20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!


  1. Louie Mendigo

    Louie MendigoNgày trước

    It doesn't have the Android Pie yet. Sad.

  2. Bryan Tavarez Chalan

    Bryan Tavarez Chalan4 ngày trước

    I got mine yesterday

  3. ill-fated

    ill-fated9 ngày trước

    haha device assistant also not a thing on my phone wow

  4. ill-fated

    ill-fated9 ngày trước

    multi window is not even a thing on my note 9 i have searched high and low on my phone like wtf


    SUPERSWITCH TV10 ngày trước

    I would appreciate if reviewers tried Bixby out whether they like it or not to explain better n let people decide... all the videos I have seen starts with "I'm not a fan of Bixby " or "I hate Bixby" or "I would never use Bixby " there are people like me Bixby is useful to... just do ur job 4 d viewers. I appreciate ur time but since u doing this be thorough... Bixby 4 me does what other assistants cant... especially routine that have to do with my phone. Just my 2 cents. .. give it a real try and then say, not following trends. After a sincere try give ur opinion after doing a proper review... u love a phone or not shld not be a reason why I shld or not #justsaying

  6. Ata Turkoglu

    Ata Turkoglu18 ngày trước

    I noticed that you and majority of galaxy users swipe down the quick settings menu with 1 finger.. try to swipe down it with 2 fingers.. now the full menu will open directly.. that feature is there since note 3 but not many know it.. I hope it adds to your galaxy skills ;) Peace..

  7. Imagin 1000

    Imagin 100020 ngày trước

    I went from Samsung to one plus after the notes where lighting on fire but back to Samsung I go with this beautiful note 9...home sweet home

  8. Evoke

    Evoke22 ngày trước

    This is cool and all but 15min in and i have to say.... Ive used all these features on my note 4 Even icon packs, themes and finger gestures

  9. William Owens

    William Owens22 ngày trước

    You are a little to fast

  10. TTV Sparrow

    TTV Sparrow26 ngày trước

    Just copped the note 9 yesterday 😄😄

  11. Anton Keys

    Anton KeysTháng trước

    It's fckn crap, save your dollars

  12. sharjeel ahmed

    sharjeel ahmedTháng trước

    I have 1 main issue not showing notifications on bagde if many have notifications on any app if 1 time open app another notifications is Vanish

  13. BAtadCrazy

    BAtadCrazyTháng trước

    Bought the Note 9 blue. A lot of features I can't access since updating. I don't know why they done this for the amount of money that was spent on this thing. I'm disappointed. The Note 4 I was using puts the Note 9 to shame. Some of the biggest disappointments is the texting and S note features. Two features I personally use the most. They're sorry in comparison. Oh well. It is what it is. I'll deal with it. It's either that or go to something else that ain't worth a crap. All I can say is it's new and it's paid for. If if knew then what I know now I wouldn't have bought it. I could have been disappointed in a two hundred dollar phone and would have been hundreds of dollars richer.

  14. AndresM

    AndresMTháng trước

    4:22 You hide apps the do nothing like those that say thanks for unlocking, or are just licenses.

  15. princeofpersia

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  16. Kat Rosas

    Kat RosasTháng trước

    Anyone else not have the same features on their note 9? Mine is from AT&T and my settings screens look different🤔

  17. dyllen1907

    dyllen1907Tháng trước

    This Note9 is worth your purchase. I got one through Optus and it such a powerful device to do so many things with it.

  18. Vishnu Rasaya

    Vishnu RasayaTháng trước

    S10 just came out, but planning to get a Note 9. Don't know why I'm way more impressed by the Note 9 although S10 is the current big thing.

  19. brandolebrando

    brandolebrandoTháng trước

    Sadly the last update makes battery life kinda suck.

  20. M Frank

    M FrankTháng trước

    Old ass Karen ears, LMAO!

  21. Austin Brown

    Austin BrownTháng trước

    Have a Mate 20 pro.. Seriously considering trading for the Note

  22. Derrick Gonzales

    Derrick GonzalesTháng trước

    I purchased the Note 9 today. Its blue. My thumbs hurt.

  23. Hitmanhooks99

    Hitmanhooks99Tháng trước

    I'm using my iPhone 8plus

  24. Nya_ Thomas that's me

    Nya_ Thomas that's meTháng trước

    *Who's using a note 9 to watch this video I am*

  25. Nya_ Thomas that's me

    Nya_ Thomas that's meTháng trước


  26. Jonathan Valesa

    Jonathan ValesaTháng trước


  27. Genius Intelligence

    Genius Intelligence2 tháng trước

    By talking so fast all you did was push me away to watch someone elses video.

  28. kellylee

    kellylee2 tháng trước

    I have had a few phones as u can see on my videos. Actually more than whats shown. There all good but none can touch the note 9 in call qaulity. I am going to try a iphone next. Never owned one.

  29. Marvin Maradiaga

    Marvin Maradiaga2 tháng trước

    Clear Video, Good Info Thank You!

  30. Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford2 tháng trước

    Got my blue Note 9 yesterday. Glad I finally made the jump.

  31. Sara Smith

    Sara Smith2 tháng trước

    I'd like to thank you for going so fast, it's hard to watch other videos where people go thru this stuff sooo slowly, drives me crazy! Good job, nice video 😊👍

  32. Jose Alonso

    Jose Alonso2 tháng trước

    I have been a Apple iPhone user since the beginning and decided to try Andriod for the first time in my life, so I went for the Samsung Note 9 512GB and was so excited to get it. I took 2 months to learn as much as I could about the 100's of tips and tricks. My biggest complaint is that it had so many adds on every single app that I never had using Apple. The facial recognition was very unreliable and the iris did not work. I also purchased the watch and Samsung Tablet and the both dissapointed my expectations and are now were near the ease of use I experienced with Apple. by the 4th month I decided to sell the lot and get the iPhone XS Max 512Gb. and the Watch4. I am so glad to be back with Apple and just love love love Apple and will never go to andriod ever again. The Apple is so much cleaner easier to use an flawless. I am no longer stressed with rubbish adds and virus attacks. Thank you Apple. I gave Samsung a try and learned that Apple is the most superior phone and watch my miles. Thanks Apple.

  33. Kok-Hin Ooi

    Kok-Hin Ooi2 tháng trước

    "Watching this on my Note 9" - can say this now 😊

  34. Flie Oner

    Flie Oner2 tháng trước

    Great job on the fast and clear rundown of these tips! Must watch if you are new to Note 9.

  35. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez2 tháng trước

    Upgraded from note 8 to note 9. Nothing much of s difference but it I love this phone.


    PAUL NICOLAI2 tháng trước

    Watching this on my Note 9. LOL

  37. Chad Peery

    Chad Peery2 tháng trước

    Love the 9

  38. zach lewis

    zach lewis2 tháng trước

    Your review on this phone is sorta negative. This phone is amazing you must be an iPhone guy. You turned off all the good features lol.

  39. TE AMO habeebi albi

    TE AMO habeebi albi2 tháng trước

    Take some water🤣

  40. Omar Retamar

    Omar Retamar2 tháng trước

    Nice Video!! Thank you!! I just got my Note 9 about 1 month ago & totally blown away. Still learning Cool shtuff. Btw, we can also screenshot when taking the S Pen out into "screen write" IT automatically takes on.

  41. Chase Compton

    Chase Compton2 tháng trước

    Just upgraded to a note 9 from a S7 edge. Always loved my note 4 people always gave me so much hell for having a big phone (Apple phone users) now look at them! X's Max??? Haha

  42. Christine S.

    Christine S.2 tháng trước

    How do you change the font colour of the s pen and in the calender ????

  43. Izzy and Sadie

    Izzy and Sadie2 tháng trước

    Love this phone

  44. abdusamad a

    abdusamad a2 tháng trước

    watching in my note2

  45. Sobrina Kong

    Sobrina Kong2 tháng trước

    How to enable double tap on lock screen?

  46. lea racca

    lea racca2 tháng trước

    I hate apple I had the 4 5 and 5s went to android . Just got my note 9 yesterday and love it still playing with what it can do hubby also on android he got s9... Hate Apple!!!!

  47. SlyXGrimReaper 123

    SlyXGrimReaper 1232 tháng trước

    It's cheaper than the xs max and better LOL I'm getting the phone soon

  48. LoveAnimals B.

    LoveAnimals B.2 tháng trước

    You're familiar with the phone but I'm not. To go so fast is hard to follow.You could go just a bit slower. It was to hard to follow without replaying it over. I'm not a 20 to 40 year old...I'm OLD trying to learn and your learning video is not for someone who doesn't know much about the Note 9 can't learn about this phone without replaying.not everyone is a techie.

  49. JImmy

    JImmy2 tháng trước

    Thank you for the tutorial. 👍

  50. Abdullah Saad

    Abdullah Saad3 tháng trước

    Sorry but.... Nothing new to me

  51. Philippe Watfa

    Philippe Watfa3 tháng trước

    Amazing phone !

  52. Muslim guy 786

    Muslim guy 7863 tháng trước

    Watching it on my Note 9 black

  53. lordpee lordpee

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  54. J-Hen Travel and Services

    J-Hen Travel and Services3 tháng trước

    Wow, had my phone over 3 months and never knew all this stuff.

  55. Sobrina Kong

    Sobrina Kong2 tháng trước

    This is the same question I have.

  56. MrJasim64

    MrJasim643 tháng trước

    Something disgusting speaks quickly and his mouth is full of saliva Why ??????? What happened ? Who are you? Who runs behind you? In order to fill your mouth with saliva and hasten to speak Like a sawdust machine nasty

  57. Sylvia Hamilton

    Sylvia Hamilton3 tháng trước

    Question for you, when you went into your apps section around 4:09 they are arranged in sections by the Alphabetical Letter. What app is that. Interested in setting mine up like that. Thank you for the Video. Helped a lot.

  58. Zahira Garcia

    Zahira Garcia3 tháng trước

    great video

  59. FP2000

    FP20003 tháng trước

    im going to use the note 9 with my mobile dji gimble and record videos for my youtube channel ....stop by and show some love, good video brother keep up the good work ma man

  60. Patriot4TheTree

    Patriot4TheTree3 tháng trước

    "I don't know why anyone would want to hide apps". Clearly, this dude has never cheated on his gf.

  61. EasyMoney

    EasyMoney3 tháng trước

    Watching on my note, speakers are unmatched

  62. Whirling Cuckoo

    Whirling Cuckoo3 tháng trước

    How do you enable the double tapping lock screen to wake up phone and swiping across AOD feature etc

  63. Matthew Davies

    Matthew Davies3 tháng trước

    Great video, just got a note 9 upgraded from an S8 and learned a lot of handy tips from this 👍

  64. Evilbones76

    Evilbones763 tháng trước

    Got the N9 yesterday, wow just wow - best phone i have ever had.

  65. imal360

    imal3603 tháng trước

    Watching on the note 9 with the same wallpaper :p

  66. Little Birdie

    Little Birdie3 tháng trước

    You used a hashtag for S pen but you never used it

  67. sLENSy

    sLENSy3 tháng trước

    12:07 I thought the extra option was something Samsung included at first 😂

  68. Molly S

    Molly S3 tháng trước

    Thank you! Learned a lot about my new phone.

  69. Deanna Franklin

    Deanna Franklin3 tháng trước

    I love your voice. Thanks for helping.

  70. Grand Master

    Grand Master3 tháng trước

    The dust and dirt on you're screen is bothering me

  71. Kao Na Lee

    Kao Na Lee3 tháng trước

    What camera do you use?

  72. John Logan III

    John Logan III3 tháng trước

    Is there a way to activate infinite/continuous scrolling on the home screen without installing a third party launcher?

  73. alcylon

    alcylon3 tháng trước


  74. RevoDaMobileKing

    RevoDaMobileKing3 tháng trước

    The first phone I got was a iPhone 3 and I’ve been using Apple devices for over 9 years, yesterday I got my note 9 and I prefer the note 9 and and Android now.

  75. Fakhrul Iman

    Fakhrul Iman3 tháng trước

    Using my note 9 as mobile hotspot and watching it through my Acer Nitro 5. Truly heaven. 2:00 62% 6:00 still 62%

  76. Tyler Rogers

    Tyler Rogers3 tháng trước

    Wow. All very good things to know Thank you

  77. nelq06

    nelq063 tháng trước

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make the toggle panel transparent instead of having a white panel ?

  78. awilbon

    awilbon3 tháng trước

    OMG thanks Bro

  79. smith Joseph K.M.Z

    smith Joseph K.M.Z3 tháng trước

    Watching on my note 9😎

  80. Jonathan Collins

    Jonathan Collins3 tháng trước

    Great video. Can you tell me whats the easiest way to move an app from one page to another? I've just been holding down the app and trying to move it over from the edge of the page. There has to be an easier way.

  81. Princess Zuri

    Princess Zuri3 tháng trước

    Long press the app,hold it down while moving it.

  82. anoop 2255

    anoop 22553 tháng trước

    watching on my NOTE 9 Midnight Black in darkmode ✌🏿💜

  83. TheFeebleSheep

    TheFeebleSheep3 tháng trước

    So tired of my iPhone 7plus. Gunna be switching to the Note 9 on the 5th of January. Can’t wait.

  84. sheme a

    sheme a3 tháng trước

    I just got my note 9 but there's a lot of ads pop out how to get rid of it ?????

  85. Shandria Noland

    Shandria Noland3 tháng trước

    Got mines today!!!

  86. Drew Who

    Drew Who3 tháng trước

    If you "Hide" an App, ...how do you access it, if not from the App drawer?

  87. Zak Moore

    Zak Moore4 tháng trước

    Thanks for the 20+ tips. Some I knew, some new to me. I've been a Samsung fan since my Note 4, which I still have. Couldn't do a 5 as on external card, N6 only in EU, N7 anh and N8 I lost and the replacement through Verizon was a poor refurbished. Thus, back to the N4. I like the N9. Only thing I truly miss is N4's 16 MP cam. My photos on that are blowup size to 32" x 24" The N9 at 12 MP, can't go quite that large. Thanks again and will check out your other videos.

  88. Ghoul 17

    Ghoul 174 tháng trước

    I used Iphone 4 and 5 for the last couple of years because I spend the money on gaming pc but now I cant wait to buy this beast

  89. lwhowco1

    lwhowco14 tháng trước

    This would be great if I already knew what you are talking about. Then again, I'm wanting to learn about the Note 9. Not to hear how fast you can talk.

  90. Destiny Gamez

    Destiny Gamez4 tháng trước

    Watching on my note 9

  91. Rizaldi Wijaya

    Rizaldi Wijaya4 tháng trước

    Just got my note 9 yesterday and this is my first experience with the note series. So far, it really suprises me!

  92. Tokkman

    Tokkman4 tháng trước

    Great stuff! I just got my Note 9

  93. Matteo Sivilotti

    Matteo Sivilotti4 tháng trước

    Edge panel is the feature i use the most often. I like to keep my home page free of apps.

  94. Michael T

    Michael T4 tháng trước

    It's still a misconception that the headphones are AKG branded. No, they aren't AKG branded at all. Those are Samsung earbuds that are TUNED by AKG. Just like the iPhone X has a Samsung display that is calibrated by apple. They aren't worth $99, they are actually worth about 25-30 and it's disappointing people don't do ALL the research. Along with it being disappointing that Samsung allows the lie to continue. I love my note 9, but Samsung is still bending the truth near breaking.

  95. philip henry

    philip henry4 tháng trước

    I just got my note 9 and I love it

  96. robert uhl

    robert uhl4 tháng trước

    Dude..you talk way too much!

  97. Caliduchey

    Caliduchey4 tháng trước

    Is anyone else's note 9 sorta have a brownish screen? The whites, like on here, look sorta yellow brownish like the tint is messed up

  98. Kamiko Kuro

    Kamiko Kuro4 tháng trước

    Go to Display> Screen Mode> scroll down and slide the slider to cool, you can adjust that slider to your preferences If that’s not a white enough white for you, play through the different modes on that page to suit your needs!!

  99. akaitsmedre

    akaitsmedre4 tháng trước

    Change it

  100. David. T.

    David. T.4 tháng trước

    I wish I had a Note 9...

  101. Mohammad Khan

    Mohammad Khan4 tháng trước

    Galaxy is much better than I phone, for example if you want to go back page just click on the right side but I phone it's difficult to go on back page.

  102. Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz4 tháng trước

    The device maintenance will not delete your data. In fact, optimizing your device every now and then will help keep it running smooth!

  103. gaming and hacking

    gaming and hacking2 tháng trước

    Yes u r right , it just delete miscelleneous data

  104. 277kne

    277kne4 tháng trước

    I've had the Note 9 for 1 day. Why is there a symbol trademark on the VIreporter video? Can it be removed? Some of the other videos don't have that.

  105. Miss FirenIce

    Miss FirenIce4 tháng trước

    I just bought my 9 last night. It’s amazing!!