3 Scary True Vacation Stories (Vol. 3)


  1. Terror

    Terror2 giờ trước

    11:55 Lol what.....no you didn't have to fabricate anything....you've literally just confessed to a crime and this needs to be reported. For all you know they were just trying to flirt, and get women. The drugged drinks are enough evidence.

  2. Gentle Singularity

    Gentle Singularity2 giờ trước

    Did the girls in the second story not watch Taken? I thought that movie would stop stupid people from putting all their trust into strangers.

  3. Alexander Monile

    Alexander Monile10 giờ trước

    Why would you just give someone your phone number???

  4. Zafer Yousef

    Zafer Yousef11 giờ trước

    Uuuuhhhhhh London is in America 😐

  5. Ghostwarrior YT

    Ghostwarrior YT21 giờ trước

    thought that kid was gonna get laid but remembered this is Mr. Nightmares channel...

  6. Erabella Cantu

    Erabella CantuNgày trước

    his hormone monster went wild when she asked to go to his room

  7. Nova Angel

    Nova AngelNgày trước

    Haha. Im too poor to go on vacation

  8. natalie_marie13

    natalie_marie13Ngày trước

    Why does the first story sound like a something on wattpad

  9. Zanaisu Animations

    Zanaisu AnimationsNgày trước

    Bruh if I found someone hiding in some secret closet with my wife's underwear that man wouldn't even live to see the cops.

  10. KURV

    KURV2 ngày trước

    Imagine going to Vale and not Aspen

  11. Tummy Yummys

    Tummy Yummys3 ngày trước

    The last one made my heart jump

  12. IDyce88

    IDyce883 ngày trước

    7:31 when a stranger on the street tries to get you to just come to his "party" just walk away...

  13. Rogue Tofu

    Rogue Tofu3 ngày trước

    The second one is just the Taken story but everyone's dad isn't Liam Neeson so girls should be careful

  14. The Elevator Channel And More

    The Elevator Channel And More3 ngày trước

    Steps before watching Mr Nightmare 1. Have Cameras on your property 2. Lock all doors and baracade the door to the room you are in 3. Don’t forget to lock all windows and shut the blinds/curtains 4. Don’t Watch in the early morning hours 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM 5 Don’t watch while on vacation

  15. Nouran

    Nouran4 ngày trước

    have those girls never watched Taken or read a newspaper?! red flags from the start!

  16. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Alexandru-Horia Hodișan4 ngày trước

    Imagine calling 911 in London LOL xD

  17. Rylan Benson

    Rylan Benson4 ngày trước

    I’m laughing so hard at all of the sjw retards that are defending the girls in the second story. If they were smart they wouldn’t have gone to a strangers apartment in a another country.

  18. Jo Free

    Jo Free4 ngày trước

    Is the warning at the start at liama arts

  19. Joshua Riedel

    Joshua Riedel4 ngày trước

    has any one noticed that they went to see big ben but it isnt big ben as it is the clock inside the tower the tower is called the elisabeth tower no big ben

  20. Zay Play

    Zay Play4 ngày trước


  21. August Ryckman

    August Ryckman4 ngày trước

    Sorry about your girlfriend's underwear. I was going to donate them to a clothing bank for the needy, that's all.

  22. hello How u doin

    hello How u doin5 ngày trước

    Why am i watching this when its NIGHT RAINING THUNDER Help me

  23. Ashish Philip

    Ashish Philip5 ngày trước

    I Learned from Mr Nightmare that always lock the door and windows while leaving.

  24. Elizabeth Harris

    Elizabeth Harris5 ngày trước

    Good advertising for Air B&B, not!

  25. cobalT

    cobalT6 ngày trước

    Surprised Liam Neeson wasn't mentioned in the 2nd story.

  26. No1 _n0More

    No1 _n0More6 ngày trước

    12:34 The moral should instead be: don't be a self-indulgent, fucking moron, especially in a foreign country.

  27. jakedeeyah

    jakedeeyah6 ngày trước

    the girl in the last one just needed a good ol' fashioned patriarchal beating

  28. Killer Klown

    Killer Klown6 ngày trước

    Third story genuinely creeped me out

  29. atotheg1991

    atotheg19916 ngày trước

    Calling 911 in England? *Hello, this is the American police, we're taking the first plane to England. See you in 12 hours.*

  30. Steven Ayala

    Steven Ayala6 ngày trước

    The second story is literally taken 😂😂

  31. Gremmlinz

    Gremmlinz7 ngày trước

    10:20 Current Objective: *Survive*

  32. Elijah Grace

    Elijah Grace7 ngày trước

    What's the music in the background

  33. Mr. Scrubbles

    Mr. Scrubbles7 ngày trước

    Omg let’s go to a random party with a random guy that we never meet at a random apartment

  34. The X Gamer

    The X Gamer7 ngày trước

    Story 2 is fake If they where in London the number would be 999 not 911

  35. The Phantom

    The Phantom7 ngày trước

    Yeah, they're ok stories but not true.

  36. Ben Mitchell

    Ben Mitchell7 ngày trước

    I like how everyone is calling the girls in the second story stupid but not the moronic guy who invited that crazy chick back to his room.

  37. I R

    I R15 giờ trước

    @Mr.PourTheMilkFirst he is referring to the guy in the 3rd story not the criminal from the 2nd

  38. Mr.PourTheMilkFirst

    Mr.PourTheMilkFirstNgày trước

    Because he isn't moronic? Now criminal yes, he got the girls to come back to his room so how is he the moronic one?

  39. Trophonix

    Trophonix8 ngày trước

    ah hell, we just now went and stayed in an airbnb IN COLORADO and now you tell me this

  40. ratchi

    ratchi8 ngày trước

    no one edgy girls on tumblr:

  41. little ren

    little ren8 ngày trước

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  42. little ren

    little ren8 ngày trước

    You should download Instagram

  43. David Adkins

    David Adkins8 ngày trước

    Sporting events scary stories.

  44. Adrienne Kaio

    Adrienne Kaio8 ngày trước

    God damit, natural selection really missed its chance on those two girls.

  45. Jacob T

    Jacob T8 ngày trước

    are these true or not

  46. Riku Saito

    Riku Saito8 ngày trước

    Painting my Halloween mask listening to this. Absolutely love it!!!

  47. sammy hammy

    sammy hammy8 ngày trước


  48. Darko An Otaku

    Darko An Otaku8 ngày trước

    I love how you put the ads between the stories instead of right in the middle of them.

  49. trey thermin

    trey thermin8 ngày trước

    Pro tip: Watch it in 1.25 speed

  50. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet8 ngày trước

    Alissa is now a bartender.

  51. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet8 ngày trước

    Moral to second story. Young women are stupid.

  52. AmericanNinja85

    AmericanNinja858 ngày trước

    Isn't the emergency number in the UK 999? Not 911?

  53. notdrivebymcgangstir 1

    notdrivebymcgangstir 19 ngày trước

    why would the guy in the first one come back if he already had the underwear after the first time.

  54. Brock

    Brock9 ngày trước

    I think iv heard this first one before?

  55. DEZ One

    DEZ One9 ngày trước

    At the end of story #1 when it was over I would just tell her I told you I was right

  56. Emma Mcbride

    Emma Mcbride9 ngày trước

    Mr Nightmares stories are always scary, unlike many other story channels on here. Love them keep 'em coming!

  57. scar

    scar9 ngày trước

    maybe don't have the creepy music playing when it's just normal backstory happening, listening to how cozy this log cabin is and I'm hearing Minecraft cave sounds

  58. al H

    al H9 ngày trước

    i am here just to dislike the video

  59. starfiremale

    starfiremale9 ngày trước

    It's not the big tower that's Big Ben, Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the tower, just for info,

  60. г๏รร ๒๏รร

    г๏รร ๒๏รร9 ngày trước

    *CaWfEe Table*

  61. MatthewPlayz

    MatthewPlayz9 ngày trước

    The third story made me feel a proud introvert.

  62. dom garrett

    dom garrett9 ngày trước

    Dude,if you had give him some of your girls knickers you you could have had two weeks free stay.