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    Check out the music video A Star is Born's "Shallow": vireporter.net/v/video-Anp6lGHKZw0.html

  2. Seven smith

    Seven smith9 giờ trước

    If you are into drag queens drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, and suicide, then this movie is for you. Absolutely a horribly depressing movie everything that is wrong with American culture.

  3. Erlan Fajriansah

    Erlan FajriansahNgày trước

    Is it just me or you guys feel this "Shallow" song is better in this trailer than in the original record, I mean her voice (the grawl) from 01:58 just amazing, I can't stop repeat it. (sorry for the bad english).

  4. Blue Collar Power

    Blue Collar Power4 ngày trước

    This might be the 254th time I have seen the trailer and even after having seen the movie, it still gives me goosebumps. Damn what an increadible, moving, affecting, powerful and beautiful movie this is.

  5. Sarah Aprilia

    Sarah Aprilia6 ngày trước

    Ada yang tau yang pas pertama itu judul lagunya apa??

  6. Erlan Fajriansah

    Erlan FajriansahNgày trước

    Maybe Its Time - Bradley Cooper

  7. Signe & Iris

    Signe & Iris8 ngày trước

    just watched the movie. literally the most beautiful, sad, and romantic movie ever. can’t stop crying. watch this movie guys.

  8. Ayshahals

    Ayshahals9 ngày trước

    Lady gaga natural beauty are just 😍

  9. Fake Tattoos

    Fake Tattoos14 ngày trước

    Aashiqui 2

  10. Ani ta

    Ani ta16 ngày trước

    Great movie and songs.. Lady Gaga is so beautiful , without all her masks and makeup.. one special woman and artist, and her voice.. amazing ❤

  11. Orhan Kaunis

    Orhan Kaunis16 ngày trước

    Does it come with a barf bag? Too many cliches and unoriginality.

  12. Petra Tina Vasilache

    Petra Tina Vasilache18 ngày trước

    What s this song?

  13. Aril syahmi

    Aril syahmi19 ngày trước


  14. Anastasiia Iniushyna

    Anastasiia Iniushyna20 ngày trước

    Does is BC sing 🎤?

  15. lagi viral

    lagi viral21 ngày trước

    Gw barusan nonton, karena reveiw bagus dri org2 yg udh nonton... Klo mnurut gw pribadi bagus jg sih, cuman kok alur ceritanya mirip film "aashiqui 2",....kya g original gitu ceritanya.

  16. Iim Imayani

    Iim Imayani21 ngày trước

    Must watch movie

  17. Lucy Franciska

    Lucy Franciska22 ngày trước

    So sad ending,Why ally and jack not stay together ? Why oh why 😭😭😭

  18. Ferny Prayitno

    Ferny Prayitno22 ngày trước

    Oh God myqueen Gaga

  19. erika erika

    erika erika23 ngày trước


  20. idiotspace100

    idiotspace10023 ngày trước

    Finally i can see the real face of lady gaga

  21. Mira Miralo

    Mira Miralo23 ngày trước

    It hard to see and say her pretty before when she have unique style but now i guarantee 100% shes very pretty :D

  22. juliajuanita keket

    juliajuanita keket23 ngày trước

    eddie vedder ??

  23. Darrell Frazier

    Darrell Frazier23 ngày trước

    1:11 - Breathtaking!

  24. Martina Ostroški

    Martina Ostroški24 ngày trước

    I love this movie❤❤

  25. ybc. deezy

    ybc. deezy24 ngày trước

    Wow gaga got tha sauce 💦without all that makeup💞

  26. Rock Axis

    Rock Axis24 ngày trước

    Beautiful movie and soundtrack.

  27. Hassanul Ikhmal

    Hassanul Ikhmal28 ngày trước

    you always beautiful in all people hearts..

  28. Samuel Maddox

    Samuel MaddoxTháng trước

    I think sam elliot should win that oscar. He took that hit like a boss lol

  29. **LlamaDrama **

    **LlamaDrama **Tháng trước

    I just watched it and it is amazing

  30. Yong Joo

    Yong JooTháng trước

    is this a remake of Aasiqui 2? cause if it is, I won't like the end...

  31. Paolo DiGiorno

    Paolo DiGiornoTháng trước

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta looks good in this role. You go, girl!

  32. PS: No

    PS: NoTháng trước

    Best film i've ever seen

  33. dalayla palace

    dalayla palaceTháng trước

    Que hueva ver a éste par, nada que ver pura mercadotecnia.

  34. springstownewildcat

    springstownewildcatTháng trước

    Crazy gooood film!!!

  35. Faizan Naeem

    Faizan NaeemTháng trước

    These are six confirmed Oscar nominations: Academy Award for Best Director Academy Award for Best Picture Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award for Best Original Song Academy Award for Best Original Score

  36. Karim Jebry

    Karim JebryTháng trước

    It's old indian story (aashiqui 2)

  37. bridgette fiphaza

    bridgette fiphazaTháng trước

    Maaan lady gaga's voice is just one of a damn kind. Goose bumps everytime

  38. Bryan Begley

    Bryan BegleyTháng trước

    does Bradley Cooper make a bad movie?

  39. 1111 1111

    1111 1111Tháng trước

    Lady Gaga is Star

  40. Ricardo Ibañez

    Ricardo IbañezTháng trước

    How's the movie??? I wanna watch tomorrow. Can someone go with me??

  41. Shan Hussain

    Shan HussainTháng trước

    Dave Chappelle is in this movie? 😮

  42. 11ll11l1ll111l1

    11ll11l1ll111l1Tháng trước

    Chills at 1:47...👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  43. Mark Corbin

    Mark CorbinTháng trước

    Who told Lady GaGa she had to wear makeup??? SHES FREAKING GORGEOUS! Hope she reads this cause she can take all that makeup off and come sing to me anytime she wants to! LADY GAGA, YOU ARE FREAKING GORGEOUS!

  44. Richard Fanda

    Richard FandaTháng trước

    All about musics, and real love life, truly a masterpieces.. goosebumps!

  45. bhavik kumbhare

    bhavik kumbhareTháng trước

    Usually Bollywood copies Hollywood but looks like this movie is copied from Indian movie aashiqui....

  46. Odys Piercisse Siassia-USA

    Odys Piercisse Siassia-USATháng trước

    The movie was so hurtful and loveful!!!

  47. Helenof Troy

    Helenof TroyTháng trước

    One of the best films Ive seen for a long time. Bradley and Gaga are great together. Highly recommended. Lady Gaga looks so good - natural without all that terrible makeup and stupid hair styles (that platinum white Hair).

  48. MusicSpounge

    MusicSpoungeTháng trước

    I just watched it. Very good movie. Touching and beautiful.

  49. Swati Singh

    Swati SinghTháng trước

    Can wait to see love from INDIA

  50. THPAOKg4

    THPAOKg4Tháng trước

    Goosebumps at 1:46 !!

  51. Surender Singh

    Surender SinghTháng trước

    ashiqui 2 remake

  52. Prakash 07/11

    Prakash 07/11Tháng trước

    Bhai Ashiqui 2 ki remake nhi h...ye ek novel h jis pr bni h ...A2 ne bhi vha se hi copy Kia h

  53. mimi mimi

    mimi mimiTháng trước

    So im the only one who sees gagas performance as taken straight out of a hallmark movie?

  54. amir jahic

    amir jahicTháng trước

    3 days its like waiting for game of thrones new season ... -_-

  55. Awal Musslim

    Awal MusslimTháng trước

    Is it just me that think Bradley Cooper looks a lot like Eddie Vader from Pearl Jam?

  56. Xuhan K

    Xuhan KTháng trước

    They copy bolywoods movies

  57. Nicholas Pesce

    Nicholas PesceTháng trước


  58. Charlie5thumbs

    Charlie5thumbsTháng trước

    This movie looks INTENSE!

  59. Pamela Wood

    Pamela WoodTháng trước

    Cant wait to see this movie I see all the fire works between Brad and Lady and thats whats needed in a Love Story.

  60. Sasmita Panigrahi

    Sasmita PanigrahiTháng trước

    It's just like a bollywood movie Ashiqui

  61. Rines ايناس

    Rines ايناسTháng trước

    Lady Gaga. .. waw

  62. Prince Echo

    Prince EchoTháng trước

    If that the guy from the hang over movies?

  63. Bassboy1972

    Bassboy1972Tháng trước

    This is gonna be awesome. Gaga looks so great in her natural state!

  64. Marilee Odendahl

    Marilee OdendahlTháng trước

    Exciting to see this side of Dave Chappell. Can't think of a man with a more authentic voice & presence and from this brief glimpse I think he's going to blow us away. And Gaga without the extraneous costuming - wow.

  65. The Super Christian

    The Super ChristianTháng trước

    I wish this wasn’t rated R because I’d be able to watch it.

  66. Delphine Fryns

    Delphine FrynsTháng trước

    She looks so beautiful 😍😍

  67. abdul wasim shaik

    abdul wasim shaikTháng trước

    Don't u think it does look like a Bollywood movie remake Aashiqui 2 ? How many agree with me? 👀

  68. Sasha D'Andrea

    Sasha D'AndreaTháng trước

    what is the song bradley cooper sings at 1:08

  69. Hermes UL

    Hermes ULTháng trước


  70. Tale As Old as Time

    Tale As Old as TimeTháng trước

    And I Love Lady Gaga

  71. Tale As Old as Time

    Tale As Old as TimeTháng trước

    This Comes out on October 5th Wich is My Birthday and I'm Ganna Go See It I Love Drama/Romance and I've Always Wanted to Be a Singer or Actress

  72. Felipe Macedo

    Felipe MacedoTháng trước


  73. teamgrimmie forever

    teamgrimmie foreverTháng trước

    OH WOW!!! lady gaga made a new movie!!! 💚💚💚 can't wait for it to come out!!! btw, i don't care who this bradley cooper dude is...

  74. Marie

    MarieTháng trước

    The one reason I want to watch this movie is literally just because of the part where she starts singing and it's just so epic and it gives me the chills and idk, it's just beautiful

  75. 80cheeze

    80cheeze2 tháng trước

    I like the you sound and the way you look...

  76. Name Last Name

    Name Last Name2 tháng trước

    Cannot wait.,,. #OscarsComing for Alllllll #LadyGaga #BradleyCooper #AStarIsBorn #bossypoptartwashere Today 9/15/2018 trailer song goes to 1# 🖤#WHAM

  77. Brigadier Blue

    Brigadier Blue2 tháng trước

    Loved every version of this movie so far. Hoping this will continue the trend :)

  78. David Potts

    David Potts2 tháng trước

    So this is where Rocket Raccoon went after the Infinity War. Lol

  79. Monika Czaińska

    Monika Czaińska2 tháng trước

    That will be such a brilliant movie ! Lady Gaga looks so beautiful as a natural woman and her voice is very powerfull . I've already fallen in love with that movie ;)

  80. be Melybee

    be Melybee2 tháng trước

    When she starts to sing 😍😍💪💪

  81. fany perez

    fany perez2 tháng trước

    This movie males me wish, they were a couple.

  82. localmeanderer

    localmeanderer2 tháng trước

    Winner movie!!! . . .

  83. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony2 tháng trước

    wish I could say it looks good but it doesn't

  84. Badayos Ryne

    Badayos Ryne2 tháng trước

    I promise this movie got some potential ❤️ lady gaga and Bradley

  85. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell2 tháng trước

    I'm going to watch this just for Gaga. She sings well enough, now let's see her acting chops. ( Mind you her whole stage life has seen her acting pretty damned well.)

  86. anastasiya

    anastasiya2 tháng trước

    okay this actually looks like it's gonna be good.

  87. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne2 tháng trước

    she looks great as a normal person omg he's so fkn good at singing yall talent everywhere

  88. Mik Mik

    Mik Mik2 tháng trước

    The Shallow is killing me!!! Cant wait for its full version 😍😍😍

  89. Raven

    Raven2 tháng trước

    I can’t get enough of this trailer, and every time I watch it .. damn I get goosebumps. I can’t wait to see this

  90. 현지

    현지2 tháng trước

    누가뭐래도. 반드시. 된다 두고봐 내. 앞에서. 부러워하면서. 말하는 널 지켜볼께

  91. Ben Daniels

    Ben Daniels2 tháng trước

    Ugh how many times are they going to remake the same damn film? Hope it flops. Give Hollywood the kick in the balls they need

  92. Manesia Khaimeichho

    Manesia Khaimeichho2 tháng trước

    Just give her an Oscar already.

  93. ShanghaiForever

    ShanghaiForever2 tháng trước

    What song is she singing at the end? It's so good, I wanna hear it like now!

  94. M.L. Stevens

    M.L. Stevens2 tháng trước

    Looks amazing.....great voices unite... at midterms...M.McCain for Senate.~~~~~

  95. jeaniebird

    jeaniebird2 tháng trước

    Is that Lady Gaga playing Stefani Germanotta??

  96. ArtemisScribe

    ArtemisScribe2 tháng trước

    God I hope this is her Moonstruck moment!

  97. Co rP

    Co rP2 tháng trước

    A string of shiny visual cliches beaded together to form a derivative whole.

  98. Exxcuse me ?

    Exxcuse me ?2 tháng trước

    Now that's a trailer

  99. kqkkqk

    kqkkqk2 tháng trước

    just the trailer makes me cry

  100. Isla Edmonson-Brown

    Isla Edmonson-Brown2 tháng trước

    Bradley Cooper. What can't he do is the question.

  101. Marta Rivera

    Marta Rivera2 tháng trước

    Lady Gaga is ugly.

  102. Zapper CD

    Zapper CD2 tháng trước

    Wouldn't watch this one just because it originally starred that waste of Hollywood space - Barbara Streisand.