1. 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

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    Hey, are there any Harry Potter fans here? 💘 How to make a magic wand without visiting Ollivanders shop 9:54 Hot Christmas hacks are waiting for you here vireporter.net/v/video-LCb4_S7E_PU.html

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    5-Minute Crafts GIRLY gyufyttddrddrttytgjgghgfxhgfctcuuyfyfuftfuutfcftfcufdcf

  3. Alexa Soper

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    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IMA HARRY POTTER FAN ima Hufflepuff my want is vine wood Phoenix feather core 11 inches slightly flexible and my patronus is an onyx which is a type of antelope and my ilvermorny is Thunderbird

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    3:22 Her eyes different colors 💙💚

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    3:20 for people who are sad, lonely and single now you can kiss your self :)

  9. William Ward

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    1:29 i wonder how that will fit in the dish washer?

  10. Claire DeFauw

    Claire DeFauw21 phút trước

    Don’t you feel like there the same hacks every video?🤷‍♀️

  11. A SKITTLES challenge

    A SKITTLES challengeGiờ trước

    Some are not Girly hacks. There kid Hacks.

  12. Bitch Wtf

    Bitch WtfGiờ trước

    Dinosaurs aren’t girly tho

  13. TheMysticMelodyMoon

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    2:37 Me as an adult

  14. Kelsey Bearden

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    Your crafs are more then five min

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    هلوووو شلون سينهة

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    I'm just in love with her different coloured eyes 🐈

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    Boys can do that two this should be on your regular craft channel

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    Solo belas 👿👿👿👿👿👎

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    this is a boy and girl

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    Who is watching at 2018

  21. Sobia Rehman

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    Who never tried their hack

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  23. UglyChan that’s ugly

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    Some of these aren’t even life hacks

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    l love you HARRY POTTER :)

  25. las locuras de kichi san

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    5 : 36 le.copiaron a karen y a lelie de los polinesios

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    They were not girly there for boys and girls

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    Your eyes😍😍😍

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    Your videoes are very nice

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    Pillow is weird.

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    W Wo Wow Woww Wow Wo W

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  32. i like to eat

    i like to eat15 giờ trước

    Lmao if i did that pillow thing with my face i would scare ppl off

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    3:03 One Green Eye and Blue Eye 💚💙

  34. Tmara Kwaii

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    3:03 OMG Eyes Green And Blue

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    hi nice ap kon ha

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    7:00 плагиат

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    Why did it say bright side at one point

  39. Erica_Z_Galvez

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    I Love how this Says Actually Smart And I came here For the Tumbnail A girl in a copy machine lol

  40. Sunrise ASMR

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    At first I look at the thumb nail I thought she was putting her face on a waffle maker thing...🤦‍♀️

  41. DaUnicornGurl

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    how are dinosaurs GIRLY???

  42. Laura Preciosa

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    How is the second one girly?

  43. James Stansky

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    I wath,it think of doing it but I dont... 11:00 pm

  44. Amanda Resuello Vlogs

    Amanda Resuello Vlogs21 giờ trước

    did she just xerox her face!!!?

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    Se tem um olho de cada cor

  46. الجوري النجمه الظاهري

    الجوري النجمه الظاهري21 giờ trước

    Did anyone notice in the pillow face hack her eyes were different colors????????

  47. Multiservicios A y C Arriaza Celada

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  48. jiminie army kino

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    0:43 RM 's in blood sweat and tears (seul les army comprendront )

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    Me acabo de masterbar

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    1:04 is the best way to get children to wash their hands 😂😂

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    3:08 omg 😲 she has different colored eyes!!!

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    5 M Mi Min Minu Minut Minutes C Cr Cra Craf Crafts G Gi Gir Girl Girls

  53. Hannah Conrad

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    These are supposed to be girly hacks but they're all like they all have to do with Dinosaurs girls don't usually like dinosaurs I'm not saying no girls like guys are as I'm just saying it's not very girly

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    My favorite swimming y running

  55. victoria geraldine

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    I love

  56. victoria geraldine

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    O hello

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    공룡 몸 짜를때 동심파괴ㅠ

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    The printer thing didn’t work cuz one eye is blue and one is green and ur real eyes are blue

  60. Daisy Gatica

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    Love it out here and I will come to your house and we can go to the store and get some slime alone

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    Like so love Box 😚😋

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    That pillow is just creepy

  63. santhi mada

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    Yes it is

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    Does anyone else hate that five min crafts always repeat the same things in every video??

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    3:17 her eyes are different colors

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    Dino and Girly?😂😂🤦‍♂️

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    You are so sexy

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    What is that music!!

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    Most of these were dinosaur hacks

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    3:16 3:24 creepy

  72. foxes fur ever

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    Who else’s childhood cringed at the sight of the dinosaurs head being cut off

  73. pourtugal gaming 2006

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    0:15 it is attractive to let the kids wash their hands love 5 min craft


    ROSE ENGLERT2 ngày trước

    just imagine walking into someone's house and you see that face on a pillow

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    9:49 epic

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    Rip dinosaurs

  77. Nightcore Mangle

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    Who the he'll is going to wast there time with these "hacks" there useless like who would.want a dinosoar plate it's a "girly" hacks.wtf like whom is going to waste. Ink just for a dumb pillow ink costs alot also glitter takes ages to remove are these people idiots they don't even talk on how to do it

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    uh how is this girly?

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    Oh my gosh

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    My daughter loves these ideas 😉😉😃😃🤗🤗

  84. agustin bendersky

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    Sin ofender pero en el momento 04:20 la chica tenía los dientes amarillo se ve que tomo mate o comió algo (tenía hambre ) jijijijijijiji

  85. Susanne Kets

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    How can 12k people not like this video? These crafts are amazing!

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    7:14 that baby's face tho

  87. BAHAR

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    all of them is unnecessary

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    5 M Mi Min Minu Minut Minute C Cr Cra Craf Crafs

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    1: 15 não mata ele E morreu😭


    ZAINUN ALI2 ngày trước

    Wow So Creative

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    *i laughed when the cut off the dinosaurs head and made it a “servant for food”. Im going to hell.*

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    The woman with the different colored eyes has really pretty eyes.

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    I mean wasting time

  95. Dondu Alagoz

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    No one really makes these stuff your washing your time not smart hahaha

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  97. lisa adams

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    13:25 did anyone notice the Bright Side logo? STOLEN CONTENT

  98. Jana DeLaughter

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    You know on 1:45 it says "fun for kids" it's gunna be really fun going to the hospital and that your kid has a concussion

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    Like si viste en el minuto 3:18 que un ojo estava verde y el otro azul

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    10:34 I’m dirty minded

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    So you mean I'm stupid, huh?

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    Loving the Harry Potter stuff

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    de adonde sacan las ideas

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    Very new

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    10:30 i always wanted a tatoo but i dont want the orginal way cuz it hurts

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    Is there another way I can do the dragon egg. Cuz I don't think we get Styrofoam eggs in the area I live. Can I use pistachio shells?