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    I love crafts

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    Onion crying isn’t that bad it’s just a burning sensation.

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    If you think this channel is helpful, you’re obviously wrong

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    3:10 omg that’s SO useful! (I’m being sarcastic)

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    They put two of the same hacks into the same video

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    The same egg yolk separation trick with a bottle was shown at least 4 or 5 times. 😕

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    Someone please tell me the music used from 0:00-2:10! Please!

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    8:36 or you can just pour the milk directly above it and not way up high. 🤨

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    Pro tip: It's a long video so view at 2x speed and then re-watch the segments you like most on 1x.

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    I love egg!!!

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    Tapping the pomegranate is complete nonsense. @12.06

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    It's really useful but where is ur long egg promoted with thumbnail???

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    Does anyone know what they put with the avocado to keep it fresh in the container?

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    One of your videos is not true I tried the bruise hack it did not work

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    10:40 is sooo good you guys

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    what is the thing at 9:00 ? can someone please tell me cuz i need this hack

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    5 minute crafts: *changes thumbnail* *Guess what? ITS STILL CLICKBAIT*

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    35 montage fakes?

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    Thats not unbelevable

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    To all of you saying that it’s a long egg thingy, NO it’s not.... It’s bell peper

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    waste of time.

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    Down voted for clickbait, no long egg how to, which is why I think most of us clicked the video to begin with. Also you can report clickbait videos...simply click the three dots menu in the upper right of the video, hit "report" and then click the spam or misleading option and that's it.

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    This is ROB, he is 100 with a like he will go down 1 age 👴🏼 👔 👞

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    Useless hack.

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    Why tf do you put the noodles in the bottle?

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    Ooooh you scare me with the way you use a knife . I am surprised that you haven't cut the ends of your fingers right off....otherwise thanks , really enjoyed it.

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    The blue box full of white powder and the elastic band is handy for accurate measurements of ,,, wait cant think of a white powder that would need to be doled out in small quantities, was on the tip of my tongue (around my nose and on my gums too) ooo look a squirrel...

  84. Wanganator

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    I like how they show the same technique but in a different scene

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    I'm just here for the background music

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    Wow, really cool, thank you for giving us a lot of useful knowledge

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    Thumb down, for LYING about the long egg. Half thumb up for the cherry pit thing.

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    subscribed)) nice channel)) subs me 2 plz))))))))

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    Me lo pasé esperando como hacer la primer imagen y jamas la pusieron

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    I love food, these tips are great

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    I always use a wine bottle to roll out a perfect circle.

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    8:44 *Genius who wouldn't have thought of putting cold pizza in a microwave*

  93. Tatiana Bianchino

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    With a glass of water so it doesn't get overcooked.... did you see that part?

  94. Steve Power

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    10:00 2 spray max on your lemon spray the spout will clog up , 🤔 could just squeeze it with your hand ...

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    Subscribe channel bro

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    That thumbnail looks so disgusting

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    5 minutes craft= worst clickbaiter

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    Very useful Specially if you love cooking so it really helps to expedite the process..

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    i just want see how to cook that egg :))

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    what the f wHaT tHe F WHAT THE F

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    What was in with the avocado? Leek? Celery?

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    you are so full of sh*t ! where's the hack from the thumb ?! clickbait bs ! 👎

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    Can the people who make these videos use proper cutting technique? Please? Looks like someone is going to "hack" their fingers off.