1. rova bacroya

    rova bacroya22 ngày trước

    , c. Zzh

  2. Visar Behrami

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  3. FNAF_Gacha_Funtime_ Foxy

    FNAF_Gacha_Funtime_ FoxyTháng trước

    4:28 If that happened to me I would literally throw the plate on the floor ;v;

  4. LoL Anonnym

    LoL AnonnymTháng trước

    Love you're videos but why you're putting the same scene in this video? I've watch this same scene like 5 times😞😟

  5. Kaytlin 196

    Kaytlin 196Tháng trước

    There’s always that one person that notices everything you do even embarrassing things

  6. Claire Harvey

    Claire HarveyTháng trước

    Step on one little bit of sand instantly your shoes are full of sand

  7. pink_chan ali

    pink_chan aliTháng trước

    Why you step on poop 💩

  8. anil sodhi

    anil sodhiTháng trước

    Many of this thinks happen with me also 😂😂🤣



    its so cool

  10. حيدر ال راشد

    حيدر ال راشدTháng trước

    مين بدو يدخل معي على الحمام😘😍😜😛

  11. Mila Prenen

    Mila PrenenTháng trước

    7:07 uuuhhhhmmmm...... he has a hole in his pants...... THAT IS AN AWKWARD MOMENT

  12. Venkata Ramana

    Venkata RamanaTháng trước

    I like to see 5 minute crafts

  13. Pf# Gemer Geme.

    Pf# Gemer Geme.Tháng trước

    kak kapan2nigin vidio bokep kak

  14. Family Edwards

    Family EdwardsTháng trước

    One time I was doing skipping and my tights fell down🤣🤭

  15. Tabby Cat

    Tabby CatTháng trước

    4:10 NEVER put water on a grease fire, that will make it worse. Even if it's just a food fire, then it's better to be careful and use a fire extinguisher/damp blanket

  16. Tabby Cat

    Tabby CatTháng trước

    2:10 It took me a second to realize 0_0

  17. Tabby Cat

    Tabby CatTháng trước

    0:10 I don't know about you guys, but if I even THINK I saw the shape of a person when I open the stall door, I slam the door and yell "SORRY!" But that doesn't usually happen because I check under the doors for feet beforehand


    TECNO COOLTháng trước

    O I really face these problems 😶😶❤❤👌👌

  19. RID ST

    RID STTháng trước

    Couldn't relate to the last situation......

  20. Vimala Devi M

    Vimala Devi MTháng trước

    Nice but boring

  21. Мариела Рангелова

    Мариела РангеловаTháng trước

    Quick autofac No I don't know

  22. Ronny B

    Ronny BTháng trước

    one thing ,never pour water on a grease or oil fire,you will create a fireball,use a lid or a fire blanket instead

  23. Mona Keogh

    Mona KeoghTháng trước

    8:40. This is why things are put in the post office 😑

  24. Pedro Wong

    Pedro WongTháng trước

    Do a voice reveal. Who agrees? Anyone?

  25. Mah Nadeem

    Mah NadeemTháng trước

    This so me

  26. Poonam smart kitchen

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  27. Scientific buddy

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  28. Omy Ojeda

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    Scientific buddy -

  29. Crista Lamb

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    You made my day Thank you so much

  30. Beth

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    Thx ur so sweet x 😉

  31. Violet

    VioletTháng trước

    102 I'm not proud

  32. our crazy world

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  33. Lana Agarian

    Lana AgarianTháng trước

    Literally all of these things have happened to me

  34. Thania Dwi Saputri

    Thania Dwi SaputriTháng trước

    Bego makanya hati"dong

  35. Woofy Chan

    Woofy ChanTháng trước

    Them food ones man

  36. Angel Hernandez

    Angel HernandezTháng trước

    Son exagerados con la arena del zapato si apenas la tocó

  37. Shuvro Biswas

    Shuvro BiswasTháng trước

    Fuck! Again old videos! Disgusting

  38. serenity_pack 14

    serenity_pack 14Tháng trước

    6:25 am I the only one that knows her name?

  39. serenity_pack 14

    serenity_pack 14Tháng trước

    @Cupid Wolf No

  40. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    Is it rebecca?

  41. Melody Ramirez

    Melody RamirezTháng trước

    2:17 Maybe it wasn’t bird poop😮

  42. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    Of course its not, no one wants to get pooped on

  43. Faith, Hope, Liv Love

    Faith, Hope, Liv LoveTháng trước

    I love you guys so much!......I have a channel to! It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!🤗

  44. Autumn Baird

    Autumn BairdTháng trước

    The dog cracked me up XD

  45. courtney Little

    courtney LittleTháng trước

    What time of bun is that 3:24

  46. Just. Another. Black. Shadow. #13

    Just. Another. Black. Shadow. #13Tháng trước

    Love this vid! Relatable! Subscribed!!!

  47. Cooking recipe심플요리

    Cooking recipe심플요리Tháng trước


  48. About health

    About healthTháng trước

    Hahaha so true 😂

  49. Camryn Vanmackelbergh

    Camryn VanmackelberghTháng trước

    I can definitely relate

  50. carol figueira

    carol figueiraTháng trước

    they just waste food for a video

  51. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    Its gonna waste either way ._.

  52. Kathryn Bradley

    Kathryn BradleyTháng trước

    just close the damn back pack

  53. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    Some people are forgetful, cant blame them for it

  54. Elephant Squad

    Elephant SquadTháng trước

    we all know that the pizza that's blurred out is jimmy johns its litterally obvi

  55. Murat Kiyatcığ

    Murat KiyatcığTháng trước

    Hep aynisi

  56. CC110 Worldwide

    CC110 WorldwideTháng trước

    This girl will be embarrassed for the rest of her life after this video...

  57. CC110 Worldwide

    CC110 Worldwide3 ngày trước

    @Cupid Wolf lol ye

  58. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    Oof part of life Everyone makes embarrassing moments :p

  59. Sara C.

    Sara C.Tháng trước

    ok like what 8:43 who just walks away with the package?!

  60. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    In some states when a delivery person comes to your door you must answer if not they will take it back because if you leave the package someone will end up taking it

  61. Natalia Quach

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  62. Daniel Bode

    Daniel BodeTháng trước

    Just put the first step on the sand, and a lot of it goes inside your shoes?!

  63. Cupid Wolf

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  64. عبدالرحمن عبدالله

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  65. The cool one!

    The cool one!Tháng trước

    Lol why do all 5 minute craft videos start differently but most of them are repeats🙄 Really nice vids tho!


    TEEBA TEEBATháng trước


  67. Pusheen Cat

    Pusheen CatTháng trước

    1:22 OMG

  68. Cupid Wolf

    Cupid WolfTháng trước

    FAT PUG :D

  69. Emperatriz Cuyutupa

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    I.e.in Pp

  70. Amber Ferguson

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    😎 cool!!

  71. francielle santos

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    Vocês falam em português ou inglês

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  73. Gameboy Pro

    Gameboy ProTháng trước

    Who else was embarrassed in more ways than 42