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    ruler and scissors does not work, I tried myself.

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    eu tentei fazer a tequinica de matemática e deu errado 43 × 13 =559 473 deu isso.


    UDAY BHOPE2 ngày trước

    Just same hacks no change 😂😂😂😂

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    The leamon and highter does not work

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    6:42.... We are kindergarteners of the 2100. We charge our own PhOnEs.....

  7. Sonia Bhandari

    Sonia Bhandari12 ngày trước

    Teaching the children how to cheat

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    I like this hacks school I am from indonesian

  9. im a mistake

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    Lol they should make a series for cheating

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    Teacher also watch this video that how students cheats

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    Hi seanna

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    I love the hacks

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  15. I love Unicorns

    I love Unicorns29 ngày trước

    To all you kindergarteners out there who clicked on this video, be a good girl/boy and do not do the cheating hacks in this video. Cheating is bad. If you cheat, you will not learn anything. You do not want that, because learning is the whole point of going to school, so do me a favor and don’t do the cheating hacks. If you listen to this comment, you are a good girl/boy.

  16. Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland

    Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland29 ngày trước

    Drawing perfect circles huh. You know there is a thing called a COMPASS! Literally made to make perfect circles. They are like a buck at any craft or school supply store. 😒 never went to school without one. Oh cant find one? Try asking any teacher for one they tend to have them.

  17. Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland

    Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland29 ngày trước

    Teaching students how to cheat in school. Thats not something to applaud you know. If you actully pay somewhat of attention you shouldnt need to cheat.

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    Love School hacks😘😍😍😍

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    Hay ghê á

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    It s very nice

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    في حرف كتير متكرره انا شاهدتها في فديوهات اخرى وانا اتابع هذه القناه

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    Resmen Kopya çekme yöntemleri vermişler.

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    Just saying but kids nowadays won't be carrying toothpaste and lemon in their school bags

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    Me encanta el canal de 5 minutos Like🐇🐶🐱 🍨🐸🐻

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    I don't like it because cheated

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    wow amazing ideas


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    Wow Good


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    not bad

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    I'm indonesia surabaya

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    Dai almeno questi sono un po piu utili 😪😂😂😂

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    nice video

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    This is funny teaching kindergarten how to cheat lol,im satisfied in this video.

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    Who else watch’s the video but doesn’t do it like if u agree guys

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    PUBG 12

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    It’s nice

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    At 4.06

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    At 3.06 does nt work proper Its fake

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    You are so cute

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    Sıhcol mu vahat tenks you

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    Eu tabei sou brasileiro

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    At 9:13 wouldn’t the person looking at your paper notice the fact that ALL the words at perfectly lined and every letter and spacing is perfectly spaced the same....

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    I love 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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    why would a kindergartener need school hacks

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    Huge fan of you from pakistan

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    Melanie OJEDA

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    Every one know that there is a logic behind every video and I think this person Is quite lost in his own world btw ❤ He's good but I don't use these tricks man my rule is to take everything simple 🔥🤘

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    I yuse all this haks 👌👌

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    in like every video there. the same just diff order

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    0:20 *impossible*

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    5:28 This is Idea is Very Bad!!No Function .-.

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    Says kindergarten but adults are doing it, 🤦‍♂️ smh

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    I'm only 10 and I can recite 3.1415926535897932384


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    Esberdad. Tendrían que poner el sub titulo

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