1. Big big frog Anal

    Big big frog Anal2 ngày trước

    4 kills in 23 mins*

  2. Talking Guy

    Talking Guy2 ngày trước

    Where’s the rage blade?

  3. XxraiderxX17

    XxraiderxX173 ngày trước

    Is this nerfed?

  4. Loganfreeze0

    Loganfreeze04 ngày trước

    They need to start drug testing the balancing team

  5. hole survivor

    hole survivor5 ngày trước

    When will this rw take place

  6. Jan Bergeler

    Jan Bergeler7 ngày trước

    I mean, the old garen was pretty strong and ez to master, but the new one just makes me speachless. I mean, what is the reason for it?

  7. Mario Naccarato

    Mario Naccarato8 ngày trước

    Three words: What...The...Fuck....

  8. Adhunik Manav

    Adhunik Manav9 ngày trước

    Here is the funny part...try this Garen with Yumi Attached. :P

  9. Hiei

    Hiei9 ngày trước

    i think they need to raise the cd on his e or reduce the dmg becuz holy shit is it busted af now

  10. Tanner Muhling

    Tanner Muhling12 ngày trước


  11. Rousset Marius

    Rousset Marius12 ngày trước

    Ravenous is so much better

  12. Ali Gülşan

    Ali Gülşan14 ngày trước

    riot did this rework just so click baiting youtubers can justify their titles

  13. Victor Tarita

    Victor Tarita16 ngày trước

    Nobody: Litteraly nobody: Riot: ayyyyyy lets uhhhhh buff Garen by making his e stack with attacks speed and be able to set off on hit effects Garen: Omae wa mou, shindeiru Lol community and every other champ, monstercamp and minion: NA- NANI!?!?!??!

  14. Alexander Burrell

    Alexander Burrell18 ngày trước

    Garen is the new master yi apparently.

  15. Michał Kulikowski

    Michał Kulikowski18 ngày trước

    On the video it looks like tiamat is working only on the closest target

  16. Krzysztof

    Krzysztof18 ngày trước

    Better nerf Garen.

  17. Katze

    Katze19 ngày trước

    WoW is ekko bad 🤣

  18. Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos19 ngày trước

    So sad...getting fed on iron players... what a loser this kid!!!

  19. Patt Tuck

    Patt Tuck19 ngày trước

    does this mean frozen mallet means frozen spinneroonee :o

  20. blitzbeat06

    blitzbeat0619 ngày trước

    enemy: broken nah you guys just suck, he's fed af

  21. amsd1231

    amsd123120 ngày trước

    Garen has always had atkspd scaling on e

  22. echo childus

    echo childus20 ngày trước

    Working as intended

  23. ツRigs

    ツRigs20 ngày trước

    Is Garen a jungle player? I’m kinda a noob at the game

  24. daft118

    daft11819 ngày trước

    top or mid, but with this rework i believe we will see many garens in the jungle for sure

  25. Carlos Cuellar

    Carlos Cuellar20 ngày trước

    Garen not broken, that Ekkos brain is broken. Give almost anyone 3 kills in 3 min then, they become when you out level them and have tons of gold.

  26. Noneofyour Business

    Noneofyour Business20 ngày trước

    I do like AOE and I like Tiamat procing on the e, but it was probably not a good idea... (can we make it so MF can build Tiamat and proc it with her ult pls) edit: new Garen can apparently also use conqueror, which could be quite strong when you dont go full glass cannon maybe. edit2: does e proc spear of soujin though ?

  27. Smit Itadkar

    Smit Itadkar20 ngày trước

    well I think I will start playing league again

  28. Panagiotis kappas

    Panagiotis kappas21 ngày trước

    so low elo enemy team for sure...this video is just a bullshit...

  29. Everything Is Rigged

    Everything Is Rigged21 ngày trước

    rito estupido

  30. Ronald Poon

    Ronald Poon21 ngày trước

    buff for skin selling

  31. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez21 ngày trước

    Professor akali is hot as fuck wtf

  32. Nerulon Skyven

    Nerulon Skyven21 ngày trước

    Imagine this Garen in URF.........

  33. Akira Rin

    Akira Rin21 ngày trước

    shoujin garen with infinite spine

  34. Who Cares

    Who Cares21 ngày trước

    it doesnt proc on everyone you hit, it only procs onhit effects on the enemy nearest to garen

  35. 31st Grand Admiral

    31st Grand Admiral21 ngày trước

    I love Professor build titanic hydra ... looks garen is spitting fire while spinning wahahahaha 😂😂😂

  36. Oh look It is a cat

    Oh look It is a cat21 ngày trước

    but this is the PBE version. They didn't "release" it, yet.

  37. rickson arjoon

    rickson arjoon22 ngày trước

    Can we actually be real here?? Jg camps mid. And ekko literally stays in lane on 1/4 hp. He playing bots or something or new players

  38. Ryūjin Jakka

    Ryūjin Jakka22 ngày trước

    Holy shit, I thought that was Kripparian.

  39. Mihai Eminem

    Mihai Eminem22 ngày trước

    How do you play that shit? I entered on practice tool, picked garen and it doesn't work.. and i am on pbe

  40. Ammiiyy

    Ammiiyy22 ngày trước


  41. Gabriel Barcelos

    Gabriel Barcelos22 ngày trước

    That's why i dont like this new rework garen. It's just dump. And the fact that they removed his villain passive is just sad

  42. Don Le

    Don Le22 ngày trước

    Boi no rageblade?

  43. Nick Martin

    Nick Martin22 ngày trước

    I am a garden Main and really really hope this hits public servers!!!

  44. The Legend

    The Legend23 ngày trước

    *cough* lifesteal garen.

  45. Garry Callis

    Garry Callis23 ngày trước

    Garen is Demacia's Buzzsaw.

  46. T. Asquith

    T. Asquith23 ngày trước

    "This is so stupid." No sooner do I say that I hear professor Akali say the exact same thing.

  47. Kyrith Enrizüré

    Kyrith Enrizüré23 ngày trước

    Truly spin to win, no way this is going live.

  48. Obi-Juan Kenobi

    Obi-Juan Kenobi23 ngày trước

    Heavy CC champs like morgana and lux will fuck over garen, without a doubt. Once an enemy team focuses him, especially with stuns and roots, he'll insta die

  49. Trevor Thieme

    Trevor Thieme23 ngày trước

    I see that lichbane nashors tooth gunblade ap garen will now be a thing. I want to have it be noted I came up with the Idea first :D

  50. Roman Nasuti

    Roman Nasuti22 ngày trước

    Trevor Thieme crit lawnmower garen with 4 phantom dancers, ie, and speedy boots is probs going to be the funnest I can think of, just two phantom dancers and you'll both move and attack stupidly fast with >50% chance to crit.

  51. qwormuli

    qwormuli23 ngày trước

    Rito gone and done an oopsie.

  52. TheBboyEnergy

    TheBboyEnergy23 ngày trước

    what are the runes?

  53. abdo agharbi

    abdo agharbi23 ngày trước

    *me reading the title as an intellectual garen playa*: oh hey a garen rework finally gonna need some skills *1 min into the vid* : SEXCUSE ME?!?

  54. IsahaTx

    IsahaTx23 ngày trước

    full on hit garen

  55. JimGaming GR

    JimGaming GR23 ngày trước

    Ur videos are fake

  56. Bigbadspang

    Bigbadspang23 ngày trước

    @ProfessorAkali They cant even tone down the damage that much since it is mostly on hit, the only way it changes imo is if they take the speed scaling away. Hope they don't though lol.

  57. snoop pee

    snoop pee23 ngày trước

    RAGE BLADE !!!

  58. Gabor Szabo

    Gabor Szabo23 ngày trước

    Of course enemy team was not told how to feed for a video. They simply kept repeating the very same mistakes as pure coincidence.

  59. Beta Ruler

    Beta Ruler23 ngày trước

    Also, imagine an ardent cancer yuumi combo... PLUS zekes convergence

  60. Beta Ruler

    Beta Ruler23 ngày trước

    So... time to counter garen with malphite and frozen heart? Malphite still destroys att sod right?

  61. MrRagnarok45

    MrRagnarok4523 ngày trước


  62. Márk Doszpoth

    Márk Doszpoth23 ngày trước

    23 minute not 20 but i take it at least its real