A Quiet Place (2018) - Killing the Alien Scene (10/10) | Movieclips


  1. Kairon Paulino

    Kairon PaulinoNgày trước


  2. The asshole Who is an asshole

    The asshole Who is an assholeNgày trước

    Bruh how would the 2nd movie turn out? Would the family obliterate most of the monsters in their area?

  3. Jevilz

    JevilzNgày trước

    Wonders me how the Army didn't find out this by using flash grenade

  4. R_Panda

    R_Panda2 ngày trước

    2:11 That's easily the most badass thing I've ever seen.

  5. Nintendo Freeze

    Nintendo Freeze3 ngày trước

    Kills alien withe hearing aid and shotgun mom looks badass as hell other two aliens come mom and kid surprise mother f***ers

  6. Recardo's Dumb life hacks

    Recardo's Dumb life hacks5 ngày trước

    Why couldn't they just use a loud speaker and then it would pop his ears

  7. Big Boner

    Big Boner8 ngày trước

    So sound of any king hurts them that is what makes them aggressive.

  8. dounutti

    dounutti8 ngày trước

    Demagorgon who

  9. Wolfy Chan

    Wolfy Chan9 ngày trước

    HELL YASSss😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  10. Aich YELLOW

    Aich YELLOW9 ngày trước


  11. Sofia 2009

    Sofia 20099 ngày trước

    Why does alien looks like demogorgon When he opens his mouth

  12. XxcreepergamingxX

    XxcreepergamingxX11 ngày trước

    Aww man

  13. NitroFNTV

    NitroFNTV11 ngày trước


  14. Quakles 3d1

    Quakles 3d112 ngày trước

    That’s literally the demogorgon 2.0

  15. Nubia Uzcategui

    Nubia Uzcategui13 ngày trước

    Shouldve played cardi b

  16. Nubia Uzcategui

    Nubia Uzcategui13 ngày trước

    Wouldve killed them asap

  17. mashedpotato the legend

    mashedpotato the legend14 ngày trước

    0:09 me when my friends play k-pop

  18. Taevion Hill

    Taevion Hill14 ngày trước

    I'm either gonna sound real smart or real dumb but if it was hurting her couldn't she have just taken it off of her ear and still sounded it off?

  19. Macias712

    Macias71214 ngày trước

    How to survive these aliens: Be the camera man

  20. Kookie Monster

    Kookie Monster11 ngày trước

    This comment is everywhere. Be original, kid.

  21. Gabriela Lopez

    Gabriela Lopez14 ngày trước

    Kinda looks like the demogorgan

  22. Danny the dark Kitten

    Danny the dark Kitten15 ngày trước

    Also if the military tried to kill these monsters, how did the monsters survive all the sounds from the heavy weaponry?

  23. Royal

    Royal15 ngày trước

    Danny the dark Kitten not high frequency

  24. Danny the dark Kitten

    Danny the dark Kitten15 ngày trước

    How to defend your land for some time against these aliens: 1- get a fortnite kid 2-give him a mic 3-connect mic to speakers 4-make him lose 5- *screeching noises* 6- aliens now have regretted living with hyper sensitive hearing

  25. upsidedown gang

    upsidedown gang16 ngày trước

    it’s a damn demogorgan

  26. Jim Huerta

    Jim Huerta16 ngày trước

    Who knows what happened to them?

  27. Rayyan Abbas

    Rayyan Abbas19 ngày trước

    Imagine,saitama fighting this creature

  28. SyncCore

    SyncCore19 ngày trước

    Well at least we know mariyah Carrie is safe.

  29. Aaron H

    Aaron H16 ngày trước

    I don't understand?😅

  30. Simon Roh

    Simon Roh19 ngày trước

    Why didn’t the military just use chemical weapons

  31. Booger Bread

    Booger Bread21 ngày trước

    So the weakness is shotgun?

  32. Jay C

    Jay C22 ngày trước

    Here the weakness was buckshot to the face. Who would have thought. haha

  33. Adepic

    Adepic23 ngày trước

    *pumps shotgun* "time to rip and tear!"

  34. Tha investor

    Tha investor24 ngày trước

    If they can't take high frequency all I need is one bellbird all of them dead at the same time

  35. Muhammad Adam

    Muhammad Adam25 ngày trước

    0:50 Sonya vs alien Sonya wins FATALITY

  36. Evadooker

    Evadooker26 ngày trước

    all the scientists in the world couldnt figure out that the sound based creature might have sensitive hearing.

  37. qwertmom

    qwertmom27 ngày trước

    A good example why the 625 shotgun is too op in modern warfare

  38. JartexNetwork reports

    JartexNetwork reports27 ngày trước

    It was THAT easy?

  39. Endless

    Endless27 ngày trước

    The government must be dumb as fck

  40. Gureo Sarasu

    Gureo Sarasu29 ngày trước

    This movie has an awesome dialogue

  41. Ng Li Jie

    Ng Li JieTháng trước

    How Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 1) ended... With a bang.

  42. Seth Bowen

    Seth BowenTháng trước

    Shotgun would have been my first line of defence.

  43. IH Noob

    IH NoobTháng trước

    how to kill all the aliens there are 5 ways 1.go to area 51 and ask shrek and the aliens to help you kill him 2.FIND 10 DOG WHISTLES AND GIVE THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS! 3.go to a gun shop and find lmgs and millions of lmg ammo and your friends helping you 4.go to the beach with the highest *(wavelength)* 5.this one is *(classified)*

  44. d e m o n i c s c r e e c h

    d e m o n i c s c r e e c hTháng trước

    bring earrape in this movie.