A Quiet Place (2018) - Beau's Death Scene (1/10) | Movieclips


  1. Derpy Studios

    Derpy Studios8 giờ trước

    *everybody gangsta till the dollar store toy makes a noise*

  2. Pink Lemonade

    Pink Lemonade17 giờ trước

    They should've taken out the batteries Just sayin

  3. Bernardas

    BernardasNgày trước

    So that's how the challenger and columbia shuttle failures happened

  4. Roucrest

    RoucrestNgày trước

    stupid kids.

  5. Everett Young

    Everett YoungNgày trước

    There is no point in me turning my volume down

  6. fairyxlights

    fairyxlightsNgày trước

    They should’ve not gave him the toy

  7. RYANOMG1235 XD

    RYANOMG1235 XDNgày trước

    Wow so wow 😯

  8. Thea Daniel

    Thea DanielNgày trước

    you know that it'll be a good movie when they kill a child in less than 15 minutes

  9. ChilledEpicGamer

    ChilledEpicGamer2 ngày trước

    Poor kid it almost sound like it was his fault 😭😔😔😔

  10. deus motris no shinigami

    deus motris no shinigami2 ngày trước

    Kid: *plays with toy* Me: NO!! you stupid idiot, put that down Monster: *snatches the kid* Kid: AAHH HELP MEE Me: me? No wayz it's your fault, I told you put it down and you didn't listen, so you know what, your doing us an honorary sacrifice

  11. Erika Mccranie

    Erika Mccranie2 ngày trước

    Why would you give your child a toy that makes noise if the goal is to be quiet?????

  12. T J

    T J2 ngày trước

    We all know it was the father's fault

  13. Muhammad Axel Valeri

    Muhammad Axel Valeri3 ngày trước

    Depressed jim halpert

  14. micheline nóbrega

    micheline nóbrega4 ngày trước

    what the girl did was stupidity

  15. Pinkamia fluff

    Pinkamia fluff4 ngày trước

    I still feel bad for beau

  16. Wolffezz

    Wolffezz4 ngày trước

    The creators of the show had no mercy for the kid lol

  17. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1

    TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 14 ngày trước

    Bad parneting seriously. In a alien apocalypse one parent should be front and back of the line making sure the kids care safe.

  18. mr smith

    mr smith5 ngày trước

    Which parent leaves the youngest walking behind them

  19. Peyton Marshall

    Peyton Marshall5 ngày trước

    Is it me or is everybody in this comment section stupid

  20. Karim Amin

    Karim Amin6 ngày trước

    Child social services need to be called in

  21. 윤채은

    윤채은6 ngày trước

    1:49 how anime girls run.

  22. 윤채은

    윤채은6 ngày trước

    See, that's why I hate kids. Btw if you put 0.25x speed at 1:48 ,you could see the child's eye saying "wth, where did this come from?"

  23. PHEEE WB

    PHEEE WB6 ngày trước

    I can’t imagine watching my kid die while having to stay really quiet i’d be scared for life and I might just lose the urge to live

  24. Essie Diseño

    Essie Diseño6 ngày trước


  25. Master in Otakulogy

    Master in Otakulogy6 ngày trước

    Why is no one blaming stupid elder sister who very happily gave him toy without even thinking about batteries

  26. Master in Otakulogy

    Master in Otakulogy5 ngày trước

    @Hannah K she was deaf not stupid. Her father explain it in sign language that toy is too loud. Kid is only 4 or 5. Does not know the gravity of the situation

  27. Hannah K

    Hannah K5 ngày trước

    Because she can't hear....she's deaf. But she also only gave him back the toy, he stole back the batteries his dad took out. He wasn't old enough to fully understand the consequences. The movie takes place only 3 months after the monsters came.

  28. Julie Gadia

    Julie Gadia7 ngày trước


  29. Josh Studios

    Josh Studios7 ngày trước

    Monsters:Library teachers Family:Me and the Bois

  30. Aurianna Royal

    Aurianna Royal7 ngày trước

    Boy said yeet

  31. Keo Kurai

    Keo Kurai7 ngày trước

    ok, I don't feel bad for the kid honestly. He put the toy over his head like he wanted to die. I mean...what?!

  32. Vincenzo Fierro

    Vincenzo Fierro7 ngày trước

    1:47 when I saw it in the theater everybody laughed

  33. Anna Oziembło

    Anna Oziembło7 ngày trước

    Imagine stubbing your toe in that movie.

  34. flyin walker

    flyin walker7 ngày trước

    Why did u give the child a noisy toy dude?

  35. [VK]PLAYER yep

    [VK]PLAYER yep8 ngày trước

    Man dude got yeeted

  36. Ozra

    Ozra8 ngày trước

    For some reason I always felt like the demegorgan should be in it Lmao

  37. Ples

    Ples8 ngày trước

    Now I know where I've seen this guy. The secret soldiers if Benghazi

  38. Qrazey

    Qrazey8 ngày trước

    I used to have that rocketship toy as a kid

  39. Jaraiya Jones

    Jaraiya Jones8 ngày trước

    Did khs (kill him self)


    KENNEDY BROADUS8 ngày trước

    He should have listened.

  41. r0ast guy

    r0ast guy8 ngày trước

    I'm not going to lie but the def girl really cute😍

  42. NNJ ΛOX

    NNJ ΛOX9 ngày trước


  43. Leyah

    Leyah9 ngày trước

    Why th was there batterys in that toy..?

  44. T King

    T King9 ngày trước

    I would have told him to throw the damn toy! 😂😂😂

  45. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith9 ngày trước

    Can't wait for part 2.

  46. Karlstein

    Karlstein9 ngày trước

    Parents : “Don’t play too much with toys kids” Kids : “ew what do you mean” This movie : Kids : =O

  47. Saidakine

    Saidakine9 ngày trước

    The older child should have been walking behind him

  48. C ho chan

    C ho chan10 ngày trước

    people run faster than him during Black Friday

  49. Marcelino Dirk

    Marcelino Dirk10 ngày trước

    Kids: *turn on toy sound* Aliens: COWABUNGGAAA IT IS

  50. •BøBø•

    •BøBø•10 ngày trước

    I’m crying...

  51. Cxld YT

    Cxld YT10 ngày trước

    hey! this is library

  52. Nathan Willis

    Nathan Willis11 ngày trước


  53. Thebruboy Brubaker

    Thebruboy Brubaker11 ngày trước

    After this scene I knew exactly what kind of movie we were in for.

  54. holy cross

    holy cross11 ngày trước

    That alien is Anakin’s apprentice

  55. Glitched Blox

    Glitched Blox11 ngày trước

    Lesson learned: Never bring kids to an apocalyptic situation.

  56. DUST

    DUST11 ngày trước

    I’m sure the parents already told the kids why they should not make any noise, clearly the kid didn’t listen so... 🤷‍♂️

  57. Craig Harmon

    Craig Harmon11 ngày trước

    I could take the idea of just making tiny noises and extend, extrapolate and translate that concept into all different areas of life - interesting movie.

  58. Aang the last airbender

    Aang the last airbender11 ngày trước

    the myths of the all seeing eye.and as of late it is known as the all seeing eyes and ears. it's modern day interconnectivity capabilities that are being deployed against civilians. the fame monster has a mind of its own. shhhhhh

  59. Laughing Leo

    Laughing Leo11 ngày trước

    Whos watching this in 2020

  60. Jack Wenrich

    Jack Wenrich11 ngày trước

    Should've left those batteries out

  61. AAtomGamer

    AAtomGamer11 ngày trước


  62. Concave Bar

    Concave Bar11 ngày trước

    If I saw my kid holding that toy I would of ran