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    2019 anybody?

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    Who dosent realize that this channel sucks.

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    Haf is not even epoxy

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    I herd a squil

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    Resin baleselet is looking sooooo beautiful 💝 💝

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    Its not all resin 😒

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    bro thats fuckign conk crete

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    If you want to make a bowl then don't waste food

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    Wear gloves!

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    Wow 😱😱😱😨😨😨

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    From where we get resin

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    hey why not add more ads!

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    I've already seen all these in the cement hacks video smh 😒

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    Nooo mr fox :c

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    I like video

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    Always bad

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    What kind of resin is it

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    What is this resin please tell

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    Good job👍👍

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    My favourite

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    Yeah guys let’s totally use our cute plushies for outdoor stuff :’( but who would do that

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    To be honest I’m really NOT inspired

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    Me and my sister are having a compitition of who can find the best 5- minute craft video! I now have a contender!

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    More like 15min

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    You can’t stick fresh plants in resin without treating them first or the plants will turn brown over time. Also? We have a VERY different definition of the word “crafts” Crafts involve craftsmanship....

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    0:34 what thing

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    Why ClickBait!?!? ;-;

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    I'm sorry CAULIFLOWER

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    Says resin but more than half is cement ideas?!?!!

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    I would like to see a live bird or mouse cast in resin. Please do this and post it.

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    What is the circular mold called? I do not know what it is.

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    5-minutes crafts stole the thumbnail craft from another VIreporterr, jedrek29t.

  37. Truthification Chronicles

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    Mr. Fox squeals on the mob, meets his demise in a cement overcoat.

  38. Truthification Chronicles

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    These are NOT resin.

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    Who likes 5 minute crafts

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    wish this was about resin

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    I like Your videos🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤡💩💩🤮🤢

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    Ok so I watch this hoping to get some cool resin ideas, and at least 3/4 of it isn’t resin related


    AKHONA MAKHATHINI4 tháng trước



    AKHONA MAKHATHINI4 tháng trước


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    Who tf has a swim cap like that 5:08 Also where can I get one?

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    Can you tell me how thick of resin sheet would you recommend for the vase? 1/8"? 1/16"?

  47. Kris Mechels

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    I mean the resin fruit bowl

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    oh god reallly it is very creative..

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    I love the necklace

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    you just see that in the window walking by 7:50

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    Wejdcie na muj kanał

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    0:50 they better be fake plants because when they die it’s not gonna be so pretty

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    I fav one was the first one that was the flower bracelet

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    Very cute pieces! I just started uploading crafting videos. Happy creating :)

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    The crafts are amazing ❤️❤️


    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE5 tháng trước

    Dip you're balls in concrete, be protected from nut shots for the rest of time.

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    4:49 r.i.p 1 like=1 prayer for fantastic mr. fox

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    10:9の牛 「やめちくれー!暑いんやー!!ヒィィィ俺には嫁と娘がいるんやー!」

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    Anyone else watch Troom Troom?

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    What's the music from 4:29 - 7:52 Please tell me!

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    wow you guy's really fabulous I don't know where did you get this idea

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    None of the videos are actually 5 minutes. Lol

  65. Creative Crafting with Krisann

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    I don’t like the cement craft with the fox it made me cry it was sad

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    RIP PLUSI😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

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    It's literally mostly cement crafts. There are only like 4 actual "resin crafts" the fox is a good waste of time and materials. Literally will cost less to go to the local store and pick up some garden gnomes.

  68. Rescue Animations

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    The epoxy ones are awesome to do! I love working with epoxy. Did my kitchen counters and everything!

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    The title is misleading, there's only a few resin craft ideas, the rest of the video is concrete and cement

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    This is a very heart breaking moment when I see the fox going towards death.😭😭😭😭😭

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    5:07, 6:30

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    11:05 Oreoooooooooooo

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    There were so many cement crafts I forgot this was for resin.

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    You wasted a whole cauliflower

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    And you expect me to have cement and resin in my house -_-

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    Wow so useless :-D:-D:-D😑😑😑😑😑😒😒😒

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    I thought these were resin crafts???

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    What was that bracelet mould

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    That's how wood works... Shallowly cut it and it'll split apart. MmMmM Sureeeeeee

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    а что она виливает сверху

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    CNN news 5 min crafts are braking trees there gone to jail

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    What is resin

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    Bu ne

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    What is that in syringe

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    Quem gostou destas ideia reina o link # gostei

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    "I'll be back!" ~couple seconds later~ "I'm back! I can't see there is cement on my face..." Sorry I can't spell.

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    This is bs

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    Ставь лайк на коммент чтобы иностранцы подумали что я что-то умное написала) (надеюсь они русский не учат😂🤣😆😉😃)

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    You wasted a fox plush. Some kids in this world don't have any toys at all, and you just ruined a good toy to go to waste. 👎🏻

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    That is crazy! Your a genius!

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    Fox dies 2018-2018

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    what happened to 25 keyword:25 (RESIN) crafts when its mostly cement like we have cement just in our house

  101. Initial 1890

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    Putting cement on your plushies hmm isn’t that just ruining it?

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    How to find a round shape to make a bracelet ???