7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut


  1. Zeime

    Zeime11 giờ trước

    Mental health can mean anything in today's time.

  2. hahaaylinsahah2

    hahaaylinsahah211 giờ trước

    could tracy fucking scoot over on that couch? jesus rude

  3. Don ovan

    Don ovan11 giờ trước

    So the girl who just wants money for herself gets voted out before people who want to do things for other people (Sonne and Aaron).

  4. ItsMeBeth

    ItsMeBeth14 giờ trước

    i get he wants to be able to communicate with his mum but 1. he was being so rude to the others and their situations and 2. there are plenty of free ways to learn. i learnt some when i was younger for free.

  5. Jazelle Beltran

    Jazelle Beltran15 giờ trước

    1,000 ain’t gunna help Aaliyah. She needs 24k ... she’s so sketchy

  6. Relatable Stuff

    Relatable Stuff15 giờ trước

    Earl was lowkey petty.

  7. Christian Ally

    Christian Ally16 giờ trước

    Destiny is so sweet

  8. Kelly Yoo

    Kelly Yoo16 giờ trước


  9. Harry Potato

    Harry Potato17 giờ trước

    I love destiny

  10. burntbakedbean

    burntbakedbean18 giờ trước

    okay but aaron was hella annoying

  11. abigail suriel

    abigail suriel19 giờ trước

    i don’t like the winner idk how to spell her name but she was rude

  12. Josalyn Sheeler

    Josalyn Sheeler20 giờ trước

    The guy that side i wanna take a fire ball shot at the end is so me

  13. Polyphony

    Polyphony20 giờ trước

    yo sonnie watch youtube videos to learn ASL.

  14. Ahmed

    Ahmed21 giờ trước

    ...why the fuck did Destiny even reach the final three? This is a joke. She should’ve been the first to be voted off based on reasoning.

  15. Army Fam

    Army Fam21 giờ trước

    I deadass don’t have any faith in people now

  16. Niyah Nuggets

    Niyah Nuggets22 giờ trước

    Eww the blue lip stick is not cute 💀

  17. Matthew McMahon

    Matthew McMahon23 giờ trước

    Guy has deaf mom and helps fellow minorities: i voted Aaron Aaron: *im helping kids with parents who got cancer and this man aint workin because he thinks helpin people at his school is more important and a dog a dog the dog is fine now* yea im good Aaron: 7:23 *THEN HELP HER AND STOP WITH THOSE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE FINE* ha

  18. Julia Thoensen

    Julia Thoensen23 giờ trước


  19. Caitlin Cannon

    Caitlin CannonNgày trước

    aaliyah manipulates everyone right in their face and they all let it happen.

  20. Pyxis

    PyxisNgày trước

    i love you earl

  21. Pyxis

    PyxisNgày trước

    fuc you sunny

  22. Pyxis

    PyxisNgày trước

    fuc you tracer

  23. deleted

    deletedNgày trước

    Sonne probably got voted off because of the way he was coming off and the hings he was saying and also being very insensitive. Also probably tried to vote aaliyah off because aaron supported her

  24. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    Everyone thinks about his/her own situation, except for Aaron !!!

  25. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    How you spend THE TOTAL AMOUNT of your money should be used to determine who needs the 1000$. You might use the 1000$ to learn sign language, help someone with cancer, pay off debt, etc. But who’s to say that you won’t use your other money to go for drinks at night? It’s RETARDED to find out who lives the most frugal by just listening to everyone’s sob story

  26. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    Going into debt is often (unlike popular belief) a choice.

  27. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    They’re making fools of themselves

  28. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    Everyone just tries the hardest to sound the most sad. It’s like the most painful sad-sob story wins, stupid

  29. Loïc Ruiz

    Loïc RuizNgày trước

    I can they never finish these videos, they’re so hard to watch. Filled witch cringe

  30. Danaige Hall

    Danaige HallNgày trước

    Should have went to Destiny smh

  31. Brianna L.

    Brianna L.Ngày trước

    Aaron had the best reasoning :(

  32. Brianna L.

    Brianna L.Ngày trước

    Well, Mohammed too actually

  33. iMoura UK /Minimal Vibes

    iMoura UK /Minimal VibesNgày trước

    I don’t like Aaliyah whatsoever. She’s so sketchy. Aaron should of got it. Or destiny if she had a legit reason

  34. Shelia Kinley

    Shelia KinleyNgày trước

    sunny is so mean

  35. Dani Chamberlain

    Dani ChamberlainNgày trước

    I bet Aaliyah had an eating disorder :(

  36. Андрей Игнашов

    Андрей ИгнашовNgày trước


  37. Maja Tørstad

    Maja TørstadNgày trước

    Ok, i honestly think that voting Aaron out first was just based on the fact that they wanted to win(i mean duh, of course they did, but you know), and that's kinda selfish.

  38. Vxera

    VxeraNgày trước

    1.She basically manipulated them, i'm sure mental health isn't that expensive. It may be pretty expensive but not crazy expensive 2.Tracey was my favorite till she showed her sour colors. You can work your money back from this yourself money 3.There's other ways of learning sign language and she isn't confirmed to be full deaf. Plus he was really sour and a jerk later in the video 4.Destiny seems really sweet but she didn't need to do this as soon as possible, just wait a little till school season since that's when people do this 5.i think the charity boys were nice but i felt a little sketchy because usually people use charity as an excuse 6.The other charity dude could actually help more people from other parts of the world get one step closer to being saved and in a safe environment 7.the owe money to mom was alright. just keep studying and soon you'll be able to full on support your mother

  39. Kelsey Kisenga élève

    Kelsey Kisenga élèveNgày trước

    I think sonne should have 1 like imagine not being able to talk to UR mother

  40. James Conley

    James ConleyNgày trước

    I don't have time to work because I have a messiah complex but fuck charities.

  41. Aytan678

    Aytan678Ngày trước

    Why was the pink hair girl freaking out at the start

  42. Matthew Buddenhagen

    Matthew BuddenhagenNgày trước

    All thee people have bad Ass reasons. The one w mental health is hit or miss. The situation w sonnes mom sucks but she’s not deaf yet and he can literally go anywhere to learn. The one w the appointment that doesn’t compare to the rest the one w tuition like no

  43. TheDisguise

    TheDisguiseNgày trước

    Fuck Sonne. He's the reason millennials are seen as entitled. He can literally learn ASL online. Also, they completely glazed over the fact that he said he has enough scholarships for school, so his schooling is completely covered. Man, just get a job for a little bit. Jesus. I'm really happy with the last three and I think they did it wonderfully

  44. Matthew Buddenhagen

    Matthew BuddenhagenNgày trước

    These people are all retarded. This was painful to watch lmfaoo

  45. firas najeeb

    firas najeebNgày trước

    can anyone tell me what is the symphony at the end ?

  46. Samantha p

    Samantha pNgày trước

    6:43 Aaron smiling through the pain

  47. DomDom Juju

    DomDom JujuNgày trước

    I'd pull a real Aaliyah on this and go deep into some mental health issues. She won half the money, you just gotta perfect the art for the whole sum


    BOMBORAZZNgày trước

    Destiny had the least worthy cause

  49. Sophie Wilson

    Sophie WilsonNgày trước

    destiny is actual so wholesome i love her

  50. Jackie Powell

    Jackie PowellNgày trước

    I think it should have all gone to Destiny

  51. ELS_Blurry

    ELS_BlurryNgày trước

    Fuck Earl

  52. yea yea

    yea yeaNgày trước

    aaron was so sweet

  53. Young Chromy

    Young ChromyNgày trước

    Destiny wants a fucking house, the others wanted to help cancer and some charity. WTF

  54. whatnowdani

    whatnowdaniNgày trước

    i feel like they only voted off camp couselor guy cuz hes white

  55. //kygn

    //kygnNgày trước

    2nd round, 6 people, only 5 votes

  56. BIllie GLeason

    BIllie GLeasonNgày trước

    Can I kick off Sonnie a second time?!??!??!?!!?!???!??!? 😂

  57. cardi eilish

    cardi eilishNgày trước

    who else agrees destiny should of got it?

  58. Montana Moore

    Montana MooreNgày trước

    Why was there 5 votes and not 6 votes the 2nd round?

  59. Natali Alegria

    Natali AlegriaNgày trước

    Aaron’s was the only one that mattered but okay. Everyone else could have multiple outlets to turn to yet his was actually supporting others, smh millennials.

  60. Natali Alegria

    Natali AlegriaNgày trước

    Also is that guys mom not able to read. Is she blind.

  61. Eden Shendelman

    Eden ShendelmanNgày trước

    I love jack

  62. itsokay

    itsokayNgày trước

    destiny is so pretty and sweet omg :(

  63. Sendmeedges

    Sendmeedges2 ngày trước

    Destiny was raised so pure/

  64. Tory Noble

    Tory Noble2 ngày trước

    why is that sonne guy literally being an asshole

  65. Jaē Saha

    Jaē Saha2 ngày trước

    $24k for mental health... that’s not believable to me, solely because plenty of places offer free mental health services based on your income! It’s not hard to find these places also, I think Mohammed should’ve won and if not Aaron or destiny they had legitimate reasons for their money use!

  66. Lowkey Bvbe

    Lowkey Bvbe2 ngày trước

    Tracy has a bad vibe.

  67. FamousTomato

    FamousTomato2 ngày trước

    Why Aaron

  68. schizoid

    schizoid2 ngày trước

    Sonne is right from my perspective for me i just want the money to enjoy the life charity is a big thing for my little budget of a student i would ise this money to pay my rent and meals and buy books and that's it

  69. Hubes /\/\

    Hubes /\/\2 ngày trước

    tracy looked so salty

  70. Phantommask

    Phantommask2 ngày trước

    Yknow who needs voting out first? These goddamn comments jesus. Like ppl are such whiny bitches about people you barely know their situation.

  71. BooksForever

    BooksForever2 ngày trước

    The fact that the one girl needs $24000 to pay for her mental health just shows what’s wrong with the American health care system.

  72. Jackie & Jordan Steele

    Jackie & Jordan Steele2 ngày trước

    I think they went about this all wrong... sonne guy, there is VIreporter or other ways you can learn. The dog girl, people are saying she is selfish... if anything I think destiny was sweet but she definitely had one of the most selfish reasons it was to sublease her apartment so she could move? The other girl that one, yeah that is great that she is getting help for her mental health but it a very small amount to help and did she really spilt it? The kid who was trying to get it for camp yeah I think that’s great and he shouldn’t have been kicked off so early,, he is actually volunteering and helping take care of kids I think he was one of the best out there in the least selfish and the only one actually doing something. I can’t believe he was kicked off first, at least there are other ways to fundraiser. So much more but I’m done typing lol

  73. Stash PHL

    Stash PHL2 ngày trước

    Did they all grow up in care bear worlds with sticks in there asses ? Holy shit they are super stuck up.

  74. Zanny

    Zanny2 ngày trước

    Sonne and Earl just salty cuz they didn’t bs their way to money smh

  75. Inês Wu

    Inês Wu2 ngày trước

    I wanted Tracy to win

  76. sum guy

    sum guy2 ngày trước


  77. Joan Taulbee

    Joan Taulbee2 ngày trước

    I really can't stand this generation. Omg i don't want anyone mad at me. Fuck that are you serious you'll prolly never see these ppl again.

  78. Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith2 ngày trước

    Sonne is so annoying like read a dam book 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  79. lucy ツ

    lucy ツ2 ngày trước

    Tracy is so pretty what the heck

  80. Aracely Matute

    Aracely Matute2 ngày trước

    This comment section rlly shows how bored ppl can get

  81. Chesterson Jack

    Chesterson Jack2 ngày trước

    There are free ASL classes on youtube

  82. Lulu Fraij

    Lulu Fraij3 ngày trước

    Aaliyah pisses me off