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    This channel is my favorite once when I notice others videos are just getting rip-off and repeating it all over and over again wow😒.

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    The egg shell that you put on the bottle is not for cooking is for cleaning make new videos and stop repeating other videos this is being a uncool channel.😬

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    Ohh yeah😕 so ur telling us the first one is a COOKING LIFE HACK that we can cook😂

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    The best


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    all repeated nothing new

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    Do u just rename the video with a different number so u xan get more views? Theyre all the same

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    Roses are red and violets are blue what do you cook i like and chew

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    At 1:47 its 12:58 but then 1:52 is actually 12: 58 it wasnt micorwaved it was cooked

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    Porque no ponen contenido nuevo ya aburre siempre lo mismo

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    Some of these take to long for it to be a life hack lol


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    All tips are very good and awesome. Love from India ☺😘

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    I love eggs

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    Guys what they don't tell you in the Video is don't completely cover the cup with the egg and water inside with the saucer or whatever you use! It's under pressure and will explode if left to long.

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    5 minutes craft but the video is 16 minutes long

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    Those r fckin kitchen tools.. Gimme something handmade..

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    keren 😎

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    6:32 I Try It But It Doesn't Work

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    I love 5 minutes craft

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    5 minute craft ...................................... wait 24 hour

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    Isn't it hazardous to open cork with flame.

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