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    Don't get spaghetti one. Gott0a watch again. A few not hacks. Like the egg slicer is a gadget you get at store. Pomegranates is such an odd fruit, but yummy if sweet in juice. Is that chocolate syrup, that looks like fugde BTW, in ice tray ? If so that's too much for a shake or chocolate milk, etc. 😱 A mix of caramel be nice. Mmmm. Looks yummy anyhow. I'd use 1/3 of each, not fill glass. That's enough for few people a million xs over. OMG. 😱 😂 I wish I could recall the cutting of citrus, etc. I need to check each time I need to do it. I wish could try these hacks when needed then for items, etc. I will try that with spaghetti &my hot dogs. I need a new way to make then &this be perfect, plus I put in toaster oven once cooked for golden brownong crisper then add sauce.

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    2:48???? WASHING POWER IN YOUR BABIES MILK??!!! R u trying to poison them

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    This show I a lie

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    I thought they made and did these hacks but they are using the ones from Bright Side and taking credit?? I dunno

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    I wonder how many people that works on five-minute Craft uses these hacks at home

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