73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue


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  3. Itchy Eyes McRealize

    Itchy Eyes McRealize2 giờ trước

    Geeeez I love this woman

  4. Nanda Larizza

    Nanda Larizza3 giờ trước

    So boring, she just sit

  5. Raffaella Villa Silva

    Raffaella Villa Silva3 giờ trước

    I kind of need them to move all the time

  6. Sophie Jocelyn

    Sophie Jocelyn5 giờ trước

    This video is really weird, it’s like the interviewer is nervous to get too close to her. 😕

  7. Noemí Slee

    Noemí Slee5 giờ trước

    im crying

  8. Billy Clabough

    Billy Clabough5 giờ trước

    Too far away

  9. Vedia Y

    Vedia Y5 giờ trước

    She is the first celebrity who has actually put some thought into answering these questions.

  10. caro gague

    caro gague5 giờ trước

    in my opinion this has been the only 73 questions video I've watched that doesn't feel rehearsed

  11. Nantucketer

    Nantucketer6 giờ trước

    Oh my God VOGUE... please stop with these embarrassingly rehearsed fake interviews. Not exciting. Nothing learned. It's as exciting as a deodorant advertisement. Just stop.

  12. Health Injection

    Health Injection6 giờ trước

    Nice interview!

  13. Lee Dgh

    Lee Dgh7 giờ trước

    She has an amazing voice but She is so pretentious

  14. Only1WithAnE

    Only1WithAnE10 giờ trước

    I feel like her interview out of all the ones I've seen was the most authentic cuz she actually took time to answer the questions and some you could tell she just gave the 1st thing she could think of. Its like everybody else I've watched already has an immediate response lined up. I loved watching these tho

  15. monster john streetball legend.

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    Monsteeer do another gagavision alright lady gaga we love you we out peace

  16. Diyana Husein

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    We all want a 73 Questions video with Harry Styles if it is possible

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  18. monster john streetball legend.

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    Yup and it's not cause my movement is cold hearted it got nothing to do with matter fact monsters race us monsters we have bigger heart then you eh so no it's best for momma.

  19. monster john streetball legend.

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    Me personally i don't like star is born im not gonna watch it. She's there but our movement called little monsters we don't want her to be in movies ahs was amazing she was beautiful and very hot. We expect lady gaga to create more songs and focus on the music she can do what she wants be in movies but it's not what makes us happy we happy to listen to her songs.

  20. monster john streetball legend.

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    Momma what happen? Mom? haha momma haha tell me queen haha ahh.. Momma i dream about you're voice haha every day we love you momma always lets drink.

  21. monster john streetball legend.

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    Great great interview. Who is radiohead? That messed up dude who is flying ohh yeah

  22. Anei ._.

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  23. monster john streetball legend.

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    Matheeeeeeeer! Monster!.... Heeeeeeeeiiiiiil! ... Da mom!.. Heil da momma! Xd xd ;)

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  25. Smf Trend

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    family friends and freedom

  26. Monicasworld

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    73 questions with lana del rey

  27. Elysian Imagery

    Elysian Imagery15 giờ trước

    Best 73 questions yet. Seemed so natural unlike all the other fake ones, and I loved how her answers are not just 1 single word.

  28. Tinashe Del Banks

    Tinashe Del Banks15 giờ trước

    Do it with Tinasheeeee :p

  29. franklingirl23

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    Didn’t even finish this. I like the tour and short answers we get with other vids

  30. monster john streetball legend.

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    Lady gaga i love you're new song your song it was amazing mother monster us little monsters will always love you queen you always in our hearts ok baby bye see ya and paws up.

  31. monster john streetball legend.

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    Interviewer: lady i love you... Mom: relax you shiebe! Me: ahh queen.

  32. Awake

    Awake17 giờ trước

    The extinction of human kind will begin soon. I was here, yet you never knew. I will return in a few years to take the few chosen ones with me. The wall between the two worlds will soon shatter and magic will enter your lives. Get ready. It's going to epic! George

  33. Tawney Ripley

    Tawney Ripley17 giờ trước

    God I love her ♡ I could listen to her talk about anything and everything her voice is so calming

  34. Milica Pisar

    Milica Pisar19 giờ trước

    73 questions with Harry Styles😍

  35. Brittanylovescarrots

    Brittanylovescarrots19 giờ trước

    Anybody else watch these 73 question videos, act like he’s interviewing you and give your own answers? 😂

  36. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.19 giờ trước

    Queen! Goddess we love her sooo much we are the her familia called lil monsters she looks like heaven. When she said breakfast at Tiffany wow it's when we jumped of the edge mother monster for life paw up!

  37. 로미언니RomiUnnie

    로미언니RomiUnnie22 giờ trước

    3:04 you're welcome.

  38. Mir Faris Mahmood

    Mir Faris Mahmood23 giờ trước

    Please we need 73 questions with Lana Del Rey!!!!!

  39. Oksana Anatienko

    Oksana Anatienko23 giờ trước

    Yeah. I forgot the "APPLAUSE" video. Shut up, b!

  40. Starr Taylor

    Starr TaylorNgày trước

    Omg!! I love gaga so Much.Can't wait for VEGAS BABY!! #Dec30

  41. Esther Worthington

    Esther WorthingtonNgày trước

    Her attitude is terrible, also shes boring and sounds cliche annoyed star

  42. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    It's not true. What you saying are not true.

  43. Lane

    LaneNgày trước

    I like this 73 Questions interview because it feels much more candid. Her answers seem more impulsive, while other 73 Question videos seem super rehearsed.

  44. Lizard Queen

    Lizard QueenNgày trước

    She’s so cute and so well spoken

  45. tiaara josph

    tiaara josphNgày trước

    everything is just perfect 👌😍😘

  46. Tiago Baenre

    Tiago BaenreNgày trước

    That was so mind control brainwash illuminati inspired and performed and rehearsed. So Fake and plastic, sooo plastic fake personalities.

  47. Sarah Koob

    Sarah KoobNgày trước

    Why does everyone when they hit 30 do people start trying to be so classy your not old yet live it up lol

  48. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    Yup you are but! Lady gaga is not people what you think this is? Earth?

  49. IanRM

    IanRMNgày trước

    sitting in her patio, relaxed, she did not show us her prizes, but even so she is the maximum, there is none like her, ¡she kill the interview! ❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨

  50. Ella Loera

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    Omg your so lucky to meet her!!!

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  52. Rebecca Huang

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    shes boring

  53. Leonardo Ciannamea

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    73 questions with Lana Del Rey ❤

  54. Earthchild K

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    Does she really exist?

  55. Earthchild K

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    Do you exist?

  56. monster john streetball legend.

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    Nope she don't... Think about the question.

  57. elsie nosike

    elsie nosikeNgày trước

    Gosh! I love her so...

  58. mahika shrivastava

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    Do this with safiya nygaard 💖🙃❤️❤️

  59. ella s

    ella sNgày trước

    im not sure why but all of these videos make me so uncomfortable

  60. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    You know why...

  61. Autistic Al

    Autistic AlNgày trước

    Probably because the guy speaking is a voice over. Would be much better and more organic if they had someone sit down with her asking these questions.

  62. RESEARCH FLAT EARTH ____________

    RESEARCH FLAT EARTH ____________Ngày trước

    She's so much prettier in A Star is Born. Natural...

  63. Wanessa Occhi

    Wanessa OcchiNgày trước

    "My personal style? It is... Gaga!"

  64. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonNgày trước

    Before you comment, keep in mind that she deals with severe chronic pain almost all the time

  65. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    They test her a bit ones they fail reality hits they feel like nobody's and leave... Humans = retards a mistake.

  66. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    Don't worry.

  67. Bri Believe

    Bri BelieveNgày trước

    This makes me not like her, the interview seems cold and distant, not even the elevator music in the background helps. Like why is he so far away? Weird

  68. monster john streetball legend.

    monster john streetball legend.Ngày trước

    Do not talk to her... Good girl.

  69. Andrea

    AndreaNgày trước

    Anyone else clocking the "soon"... answer when asked about beauty? Should we be expecting a Gaga beauty/makeup line soon?

  70. Gg GF

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  71. Gg GF

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  72. Natasha

    NatashaNgày trước

    So classy. What a Lady.

  73. J. C.

    J. C.Ngày trước

    Vogue didn't step one foot inside that house but that patio was giving me life

  74. 杨毓秀

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  75. Noemi Lopez

    Noemi Lopez2 ngày trước

    I love that fashion can be about expression and also a form of hiding. I love this truth. I love her.

  76. The Hermanns Brothers

    The Hermanns Brothers2 ngày trước

    Nobody walk around the Queens palace and certainly not sit right next to her even when there's an chair 🤣

  77. Jack Hoffman

    Jack Hoffman2 ngày trước

    She is my Queen

  78. Natasha

    NatashaNgày trước

    Jack Hoffman Same

  79. Nathalia Ordonez

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    My favorite video of 73 questions❤️ I LOVE HER SO MUCH😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  82. Pearl Weinstock

    Pearl Weinstock2 ngày trước

    he is sooo awkward

  83. CalypsoCruz

    CalypsoCruz2 ngày trước

    This felt like the most least rehearsed Q&A! I always wondered if they're put on the spot or know the questions beforehand. Some older ones have been super obvious that they were rehearsed. This one is so great!

  84. the black moon

    the black moon2 ngày trước

    Very classic and magical.

  85. Jemima Boka

    Jemima Boka2 ngày trước

    We ain’t coming into her house are we :(

  86. kingamazing01 yo

    kingamazing01 yo2 ngày trước

    Shane’s was better...

  87. Fernando Lerma

    Fernando Lerma2 ngày trước

    She's so boring

  88. Danielle F

    Danielle F2 ngày trước

    She seemed the least scripted

  89. Rajh Demagh

    Rajh Demagh2 ngày trước

    she didnt want to do this interview at all

  90. Adrian Zabicki

    Adrian Zabicki2 ngày trước

    She looks soo exquisite. Mother M we love you!

  91. Aaron DeSilva

    Aaron DeSilva2 ngày trước

    This is weird

  92. Sipho Matjebe

    Sipho Matjebe2 ngày trước

    Who else is here for the 100th time because Mother Monster is everything in this interview....

  93. Gogo GT

    Gogo GT2 ngày trước

    Jeez use a tripod

  94. Kirby BTS

    Kirby BTS2 ngày trước

    "good how are you?" *Too cool to look at the interviewer*

  95. Candice Williams

    Candice Williams2 ngày trước

    they should have had a woman interviewer....

  96. muhammet kilic

    muhammet kilic2 ngày trước

    This is the weirdest 73 questions ever

  97. Anais Liddle

    Anais Liddle2 ngày trước

    I hope there were a 73 question with beyonce

  98. Jepoy Sotto

    Jepoy Sotto2 ngày trước

    Em a fan of gaga but sorry this is the worst 73 Q i ever watch

  99. Jula Gomez

    Jula Gomez2 ngày trước

    Is it actually 73 question like does anyone count them

  100. carly

    carly2 ngày trước

    73 questions with Rihanna

  101. Sara Morelli

    Sara Morelli2 ngày trước

    Mum ❤️

  102. iant sorry

    iant sorry2 ngày trước

    73 questions with Audrey Hepburn next that would be interesting

  103. Stephanie  Mcfeyy

    Stephanie Mcfeyy2 ngày trước

    i absolutely love hw shz so calm

  104. Cameron Perez

    Cameron Perez2 ngày trước

    This is the only vogue 73 questions that seemed authentic the rest felt scripted

  105. heraklis faustas

    heraklis faustas2 ngày trước

    So amaizing person. :)

  106. Friday Sandoval

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  107. Mog West

    Mog West2 ngày trước

    Really disappointed at her answer about feminism. It used to involve two genders, now people only care about one.

  108. Gordon Harper

    Gordon Harper3 ngày trước

    That walk up the stoop and leaning on the railing in answering questions about killed me. It was just like a normal girl.... awesome interview!

  109. Jesse Pare

    Jesse Pare3 ngày trước

    I found inspiration in lady gaga and the moment i found it i ran for my pencil and paper.

  110. Tommy Ismail

    Tommy Ismail3 ngày trước

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Can't wait to see A Star Is Born :)

  111. Wake Up America

    Wake Up America3 ngày trước

    The comments are so disgusting as is gaga.grow up people raise you standards.