Anthony Davis to Lakers is one of the biggest trades in NBA history - Ohm Youngmisuk | SportsCenter


  1. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe18 ngày trước

    The weasel Rob Pelinka had ZERO to do with signing Anthony Davis but the people that made it happen were Lebron, Magic, Jeanie Buss and Kobe.


    MGTOW EBONICS23 ngày trước


  3. Hispanic PANiC

    Hispanic PANiC23 ngày trước

    FOH BRUH!!!... he requested a trade, didn't want to play for them. This is not this biggest trade in history. Dumb MFs.


    GOAT SOSA24 ngày trước


  5. G Man

    G Man25 ngày trước

    If lebron plays defence they might win the title. But if he doesnt get his head out of his butt the lakers will be the joke of the decade.

  6. hmong ntsuab

    hmong ntsuab26 ngày trước

    Biggest trade in history!?!? Your talking about a dude who lost a shoe on the court and kept trying to play.

  7. Its Lzzi

    Its Lzzi26 ngày trước

    LeBron James,Anthony Davis, they need devin booker then it’s a wrap 😤👀



    NBA=Modern day slave trade

  9. VIP T

    VIP T27 ngày trước

    Lonzo, Keep your head up! Work hard and everything will be Great!

  10. Jeremy Lam

    Jeremy Lam28 ngày trước

    What a joke. Lonzo is the most overrated player ever. Even a bench player from the Raptors or Warriors can shoot better, defend better and did I mention not injury proned?

  11. instantsurgery

    instantsurgery29 ngày trước

    They will still be shit and win nothing no one cares come to me in a year and let’s see how big that is

  12. Kylar Lee

    Kylar Lee29 ngày trước

    NOP win 2021 championship

  13. Sherman Asbury

    Sherman Asbury29 ngày trước

    To think ball went number two and Donovan Mitchell was 13? Lol Mitchell should of been top three lol spida would be with LeBron right now with Davis lmao

  14. Bob Brainard

    Bob Brainard29 ngày trước

    Only thing hanging from the rapters at the Staples Center pertaining to the Ball family is the echoes of old man Ball's big mouth.

  15. Gregory Flapjack

    Gregory Flapjack29 ngày trước

    Lavar Ball’s ego is bigger than... than🤔... Well shit😳

  16. J Ellis

    J Ellis29 ngày trước

    Wrong..until AD can prove he's not made of plastic this shouldn't be considered one of the best trade of all time. His durability is extremely weak for a player of his caliber. And lebron is not what he use to be so unless they get 5 other starters to carry them to the playoffs and rest them half the year this team shouldn't be the frontrunner for the championship.

  17. Silas Leeks

    Silas Leeks29 ngày trước

    It's obvious LA has to take advantage of Bron while they can. He can't waste his time while these young guys develop. Was it much too give? Maybe so but IMO they had to take a chance. Having losing seasons while Bron is there isn't really a good look for them. If they can get some added depth, I think it's a risk worth taking.

  18. Brenda Bell

    Brenda Bell29 ngày trước


  19. cookinnoodles

    cookinnoodles29 ngày trước

    Well I guess we’ll have to come back and see next year

  20. tasoj

    tasoj29 ngày trước

    One of the biggest trades in NBA history? Really? He’s done nothing but pad stats on a team that couldn’t win. Pump the breaks.

  21. Alex Hussman

    Alex Hussman29 ngày trước

    Lonzo Ball sucks. He is 21 years old and in todays NBA has yet to put up any decent stats.. if were comparing him to other rookies in the NBA right now including Trae Young, and Luka, (both younger than Lonzo btw), it's no comparison. Lonzo is just another average rookie who might continue to be traded, i feel bad for him. The dad just wants more attention than the kardashians. What a joke.

  22. EJ Salinas

    EJ Salinas29 ngày trước

    Nba losing fans every year. That sucks.

  23. EJ Salinas

    EJ Salinas29 ngày trước

    Thats why nba going to shit all players going where they want league has maybe 3 teams with money making moves same stuff every year league is terrible right now so bad talk about same stuff on daily baises espn needs new blood

  24. Man E

    Man E29 ngày trước

    So i wanted to share a song i did about kevin durant's freak accident that happened in the nba finals this past year and put together a melodic story describing what happened and im not sure if my voice is clear enough. give a listen and let me kno, i aint scared of criticism @t

  25. Jay B

    Jay B29 ngày trước

    Congrats to the L.A. Lakers... They'll only get 55 games out of LeBron next season... And likely win 10 more games than they did this season, and still miss the playoffs. They just like selling jerseys with big names on the back.

  26. ØZ

    ØZ29 ngày trước


  27. Jay B

    Jay B29 ngày trước

    Lonzo can't play, and he's inured all the time as a youngster... He's a total bust. He'll be out of the league in a few short years, playing in China.

  28. k3n12ock

    k3n12ock29 ngày trước

    Wanna know another BIG TRADE that would have MADE HISTORY? CP3 to the Lakers... but you know... NBA didn't want a super tea.... wayyymenttt....

  29. Eddie Saintfort

    Eddie Saintfort29 ngày trước

    That was a dumb trade💀

  30. Frank Franklin

    Frank Franklin29 ngày trước

    It is?? Thanks for telling us!! Jeez here i am not knowing that. This video brought it to light. None of us knew it was big. Thanks! Lol

  31. M M

    M M29 ngày trước

    Wow I love sportsball, GO TEAM A !!!

  32. Chris Feagins

    Chris Feagins29 ngày trước

    Nigga brush yo teeth

  33. KeepingitTreal

    KeepingitTreal29 ngày trước

    Whoever approved the Anthony Davis trade from the pelicans thank you 💯 you a real one taking a L like a champ

  34. Matthew Mayson

    Matthew Mayson29 ngày trước

    Makes no difference since nba is scripted.

  35. NGU Warrior

    NGU Warrior29 ngày trước

    Every trade is the biggest in history nowdays


    EVaFRESH MOLINO29 ngày trước

    The ball family is the most overrated basketball playing family in history they all suck

  37. GED Gert

    GED GertTháng trước

    Lavar ball is cool

  38. Gamer George

    Gamer GeorgeTháng trước

    Lonzo is garbage

  39. The other Stark

    The other StarkTháng trước

    Lavar needs to shut the fuck up dam!!

  40. Go Duke!

    Go Duke!Tháng trước

    Im not shocked....he isnt the same UCLA he pushed the ball, he made confident plays, he shot the ball with confidence, he was LA he cant shoot, wont push the ball and make plays....he is a worse shooting version of Bruce Bowen.

  41. King Louis

    King LouisTháng trước

    They should have drafted Lavar instead

  42. Jac Daniel

    Jac DanielTháng trước

    Didn't Lonzo Ball dad screw him over in the first place?

  43. TJ Matthews

    TJ MatthewsTháng trước

    Wow lol, this is too interesting, hopefully it will be another interesting regular season coming up but they still gotta get some more players to build around Lebron and Anthony Davis now

  44. ToddleyProductions

    ToddleyProductionsTháng trước

    Lavar needs to stop while he’s ahead 😂

  45. Iggy One

    Iggy OneTháng trước

    Imagine Kylie, Anthony, lebron the lakers will take the ship

  46. Johnny CA

    Johnny CATháng trước

    Lonzo a.k.a overrated

  47. xLilGoat

    xLilGoatTháng trước

    lebron....davis....kawhi....its a wrap..

  48. Captain Galaxy

    Captain GalaxyTháng trước

    Ok, ok already! So Anthony Davis goes to the Lakers, and water is wet, grass is green, we breathe air, what's so big a deal? Yippee f#%#in' skippee!! Go Lakers, and take the Rams with you. My story, pathetic, so pathetic.

  49. G.O.A.T

    G.O.A.TTháng trước

    Imagine going from a bad to team to another bad team and being happy about it

  50. ChedengMB

    ChedengMBTháng trước

    Magic will play starting point guard next year!