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    Hey, are there any Harry Potter fans here? 💘 How to make a magic wand without visiting Ollivanders shop 9:54 Hot Christmas hacks are waiting for you here vireporter.net/v/video-LCb4_S7E_PU.html

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    Cii. Neștiind

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    I just make a stick and put nail polish

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    5-Minute Crafts GIRLY احتنل

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    oh is cool

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    Wow you've out done yourself this time these hacks are unbelievably useless good job quality time usage. Also they reposted this video, this video was originally uploaded in 2017.

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    All watch only ever body not do this

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    Its a dajjal😱😱😱

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    Bruh what u think gonna happen when u wash the shirt 4:15 Unless your gonna air dry it (and make it stink) the dryer gunna heat it up and da glues gonna get all over your shirt.Dumb

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    Not girly stupid sexy girl

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    1:37 discusting

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    2019? Btw you have new sub :D

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    Amay kyu

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    Please tell the name that what are mixing in bowl...and. You video is awesome

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    عصير اضربوا افتح اموري لولا ترى ما ودكم فهمتو كبه


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    Really super you are brilliant good

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    3:02 WAI WAI WAI WAI WAI WAIT. WhY aRe HeR eYeS dIfFeReNt?!?! WeRe tHeY aLwAyS LiKe tHat?!?!

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    6:13 superb

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    só. Sade. imitar. o. idéias. incríveis

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    3:23 creepy

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    Anyone notice the eye colors?

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    اكو عرب بالقناة؟

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    The eyes green and blue

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    Amazing ideas😀😁

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    13:26 Did they steal this from another video? (Bottom left corner says bright side)

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    3:20 "don't judge in beautiful"

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    Iti pui fata la imprimanta

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    3:29 Omg her eye colors!!! Green and blue !!!!

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    Good 👍👍👍👍

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    الي داخل ع الصورة 2:32

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    does anyone else see how yellow her teeth r

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    Soo, I’m not a girly girl, but all of these were Dinos, not really a girly thing. Just saying, all of these were cute, but not what your channel name says. Not hating, just saying.

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    De 10

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    Campaign to deliver dna song to one billion views vireporter.net/v/video-MBdVXkSdhwU.html bts 🖤

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    Do 5 minute flip's


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    Why same hack every time ! Dont you have any hack to do!????🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😤😤😤😤😤☹😴😴😴👿

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    Good music

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    3:04 are her eyes real?

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    6:5 amazing💕😍

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    3.09 was like🖕

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    Please tell me someone their country name

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    Please share this all actors Instagram profile Link. ✌️.

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    3:15, the right eye (viewers look) is blue and the left is green. Am i the only one who Saw that comment if u did too or like!

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    Printer lasers are harm to your eyes and skin therefore dont do it🙄🙄

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    When you have no one to love make a your face pillow

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    2:59 ma questa ha un occhio verde e uno blu?

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    Depois Mansa travesseiro e fica com uma tristeza danada

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    Falei errado de novo

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    Ops falei errado

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    Depois assar massa ou travesseiro e depois fica numa tristeza danada

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    who watch this but never tried it??

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    buu no funsiono

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    Thought this was supposed to be girly🤔🤔

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    3:20 pillow would give me a nightmare if I sleept on it

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    1:14, jeez.....

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    Kya gand ghol hai yeh

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    amo sus videos siempre lo he amado

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    That pillow is just creepy..

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    I love 5-Minutes-Craft

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    we should not cut the tree ya plant

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    The pillow is creepy

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    The pillow is ugly

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    WTF pillow

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    Who too got frustrated by the ads?? BTW no one likes my comment so I liked it myself 😜😜😥😥

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    Why would I want a picture of my face again?

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    Did anybody else notice that the girl that made the pillow with her face on it, had 1 blue eye and 1 green eye?

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    I think these people are well paid to make these idiots that they do in the Videos because nobody is going to use these things nobody will copy these things so home because it is not everybody that you

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    Things for happens

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    Ok fine

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    The pillow one is have easter egg Easter egg: Her eye Is different / she have heterochromia (green, blue)

  93. Spider-Man / Peter Parker

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    30 unbelievable ways to break stuff and look like your smart but dumb

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    Rip 1:13

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    Me when I saw the thumbnail: “She’s cheating!”

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    احااااااااااااا ولا كلمة عربي

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    2:51 어떻게 한거예요 ??

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    Oooo pa bas je seksi jedan ddio😋😋one sise njam


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    1:15 warning graphic

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    What that is calld waysting😈😾

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    The pillow hack looks weird

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    there is a girl who has heterochromia in there cooooollll

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    Cringing about the pillow


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