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    Macam bodoh je

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    I love the chip DIY the most

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    مقطع زفت

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    why are you makeing some of them cheting . cheting are not good . tell me why

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    17 00

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    I like

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    memek nya bau

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    Good video

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    I not like cheating

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    That’s cool

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    Se fosse em Protugues ☆


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    eu amo isso

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  15. حمودي عتوته

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    please stop helping us to cheat, we go to school for a reason.

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    You bloody cheaters how Dare u to make people cheat😡😡😡😡

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    0:30 they learn pi in kindergarten?

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    Кто русской ставь лайк.

  23. lol 399900-roblox and more

    lol 399900-roblox and moreNgày trước

    They always repeat the same life hacks again in another video. Today I found spy life hack and now I went onto this video and they keep repeating again!!!! And I seen lots of life hacks of them before

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    dit kan ik nu ook gebruiken

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    ja he

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    Pls can u sub to me and I’ll sub to u 💋

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    Really kids like nothing xd

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    Kanada jó 👍

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    can we just admire the fact that they ae giving cheating hacks to KiNdErGaRtEnErS

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    I now know 50 ways to draw a circle. 😒

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    7:48 who tf is dumb enough to make that mistake

  32. Sarah Fisher

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    Do u see how 5:28 and 6:48 those Coca Cola charger thingys are NOT the same and u can CLEARLY see it 😂😂

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  34. KFC Wipes

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    I love you. just kidding

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    es muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy fino y delen un like oyero ternuras jajajajajajajaja

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    Please like my comment

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    You cheaters

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    yea they gonne teach kids to cheat on tests 😑😐😬😶 ppl gonna hate on this channel. wow

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    *casually takes out a lemon in class*

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    Cheating is bad.

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    Katakana should we do with that day tomorrow and Thursday night if you’re still available let us know about it later on my lunch hour

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    LOOL 1:17

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    I like schedule clock.

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    I love your ideas

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    What is yuor name

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    It's just a different thumb nail and the exact same crafts GET SOME OTHER CRAFTS AND STOP POSTING THE SAME THINGS

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    Im watching this and the tittle says Kindergarten... IM IN FRICKIN' 5TH GRADE.

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    You repeat same things in other video 😡😡😡😡😡

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    Why do you repeat the crafts and they suk

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    3 38 kod nekih brojeva

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    zv x,o ayuhu,


    ULAŞ BERK5 ngày trước


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    I love 5 minute craft

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    nice video

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    Polknot view from the store to use man. Very nice Zara and you

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    10:12 if your not eating the tic tacs I could eat them!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    porque no ablas

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    Wqresa Wqresa

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    Every day we stray further from God..

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    yeah, maybe of bad grammar.

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    Okulda diş maçununu nerden bulucaz

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    Yugal DJ

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    Why would kindergarten learn Pi?

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    hate this channel because of cheating

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    I have no trouble memorizing pie... 3.1415926535897932384626433

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    6:51 thursday 14 september

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    I'm 11

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    15:04 whatt

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    3:54 you *TOTALLY* have a lemon with you at school, totally logical

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    era dale like

  77. naty gerez

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    esa forma de multiplicar no sirve dale si es verdad que no sirve

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    класс спасибо за помещь

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    Why would yah wanna cheaT?😳😭😭 Like if you think yes

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    yes it is very good

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    But cheating on tests are you trying to get us in trouble

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    That is cool

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    in wall is not writing!

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    I didn’t learn Pi in kindergarten. Was my teacher clueless?

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    stop showing the same hacks again and again. It becomes boring!!

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    For the first 1why do you need 2 rulers

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    Cheating is not good and by the way why you are showing the same hacks again and again

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    if i would try to cheat on a exam , i would get suspended

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    Wait.. Im in school cuting.. with bananas! 0:14

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    You shouldn't be eating in class like smh you won't be able to feel the benefit of break and lunch. Also no I'm not a goody goody two shoes but I don't eat in class because my class has banned having chocolate or crisps for break.

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    How is this kindergarten hacks, when theirs the number pie?

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    But cheating is not great idea

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    Para que tantos tontos circulos

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    Who else watches their vids only to read the comments!XD Cuz I do XD

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    hy are they teaching this cheating is bad, do they want children not to learnсекс

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    ürkler beğensin yorumumu türkleri görey

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    2:34 , 2:43 I started thinking that you really love me 😒😜

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    Yeah no..


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    ander crs aylis voch