13 Videos You Aren't Brave Enough To Watch


  1. omg its me

    omg its me3 giờ trước

    Mr beast went to the most haunted prison in USA and nothing hapend. "Bunch of soda nearly Hurts a man" CHILS: HERESEY!

  2. hi i'm another youtuber ok have a nice day

    hi i'm another youtuber ok have a nice day7 giờ trước

    Hey guys I'm going to stop at the sixth video, I will finish this video later.

  3. itsoofus oof

    itsoofus oof20 giờ trước

    I WAS BRAVE ENOUGH TO WATCH THIS upps sry for caps

  4. Savannah Dorough

    Savannah Dorough20 giờ trước

    wild pot leaves @8:59 or

  5. SuperSmashBrosPlush

    SuperSmashBrosPlush2 ngày trước

    I ges 2,249,060 were brave enough

  6. John Clark

    John Clark2 ngày trước

    you better find something better than this too scare me.

  7. Lucas Andre Ramirez

    Lucas Andre Ramirez3 ngày trước

    Wish me luck I’m going full screen

  8. Jordan Quarrell

    Jordan Quarrell3 ngày trước

    that is scary 😱😨

  9. TheInside

    TheInside5 ngày trước

    5:09 some people whould go up to her and say hey seems like your hotter than those flames wanna go get so coffee from star bucks on me and she whould go yeah later rn I’m scare of this officer if the law

  10. Madam Patches

    Madam Patches6 ngày trước

    Chills; *exists and has fun with videos* Idiots in the comments; *mocks because they have no life and nothing better to do*

  11. My Macaroni

    My Macaroni6 ngày trước

    Me : your awsome / everyone else : chills thinks everything’s possessed/ me : STOP WITH THIS ITS ANNOYING I BET hehe DOSE T LIKE IT

  12. Dabi Devito

    Dabi Devito7 ngày trước

    you know, what I just saw with that window one? there was a creepy ghost girl in the window!

  13. Dabi Devito

    Dabi Devito7 ngày trước

    honestly, watching that shark thing didn't scare me, it just annoyed me, because shark cages basically just taunt sharks

  14. Christina Jarbou

    Christina Jarbou8 ngày trước

    Person: *eats* Chills: As you can seeee, this person is possessed by a veeryyy hungry demonnn

  15. Jack And baby

    Jack And baby8 ngày trước

    Ok clickbaiter thats not scary dude bruh not scary at all im not brave and i can watch these videos without screaming flinching or even getting scared

  16. Meatdyne The Meatdying

    Meatdyne The Meatdying8 ngày trước

    You dare oppose me mortal?

  17. midpaw 1029

    midpaw 10299 ngày trước

    The first one is the *first ever* one i didnt hear them go: Ytbs: HELLLO?!?!? bae was dat u? But instead they did the *right thing* and ran!!

  18. Tammy Ross

    Tammy Ross9 ngày trước

    what do you mean... too scary to watch? you do the same over and over again just mixing up the same videos over and over again. SORRY.

  19. Liam Cooke

    Liam Cooke9 ngày trước

    Number 2 is a contractor that didn't get paid and got tired of putting up with excuses and bullshit from the company, so took his work back from the job.. I'd do it myself if I had 15-20K GBP in a job and the wankers didn't wanna pay. Hardly need to be brave to watch it on a video..

  20. Dartaras Doyle

    Dartaras Doyle10 ngày trước

    *imitating his voice* OMG you guys! you aren't brave enough to watch this video EL OU EL Hashtag many views

  21. Paranormal Paratrooper

    Paranormal Paratrooper14 ngày trước

    Voted most irritating voice on VIreporter.

  22. Austin Luttrell

    Austin Luttrell15 ngày trước

    *sees the name of the video* challenge accepted

  23. VisuaLz_x_ArEs

    VisuaLz_x_ArEs16 ngày trước

    Why exactly would I not be brave enough to watch some dude lay in a ditch?

  24. ChanelAboutNothing

    ChanelAboutNothing16 ngày trước

    5:05 BONFIRE LIT

  25. Jacob Greer

    Jacob Greer17 ngày trước

    The 3 thousand people who disliked this video were just to *-scared-* to notice.

  26. Astronaut Apollo

    Astronaut Apollo18 ngày trước

    Bruh cmon man this ain’t scary one bit

  27. Cam

    Cam20 ngày trước


  28. Admin Prone

    Admin Prone20 ngày trước

    Someone: *breathes* Chills: *as you can see this person has been possessed*

  29. uwu its a fish!

    uwu its a fish!21 ngày trước

    How is a train passing by scary?

  30. Majkl Danko

    Majkl Danko22 ngày trước

    The Shark is in your bed Like to undo

  31. Night Chavez

    Night Chavez22 ngày trước

    Kid: *brings a nerf gun to school* Chills: as you can see,this child is planning a school shooting.

  32. Malcolm Thomas

    Malcolm Thomas22 ngày trước

    I wish the person who is telling about things going on would talk properly as !!

  33. blitz wave

    blitz wave22 ngày trước

    *Chills voice who put these rats in my ravioli

  34. Rene Renault

    Rene Renault23 ngày trước

    most annoying voive on you tube.

  35. Joshua sartain

    Joshua sartain23 ngày trước

    You sound like a stoned chick who sounds like she always is asking questions

  36. Being Aussie

    Being Aussie23 ngày trước

    they havnt made cans out of steel for 30+ years m8 its alluminium cans.. u really should concentrate on getting ur info right instead of that stuff u refer to as "music".. at least u tried but...I know how hard it is bud I used 2 doing in a few bands in my younger days...

  37. Nathan Buckley

    Nathan Buckley24 ngày trước

    I didn't watch

  38. Kitty_Cosplay

    Kitty_Cosplay24 ngày trước

    I'm brave

  39. Robert Proietti - Ricci

    Robert Proietti - Ricci24 ngày trước

    the shark feature is out of a dvd call the deep blue which i still own

  40. jamesjay1987

    jamesjay198724 ngày trước

    I could not tolarate this talking more than 2 minutes. I am sorry.

  41. SMDH_ Pluto

    SMDH_ Pluto24 ngày trước

    Y does this guy talk like he recorded it? Feel like I called boost and I’m trying to reach customer care😂😂😂

  42. Smile :D

    Smile :D24 ngày trước

    Naaah u just want views ;C But i wont lie ur videos are good ;-;

  43. Yogkhast X Vlogg'z

    Yogkhast X Vlogg'z24 ngày trước

    i've watched it...am i brave now?

  44. JJ

    JJ24 ngày trước

    Me: Texts my brother this My brother: “Is that a challenge??”

  45. Rick Warner

    Rick Warner24 ngày trước

    Chill your videos are getting stupider!!!

  46. josiedacool29 Wyzard

    josiedacool29 Wyzard25 ngày trước


  47. Mr Chai Lover

    Mr Chai Lover26 ngày trước

    Nothing scary...

  48. Chuck Taylor

    Chuck Taylor26 ngày trước

    Turn video playback speed up if his voice bothers you. Your welcome.

  49. LordoFHungerLordOfPain scar

    LordoFHungerLordOfPain scar26 ngày trước

    Your videos have got weak man

  50. Canis Lupuzia

    Canis Lupuzia26 ngày trước

    I'm brave enough This was more cool than anything

  51. ASFvsASAP 1

    ASFvsASAP 127 ngày trước

    Rats are nice people

  52. Ineffable Ape

    Ineffable Ape27 ngày trước

    I can’t take the inflection of your voice man. It’s too distracting and kills the mood.

  53. Serial Killer

    Serial Killer28 ngày trước

    Ha it’s 3:05 am!!

  54. HCYT Gaming

    HCYT Gaming28 ngày trước

    Title: Me MHMH

  55. Liza Mcdevitt

    Liza Mcdevitt28 ngày trước

    I watched the video in a semi dark room and I didnt even need too change my pants this time

  56. bladadidoblah

    bladadidoblah29 ngày trước

    VIreporter pls take this video down. This is the most annoying voice i've ever heard in my life.

  57. Mark Powell

    Mark Powell29 ngày trước

    Shut your frikken mouth cheese !!!

  58. X•Riqu Hequ•O

    X•Riqu Hequ•O29 ngày trước


  59. Simon Lowe

    Simon LoweTháng trước

    Love peace and serenity to all. You are beautiful ✝️ Jesus wants you to know him and the father please forgive all things ✝️

  60. Xander Gunn

    Xander GunnTháng trước

    I could get a semi up that narrow road