Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!


  1. Salty Facts

    Salty Facts4 tháng trước

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  2. Dale Hanson

    Dale Hanson3 ngày trước

    Momma mia.

  3. sinkiy

    sinkiy3 ngày trước

    Simon Carroll have you seen her in legion ? She’s fucking brilliantly weird in that series. God I love her.

  4. DonkeyTeeth

    DonkeyTeeth13 ngày trước

    Salty Facts unfortunately yes I did accidentally open 1 of its videos and instantly regretted it..,it was the absolute opposite of funny and nearly caused my eyes and ears to bleed....

  5. Dylan Welch

    Dylan Welch13 ngày trước

    At least shes pretty

  6. Darryl Stein

    Darryl Stein22 ngày trước


  7. TheMacLife 1

    TheMacLife 1Giờ trước

    Shes AMAZING I love her!!!

  8. Richard Sutton

    Richard SuttonGiờ trước

    Literally April

  9. Input Left Input Right

    Input Left Input Right2 giờ trước

    one liner queen

  10. V8Marc

    V8Marc2 giờ trước

    LoL lights are on but no one is home.....

  11. John Pate

    John Pate3 giờ trước

    She is a bad ass

  12. Alana Meyer

    Alana Meyer3 giờ trước

    They should name a street after her.

  13. Phallus

    Phallus3 giờ trước

    way too much energy for a video title

  14. M Marilyn

    M Marilyn4 giờ trước

    3:09 10:39 Another Hollywood trans baphomet tricking the masses. Sorry but this is a dude, even women who have small chests don't have bodies like that. Like the shoulders and everything nahh I'm sorry, the neck, the face, this is a dude. Archaeologists can still figure out if someone was a man or a woman by their bone structure so you might be able to get plastic surgery and take hormones but guess what? At the end of the day you can't change all your bones and muscles and this is a dude lmao.

  15. M Marilyn

    M Marilyn4 giờ trước

    8:19 8:24 Lmaooooo issa male. Thxbye

  16. revivedfears

    revivedfears4 giờ trước

    There you go youtube, I watched it

  17. Chris Orr

    Chris Orr6 giờ trước

    [In Dave Chappelle white guy voice] I find her extremely sexually attractive and would gladly welcome any possibility of intimacy, regardless of how fleeting and meaningless.

  18. Joe Kaplan

    Joe Kaplan6 giờ trước

    Sexy as HELL !!!!

  19. anonymous 765

    anonymous 7658 giờ trước

    my future wife lol

  20. Charlezard GG

    Charlezard GG10 giờ trước

    I still dont like her...

  21. Yun Bhristopher

    Yun Bhristopher10 giờ trước

    A lot of ST in her Hollywood life.

  22. Rash cherif

    Rash cherif11 giờ trước

    She is crazy and in same time amazing... Love this kind of humour /schizophrenia

  23. Yun Bhristopher

    Yun Bhristopher11 giờ trước

    MK kitten

  24. Martin Allen

    Martin Allen11 giờ trước

    Zero fucks given.

  25. spacekitt3n

    spacekitt3n12 giờ trước

    conan is the only one who can (kind of) successfully play off of her in an interview lol

  26. Ty Highway

    Ty Highway13 giờ trước

    I hate this Jewish moron Jezebel whore with a passion. Everything that spews out of her filthy mouth is for bullshit shock because her desire is all about making money like most Jewish women. Her greed is so powerful, she will say anything for a rise. She is a cheap trick, a sick freak, a lazy slut, a filthy pagan, & a diseased bi&ch. Freaks like her either get busted for some low life crime....or burns out because she has no talent but to spread her legs for the male dogs out there to fantasize over this whore. Who is worse, the asshole guys who drool over this prostitute or this whore Jezebel herself? Either way, she represents the "rotted Jewish women of Hollywood". You know....the millions of money-grubbing sluts who have taken over acting in Hollywood since the Jewish men who hire actresses refuse to hire "GENTILE" actresses. Prostitutes like Amy Schumer, Mila Kunis, Scarlet Johansson, Amanda Peet, Rachel Weisz, Winona Ryder, Selma Blair, Debra Messing, Sara Silverman, Evan Rachel Wood and the thousands of others that have taken over all film making since gentile women are not allowed to act anymore. I promise you.....the list will shock you.

  27. revivedfears

    revivedfears4 giờ trước

    This is my favourite comment ever... To think of the type of guy who typed it out...

  28. pigmaster 66

    pigmaster 6613 giờ trước

    The howie part made me cringe

  29. CORZER0

    CORZER015 giờ trước


  30. Lady Bird

    Lady Bird16 giờ trước

    Hi Sister Betty 👋 ✝️

  31. Nominay

    Nominay18 giờ trước

    I made it to the 10 minute mark before her shtick got old. It's obviously an act. It's not genuine weirdness like, say, Mike Tyson.

  32. Taylor Thomas

    Taylor Thomas19 giờ trước

    Not funny. And its a slew of publicist putting these type of videos out thats why it has 7 mil views shes so not interesting or funny

  33. Brian Cananzey

    Brian Cananzey19 giờ trước

    she hilarious

  34. Enutrof Salta

    Enutrof Salta20 giờ trước


  35. Albert

    Albert21 giờ trước

    Imagine if she was in The Office....

  36. TomGreek1980

    TomGreek198023 giờ trước

    Shes in the new Child's Play movie.

  37. Peace&Love

    Peace&Love23 giờ trước

    She beat Dirty Uncle Joey Bliden.

  38. Vil Cali

    Vil Cali23 giờ trước music


    DOLO BROLICNgày trước

    Hot and weird …………I’m down with that🔥🔥🔥😉

  40. Jacob Saunders

    Jacob SaundersNgày trước

    She’s incredible.

  41. Breaking Away from The Herd

    Breaking Away from The HerdNgày trước

    What an idiot

  42. PK

    PKNgày trước

    Crack me up

  43. asd dsa

    asd dsaNgày trước


  44. Learnzz

    LearnzzNgày trước

    And now she is old people

  45. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny BlazeNgày trước

    Her and Michael Cera should have their own movie

  46. jim vermeer

    jim vermeerNgày trước

    ha,ha ha not funny ! well funny for people with no brain

  47. Carl T

    Carl TNgày trước

    Aubrey Plaza is really wired and weird.

  48. james Glover

    james GloverNgày trước

    God she is so SEXY!

  49. TheBrismoore

    TheBrismooreNgày trước

    This girl is just an asshole. This is why you don't see her in virtually anything. IN fact the only mvie I can even remotely recall her in was a small role in "Scott Pilgrim vs the world". She is going nowhere.

  50. DoctorBrute

    DoctorBruteNgày trước

    Fckn Luv her

  51. Andy K

    Andy KNgày trước

    10/10, would bang.

  52. Alekssandro Assis Barbosa

    Alekssandro Assis BarbosaNgày trước

    She's just great

  53. Nodalise Hill

    Nodalise HillNgày trước

    Kind of showing autistic tendencies with a bit of social anxiety, it's sweet

  54. turblown

    turblownNgày trước

    I always thought this chick and Rosa Salazar were the same person...

  55. Mz Luv 18 H.

    Mz Luv 18 H.Ngày trước

    I don't think she's wrapped too tight😕

  56. Thomas Martin

    Thomas MartinNgày trước

    i wanna bone

  57. Carl Reyno

    Carl ReynoNgày trước

    I wanna sleep with her. On more than multiple occasions over the span of many many years.

  58. pillz

    pillzNgày trước

    fuck youtube algorithm

  59. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool42Ngày trước

    Michael Cera is a weird ass person

  60. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool42Ngày trước

    I’d smash

  61. zureena ali

    zureena aliNgày trước

    Wow um... the starting is... wow 😂 Also 2019 🤔😂

  62. Jordan Wright

    Jordan WrightNgày trước

    Shes hot

  63. Marshall Holman

    Marshall HolmanNgày trước

    George Therogood. Is from Delaware.

  64. Reg Munday

    Reg MundayNgày trước

    Wow. One of the most naturally funny women ever. Makes Poehler and Fey seem like over-rehearsed show ponies.

  65. Tahlia Trudgett

    Tahlia TrudgettNgày trước

    This is me in every social interaction holy shit

  66. You're Gay

    You're GayNgày trước

    Aubrey is my queen

  67. daomo won

    daomo wonNgày trước

    I would leave bites on Aubrey Plaza. No bullshit....God willing

  68. Javier Bennett

    Javier Bennett2 ngày trước

    Rbf... Resting bitch face

  69. Javier Bennett

    Javier Bennett2 ngày trước

    OMG she's just like me wtffffff

  70. heterosapienman

    heterosapienman2 ngày trước

    the only explanation is she's a virgin , these days girls are having sex earlier and earlier , and she still acts , talk like a real smart toddler

  71. Brain rich

    Brain rich2 ngày trước

    Why do I want her to get mad at me?


    MOVIE EDGE2 ngày trước

    You miss the best awkward moment of all

  73. marijuana maintenance

    marijuana maintenance2 ngày trước

    Mainstream is a cult

  74. Echo Indigo

    Echo Indigo2 ngày trước

    She's the real life Daria. I absolutely love her. We think a lot alike. We could be friends....I guess.

  75. MadMax™

    MadMax™2 ngày trước

    Damn, she's sexy as hell.


    JESSE JAMES2 ngày trước

    Are u sure

  77. Sonny Early

    Sonny Early2 ngày trước


  78. michael degrace

    michael degrace2 ngày trước

    She is momo

  79. The Last Word

    The Last Word2 ngày trước

    What a dopey little tramp.

  80. Steven Bagent

    Steven Bagent2 ngày trước

    Drugs.....drugs are bad.

  81. Relayzy1

    Relayzy12 ngày trước

    I bet she's fun...

  82. ElectricDreams

    ElectricDreams2 ngày trước

    she loves to get fucked real rough!

  83. xWizzieWizard

    xWizzieWizard2 ngày trước

    I feel bad for howie jahahahaha

  84. About That Tall

    About That Tall2 ngày trước

    She will never have kids

  85. Camping Tales

    Camping Tales2 ngày trước

    Fuax dat kuh kuh kunt.

  86. NJA 3

    NJA 32 ngày trước

    Never heard of her before this. She is hysterical, love her humor.

  87. Bmore Ace

    Bmore Ace2 ngày trước

    I love her. She is so cute and awkward. I had a huge crush on her in parks and recreation. As a matter of fact I still do and I don't know why

  88. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone2 ngày trước

    Has this chicks obnoxious comedy shtick stopped? It's so boorish, predicable and juvenile. The sooner she grows out of that routine the better off she will be.

  89. susan durkan

    susan durkan2 ngày trước

    She cute doe

  90. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    she does it cause its on earth to do and thers only one of us on every earth and thats all there is to do to it. life is boring if youre not a person who spits water when theyre suprised cause it means youre holding yourself back. shes not a movie star. shes a star whos medium happens to be movies. her whole life is a performance art. she lives her reality to the fullest. our reality is all the same. wether we choose to live it to our fullest extent is entirely up to us ourselves as individuals our selves. live yours

  91. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    10:13 , thats the real her

  92. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    the girl had a stroke what a shock her brain is not normal by any conventional social standards and that is fine as long as she is not harming anyone. lowkey she seems high function but shes very pretty and very hot so i bet no one not even her doctors would notice. tbh. its happened before. she was born in June nvm, shes white and from delaware and went to all girls cathlolic school, this is what peak uninterrupted GEMINI looks like

  93. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    this is what happens to catholic girls. THANK GOD!!!!!!111 they are sooo hot. they always turn out so hot and horny and weird and sexually repressed and then liberated, and desirable. their is no mono culture mystery. theyve been telling us for years in america. all you gotta do is find a catholic girl. THERE YOUVE FOUND YOUR FREAK. your own personal pornstar. there is no doubt in my mind. that is what catholic girls are for

  94. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    nothing better to do in the middle of nowhere villes but be weird and live life like a michael cera movie. what a world we live in

  95. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    remember in the mid late 2000s when they had all those indie teen reckless weirdo kid movies. these are the people who lived those lives. Napoleon DYnamite spawned tHEEEESEeeE people. for certain. in real life

  96. Edward Kimani

    Edward Kimani2 ngày trước

    shes a performance artwork(ER)

  97. mike h

    mike h2 ngày trước

    I said I'd never love again. I was wrong.

  98. UnderStructureRepair

    UnderStructureRepair2 ngày trước

    Aubrey is amazingly talented. Very strong appeal. Witty, smart and sexy.

  99. Christian Burris

    Christian Burris2 ngày trước

    She sux

  100. Colby Torres

    Colby Torres2 ngày trước

    I banged this chick in college before her fame

  101. Enoc Morales, Jr.

    Enoc Morales, Jr.2 ngày trước

    2:49 she tryna make it on America’s Got Talent😂😂

  102. Roberto Sanchez

    Roberto Sanchez2 ngày trước

    8:22 Michael Cera permanently lost the bass in his voice that day.

  103. RiSU PineapplePizza

    RiSU PineapplePizza2 ngày trước

    Aubrey Plaza is just amazing ❤️

  104. DPAD-FTW

    DPAD-FTW2 ngày trước

    Shes a real life Phoebe from friends.

  105. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez2 ngày trước

    what an idiot

  106. MonAhgasInsomniAroELF

    MonAhgasInsomniAroELF2 ngày trước

    she's EXACTLY like her character in parks and rec. how?? 😳 i love her