calm him down. Shiek waved the phone away and just sat in his chair pouting.

  45. P North

    P North2 tháng trước

    Coco b Ware’s brother, Tupper, is very successful.

  46. steven G

    steven G2 tháng trước

    god this is depressing

  47. Earl Garcia

    Earl Garcia2 tháng trước

    Folks hatin on these guys but show up to a bullshit job they can’t stand for 30 years...haha you lose

  48. Salem bin shahdoor

    Salem bin shahdoor2 tháng trước

    Thank you for the video

  49. chuck taylor

    chuck taylor2 tháng trước

    I got to meet marty, ax and smash, and honky tonk man,and i got to meet brutus barber beefcake, and aj stlyes, and al snow

  50. Tehui1974

    Tehui19742 tháng trước

    Watching wrestlers wrestling when they're old and out of shape is just sad.

  51. Nick Gilbert

    Nick Gilbert2 tháng trước

    Powers of pain havent aged a bit!!! And glad to see all these guys in good health. Loved Demolition my fav tag team ever!!!

  52. Smippo Wipo

    Smippo Wipo2 tháng trước

    I'm 12 years old and I know all these wrestlers

  53. Transfromers guy Gaming

    Transfromers guy Gaming2 tháng trước

    The Undertaker wrestlred in 1990 and is still wrestling in 2018.

  54. Os Mar

    Os Mar3 tháng trước

    Here in México most of the luchadors Legends pass the torch to their son or whom Ever they want so the gimmick can Still be alive And fresh!! For example we got EL SANTO And BLUE DEMON after they retire we got EL HIJO DEL SANTO(the son of the saint) or BLUE DEMON JR. So it's like a business that Will last forever And the family can Still have an income from the gimmick!!

  55. Os Mar

    Os Mar3 tháng trước

    I Still watch them Even if there not at their prime baby!!!


    PEADAR KEEGAN3 tháng trước

    RIC Flair

  57. Sheldon Bourgeois

    Sheldon Bourgeois3 tháng trước

    Chico Santana

  58. ซางซุง ซางซุง

    ซางซุง ซางซุง3 tháng trước

    (AXE), (CRUSH), AND (SMASH),

  59. MaynardOwns

    MaynardOwns3 tháng trước

    Wow. The thumbnail. Those guys need to rob a bank so they go to prison and get a warm bed and 3 square meals a day. They shouldn't still be wrestling. And the guy on the right should really be wearing sweatpants and a crew neck

  60. NaKaZaTeLeN

    NaKaZaTeLeN3 tháng trước

    What about The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) ? He was wrestling since 1984 and stil wrestlers today!!!

  61. Jack Silcock

    Jack Silcock3 tháng trước

    Wrestlelamia showed grim in the Jim duggan part

  62. LH

    LH3 tháng trước

    It's called fucking going to work and making a living. There's honor in that.

  63. Mex Dex

    Mex Dex3 tháng trước

    I thumbs downed because the title is misleading.

  64. Jerry Deal

    Jerry Deal3 tháng trước

    Is not WWF is WWE

  65. Dana Hager

    Dana Hager3 tháng trước

    Before my uncle passed he had the bushwhackers at his Indy show and they licked me up side the head. He'd had a lot of great stars from the past such as one of my favorites Bill Dundee and handsome Jimmy valiant.

  66. Dana Hager

    Dana Hager3 tháng trước

    I love demolition. They were able to step a little bit outta the road warriors shadow. Just wish they'd change their outfits. When I saw them they had old school stuff on and kinda looked like some old bondage stuff which was fine when they we're cut back in the day. Now just looks like they're getting ready to shoot some s&m porn.

  67. David Sartison

    David Sartison3 tháng trước

    I miss the WWF of the late eighties.

  68. James Morton

    James Morton3 tháng trước

    Demolition were crap in their "prime".

  69. Bernard Lynch

    Bernard Lynch3 tháng trước

    What ever happened to Wcw Nikita kolloff

  70. Akshay K

    Akshay K3 tháng trước

    Koko B Ware is only wrestling cos he wants to justify his HoF induction which he simply didn't deserve

  71. Hans Grueber

    Hans GrueberTháng trước

    You are forgetting, its the hall of FAME, not the hall of how many championships they won, and Koko definitely qualifies.

  72. john mullens

    john mullensTháng trước

    I think he deseved it on the fact he was a big fan favourite though.

  73. Akshay K

    Akshay K3 tháng trước

    Not all of them must be doing it for money. This must be their definition of enjoying retired life

  74. Talib Moore

    Talib Moore4 tháng trước

    hacksaw jim duggan...big fan right here

  75. Michael Long

    Michael Long4 tháng trước

    Do wrestlers that died in 2015

  76. Jaime Ruiz

    Jaime Ruiz4 tháng trước

    Wrestling in the 80's and early 90's were the best years and cooler wrestlers. Now nothing but dueche bags and fake ass wrestlers.

  77. Mike Jason Baeza

    Mike Jason Baeza4 tháng trước

    What's that song in the background? Love it

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  79. NY Devil

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    why lie about Jannety? He’s a fkn drugged out disaster

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  81. Steven Kunzer

    Steven Kunzer4 tháng trước

    Walking in under the second rope is a bad look for most

  82. Jason Cranford

    Jason Cranford4 tháng trước

    How we gonna like or dislike if we're haven't seen the video yet?

  83. Woody Wood

    Woody Wood4 tháng trước

    Jacques Rougeau still active in 2018 !

  84. 1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD

    1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD4 tháng trước

    so we just gonna ignore fucking HOME - RESONANCE playing in the background

  85. Joffy Jaffer McJaffy

    Joffy Jaffer McJaffy4 tháng trước

    The thumbnail has two pics. The more recent pic of Smash looks like hes getting tortured by a dominatrix chic!!

  86. Kristin Hill

    Kristin Hill4 tháng trước

    undertaker was good .

  87. Sharkbyte1000

    Sharkbyte10004 tháng trước

    you forgot the undertaker. hes been wrestling since 1984.

  88. Todd Sutt

    Todd Sutt4 tháng trước

    Jimmy Heart still managing

  89. navyashivansh gilhotra

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    come on you missed undertaker

  90. Jerry Pettit

    Jerry Pettit4 tháng trước

    Doesn't The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant still wrestle?

  91. Sal C

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    Wrestlelamia gives me purpose to drink copious amounts of tallboys of coors banquet in my car, thank you!

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    This channel.needa a push

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    Pretty sure Nikolai ain’t wrestling no more...

  94. Nex stars

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    Jushin liger is one most popular wrestle and he also played in 80's

  95. googoos

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    Please change the sound track, its awful

  96. John Williams

    John Williams5 tháng trước

    Tito Santana just join UFC

  97. J D

    J D6 tháng trước

    I wish Texas Tornado was still around

  98. oh yagelnizzle

    oh yagelnizzle6 tháng trước

    (Most of these guys) could probably make a ton of money opening a school or doing camps across n.america

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    damn bro with the ads. Trying to get rich on me watching one video?

  100. Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Giants/Mets/Blazers6 tháng trước

    My philosophy is if your body hasn’t broken down and you still have the willpower to wrestle, go for it! Age doesn’t mean squat to me. Sure you’re more injury prone, but don’t stop doing what you love. I don’t want the Undertaker or Kane to walk away anytime soon lol.

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    How about disliking, subscribing and then un-subscribing and also leaving a negative comment?

  102. M???????? A???????

    M???????? A???????6 tháng trước

    There is no doubt in my mind that had Owen Hart still been alive today that he would have been a WWE Champion by now

  103. Brian Pecsi

    Brian Pecsi6 tháng trước

    Demolition was my shit as a kid

  104. Aaron Joyce

    Aaron Joyce6 tháng trước

    Ahh good memories

  105. Alleah Sasseville

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    Terry Funk

  106. Carbonzilla

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    At the beginning you said wrestling has and always will be a sport. I like the wwe but this wrestling is entertainment and not sport.

  107. Aditya Anand

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    Mate u missed the undertaker

  108. Mike Westfall

    Mike Westfall6 tháng trước

    (crying) I want to thank you for all you've done to your bodies. It's still real to me,damnit!

  109. Scott Drabek

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    Demolition was so awesome!

  110. Johnny Blade

    Johnny Blade6 tháng trước

    In hindsight, demolition was a bit bdsm Powers of pain sucked. Road warriors were untouchable. Capitalised on the mad max theme and were the third best tag team of all time after the Hart Foundation and British bulldogs.