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  1. John Locke

    John LockeNgày trước

    Gone Girl 2 Mother Of Russia

  2. Jasmine Kaif

    Jasmine KaifNgày trước

    plz help me to find the name of this movie, it was released in 2016 or 2017 something, where a young boy is in love with a girl and they chat on mobile everyday, one day he take his dad car to meet that girl, but after they meet the girl told him that he is her twin brother, and his parents couldn't afford two kids so he was adopted by other couple. the boy in the movie was soo cute. plz help me.

  3. Lorelai G

    Lorelai GNgày trước

    too bad the subhuman song at the beginning ruins everything :(

  4. Kitten

    KittenNgày trước

    Reminds me of Sharon Stone in that school teacher thriller

  5. JP G

    JP G2 ngày trước

    Movie a a surprise hit in my eyes

  6. Juliana Sianipar

    Juliana Sianipar2 ngày trước

    Is the guy who play Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians?

  7. Melissa Petras

    Melissa Petras3 ngày trước

    I am about to see this tonight with a friend, if you have seen it please like 👍if it is worth it or 👎if a dud??? Movies these days cost more than my son's haircut😣. I love suspenseful thrillers and the reviews have been mixed!

  8. Fleetwood 4K

    Fleetwood 4K3 ngày trước

    Saw this movie. Loved it. If you like very dark and twisted comedy/thrillers, go see this movie.

  9. Yvonne Georgieva

    Yvonne Georgieva3 ngày trước

    I watched the movie yesterday and I loved it. I really liked the comedy parts but basically the mistery in the movie was something that kept me so curious until the last minute. Blake Lively is so iconic here, and Anna Kendrick is the best that she can be. Just watch it, guys. You won't regret it!

  10. claudia cn

    claudia cn4 ngày trước

    The book is awesome

  11. Blah BlahBlah

    Blah BlahBlah4 ngày trước

    Hey it’s the girl from The Shallows and that girl from Pitch Perfect. Nice?

  12. Jamie Mcvay

    Jamie Mcvay5 ngày trước


  13. mihaela cotet

    mihaela cotet5 ngày trước

    Este aparut online? Plss link

  14. sasuke22dante

    sasuke22dante5 ngày trước

    Paranoia, paranoia, superparanoia!

  15. Stephanie N

    Stephanie N6 ngày trước

    Saw this movie today and I liked it a lot!

  16. gelpy27

    gelpy276 ngày trước

    straight up looks like gone girl tho......

  17. happykt

    happykt6 ngày trước

    I love the homoerotic overtones between Kendrick and Lively.

  18. Jo Lisa Dukarić

    Jo Lisa Dukarić7 ngày trước

    Blake Lively with that hair.. goddess!

  19. Meltron Wishes

    Meltron Wishes7 ngày trước

    Awesome! You rock!


    GI GARCIA7 ngày trước

    Gone girl lols!

  21. Kübra

    Kübra7 ngày trước

    gone girl benziyo

  22. Red Light

    Red Light7 ngày trước

    Anna Kendrick is amazing

  23. Elle Watharow

    Elle Watharow7 ngày trước

    1:39 my thoughts exactly

  24. L E

    L E8 ngày trước

    Who thought it was a good idea to have these two actresses IN THE SAME MOVE??? Its equal to a massive hemorrhoid.

  25. L E

    L E8 ngày trước

    CAN NOT STAND BLAKE LIVELY! Nein, Niet, Nunca, Noooo!

  26. viinodd

    viinodd9 ngày trước

    Crazy rich husband

  27. Victor Dakota Channel

    Victor Dakota Channel9 ngày trước

    Seems veryyyyy interesting.

  28. Asher Halperin

    Asher Halperin9 ngày trước

    This trailer does not do the movie justice. Went in with low exceptions, left the theatre gushing with how much I loved this movie. A must see!

  29. Asher Halperin

    Asher Halperin9 ngày trước

    I just got an ad for the movie on this video.

  30. Asher Halperin

    Asher Halperin9 ngày trước

    Really good movie!

  31. S JJ

    S JJ9 ngày trước

    I'm not gonna lie, before this came on the add was for this film lmao

  32. Madi

    Madi10 ngày trước

    This might actually ... be good?

  33. Suria Sue

    Suria Sue11 ngày trước

    Henry Golding was here??!

  34. Joy Gimbel

    Joy Gimbel12 ngày trước

    Was hoping would be better than campy Gone Girl knockoff but still might be fun?

  35. Andrea Ante

    Andrea Ante12 ngày trước

    I wonder in the end of this movie if they already found Emily but this movie is interesting I'm really curious what's happened to Blake's character Emily

  36. Kiara Nicole

    Kiara Nicole13 ngày trước

    I got a trailer for this movie for this video. Inception.

  37. XxWolfie GirlxX

    XxWolfie GirlxX13 ngày trước

    *I thought this was comedy But it's Thriller story*

  38. Courteney Clark

    Courteney Clark14 ngày trước

    Can someone just tell me the plot twist or whatever?

  39. Tam

    Tam15 ngày trước

    Excellent choix musical ! 😂

  40. womanruntings james

    womanruntings james15 ngày trước


  41. Amirah Munday

    Amirah Munday15 ngày trước

    I read the book adaptation of this (way back in January) and I loved it. I then went looking on the internet that and say to see if it was going to be made into a movie and saw that on IMDB it said 2018) I'm so happy!

  42. aman

    aman15 ngày trước

    looks gay I'm in

  43. TBK

    TBK15 ngày trước

    Gone Girl 2 trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

  44. Zoe Chen

    Zoe Chen16 ngày trước

    What’s the french song ?

  45. KazeDrifter

    KazeDrifter16 ngày trước

    Anybody know the French song title? I keep watching the trailer because of that song xD

  46. Michael Klump

    Michael Klump17 ngày trước

    Paul Feig? So is this Ghostcucksters 2?

  47. Marriz

    Marriz17 ngày trước

    I got the feeling that this movie will be the bomb!

  48. Merbuen Bacus

    Merbuen Bacus18 ngày trước

    Was that Nick Young? 😂

  49. Betts Naiome

    Betts Naiome18 ngày trước

    The ad before this video was a trailer of the movie I'm watching a trailer for .....

  50. joycy dolcy

    joycy dolcy18 ngày trước

    I read the book from "Darcy Bell "😍😍

  51. FoetusInYourNoodles

    FoetusInYourNoodles18 ngày trước

    Looks like some kind of silly... lesbian fantasy?

  52. Lisa

    Lisa19 ngày trước

    This turned dark way too fast. I don't know if I'm more terrified of Blake, or stupidly in love with her. Can't wait to watch this, though.

  53. Nena aispuro

    Nena aispuro20 ngày trước

    wanna watch it so baad!!!! 😍

  54. Blair Crysline Mampen

    Blair Crysline Mampen20 ngày trước

    i swear i thought this would be a romcom of anna just falling in love with blake but like nope lmaooo

  55. Screen Madness

    Screen Madness21 ngày trước

    A plot twist in the trailer, that is different. Looks interesting.

  56. Epic

    Epic21 ngày trước

    _I thought it was Ronda Rousey_

  57. Marvirias States

    Marvirias States21 ngày trước


  58. Lara Martins

    Lara Martins23 ngày trước

    the ad before the trailer was the trailer lol

  59. Asher Halperin

    Asher Halperin9 ngày trước

    Me too!

  60. Alex McLuckie

    Alex McLuckie23 ngày trước

    she seems nice

  61. Annabel Hamilton

    Annabel Hamilton24 ngày trước

    I basically just saw the whole movie

  62. Arletta Pen

    Arletta Pen24 ngày trước

    All best movies 2018 I can easily find on my boxxy software and watch it for free. LOL

  63. Lauren Martin

    Lauren Martin24 ngày trước

    I love how I got this as an ad while trying to watch this video

  64. Jungkook's wink at the end of GO GO

    Jungkook's wink at the end of GO GO25 ngày trước

    I am confused this is how trailers should be.

  65. Nogah Lerman

    Nogah Lerman25 ngày trước

    from 100 to 0 real quick...

  66. Foxglove1

    Foxglove125 ngày trước

    I'm so confused.

  67. Izak Volteas

    Izak Volteas26 ngày trước

    I really hope they do a Sequel! maybe I can get the lead! Thoughts?

  68. Aliyah Pretty Little Liars

    Aliyah Pretty Little Liars26 ngày trước

    Need to watch this, reminds me of pretty little liars as a film kinda

  69. Lelania Barry

    Lelania Barry26 ngày trước


  70. Its Carolina

    Its Carolina26 ngày trước

    Is the guy from Crazy Rich Asians?

  71. Roger Jaén

    Roger Jaén26 ngày trước

    How can I take this movie seriously with Anna Kendrick starring it :(

  72. cookie

    cookie27 ngày trước

    ooohhh it's that guy from Crazy Rich Asians!!!

  73. matthewtron 86

    matthewtron 8627 ngày trước

    That brunette is very annoying I can’t stand her personality her attitude and her face she’s ugly and not funny to me at all. She’s in the wrong job field how about a teacher?

  74. PaperVisage

    PaperVisage28 ngày trước

    Looks like Serena's got another skeleton in her closet.

  75. Chanel Coco

    Chanel Coco29 ngày trước

    Yawn these movies are all getting so repetitive and Blake Lively plays pretty much the same character every single time 😴

  76. Bella G

    Bella G29 ngày trước


  77. Ursu Alexandr

    Ursu Alexandr24 ngày trước

    Saint Privat - Poisson rouge

  78. Keith Witcher

    Keith WitcherTháng trước

    A Simple Favor movie looks good. I might check this out. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are cute.

  79. Vanessa Kiekeben

    Vanessa KiekebenTháng trước

    Any movie with Blake in it is set to be amazing!

  80. lakes above

    lakes aboveTháng trước

    Henry Golding????

  81. Travis L

    Travis LTháng trước

    Okay lemme break this trailer down...... Ouch my brain.

  82. Lalaine Dawn

    Lalaine DawnTháng trước

    For some reason, while I was reading the summary of the plot online, I imagined Anna Kendrick as Emily and Blake as Stephanie. Maybe that would have been more interesting?

  83. No Name

    No NameTháng trước

    I swear i don’t even know what the song says but i like it

  84. S L

    S LTháng trước

    Henry Golding the half White guy is in this!

  85. Dana S

    Dana STháng trước

    whats the song in the trailer?

  86. Kiera Kira

    Kiera KiraTháng trước

    Blake’s voice and her everything!!!

  87. krish Playlist

    krish PlaylistTháng trước

    Can someone tell me what exactly happens for osmeone who has read the book?

  88. Trinity Entertainment

    Trinity EntertainmentTháng trước

    Gone girl sequel I see.

  89. badzaddy

    badzaddyTháng trước

    this looks gooood

  90. LR88

    LR88Tháng trước


  91. Adrian Collins

    Adrian CollinsTháng trước


  92. Noah Thallon

    Noah ThallonTháng trước

    the tone of this really interests me - will probably watch.

  93. Emma Staub

    Emma StaubTháng trước

    The book is so good, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE

  94. Lianna Johnson

    Lianna JohnsonTháng trước

    I think this is going to like A "Gone Girl" type mystery with an unexpected twist. Can't wait.

  95. Ashleigh

    AshleighTháng trước

    french song?

  96. Mariana B. Marques

    Mariana B. MarquesTháng trước

    They should have given this character a black husband

  97. Shuhaib Aboobucker

    Shuhaib AboobuckerTháng trước

    That escalated quickly....

  98. Amy Castillo

    Amy CastilloTháng trước

    Looks like a comedy bec of Ana Kendrick.

  99. A.

    A.Tháng trước

    Imma watch this

  100. Thiago Otaviani Vidal

    Thiago Otaviani VidalTháng trước

    acho que vai ser muito bom esse filme.

  101. Alvin Del Rey

    Alvin Del ReyTháng trước

    I want to see the 🙇🏻‍♂️✨

  102. Alex McLuckie

    Alex McLuckieTháng trước

    Serena after an argument with Blair.