Ariana Grande - 7 rings


  1. Honkai Gamer

    Honkai GamerGiờ trước

    bLaCk AriAna GrAndE

  2. vi b

    vi bGiờ trước

    help me it^s been 6 hours and i haven't stop listening this it is literally on the loop and i can't stop

  3. Makeup by Frida frida

    Makeup by Frida fridaGiờ trước

    You are so beautiful and your voice.7 rings is a 💋you are a queen👑👑

  4. Tià oliviaa

    Tià oliviaaGiờ trước

    You like my hair? Gee thanks just bought it

  5. Mba Azolita Azolita

    Mba Azolita AzolitaGiờ trước


  6. Mega Megan

    Mega MeganGiờ trước

    Queen Ariana SLaYYs for today 👑❤😋

  7. тιffαиу

    тιffαиуGiờ trước

    I LOVE IT!

  8. Sophia

    SophiaGiờ trước

    She's kinda hot - 5SOS UGH

  9. May _

    May _Giờ trước

    BRs? 🇧🇷

  10. selin ay

    selin ayGiờ trước

    omg this Video is dope af🔥

  11. nurun nahar

    nurun naharGiờ trước

    Ari is all rounder....

  12. Dudah Silvaa

    Dudah SilvaaGiờ trước


  13. Øra_ Bryle

    Øra_ BryleGiờ trước


  14. Alejandra Gonzalez

    Alejandra GonzalezGiờ trước

    Me encanta 😍😍

  15. lexi kawaiiqueen

    lexi kawaiiqueenGiờ trước

    I don't really like arianas music but this one is worst of them all no shade but it isn't as good as her previous ones it just comes across bratty

  16. Jill Mei Ventura

    Jill Mei VenturaGiờ trước

    She 'bout to beat John Wick........

  17. Fiorella Pleitez

    Fiorella PleitezGiờ trước

    Ay love ariana

  18. nadia oliwia

    nadia oliwiaGiờ trước


  19. Animation Minis.

    Animation Minis.Giờ trước


  20. Mayara Aiolfi

    Mayara AiolfiGiờ trước

    Cadê os Br??

  21. sad ADS

    sad ADSGiờ trước

    Fuck this bitch

  22. Jake Swift

    Jake SwiftGiờ trước

    He'll yeah I'm coming to your tour and this is a banger and get on your knees and crawl to me ari. :)

  23. José Allysson

    José AllyssonGiờ trước


  24. Lulu Camelot

    Lulu CamelotGiờ trước

    Sis dropping da bomb ugh women are here to kill in 2k19 queeen

  25. Joellin Rodriguez

    Joellin RodriguezGiờ trước

    Love you Ariana 😆❤️

  26. giuly nota

    giuly notaGiờ trước

    I love your song😍♥️♥️

  27. Mark Emaar

    Mark EmaarGiờ trước

    Fake outrage from the people who don’t mind the same thing from male rappers who talk about money all the time. Disgusting, fake people.

  28. Royaltyy Ronique

    Royaltyy RoniqueGiờ trước

    1.1 mil likes and 5 mil views in 8 hours??

  29. sxowon milk

    sxowon milkGiờ trước

    *ARI* hair is longer than my life;;

  30. Nawaf Rexhar Bardigang 4eva

    Nawaf Rexhar Bardigang 4evaGiờ trước

    Ariana😍😍 You slayed💍💣🔥

  31. Mayra Rios

    Mayra RiosGiờ trước

    She 👏spittin'👏 bars 👏

  32. Goldia祝

    Goldia祝Giờ trước


  33. Joey Tube

    Joey TubeGiờ trước

    Omggg such a bopppp

  34. Beyblade Official

    Beyblade OfficialGiờ trước

    1:25 I like ur hair

  35. Zoi Kirtatze

    Zoi KirtatzeGiờ trước

    Love it

  36. Shanelee Torres

    Shanelee TorresGiờ trước

    This song is such a bad bitch anthem 🤪❤️ I LOVE IT!

  37. jasmine bidz

    jasmine bidzGiờ trước

    Remind me of one direction's fragrance advertisement. Directioners where y'all at? (this is so good tho, ariana being her badass self)

  38. HBDiniz _10

    HBDiniz _10Giờ trước

    Wierd flex but ok

  39. the paulina avellana

    the paulina avellanaGiờ trước

    She is a beutiful woman i LOVE you Ariana grande 😍😘 7 rings😚💜💜💜💜💓❤️💓😍💝😘

  40. Kelly Koles

    Kelly KolesGiờ trước


  41. Nail de

    Nail deGiờ trước

    Kommt hier jemand auch aus Deutschland?🙋🏼‍♀️🇩🇪❤️

  42. kattia1973

    kattia1973Giờ trước

    I can't understand 1/2 of what she is saying.

  43. Makayla Pennywell

    Makayla PennywellGiờ trước

    First to watch

  44. sk00l

    sk00lGiờ trước


  45. AutoWasted

    AutoWastedGiờ trước

    Ariana pls Collab with BLACKPINK

  46. Justmejayla

    JustmejaylaGiờ trước

    Ari snapped

  47. Vicky dolan

    Vicky dolanGiờ trước

    i have to get used to this song coz i don't like it

  48. Tayanne ligarcia

    Tayanne ligarciaGiờ trước

    Simplesmente perfeito🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  49. Luan Barbosa Dos Santos

    Luan Barbosa Dos SantosGiờ trước

    Obrigado Ariana por sempre salvar o pop

  50. Kuoy Suong Lim

    Kuoy Suong LimGiờ trước

    rings rings rings rings rings rings rings

  51. Kay Brooke

    Kay BrookeGiờ trước

    Her songs are getting worse honestly 🙄

  52. VJR R

    VJR RGiờ trước

    #1 trending

  53. k a s s e h

    k a s s e hGiờ trước

    I love youuuu

  54. Junior Woman

    Junior WomanGiờ trước

    Cute puppy!!💖 I think Ari is into Kpop now!😊🤗

  55. Emely 123

    Emely 123Giờ trước

    Love she🌹

  56. England _Bae

    England _BaeGiờ trước

    I want it I got it *PERIODT*

  57. benjamin

    benjaminGiờ trước

    Preattu coul

  58. Crystal Xox

    Crystal XoxGiờ trước

    the earrings are awesome

  59. Padmi Manamperi

    Padmi ManamperiGiờ trước

    IS it the mudmsic from sound of music, these are the dew of my favorite things (or something I don't remember!)

  60. Justmejayla

    JustmejaylaGiờ trước

    I’m here pretty early

  61. karol Medeiros

    karol MedeirosGiờ trước

    Mulher poderosíssima, vc merece o mundo mas o mundo não te merece 💕💕💕

  62. Zahra Pervez

    Zahra PervezGiờ trước

    Amazing song Queen

  63. Maysaa Swayd

    Maysaa SwaydGiờ trước

    ☆☆☆☆ I don't know what to say !؟!؟ It is only very beautiful ☆☆☆☆

  64. Belle Molina

    Belle MolinaGiờ trước

    This song makes me wanna eat healthy

  65. Annamaria G

    Annamaria GGiờ trước

    All her exes now crying 😍😍✨✨💎💎

  66. Alexandra Papa Stadler Alexandra

    Alexandra Papa Stadler AlexandraGiờ trước

    This reminds me of my favourite things from the sound of music🤔🤔🤔 But it's a bop

  67. Satan

    SatanGiờ trước


  68. Noelia flores

    Noelia floresGiờ trước

    💖Ariana grande💖

  69. NotSkill

    NotSkillGiờ trước


  70. MEL MUA

    MEL MUAGiờ trước

    ALot of her fans said they unstanning and this her worst song because she’s swearing and rapping. This is 14 15 16 year olds talking. You like her hair gee thanks she bought it don’t like her well then go so be it. 😑😑😑

  71. Anastasia

    AnastasiaGiờ trước

    This is hot

  72. Lee Krecioch

    Lee KreciochGiờ trước

    I see it - i like it - i want it - i got it.

  73. Nicole Gabrielle Pingol

    Nicole Gabrielle PingolGiờ trước


  74. Andreia Santos

    Andreia SantosGiờ trước


  75. NOOB PRO

    NOOB PROGiờ trước

    Eu to ficando louca ou o começo parece de thank u,next?

  76. Douglas Brandão

    Douglas BrandãoGiờ trước

    *O nome dela é Tiffany !!*

  77. Zechariah Johnson

    Zechariah JohnsonGiờ trước

    Queen Ari didn't come to play she's coming hard this year get it Ari much love.

  78. The pandas

    The pandasGiờ trước

    *AMAZING😍* *We Love Ariana*

  79. Olivia Komorowska

    Olivia KomorowskaGiờ trước

    Omg I’m coming to see you in September in the high dro

  80. bill jova

    bill jovaGiờ trước

    i love it ari

  81. Maire Deherrera

    Maire DeherreraGiờ trước


  82. Jack Franks

    Jack FranksGiờ trước

    sis POPPED OFF

  83. Letícia Santos

    Letícia SantosGiờ trước


  84. AncientXer

    AncientXerGiờ trước

    This song is so fucking bad! Good God, I can't stop laughing! Typical cheap hip-hop music. Ariana is no leader or game-changer. She's not even that pretty..

  85. Bluey Chewey

    Bluey CheweyGiờ trước

    When your whole squad got AirPods

  86. Sara Lopes

    Sara LopesGiờ trước

    She’s getting so much hair from all these snatched wigs 👋🏼👋🏼😍

  87. 신수경

    신수경Giờ trước

    She looks like Nicki

  88. Iamme whoelse

    Iamme whoelseGiờ trước

    Some people can literally wear anything and they still look gorgeous. Ariana is one of those people. I for one can't. Some people literally have got everything handed to them, rich, gorgeous inside and out, talented, stunning voice and then you have the other side who really have to fight for what they want.

  89. Samuel Mason

    Samuel MasonGiờ trước

    Ariana I will die for you like Mac

  90. Caroline Marques

    Caroline MarquesGiờ trước

    No começo do clipe pensei que era a Selena Gomez e a Ludmilla hahahah

  91. ellaagomez

    ellaagomezGiờ trước

    people with airpods be like

  92. Jennifer Leocata

    Jennifer LeocataGiờ trước

    OMG she's so cool😍💖

  93. AMS talent show 2017

    AMS talent show 2017Giờ trước

    ok yessss but nicki need to hop on this.

  94. Houda Mohamed

    Houda MohamedGiờ trước

    I love it

  95. Rosa Gonzalez

    Rosa GonzalezGiờ trước


  96. Sergio Eduardo Sanhueza

    Sergio Eduardo SanhuezaGiờ trước

    i love it 💕

  97. Guilherme Izaque

    Guilherme IzaqueGiờ trước


  98. Kinho Uguinho

    Kinho UguinhoGiờ trước