A Quiet Place - Opening Scene (Beau Abbott Dies) [HD]


  1. Ian Battles

    Ian BattlesNgày trước

    Bye bye dumb kid, say hello to Darwin.

  2. Thea Daniel

    Thea Daniel2 ngày trước

    There's a lot of " he/she should have" in this movie its driving me crazy

  3. Lazy Night

    Lazy Night4 ngày trước

    He drew a picture of a rocket and showed it to his sister to let her know that this was the way they could get away and that's why he wanted the toy rocket. I think he turned it on so the rocket could take him and his family away from the nightmare they were living in. It kind of took him away though but he paid a horrible price. Still, he probably got to a better place.

  4. Metado XD

    Metado XD5 ngày trước

    this boy is soo stupid im not even sorry for him

  5. Isaac the Worship Warrior

    Isaac the Worship Warrior7 ngày trước

    The moment that he dies, that's when you realize that this isn't going to be a normal horror film. This one showed that it's not afraid to take risk, as we see later with Lee.

  6. BOO ger

    BOO ger7 ngày trước

    💪 👌✊👊✊👊☝👇👏👏👐 (Yeetus deletus)

  7. Alexandre L italiano

    Alexandre L italiano8 ngày trước

    This kid is very stupid

  8. Metado XD

    Metado XD5 ngày trước


  9. jc zion gubalane

    jc zion gubalane9 ngày trước

    dang the monster just swiped beau like an credit card

  10. Erika Paredes

    Erika Paredes10 ngày trước

    What a dumbass if he-wait how old is he?


    FUZZYKITTYTM JEB14 ngày trước

    He deserved it

  12. leon kennedy

    leon kennedy14 ngày trước

    What a scene

  13. laundry basket

    laundry basket14 ngày trước

    Honestly I don’t feel bad. Why would that dumbass girl give a little kid a toy. Kids are already hard to keep quiet without toys being mixed in, obviously he’s going to want to play with it.

  14. Chris Surfcrab

    Chris Surfcrab15 ngày trước

    They were idiots for him being all the way in the back. And the Little ignoramus got what he deserved. Like by now he didn't know why he had to be quiet? And if he didn't know he should have been under observation in the front of the line. He could of had the whole family killed the stupid little son of a cocksucker. You know what?! I'm glad that thing grabbed him

  15. RIKKI R

    RIKKI R15 ngày trước

    It’s sad yes but at least the movie was realistic about the messed up situation. Yes anyone can die, Homeboy got swiped like a Tinder action though

  16. Dw Stormtrooper

    Dw Stormtrooper16 ngày trước

    Beau: plays with rocket Sister: wait what...moment’s later...😨

  17. TrinityZS Studios

    TrinityZS Studios16 ngày trước

    The girl should’ve threw away the batteries before she gave it to him.

  18. Jason Argonaut

    Jason Argonaut17 ngày trước

    Literally just paused the movie to see what everyone thought about the boy getting swiped. 😂

  19. Destiny Murray

    Destiny Murray17 ngày trước

    This is why you watched your kids people


    XX PUNISHER XX17 ngày trước

    It was stupid of him but pretty sad 😞

  21. Hải LG

    Hải LG18 ngày trước

    Stupid kid

  22. Reece Johnston

    Reece Johnston18 ngày trước

    I like how evelyn falls to her knees because she knows her son can’t be saved

  23. dannydinosaur73

    dannydinosaur7318 ngày trước

    This whole opening scene irritated me. If I was the dad, I would have taken those batteries and buried them somewhere.....not just leave them on the counter IN PLAIN SIGHT for my son to get to and put back into the toy. Sorry, Jim Halpert should've known better.

  24. GoodCaliVibes

    GoodCaliVibes18 ngày trước

    This movie is pretty meh 😑

  25. Piero

    Piero18 ngày trước

    This is definitely a Bruh momento.

  26. Maddie Roberts

    Maddie Roberts24 ngày trước

    And I oop

  27. fnaf kid 427

    fnaf kid 42724 ngày trước

    Imagine needing to do this for a whole day

  28. fnaf kid 427

    fnaf kid 42724 ngày trước

    Teachers when you make a noise on Silent Day

  29. ma rk

    ma rk27 ngày trước

    kid deserved it, just sayin he was given a chance but decides to be selfish and add more to all theirnplates

  30. xero 9ravity

    xero 9ravity27 ngày trước

    And this is why you don't wanna have kids They stoopid 🤣 As pewdiepie suggests, kids should just all be thrown in an island for a massive battle royale

  31. fuck2016

    fuck201629 ngày trước

    I didn’t find this believable for the simple fact that the kid would not be all the way in the back parents would have had one in the front one in the back

  32. Sonny Bill

    Sonny BillTháng trước

    “Look Daddy I wanna be a Astrona........” 😵

  33. dredvax

    dredvaxTháng trước

    How did they shit and piss in this world??

  34. Marquette Myers

    Marquette MyersTháng trước

    Kid got swiped like a hockey puck 🏒 for the winning goal

  35. Evil Gopher

    Evil GopherTháng trước

    I feel this entire situation could've been avoided by any number of actions. If his parents had better warned him of the danger, if Regan had picked up the batteries when handing him the toy, if his parents had made their youngest child walk in view of them...

  36. Blanche's Lesbian Lover

    Blanche's Lesbian LoverTháng trước


  37. Carlos Flores

    Carlos FloresTháng trước

    This was filmed right by my college, SUNY New Paltz. Really cool place to stop by and check out.

  38. cutepid

    cutepidTháng trước

    Me during a real school shooting.

  39. numberoneikon

    numberoneikonTháng trước

    I feel bad that me and my cousin died of laughter the first time watching this scene😳💀

  40. Alexandrite Jadynn

    Alexandrite JadynnTháng trước

    "Listen to me" But. Your not speaking.

  41. Nidhogg

    NidhoggTháng trước

    A skyrim kid wouldn't have been bothered much ...

  42. JoeyLion3

    JoeyLion3Tháng trước

    Beau: I’m not talking. Nooo way. Oh look a toy rocket that will get me killed. MOM GET SOME BATTERIES I WANT MY FRICKIN SPINE REMOVED!

  43. strong122

    strong122Tháng trước

    Welcome to *N A T U R A L S E L E C T I O N*

  44. Triija

    TriijaTháng trước

    Dude watching these clips makes me silent wtf

  45. Pumpkin Bonnie

    Pumpkin BonnieTháng trước

    I crieeeed

  46. Gajakesav Gajalakshmi

    Gajakesav GajalakshmiTháng trước

    Those aliens must have been librarians in their world!!

  47. Dusti Montella

    Dusti MontellaTháng trước

    Damn that's one long ass bridge based on the distance he was running he should have been able to get to the kid quicker but you know.. plot. Also natural selection kid should have listened but also, plot

  48. Cooper Ponto

    Cooper Ponto2 tháng trước

    Well the little shit deserved it for disobeying his father.

  49. Slothy Minecraft

    Slothy Minecraft2 tháng trước

    What’s kinda annoying is everyone blaming people THEY ARE ACTORSSS it’s a MOVIEEE

  50. Anna Medina

    Anna Medina2 tháng trước

    Stupid kid

  51. Amanda Stevens

    Amanda Stevens2 tháng trước

    There's no way they all walked through those woods with absolute silence

  52. Madlen Aram

    Madlen Aram2 tháng trước

    Quite entertaining!

  53. Monet

    Monet2 tháng trước

    Do you think typing loud would get me ki

  54. Amelia Kyle

    Amelia Kyle2 tháng trước

    I notice people getting into heated debates over whose fault it is and what not but here's what is on my mind not whose fault it was but: "What exactly did the Dad think he was gonna do if he even made it to the kid first?" You aren't gonna bring that noise with you and ya probably if ya did make it first only have about 1-2 seconds to react and decide what to do, at best he could try yeeting the toy out of the kids hands or snatching and throwing it but then the kid whines or cries without a doubt and now the monster is looking at the kid again. Sure we can assume it's just desperate hope to save his kid but anyone here got any ideas what he might have been planning to do had he actually made it or what you would do in you made it and was in the position detailed?

  55. Unay

    Unay2 tháng trước

    Worst parents ever seen

  56. That Kid

    That Kid2 tháng trước

    What makes me mad is why do they have their youngest child walking all the way at the back of the line?!?

  57. SMT Artshow

    SMT Artshow2 tháng trước

    I watched this with my Literature of Fear and Horror class and we were all so tense, this film is definitely more suspense driven than fear but it was perfectly executed 👌

  58. Max Studios

    Max Studios2 tháng trước

    Pinche criatura!!!

  59. Adam The Typical Gamer

    Adam The Typical Gamer2 tháng trước

    John: Listen to me Beau: H O W

  60. Marisa the gem fox

    Marisa the gem fox2 tháng trước

    I never saw this movie but one thing that gets me confused whether I should blame the kid in the movie that grabbed the batteries or should I blame the whole entire family

  61. Yazmira Diaz

    Yazmira Diaz2 tháng trước

    It's really sad... Emily blunt's character knew her baby boy was dead the second she heard the toy.😭💔