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  1. Felipe Macedo

    Felipe Macedo4 giờ trước


  2. teamgrimmie forever

    teamgrimmie foreverNgày trước

    OH WOW!!! lady gaga made a new movie!!! 💚💚💚 can't wait for it to come out!!! btw, i don't care who this bradley cooper dude is...

  3. Marie

    Marie3 ngày trước

    The one reason I want to watch this movie is literally just because of the part where she starts singing and it's just so epic and it gives me the chills and idk, it's just beautiful

  4. 80cheeze

    80cheeze4 ngày trước

    I like the you sound and the way you look...

  5. Brigadier Blue

    Brigadier Blue5 ngày trước

    Loved every version of this movie so far. Hoping this will continue the trend :)

  6. David Potts

    David Potts6 ngày trước

    So this is where Rocket Raccoon went after the Infinity War. Lol

  7. Monika Czaińska

    Monika Czaińska6 ngày trước

    That will be such a brilliant movie ! Lady Gaga looks so beautiful as a natural woman and her voice is very powerfull . I've already fallen in love with that movie ;)

  8. be Melybee

    be Melybee8 ngày trước

    When she starts to sing 😍😍💪💪

  9. fany perez

    fany perez9 ngày trước

    This movie males me wish, they were a couple.

  10. localmeanderer

    localmeanderer9 ngày trước

    Winner movie!!! . . .

  11. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony10 ngày trước

    wish I could say it looks good but it doesn't

  12. Badayos Ryne

    Badayos Ryne11 ngày trước

    I promise this movie got some potential ❤️ lady gaga and Bradley

  13. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell11 ngày trước

    I'm going to watch this just for Gaga. She sings well enough, now let's see her acting chops. ( Mind you her whole stage life has seen her acting pretty damned well.)

  14. anastasiya

    anastasiya11 ngày trước

    okay this actually looks like it's gonna be good.

  15. ali kim

    ali kim13 ngày trước

    The Shallow is killing me!!! Cant wait for its full version 😍😍😍

  16. Raven

    Raven13 ngày trước

    I can’t get enough of this trailer, and every time I watch it .. damn I get goosebumps. I can’t wait to see this

  17. 제복인

    제복인14 ngày trước

    누가뭐래도. 반드시. 된다 두고봐 내. 앞에서. 부러워하면서. 말하는 널 지켜볼께

  18. Ben Daniels

    Ben Daniels14 ngày trước

    Ugh how many times are they going to remake the same damn film? Hope it flops. Give Hollywood the kick in the balls they need

  19. Manesia Khaimeichho

    Manesia Khaimeichho14 ngày trước

    Just give her an Oscar already.

  20. ShanghaiForever

    ShanghaiForever14 ngày trước

    What song is she singing at the end? It's so good, I wanna hear it like now!

  21. Philip Tant

    Philip Tant14 ngày trước

    In showbusiness you get a lot of nose before you get a yes

  22. M.L. Stevens

    M.L. Stevens14 ngày trước

    Looks amazing.....great voices unite... at midterms...M.McCain for Senate.~~~~~

  23. jeaniebird

    jeaniebird14 ngày trước

    Is that Lady Gaga playing Stefani Germanotta??

  24. ArtemisScribe

    ArtemisScribe15 ngày trước

    God I hope this is her Moonstruck moment!

  25. Co rP

    Co rP15 ngày trước

    A string of shiny visual cliches beaded together to form a derivative whole.

  26. Exxcuse me ?

    Exxcuse me ?15 ngày trước

    Now that's a trailer

  27. kqkkqk

    kqkkqk15 ngày trước

    just the trailer makes me cry

  28. Isla Edmonson-Brown

    Isla Edmonson-Brown17 ngày trước

    Bradley Cooper. What can't he do is the question.

  29. Marta Rivera

    Marta Rivera17 ngày trước

    Lady Gaga is ugly.

  30. Zapper CD

    Zapper CD18 ngày trước

    Wouldn't watch this one just because it originally starred that waste of Hollywood space - Barbara Streisand.

  31. Melanie H

    Melanie H18 ngày trước

    Looks amazing! This may actually get me to the theater; I haven't seen a first-run movie in a multi-plex since the Batman movie with Heath Ledger as Joker ;-)

  32. funchingo

    funchingo18 ngày trước

    Lady Gaga is beautiful.

  33. TheSuperf12

    TheSuperf1218 ngày trước

    whats the songs called in this trailer? can I get any help?

  34. Anhar Qaher

    Anhar Qaher18 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who think this movie looks so much like Aashiqui 2 ? Talk about originality 😉

  35. 600firefly1

    600firefly119 ngày trước

    Spoiler anyone?

  36. Budi Sutrisno

    Budi Sutrisno19 ngày trước

    Oh my goddd I'm exciteddd

  37. Abdullah Javed

    Abdullah Javed19 ngày trước

    Is someone pulling her into an elevator at 2:06?

  38. Ryan Lim

    Ryan Lim19 ngày trước

    wow, it's gaga without makeup? Hmm, she's is cute and very normal than I thought when I listened to her music.

  39. Soiree Noir

    Soiree Noir19 ngày trước

    Wow, this looks like the movie to see! Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga awesome together!!

  40. jaydasaybelle

    jaydasaybelle20 ngày trước

    I absolutely don't understand why I am crying right now

  41. Ken McBreairty

    Ken McBreairty20 ngày trước

    Wow. I'm gonna have to watch this one in the privacy of my own home. Be bawling 😥

  42. J T

    J T21 ngày trước

    They Don't look in Love

  43. Lie Baw 'H

    Lie Baw 'H21 ngày trước

    Her voice gives me chills

  44. Alfredo C

    Alfredo C26 ngày trước

    This is gonna suck worse than Barbra's version. They should've stopped at Judy.

  45. maria fadda

    maria fadda27 ngày trước

    They can never replace the movie with Barbra and Kris change the title into something els so people don't compare

  46. 이건

    이건27 ngày trước

    I can't wait this movie 😂

  47. Anna Di Marco

    Anna Di Marco28 ngày trước

    Beautiful 💖

  48. stephany o

    stephany oTháng trước


  49. Annabelle Khang

    Annabelle KhangTháng trước


  50. Franky Primo

    Franky PrimoTháng trước

    Can't wait to see it

  51. lagaman11

    lagaman11Tháng trước

    This is gearing up to be an emotional masterpiece. Hell, I can't get through this damn trailer without tearing up. It just seems to shine a light on how another person can, indeed, save another person. And that, that truth, well... that's something that every living and breathing human being can relate too, and hope for, and imagine.



    Love me some Gaga

  53. Lindsay Tr

    Lindsay TrTháng trước

    Dear Lady Gaga, you look great as YOU! Please keep it up!

  54. 黃尚恩

    黃尚恩Tháng trước

    My Queen........Lady Gaga~

  55. blackstar pangilinan

    blackstar pangilinanTháng trước

    Relate? 0:00 Hype 0:47 Intriguing 1:07 Warmth 1:47 Chills I DONT KNOW WHAT TO FEEL ANYMORE. 😭 This trailer is just perfect af. I can't wait to watch the movie. 😭

  56. Julie Bella

    Julie BellaTháng trước

    This looks so good!

  57. getlauriekor

    getlauriekorTháng trước

    I'm obsessed with Gaga and Bradley. It's a match made in artistic heaven.

  58. Alex Andru

    Alex AndruTháng trước

    Beautifull songs...

  59. Ceci Whatshername

    Ceci WhatshernameTháng trước

    Can't Wait For The Soundtrack!!!!

  60. Lori Ann Bishop

    Lori Ann BishopTháng trước


  61. Jerry Archer

    Jerry ArcherTháng trước

    Can't wait to see it, my wife and I loved the one with Barbra and Kriss...but had a sad ending. Never saw the 1st one with Judy Garland...another great songtress.

  62. SCORPIObw 1980

    SCORPIObw 1980Tháng trước

    Gosh ... I have new respect for Bradley Cooper & GaGa. Well, she never ceases to amaze me!!! She is simply the best!!! 🖤

  63. Debra Keltner

    Debra KeltnerTháng trước

    I’m not a fan of Lady Ga Ga, but I think she’s gonna do a good job in this flick. I may like he after this.

  64. timothy whitmer

    timothy whitmerTháng trước

    This script is really solid by Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper. Clint Eastwood was attached to direct.

  65. Sonia Ndukwe

    Sonia NdukweTháng trước

    I want to see this cause of gaga not cooper he makes me cringe

  66. Thomas Shawn Oldford

    Thomas Shawn OldfordTháng trước

    i never thought i would want to see this ... but OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!

  67. Yan Aram

    Yan AramTháng trước

    Wow I need to see this. Bradley as director and singer, and my fav Gaga😍

  68. Selena Bryant

    Selena BryantTháng trước

    Lady Gaga is beautiful.

  69. 193001 kiplssd

    193001 kiplssdTháng trước

    now please don't ruin it by opening your mouths about politics until I've seen it at least

  70. Devin Holmes

    Devin HolmesTháng trước

    I cried

  71. Ryky

    RykyTháng trước

    I already crying when she start singing, cant wait for the movie!!!!

  72. Vino

    VinoTháng trước

    Lady Gag looks like Streisand.

  73. Catherine Furegno

    Catherine FuregnoTháng trước

    Lady Gaga doesn't need those crazy outfits. Talent coming out of every pore of her being

  74. thesimsloverish

    thesimsloverishTháng trước

    I can’t wait for the soundtrack!

  75. Perla Zarif

    Perla Zarif2 tháng trước

    I am just so excited😩❤️

  76. Dr. Tamara Worley

    Dr. Tamara Worley2 tháng trước

    I am so thrilled the last 3 generations of young folk will relate to Gagops new movie. Generations have been strung along on forced vaccines laden with mercury, GMO food, BPA enriched tableware, they while drooling and staring at the ceiling fans will be with Garpo during the entire event. I saw Barbra Strisand when I was 9 year old, the movie came with a poster and popcorn. My grandparents of the greatest generation saw Judy Garland at the Grand in Dallas Texas where they were served champagne upon intermission. I am vexed, for I feel at this time in our nations history, I will walk away with only a scorching case of the clap. Just veiwing the trailer left me needing a shower, ahh, or do I need to go straight to the ER? This may be a offering that those of background may need to miss, or sport hazmat suits, yet for four people that could prove cost prohibitive.I mean one would need to venture to a bowling alley to meet a (woman?) of Gagulps caliber. Did we lose eloq uence along the way? It may need looking into.....DrW

  77. Aunt Vesuvi

    Aunt Vesuvi2 tháng trước

    I've loved every version of this story... 1937, 1954, 1976... so, I'm really excited to see how this one re-interprets a quintessential fame/addiction/human tale.

  78. Rokhaya Dioug

    Rokhaya Dioug2 tháng trước

    I have never seen Lady Gaga like that before.

  79. mark johnson

    mark johnson2 tháng trước

    Lady Gaga is so hot in this movie.

  80. Elisabeth Cantor

    Elisabeth Cantor2 tháng trước

    Can't wait!

  81. Some Guy

    Some Guy2 tháng trước

    My boy Bradley hit that 👌🏿

  82. GallowsPole805

    GallowsPole8052 tháng trước

    Ya know....get her out of the outfits, and makeup, and lights and Lady G IS Gorgeous

  83. 沈强

    沈强2 tháng trước

    thank U who made the subtitle😘️😘️😘️

  84. Lenore Gorman

    Lenore Gorman2 tháng trước

    This is the 3rd "A Star is Born" movie and they are all heartbreaking.

  85. Rick Baurer

    Rick Baurer2 tháng trước

    From the trailer it seems Gaga's character is supposed to be homely or something as she says people "almost every single person has told me they like the way I sounded but they didn't like the way I look." Seems like a very contrived movie. She actually looks better normal than with all the painted on faces she usually has. Trying to portray her as an underdog because she doesn't think she looks pretty a very thin device.

  86. Тереза Янчик

    Тереза Янчик2 tháng trước

    This is the most cool movie that I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Sareer Haider

    Sareer Haider2 tháng trước

    this looks familiar..... a singer fall in love with a girl who sing his songs in local bars etc.. she become populer and the male role then die in the end....

  88. Sof O.

    Sof O.2 tháng trước

    Sareer Haider it’s a remake

  89. mst3k54

    mst3k542 tháng trước

    Lady Gaga looks 1000000x better in this movie as a dressed-down brunette then she EVER has on stage looking like a bleach-blonde modern art sculpture! She should've never changed her look all crazy in the first damn place!

  90. Joshua V

    Joshua V2 tháng trước

    To all Indians out there Why is the story same as aashique 2??! Lol

  91. Scotti Brown

    Scotti Brown2 tháng trước

    I wasn’t sure about this movie when I first saw the trailer, but every time I watch it I get more excited for it...especially when I read that Bradley Cooper did his own singing and he and Lady Gaga sang live when filming

  92. scottsrush

    scottsrush2 tháng trước

    No matter what Lady Gaga does she always is top notch! I always tell everyone you may not like her music or whatever just don’t say she doesn’t have talent.

  93. Laura M

    Laura M2 tháng trước


  94. hozeyy

    hozeyy2 tháng trước

    Is he gonna make her fall in love with him then just use her?

  95. Jaunice Reed

    Jaunice Reed2 tháng trước

    What the song called that Gaga sang??

  96. Monk Abrahms

    Monk Abrahms2 tháng trước

    She can't touch Barbara vocally at all you know she's in the movie songs with just two good man I just don't understand how they can think they can come close to it

  97. james miller

    james miller2 tháng trước

    B-o-r-I-n-g. I wish someone else remade Star is Born, because this is not a good remake.

  98. guarddog22

    guarddog222 tháng trước

    looks like a dumb TV movie

  99. Courbyne Bufford

    Courbyne Bufford2 tháng trước

    I find myself anticipating this movie then I remember the ending and instantly feel sad... I am Still gonna see it thoughb

  100. Saptarshi Banik

    Saptarshi Banik2 tháng trước

    This is a remake of an Indian film called aashiqui 2.

  101. Stefani Sushi

    Stefani Sushi2 tháng trước

    Aashiqui 2 is a remake of a star is born from 50's. There is 4 version of Hollywood

  102. NailaCafé

    NailaCafé2 tháng trước

    There must have to be some kind of tragedy in this Movie for sure For sure otherwise this movie can't be a commercial hit at Box Office